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Video RANDOM BALLER Loot CHOOSER *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale
22:10   |   views   |   03/13/2019


  • so with the addition of the baller
  • vehicles introducing three rounded rules
  • are simple three different events Mario
  • Kart scoring winner takes all
  • here's the map that DOM mate okay this
  • is awesome you also put a light goal on
  • this at SuperDuper hecka fam squad like
  • three three three three three
  • you guys won't drop a like on this video
  • hit that like button go ahead also hit
  • the subscribe button due to any of our
  • channels hit that little bell go check
  • out Dom for the maps three different
  • events let's do this look at this map
  • good job Dom you did it son here need
  • okay so round one we're gonna be doing
  • three separate car scoring you guys know
  • how it is right ISO Evette number one
  • it's just called whack ball okay so you
  • guys can pretty much get the gist the
  • farther you go down that is the loot
  • that you get right but there's a twist
  • to it whenever you hit the ball if it
  • lands in the spiked one it dies in
  • that's that's glue you get but you have
  • to do the finesse shot right check this
  • you guys remember
  • you guys remember you guys remember what
  • you gotta do this is only for I to show
  • so I got a green and then I go again I
  • go again until it breaks I say who wants
  • to go first who let's go first I mean
  • you hit it you know how to hit it okay
  • so as soon as you hit it you spam the
  • enter button you gotta finesse it there
  • he goes and art easy so he's got agreed
  • so far alright so keep hating all right
  • now can he pass the four wide death you
  • know what uncle I'll go for actual gold
  • Oh is he
  • no Lily portal day what's wrong with you
  • what are you deaf you can't see it okay
  • you're you're deaf blind what all right
  • go ahead i crane you're up next
  • okay so guy Biffle got purple so
  • whenever we go fight purple or blow
  • anything you want
  • tell us more Korean what was that Quran
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • no not at all not even a little bit all
  • right he got a green look oh my gosh
  • dude he is owning and oh my no way he's
  • gonna get his gold on the first try
  • actually been practicing this all day
  • not practicing not boy all right so we
  • have two purple so far Isis on you don't
  • mess this up
  • don't mess this up you got saved by the
  • little lip oh I thought you're gonna
  • bounce over alright he's gonna he's dead
  • here he's dead here oh we didn't get in
  • I will I will bring it back to you I
  • will I'll be that I'll breather I'll be
  • the broad crowd I guess he's got a blue
  • eye since it broke
  • hey listen I don't make the rules I just
  • follow them wait I have a hundred oh you
  • guys ready you guys ready you guys ready
  • oh yeah yep so just a blue I didn't make
  • the rules I just follow him and go okay
  • all right let's see if I can tie sizzles
  • cuz you only got a blue time to get a
  • purple time to get a purple time to get
  • a purple dude am I gonna be the only one
  • that gets gold probably not ready higher
  • and dope okay no can I get gold right
  • here come up as if I get a gold you guys
  • gotta hit that like button right Chat
  • Chat Chat you with me chat no no
  • something dang it why don't you guys
  • want likes anymore you guys have changed
  • likes feed my family what I never go
  • wait scissors why'd you only get a blue
  • all right so that's the first event next
  • event uh I don't know we'll figure it
  • out are you guys ready to go fight you
  • guys ready to go fight with it Luke oh
  • yeah let's do it
  • I'll try to think of a set of Luke cuz
  • this first round were gonna do the first
  • two five kills next round we're doing
  • three lives then in the last round I
  • don't know we'll figure it out but um so
  • if this is gonna be fast paced I
  • obviously I mean shockwave grains are
  • just too dang good I don't care about
  • heals what if I do this strategy good
  • dance craze you know guys know I love
  • dance ranch with clingers so while
  • they're dancing I clinger them and then
  • check this out I'll use a rocket
  • launcher that does 121 damage and then
  • the clinger hits him for a hundred it's
  • a one-shot kill I round what is the
  • first two six kills I think I said it -
