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Video Q Clearance Anon Is A High Level Anonymous Source [INTEL]
25:30   |   today at 15:50


  • you know what letter that is Roma I
  • think so what letter is this
  • [Music]
  • alright we're here at the Patriot our
  • for Tuesday 1113 November 13th 2018 we
  • got Ben with us good debugging the
  • studio remoting in so see what's going
  • on today yes yes we will but uh see it
  • is we were kind of looking at the book
  • you if you guys remember this it's grown
  • by hundreds of pages can't we agree on
  • that Ben oh yeah it's it's grown a whole
  • bunch I think it's up to almost 1,400
  • pages now I believe or no fort I think
  • it is around there let's see 13 84 is
  • what they're saying there or something
  • like that just a lot from when it first
  • started 1484 is how long it is okay yeah
  • that's a lot from when I first got
  • started
  • yeah there you go so that's lots added
  • folks lots added because there's been
  • all the new cue posts right yo yeah it's
  • gets a weave so this book gets built on
  • to almost on a daily basis or if there's
  • a new post it gets added there's a new
  • meme that has a connection or that has a
  • good no message behind it they'll go
  • ahead and throw it in this involved with
  • the queue or what not I was gonna read a
  • little bit this here this is a preface
  • to the book brief summary Q clearance
  • Anan is a high-level anonymous source
  • supposedly a group of people who has
  • been dropping breadcrumbs for several
  • months signaling worldwide governments
  • in corporate corruption three families a
  • focus include the sod Rothschild and
  • Soros families he's basically been
  • exposing the Cabal
  • so we had this odd family we know about
  • Rothschilds Soros and then you had the
  • Clinton Foundation WikiLeaks which shows
  • that the clowns in America has the
  • ability to impersonate Russian
  • cybersecurity firm Casper's Kaspersky
  • Lab which means they can put Russia
  • fingerprints on anything and white even
  • released an article about n sour apples
  • breach we're clowns in America so NSA
  • and clowns in America condemned the NSA
  • and blamed Russia that's where we got
  • our Snowden kind of game so that's
  • interesting there it's read a little bit
  • about this the preface under the
  • introduction of the book go ahead not
  • read these couple of that first couple
  • this is if you don't know what the Q
  • story is about yet you're about to go
  • down the rabbit hole
  • a fascinating creepy scary disgusting
  • and mind-blowing deep hole this is not
  • for the faint of heart
  • but you have to face the truth as awful
  • as it could be
  • why because realize realize realize it
  • is only once humanity will have face to
  • lies and awaken to the truth that we'll
  • be able to accept the horrors of our
  • past and ensure they will never happen
  • again
  • this story is not only about America but
  • about the world it has already reached
  • millions of people around the globe many
  • of whom are willing to fight for a cause
  • of good the news and these pages have
  • spoken to their to their very souls
  • times of big changes are coming and
  • might in fact already be upon us last
  • time we'll see here some of you may know
  • may be new to all of this and we'll have
  • been following this from the beginning
  • this document X's is the connect the
  • dots between events very specific events
  • that have been designed for at least by
  • human hands to control and enslave all
  • people of the world
  • that's that's uh I'll read this one this
  • document is a chronological guide to the
  • crumb trail left by a queue and attempts
  • to interpret and disseminate the
  • information key was provided along the
  • way the history the Cabal and how
  • humanity has been lied to and
  • manipulated for possible millennia is
  • revealed as well as the current fight by
  • the Donald Trump administration of the
  • United States of America to destroy the
  • Cabal forever in collusion with both new
  • and old allies of the world
  • so we basically we know the plan but we
  • just wanted to kind of show you guys
  • that so here's a security clearance
  • chart it's kind of interesting so what
  • does it showing us here top seeker with
  • s CI eligibility or do e Q so Q is equal
  • to like I've said before top secret with
  • s CI secret compartmentalised
  • information access all right just kind
  • of give you a little review so I've got
  • some links right here you can get right
  • to them but you have the Q map full
  • backup links linked for the 47 parts
  • from IRC Q clearance so this is telling
  • this in the archive of what you're
  • actually going to be getting right now
  • what you going through is a zip folder
  • [Music]
  • of course all current posts up to when
  • the last time this book was updated are
  • archived so you can go there to any one
  • of these four links and get you know
  • everything from the 47 parts of this
  • book to the full Q map there's a backup
  • link so
  • and I don't know if that cue map was the
  • okay there it was exactly that goes now
  • on this the players well this is just
  • all the post every single one of them
  • put in 247 images so you have a mall
