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Video Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found)
13:25   |   views   |   04/17/2018


  • she said he's got something big Jake
  • what are you doing really there's
  • honestly no telling what Jake is
  • bringing up right now hey what's up guys
  • Jake Rudy Almighty here today with my
  • friends Brandon and Tristan and today
  • we're gonna be scuba diving in the river
  • to look for lost valuable today we're
  • gonna be diving in the Chattahoochee
  • River this is the world's largest urban
  • whitewater course ever built thousands
  • of people come down here to write water
  • rap and they lose all kinds of cool
  • stuff and this right here is actually
  • the location where they take the rafts
  • out to go back to the store and in my
  • opinion I think we're gonna find a lot
  • of cool stuff right here so this is a
  • really high trafficked area between all
  • of the fishermen that come out here and
  • all the whitewater rafters that are
  • pulling their rafts in from this
  • location there's a lot of stuff that
  • could be lost we could potentially find
  • iPhones maybe GoPros that could have
  • even flooded down we're definitely gonna
  • find a bunch of fishing lures as well
  • you can't get up here man kind of like
  • I'm excited to use the small tanks and
  • search for River treasure but this water
  • is absolutely freezing I have two wet
  • suits on look at this gross I can't
  • believe you didn't speak up and dampen
  • today the crew and I we have our super
  • small scuba tanks and each saint's gonna
  • allow us to stay on eight the water for
  • about 15 to 20 minutes we all have one
  • tank each and hopefully we can find some
  • cool stuff with each tank if you guys
  • wanna see us come back out here tomorrow
  • I'll make another scuba diving video
  • jump alike on this video and subscribe
  • and if we can reach 30,000 likes in this
  • video I'll get everyone back out here
  • looking for some more treasure and maybe
  • Tristan will find another tampon if he's
  • lucky also brought my trash bag today if
  • I find any cans or other debris I'll put
  • it in my bag here and throw it away
  • after my diary
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • I got so much trash down here yeah mine
  • was everywhere I read that every time I
  • look I'm like and I can't see it cause
  • it's so murky so I'm like I'm like I was
  • literally I took my knife at one flowers
  • like there was a fish wrapped up there's
  • a bunch of line around this log somebody
  • who broke off and the line got tangled
  • but there's a fish though on the hook I
  • found a stringer and gave it to a
  • fisherman so that's pretty cool how you
  • find a bunch of good man
  • I got a banger first bring our two
  • thousand eighteen million really good
  • yeah it's something good I was gonna
  • show you but we'll wait we're wait till
  • the end with me yeah you go first
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what the heck is Vic doing she said he's
  • got something big dick what are you
  • doing
  • really there's honestly no telling what
  • Jake is bringing up right now he said
  • it's gonna help us be I hope so
  • warmer but it's better be good Oh Jake
  • would be like you know what I need to
  • bring this with me I bet you drug it
  • from all the way across the river view
  • what do you think that's right
  • that's the Columbus trade center more
  • that's fine after so long in the river
  • it's the almighty yeah using the car RA
  • oh not look at that oh yeah it's cold
  • yeah but you found something really good
  • huh really good really good nice be a
  • family before you show me a place I
  • don't think it'd beat my car don't don't
  • show me the cart ready all right yeah
  • let me know my phone that's cricket I
  • don't know that means what kind of phone
  • is it I'm not really sure it says ZTE I
  • think it looks nice look how nasty the
  • back is no you just wiped right off but
  • in really good condition yes whoever
  • dropped this I'm so sorry like the
  • screens Mac's back there oh look at that
  • does it still work like secret powers on
  • yeah there's definitely water damage
  • this bad bad water damage that's what ya
  • gotta fall first of all 2018 for me I'm
  • a little jealous of the grapevine but it
  • still doesn't beat my river chechik cart
  • yeah that's great fine man knows
  • incredible yeah bloody brennan you get
  • anything good the only thing I'm trying
  • to get right now is warm I'm so cold but
  • man we got a whole bunch of trash down
  • the river today
  • we were weighed down like crazy in the
  • river like I want to show you guys all
  • the trash I found because I do have a
  • few nice things in here oh quick
  • actually did find some really cool glass
  • jars and bottles check this out that
  • says high life right there that's cool
  • from 1903 but bottles over a hundred
  • years old Tristan okay and it's not even
  • broken Brandon oh hey this bottle
  • it's from 1903 really yeah isn't that
  • cool it's that one oh wait nevermind
  • it's tanzanite okay got him
  • it's bam bam that's Tristan and branch
  • and there's this cool brick right here
  • it has some writing on it I saved it
  • because I never really find bricks with
  • writing but that's really cool
  • I don't know what that means or what
  • it's from but I'll save that for my
  • collection this right here is actually a
  • really awesome find and I thought I was
  • about to find a GoPro or maybe a phone
  • because I think this is a selfie stick
  • what do you think it's a selfie stick
  • yeah
  • right where I found it I pulled it out
  • of the mud like this and it came off was
  • like oh my gosh maybe they GoPro or
  • whatever some need to say and so I
  • started digging for like maybe it's just
  • like finding something never found it
  • though but it did find a selfie stick so
  • that's really cool everything is all
  • tangled up but this right here is a
  • really cool find these are Samsung
  • headphones
  • I don't think Tristan's phone was a
  • Samsung but I did find some Samsung
  • headphones so I've got a rattletrap
  • these are all like reusable all you
  • really have to do is like change the
  • hooks out
  • I got Brandon a brand new shoe that he
  • put it on his foot that is the gross
  • oh man Oh
  • oh my gosh Oh all right look
  • 10:02 in man that looks great I'm not
  • gonna go not out it fits so well I'm so
  • impressed by the fit the most
  • comfortable shoe but I gotta say oh my
  • god if you find my other shoe
  • just let me know all right still looking
  • for it look good kissing you like so
  • beautiful beautiful go ahead and throw
  • it away but as a team we did a great job
  • today you guys
  • Kristen I can't believe you found that
  • phone yeah
  • should I keep that time you might need
  • to put it on those how much better do
  • you feel about yourself right now how
  • about you feel good inside it does
  • really feel good that make me feel good
  • I think clean up the river is always
  • like a really good feeling I really
  • wanna let you guys know quickly that we
  • are actually going to playlist live
  • located in Orlando Florida that's April
  • 27th through the 29th but if you wanna
  • meet Tristan or Brandon myself we're
  • gonna go there we're gonna have a table
  • we're gonna bring some of our River
  • treasure there and if you guys when I
  • come up and meet us and talk to us you
  • guys are more than welcome to you have a
  • link in the description below over with
  • more information but come on have a good
  • time with this man and come see all the
  • cool stuff we found it seriously man I
  • do need some help bringing that treasure
  • cart home so I think you help putting in
  • we needed to put that treasure cart and
  • that ties being right there
  • [Music]

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