  • I don't know whoever comes in first gets
  • nine points
  • +6 points because they gots a skill so
  • it whoever gets kills gets extra points
  • ready three two a gun did we you know
  • what we changed things up if we keep it
  • fresh
  • oh wait was it a ball did you shoot my
  • ball
  • I have many balls just one is mine what
  • crap - crap ow ow out why I can't see
  • you in the Sun oh my gosh my foot oh
  • [Music]
  • he's got a bollard I'm getting a giant
  • one by one all the time hey why are you
  • guys dancing
  • no no dude this this thing is awesome
  • [Music]
  • are we stuck he's stuck
  • oh my I actually love this hey Joss what
  • you doing wait how many explosions do
  • you have hey stop it get off those hi
  • stuck him okay oh no oh oh you're hurt
  • little boy take a picture of this guys
  • so my new strategy is shockwave then
  • dance him like sizzle said while they're
  • dancing I clinger them and then I hit
  • him with a 121 damaged rocket shot so
  • it's an instant kill
  • once the cleaner goes off so after round
  • one since what I came in first I'm
  • guessing those three cheated they've
  • literally all had two points so they all
  • came in second and got two extra points
  • for their kill so they're at eight
  • forget cheaters dude is cheating
  • I mean what do you mean all right so
  • this next event ah we did this yesterday
  • but we change up the board whatever spot
  • you land on that's the loot you get for
  • this round we just get two attempts but
  • the red spot down here is a legendary
  • and you can downgrade somebody else's
  • loot if you land on the red spot who
  • else to go first I'm down here to judge
  • whoever's not going come down here and
  • help me judge I'm going alright alright
  • sizzles Danya
  • two attempts right here how did you just
  • land on red I'd like to remind you that
  • I also won this event yesterday I'm just
  • a natural baller
  • okay okay okay so do you want to do
  • another attempt yeah but you didn't read
  • the fine print you got to give somebody
  • out to lesbian you downgrade yourself
  • hey I didn't read there I didn't make
  • the rules
  • all right who's going next she's going
  • next who's going next I'm watching i
  • watch everybody get down here watch go
  • ahead coming in coming in higher out of
  • the blue oh that's an overshot oh that's
  • an overshot for sure oh no no no you
  • just you're just swinging you're just
  • swinging Dingles you're a swinging
  • Dingle all right who wants
  • oh yeah Biffle D you can go again to try
  • to land on the red if you want oh no I'm
  • pretty sure that was a green no no no
  • yeah you get to keep the whatever the
  • best one is downgrade you oh I go ahead
  • go ahead grin go ahead crap misses the
  • board no we didn't know we didn't know
  • we didn't know he did that was green
  • that was green what I judges Corner
  • judges going to just go he smells like
  • Maybelline maybe it's Maybelline
  • ah he's green he's green we just
  • deliberated green we just literally just
  • deliberated are you greens pretty good
  • dude I mean green means go have you ever
  • get on a road a green means good great
  • guru go oh okay hey the board's back
  • there so I just want you to know if you
  • downgrading me left great so just
  • remember that and Koran left the island
  • alright so now it's my attempt are you
  • guys ready for this oh I'm gonna get
  • nothing but red hired
  • crap rabbit I want to high you that much
  • [Laughter]
  • no no you can't have nothing not even
  • your life alright so sigils you and I
  • can both downgrade somebody now keep in
  • mind if you downgrade me you probably
  • know what's coming and if I downgrade
  • you let's make a truce one sit down Greg
  • Koran and he's gets a pickaxe okay so so
  • Biffle has a legendary he'll go down to
  • blue blue still good Oh buddy can't get
  • shocked wait yep yep he's on greatest
  • dog ready to boot John Vander blue yeah
  • I literally can't kill you this is crap
  • alright let's go to round two gosh
  • alright so this round we're doing three
  • lives instead of six elimination so I'm
  • gonna want heels ah she'll potion there
  • we go okay grab that grab that what else
  • we need I think I'm gonna try for a
  • little bit longer of a range let's go
  • with the sniper kind of wanna deagle and
  • a shotgun
  • okay so there's four guns or force law
  • let's put one more Oh what if I use a
  • rift so if anybody gets close to me or