  • look at this
  • [Music]
  • so there's a very first if I come to
  • this other corner I head all the way
  • down to the lower right-hand corner it's
  • pretty big and I go to the I think that
  • SEC test was well yeah February okay so
  • that's one of them
  • here are the cue map it's the only thing
  • you'll really need the cue maps are just
  • a collection of cue post on both 4chan
  • and h and saved as 47 big images we used
  • to show these to cue so he confirms it
  • it was the first way to confirm himself
  • before the trip code user there are 47
  • images because there now there are more
  • than 22,000 keepo so you can also find
  • interactive cue maps such as website or
  • phone or off on a phone application
  • so that was a cue map is cue a little
  • JIT emit insider so they're getting some
  • cue proofs let's believe to be confirmed
  • to the facts confirm or deny we've been
  • over do it cue pitcher another proof
  • some of these obviously you were going
  • to be you're well aware of we went over
  • and many episodes ago but just so much
  • information to go over here again this
  • is just a good good resource if you have
  • questions about what's going on what's
  • happened so far it's a good place to
  • start from if you don't really know this
  • is a one-word Trump linked he had a link
  • for a article here and then it was how
  • did this go down I fact to mega dot-com
  • about Q clearance Patriot white rabbit I
  • mean what he Trump posted are they mango
  • red pill so there's all kinds of stuff
  • here I mean you can you can get into and
  • lead into I mean there's you know
  • yeah Trump retweeted and shared a post
  • from Agra pill calm which is a website
  • that keeps track of Trump's
  • accomplishment since he entered into the
  • office what is so special about that the
  • answer is that is that the day that
  • Trump shared the website the first news
  • on the main page was about Q clearance
  • Patriots the insider unfortune yes about
  • QC pitcher on the right figure to
  • strangely after Trump's tweet the
  • website went viral for a few minutes and
  • then went down a few moments later back
  • up
  • no explanation only a weird excuse from
  • the host which even the owner of the
  • website found odd the MSN talked about
  • it too so that was a link there follow
  • the White Rabbit
  • so just kind of another little and we've
  • seen that one yeah then the one where he
  • Trump did the consensual president like
  • his and then the News talked about it
  • and then at like 45 minutes later he
  • changed it to consensual with the Q uh
  • TQ in there mmm so yep my girls over
  • that as well but it is actually a little
  • more to it than that yeah but there was
  • a time stamps along with his tweets so
  • there's the tippy-top shaped hippie that
  • be shape you know of course you know
  • we've talked about that garage talk of
  • course you know it's it is what it is
  • you know so will what kind of in this
  • little thing you guys can download this
  • the link will be down below in the
  • description make sure you check it out
  • it's just a PDF you can get it on your
  • phone your tablet your devices it's very
  • small megabytes you know maybe a couple
  • hundred but again here if none of the
  • queue predictions come true then it's
  • all the waste of time
  • not true the mere fact that someone with
  • access to the president's Twitter
  • account is putting conspiracy stuff all
  • on 4chan is huge news alone 1q could be
  • leaking 2q could be trying to damage
  • POTUS 3q could be trying to discredit
  • POTUS for POTUS could be experimenting
  • 5q could be POTUS / close to POTUS using
  • us as real news the mere fact that
  • someone with access to POTUS Twitter
  • account that is posting on the Chan's
  • makes this worth all watching the only
  • real advice I can give you is to be
  • critical thinker open-minded but check
  • your facts double-check cross dates
  • times interest and so on be smart and
  • creative think for yourself and just
  • connect the dots Godspeed to all of us
  • yes no I that's I think that's a great
  • one that kind of a GILF we're getting
  • fake news from what we know to be fake
  • news and I know link q links to articles
  • sometimes but we all
  • there is truth within every lie every
  • good lies gonna be lots of truth or lots
  • of truth just a little bit of lie to
  • make it a lie like hints this is blown
  • up and da da da da but this person did
  • it the lie could be that who did it you
  • know and everything else is true we know
  • how that works so we're not fools but uh
  • it makes sense you just got a you know
  • you could either sit back watch CNN you
  • could sit back watch Fox News you could
  • sit back and partake in an active role
  • in things and connect the dots and
  • that's I went to the polls more alert
  • more knowing than I ever have in my life
  • on this midterm election so very true
  • and you know it was a record amount of
  • all of us that actually showed up to the
  • midterms this year I would say I don't
  • know according to some of the polls in
  • some states was a record like in history
  • showing up to the polls I think some of
  • them like Georgia was like a 55% I think
  • one of the one of the reports had set
