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Video Setting Boat up for Crappie Spider Rigging
09:43   |   65K+ views   |   10/16/2018 at 19:23


  • I'm Donna Barnes
  • I had lot requests or a lot of questions
  • about what was spotted Reagan and how do
  • you do it okay the equipment first thing
  • your own spotter rate of course your own
  • need a boat this boat I'm fishing out is
  • Express boat
  • it's a 20-footer a normal two-person
  • don't need a 20-foot boat what I would
  • try to do is get a wide boat where you
  • can set up two seats on the front if you
  • you and your buddies going to be fishing
  • if you've a self you've been sitting in
  • the center of both like I'm to this boat
  • in the front give you idea of the width
  • of it across but the whole width across
  • here is 78 inches
  • I've got my two seats mounted 34 inches
  • apart gives you plenty of room
  • turnaround you won't be bumping each
  • other's knees and all that I'm not
  • saying you can't fish with smaller net
  • but if you're more comfortable if you're
  • going to enjoy yourself old holders
  • right here and right here our drift
  • master pole holders they're very
  • adjustable you can move them around in
  • any position whichever position you need
  • to get them in that line them up and get
  • your proper angle if you fold each one
  • of these hold holder attachments right
  • here handles for poles it's set up to
  • fish two people off the front of the
  • boat I've got my pole holder set up
  • where where this pole holder is sitting
  • at to the tip of the boat is three foot
  • and you want to keep as much pole out in
  • front of your boat as possible
  • especially if you're going to do spider
  • rigging in shallow water
  • if you much of a crappie fishing you
  • know shallower you get crappies easy to
  • spook and you're going scare these poles
  • were using are being imposed these
  • particular ones are William Richard
  • signature poles the 10-foot Pole
  • very good multiple use and pole what I
  • like about them being them do our does
  • let me watch my grammar here a little
  • bit make a 12-foot Pole and a 14 foot
  • pole if you need to get your bows
  • further away from the boat right now I
  • probably got my poles about seven foot
  • in front of the boat
  • these pole holders are three foot from
  • where the poles are at to the tip of the
  • boat you need a round seven foot out
  • there so you will not scare the fish off
  • you're going to be fishing shallow water
  • when I say shallow water talking about
  • less than seven foot of water and it's
  • clear you might want to go to 12 foot
  • pole the only thing about when you start
  • getting a longer Pole that get a little
  • bit uncomfortable I don't handle them
  • getting the fish in that that's up to
  • you and what you can do and came to I
  • want to get
  • into a little bit of how I'm rigging my
  • pose
  • I use a small spinning reel
  • these are Mitchell's it's other brands
  • out there I just type I use two slides
  • the line I'm using on these are six
  • pounds
  • you don't fish no smaller than forward I
  • don't use no larger than eight but what
  • I've got on this fold is six pounds
  • end of the line I keep it pretty simple
  • bottom of my puppet of the line I've got
  • a jig right here and approximately 18
  • inches or so up from it I got a quarter
  • ounce weight this jig right here is a
  • 3/32 weight and that's all I do
  • the only other thing I add sometimes I
  • fish with a hook kind of Mentor I
  • usually use a fish attractor and these
  • are breakfast power baits they call
  • crappie nibbles
  • colors I like is shark drew and yells
  • seem like I have the best lucky
  • basically that's the setup of my pose
  • next thing you're going to have to have
  • a good GPS and depth finder so you can
  • see where your fishing net and the GPS
  • more than anything else up here on the
  • front is telling me the speed I'm
  • traveling as I'm spider regan of course
  • you've got to have a trolling motor to
  • move you along depth finders here in
  • front of me you probably can't see the
  • amount of speed we're traveling but this
  • is a dual unit it's a depth finder and
  • gps accommodation right now we're not
  • moving none whatsoever for to my speed
  • on my GPS the screen on the right side
  • is my depth finder so I can see when I'm
  • going over some kind of structure or the
  • depth time-traveller okay we talked
  • about the equipment we will get into now
  • presentation of the baits
  • and a little bit water we're trying to
  • do and how we present the bait to the
  • fish I like to keep my poles around six
  • inches to 12 lesson let me back up not
  • say 12 about anywhere from 5 inches to
  • 10 inches off the water closer you can
  • keep it to the water less problem you've
  • got of tangling up with the other Pole I
  • start out I'm never out and been on the
  • lake for a while I set my hole the lines
  • I'm putting in the water at different
  • depths you need to remember one thing
  • crappie look up so you won't keep the
  • bait a bubble but sometimes probably our
  • expense that it off the bottom so they
  • won't be right on the bottom if you get
  • that bait down below you will never get
  • to bite you should I do various
  • different colors if I hadn't been out
  • till I find the color that the fish like
  • speed if you're traveling while you're
  • trying to catch the fish you want it
  • pretty well keep your lines straight up
  • and down
  • you don't want them on an angle back
  • towards the boat if you start getting
  • online angle back towards the boat that
  • means you're throwing your bait in under
  • the boat and you won't never catch a
  • bitch that way you do
  • at no time right now I'm running 2/10 of
  • a mile an hour at the most is about five
  • tenths of a mile an hour nothing any
  • more than that so if you start getting
  • the pass set five tenths your I'll start
  • putting you line back on you folks and
  • it's getting late and evening and we're
  • losing daylight here I hope this will
  • help you some if you have it once again
  • if you have any questions feel free to
  • call me email me
  • I explained to you
  • nay mail our
  • something you know much pain

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