  • tries to kill me and touch me I could
  • rift out and then go Q with my pots and
  • then also I can get a bunch of these
  • cozy campfires I round to three lives
  • each in three two one says what you want
  • to take this right
  • nevermind nevermind nevermind oh gosh
  • wait who's ripped in hey hey out all
  • right hey hey are you just sitting in
  • the volcano shooting
  • oh yeah like how warm it is here oh boy
  • fun you have to leave your sponsor there
  • don't forget I'm a baller ah crap
  • who did it who did it you actually got a
  • plane I will attach to that plane oh no
  • stop shooting at me
  • stop it do we get that thing you know
  • what Oh God
  • I want nothing
  • [Music]
  • just read down oh crap I'm dancing I'm
  • dancing I'm falling I'm falling I need
  • an adult I need a small size at all no
  • I'm not here I'm not here I'm not here
  • I'm not here I don't know
  • come with me sorry I need me to do it to
  • you I'm not doing nothing
  • can't hit me never not going nowhere
  • going here going oh wait is he dead oh
  • dude that I like it I like that ball
  • eyeball sick okay let's go to the third
  • rail is figure out our points third
  • round new event and we're gonna do a
  • different style of fight should be
  • interesting and final event we just made
  • this by the way look at this it'll look
  • six right don't tell me you love it okay
  • so we're doing a lava slide
  • shoot that's pretty much it okay hi so
  • we're doing a three man or four man
  • tournament who wants to go first so we
  • each get a golden shotgun and a golden
  • deagle we each have 50 health you drive
  • down there you jump out whenever you see
  • fit and then you shoot each other to
  • death who wants to go first Quran versus
  • Graham versus Biffle pray he was in the
  • skirmish guys if you like this map that
  • we made in like 30 minutes hit that like
  • button every like is a new lava foot one
  • okay three two one fight you grow it
  • down fast I've ever seen so since that
  • went so fast we're gonna do a double
  • elimination thingy
  • song it I like to be eliminated twice
  • yeah well you probably will alright so
  • next up is me versus shig Isles Granite
  • Bay will give us a countdown at the same
  • time for you to break my ball as soon as
  • you did I shot good in the face okay so
  • I beat sigils which means before littles
  • are fighting for third no no's fourth
  • place yeah that makes it okay go go go
  • that is so good well places okay so
  • sigils is not out of it he's gonna fight
  • the loser of me and Koran Tran are you
  • ready oh you crao looking freak i'ma
  • color all over you
  • what I'm offensive okay everybody ready
  • I said let's give us a countdown three
  • two one oh gosh why are you flying all
  • right so I take down Quran so quran's
  • gonna fight sigils right and then I
  • fight the winner of that for them to
  • beat me they have to kill me twice
  • you're you're out you got forward
  • through I'm sorry you get you got
  • forward through down oh all right Quran
  • Quran ensues you guys read it
  • in three grant don't fly this time eh
  • how about you don't fly this time eight
  • and three two one sizzles you're flying
  • why are you guys flying
  • I was lifted by the updraft of the the
  • lava that's what I was saying you guys
  • are a special breed of people okay so I
  • fight Quran now so sigils got third so I
  • fight Quran now Quran you have to beat
  • me twice to win yep
  • cuz I haven't lost yet you've already
  • died once it's a double elimination
  • battle okay give me your lockout give me
  • your luck this could be the final round
  • if I win in three do what verses ball
  • I'm under though I'm under it I'm on I'm
  • on I'm on diretor oh gosh waited
  • [Music]
  • how are we not taking damage that's what
  • I want to know is that was actually a
  • lot of fun holy K this map is it's a
  • news listen if you guys have enjoyed
  • this video
  • eyeball deaths foot race hit the like
  • button down below also hit the subscribe
  • what is new to any of our channels hit
  • that little bow cran don't you welcome
  • me with that don't you wave at me don't
  • you eat popcorn your goose is cooked
  • [Music]

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Today in Fortnite we compete in 3 different events that choose the rarity of our LOOT in Fortnite Battle Royale!
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