  • out and like Minnesota I think other
  • report had said it was like 65 percent
  • had showed up to the midterm elections
  • for there to cast their ballots I mean
  • just remember how many times you've you
  • heard in the past that's just the
  • midterms I'm not gonna bow I you know
  • it's not important very very true or
  • they'll save facts like well I only at
  • only for the presidents when I really
  • get out you know and of course yeah they
  • have a lot more advertisement power when
  • it's for the presidency every four years
  • versus a midterm that's what a lot of on
  • both sides of the aisle they're both
  • saying that we've had a great number of
  • Turner this has been a lot of people
  • came out this year in record numbers it
  • seems like we're using that word record
  • and an all-time high and you know we're
  • using that word kind of a lot these days
  • yeah I I agree so the last couple of Q
  • post what do you think on that uh 53 to
  • 47 now that that came back up and we
  • know that that was you know what October
  • 2nd
  • don't let me get you out here I don't
  • have your voice there you go yes when
  • you think about that 5347 I think it was
  • a MUP and right here her second
  • yeah October oops our November I don't
  • know October 2nd the first one that came
  • out 53 47 and then again and today well
  • and another one October 9th it was 52 to
  • 47 so is it the the confirmation of
  • justice Cavanaugh is it gonna be is it
  • what the the Senate House is that I mean
  • that's it's well this this website named
  • it because Q post don't come with a
  • title so they they took it you me that I
  • think a lot of us took it at that time
  • yeah I would agree that was what was
  • happening at that time so now look at
  • their title for today's one when it
  • comes out because they're trying to
  • relate it to something vinyls and a
  • results of midterm question mark and
  • they had a question mark on it back then
  • of the course so we don't know that was
  • just a guess and I think it was coming
  • out that I think on October 9th Q had
  • posted like 52 to 47 so I don't know
  • what that has was going for it as well
  • yeah like 53 to 47 and I believe it's
  • fifty two forty seven right now with one
  • seat remaining to be confirmed for the
  • Senate yeah
  • so we're at 52 so does that is that
  • gonna be with the Senate confirmations
  • all wrapped up which is you know
  • interesting that was cited you know on
  • the second and then on the 9th of
  • October I believe is when they when Q
  • had put you know 52 to 47 and then again
  • on the 13th of November he's posting
  • about how the team is posting back 53 to
  • 47
  • so yeah it's uh
  • so as it stands for that's the numbers
  • for the final how seats in the Senate
  • that's going to be the final you know as
  • it lays out yeah in the case possibly
  • very interesting that on the 2nd of
  • October that Hugh had put those numbers
  • out before you know we the people had
  • got the voted and and you know Arizona
  • and what was it Arizona and Florida
  • we're doing recount there was some stuff
  • going on there some ballot issues so
  • that's interesting
  • um I don't really know what to make of
  • it I'm kind of holding off a little bit
  • on really kind of pointing a finger at
  • this is exactly what it means because
  • you know we were going through the
  • Cavanaugh confirmation when that 53 to
  • 47 was posted and I can remember you and
  • I were talking in garage talk and we
  • were you know is it for the Cavanaugh
  • confirmation it could be it could be I
  • don't I don't think it turned out to be
  • 53 to 47 for his confirmation well you
  • know yeah they don't they don't you know
  • we still don't know it's right now it's
  • 52:47 there's one I don't know if it's
  • Florida's theirs we're still waiting on
  • but uh in other breaking news right now
  • we got CNN is suing Trump administration
  • to get Jim Acosta's press pass restored
  • I think that's a privilege not a right
  • folks I don't know it's just a press
  • pass but um not just a press pass that's
  • important there's lots of other news in
  • there maybe it'd be a little bit more
  • peaceful on the floor you know this guy
  • don't like to you know ask his questions
  • and then hand the mic off he likes to
  • badger like when he doesn't get his
  • answers that he wants like why are you
  • calling that paint over there white well
  • because I think it is Jim now you're
  • wrong you're wrong you're wrong now what
  • about the bench you know do you think
  • the bench is wood
  • when it's clearly made of metal I mean
  • it gets it gets funny but well I'll what
  • the with the Acosta situation I would I
  • would agree with you I think it's a
  • privilege to have a press pass and each
  • news administration what you would hope
  • they would send their brightest and
  • their their best out to these things
  • with it getting polled it's a
  • relationship with the White House you
  • know it's not indefinite and you know
  • when when Trump's no longer the
  • President and there's another president
  • he could have a press pass and get right
  • back in it's not like you know he broke
  • a law it's a it's I believe it's a
  • relationship and he damaged the
