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Video Top 5 Future Technology Inventions, 2019 to 2050 [CRAZY HD]
13:20   |   views   |   12/08/2016


  • [Music]
  • that's the sound of your phone
  • connecting to a charger it's the sound
  • of relief knowing you are still
  • connected to the world connecting and
  • disconnecting your phone from a charger
  • should be a simple seamless task but it
  • isn't we've all been there
  • frustrated at our cables for any number
  • of reasons
  • despite capable tips becoming smaller
  • they haven't evolved to become any
  • easier to connect until now presenting
  • the future of USB cables ASAP Connect
  • featuring rare-earth neodymium magnets
  • with 18 carat gold plating ASAP Connect
  • will change the way you interact with
  • your USB devices forever
  • featuring the world's first reversible
  • cable on both the phone end and charger
  • end
  • it works by inserting the tip to the
  • phone and the cable magnetizes on to the
  • tip instantly meaning you can
  • effortlessly connect when you only have
  • one hand free or in a hurry to head out
  • or even in the dark you no longer have
  • to worry about your devices getting
  • damaged ASAP Connect even helps you
  • retrieve your phone from hard-to-reach
  • places we've designed two tips one for
  • micro USB devices such as Android phones
  • mini cameras and speakers the other is
  • for Apple products we've removed the
  • weakness of your traditional Apple
  • lightning connector tip which snaps off
  • easily by combining the tip and base
  • into one piece we call this the alpha
  • connector one of the engineering hurdles
  • in designing a SAP Connect was its
  • compact size by condensing the
  • technology down to the size of a
  • fingertip we're able to make sure that
  • it's compatible with all phone cases in
  • creating a new standard for USB cables
  • we have performed the most stringent
  • quality control tests combined with
  • superior materials to really challenge
  • the users expectations of what a
  • state-of-the-art USB cable should be
  • we've spent the past two years working
  • closely with one of the world's largest
  • USB cable manufacturers we're a team of
  • disruptors from Sydney to LA I believe
  • that users should be the creators of
  • products not large corporations seeking
  • profit over practicality we've created
  • the final prototypes and delivered
  • samples to dozens of major tech
  • publications worldwide through your help
  • combined with the magic of IndieGoGo we
  • hope to bring a SAP connect to life and
  • unleash the future of USB cables today
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • what challenges do most commuters have
  • in common they need a bag to store their
  • daily needs and deal with a constant
  • rush traffic jams walking miles to get
  • to public transportation or having to
  • carry more than just a backpack are all
  • challenges commuters have in common this
  • is why we created the best solution for
  • the urban commuter a backpack that you
  • can wear roll in right
  • meet the all-new move pack
  • we've we engineered move to implement
  • not one but two motors inside the wheel
  • this makes move fact more powerful and
  • safer than ever before
  • combined with a beautiful and clean
  • design
  • we took the time to do what we do best
  • redesigning refo totally re-engineering
  • basically reinventing so we could bring
  • back to you our best product yet with
  • our exclusive app you will be able to
  • connect your phone wirelessly to move
  • back and with a new built-in speaker and
  • mic you can speak to move pack directly
  • like asking for directions
  • turn it Street and since move pack comes
  • equipped with a powerful speaker why not
  • connect to your favorite app and listen
  • to your favorite playlist while on the
  • go move pack provides a built-in USB
  • charger that can charge your phone over
  • 10 times on top of that move pack will
  • now have built-in tracking capability
  • for security in case your move pack gets
  • stolen or lost every little detail is
  • important such as internal lighting that
  • will come in handy when looking for
  • something in the back and as far as the
  • backpack itself goes not only is its
  • swappable with different colors and
  • styles but now you can wear your
  • favorite backpack independently of the
  • mood path
  • move pack is one of the easiest vehicles
  • to master and you don't have to be a
  • skateboarder to write just stand on the
  • board using the backpack for extra
  • support and use the remarkably small
  • remote for speed and braking and in case
  • of an emergency
  • move pack is pretty easy to get off so
  • there you have it a backpack a personal
  • transportation a smart luggage and a
  • personal assistant if you were to buy
  • all that separately you would spend well
  • over two thousand dollars but with move
  • pack you'll save over fifty percent of
  • that through this exclusive crowdfunding
  • campaign
  • we are thrilled to announce the most
  • important parts of move PAC are ready
  • and with your support we can give our
  • manufacturers the thumbs up and start
  • the mass production and get the move
  • back shipping to you soon join us for
  • the ride and together we will change the
  • way the world moves around
  • [Music]
  • skiing is awesome and the better you are
  • the more fun you have introducing carve
  • the world's first real-time ski wearable
  • carve is your digital ski coach that
  • puts world-class ski instruction in your
  • ears
  • we've all had skiing lessons before and
  • they're great but you can't have a coach
  • with you every time you ski carve fits
  • into any ski boot and is always with you
  • analyzing your every move by seamlessly
  • integrating a thin pressure and motion
  • sensing insert powered by a tracker with
  • lessons you have to wait until the end
  • of the run to hear how you did carve
  • speaks to you as you ski to correct your
  • form in real time welcome to your
  • advanced ski training lesson 5
  • keep your weight forward
  • good job
  • [Music]
  • skiing drills can be repetitive and
  • boring carve transforms drills into
  • exciting and rewarding games
  • [Music]
  • Corp has trick recognition to track your
  • time in the park get detailed stats from
  • your session with takeoff and landing
  • analysis to check if you're balanced
  • when you should be and aren't lending
  • too hard
  • if you're a racing scare you can get a
  • complete data record to take the
  • guesswork out of training know what
  • makes you faster and set targets to
  • improve
  • and for all levels of skier carve tracks
  • your stats over time so you'll really be
  • able to see the difference carve is made
  • to your skiing it then lets you share
  • your progress of friends and see how you
  • compare hi Kickstarter Jamie and I have
  • been working on car for the past two
  • years in that time we've tested our
  • technology with world-class athletes and
  • even Olympians and incorporated their
  • feedback into our designs we've spent
  • thousands of hours to ensure maximum
  • comfort whilst maintaining robustness
  • and reliability on the mountain cuff is
  • a first consumer device to truly combine
  • pressure and motion sensing this gives
  • unprecedented insights into your ski
  • technique and you can see a whole man it
  • works fantastic you can see it on the
  • spotty button you can see here amazingly
  • good you know so that makes life so much
  • easier so whether you're a professional
  • or a casual scale like me car will help
  • you get the most out of skiing with
  • developed car from the ground up with
  • production in mind with partner with
  • manufacturers and Shenzhen China to
  • ensure cargo-ship on time ready for the
  • next ski season to bring carp to the
  • mass market we're turning to you
  • Kickstarter we need your help to
  • purchase the materials and tooling
  • required for our first batch back us
  • today and you can be one of the first
  • people to experience car
  • skiing is awesome and now we can make
  • even better
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • every 10 seconds a home-invasion occurs
  • in which on average in these $2,000 with
  • a property stolen the solution meet hot
  • guy the world's first indoor drone
  • security guard
  • [Music]
  • Hawkeye works by mapping our home and
  • monitoring adding disturbances
  • notification if anything happens if
  • you're not able to get your phone will
  • record the video and notify the police
  • Hawkeye is a simple plug-and-play system
  • that requires no changes the existing of
  • a structure meeting no costly sensor
  • installation or extra power requirements
  • this system was designed to give power
  • back to the user by giving you the
  • ability to confront the intruder via
  • remote location
  • you

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