  • relationship with the current president
  • and he's not welcome it's almost like if
  • somebody comes into my house and starts
  • badgering me and being you know mean to
  • me when I was like hey you come in as a
  • guest Mike you know what I really don't
  • want you around anymore yeah that's like
  • it's like they almost we're pushing it
  • that far to get a man so they can do
  • this and have something to talk about
  • I mean yeah I don't ever you do don't
  • give them my cup and you know I want to
  • do it at this point it's a lot of
  • speculation but there's also a lot of
  • coincidences oh yeah no I agree it's
  • what do you think about this here
  • judge urges parties in Florida election
  • to ramp down the rhetoric ramp it down I
  • think that's just another way for the
  • midterm to say be quiet yeah
  • there's something happening in Broward
  • County and you know it's coming out I
  • think we've had some type of election
  • fraud or a accusation of election fraud
  • every single midterm every single
  • presidential there's always some state
  • someplace that does some kind of fraud
  • so this is kind of almost par for the
  • course that something happened and you
  • know so hopefully they can get it
  • resolved and if they
  • do you know again how do i you know
  • where I'm at you know remotely into the
  • studio how do I prove that whatever
  • happened in Florida really got resolved
  • and the the counter right now I just got
  • to blindly trust those people who
  • elected their representatives and
  • officials in Florida to do the right
  • thing ya know I hope they did the right
  • thing in my state or you know and it's
  • happened very few times in history but
  • it's happened where you know people of a
  • state vote in this person that person
  • and then in elections they just vote how
  • they want yeah you guys don't know what
  • you're doing you know they're 8.2
  • million of you and my state just don't
  • get it
  • it's like but you're you're you're right
  • and just when you voted me in that was
  • the right choice but now you don't know
  • what you're doing so that's where it is
  • funny that's basically what they're
  • saying and there are some states we
  • looked under those years ago some states
  • have laws on that or the but a lot of it
  • is just well next time voting comes
  • around don't vote for that guy that's
  • basically the repercussion so you either
  • do right by your people or you're just
  • you're gonna you know face the threat of
  • not getting to be voted in not getting
  • reelected so all right where are the 22
  • going on the 23 minute mark I let's go
  • and wrap it up you got any closing final
  • thoughts anything you like to say to the
  • people yeah no I just I'm like I'm
  • anxious to see what's happening I want
  • these midterms to be calculated and I
  • want I want the numbers to be set in
  • stone so we can move on I think we all
  • did our part to get out and vote that's
  • what we can each person can do to
  • exercise their patriotism and so I'm
  • anxious for this to get over with and
  • heading on to what's next for sure right
  • there you heard it folks that was Ben
  • [Music]
  • we always like when he joins us we
  • really appreciate here the patriot our
  • him being part of it Scott as well and
  • some of the other guys Nate and wood man
  • has been a great great year now as far
  • as you know we are we have been reading
  • the queue here we want to we do want to
  • see some result we hear the people in
  • the comments section we get it we stand
  • I got all volts calculated votes
  • calculated like Bennett said we're
  • trying to get those numbers set in stone
  • so we can move forward we're hearing
  • about D class let the D class begin the
  • unraveling of all this information the
  • unveiling we're all ready for that we
  • have to start pushing forward for sure
  • and seeing some result so let's keep our
  • eyes and ears open and we're gonna keep
  • we're gonna keep bringing you the
  • breaking news as it comes folks these
  • elections get sealed up anything huge
  • any new cue drops will will read them so
  • let's just keep moving forward with both
  • of our eyes peeled and our ears open and
  • if you hear anything see anything drop
  • it down below let us know in the
  • comments section we're doing our
  • research we hope you guys are as well
  • we've worked together that's what this
  • is all about we're moving forward
  • together that's what it's always been
  • about I can I know we could all agree
  • we're better researchers we're better
  • thinkers were better listeners and the
  • storm has been great for a lot of people
  • in a lot of ways being woke up alright
  • but we do want to see some result here
  • we got to see some some of the crimes
  • that were committed some of these people
  • be held accountable right justice
  • justice for all under our law Mike this
  • is a patriot our god bless god speed
  • each and every one of you worldwide and
  • we'll see you back here real soon on the
  • next patriot our update video I have a
  • great late afternoon into your evening
  • folks
  • you know what letter that is Roma I
  • think so
  • what letter is this cute
  • [Music]

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