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Video The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model
23:46   |   views   |   01/10/2019


  • this is a brand-new 2019 Aston Martin
  • DBS Superleggera and it's really special
  • and that becomes apparent the moment you
  • look at the specs this car has 715
  • horsepower it'll do 0 to 60 in 3.2
  • seconds and it starts at just a hair
  • over $300,000 it is the flagship of the
  • Aston Martin lineup and today I'm going
  • to review it I've borrowed this DBS
  • Superleggera from Aston Martin Newport
  • Beach here in Orange County California
  • they get all of the most exciting and
  • most thrilling and coolest new aston
  • martin models and of course that
  • includes this the DBS Superleggera which
  • is one of the most impressive aston
  • martin models ever I say that because
  • the DBS Superleggera puts up some
  • amazing numbers 715 horsepower puts it
  • in the league of the lamborghini
  • aventador and the Ferrari 812 superfast
  • zero to 60 in three point two seconds is
  • obviously really strong and this car
  • will do 211 miles an hour which is true
  • supercar territory naturally this car
  • also has a v12 in this case a 5.2 liter
  • twin-turbo v12 of course all of this
  • puts the DBS Superleggera at the top of
  • the Aston Martin lineup the flagship
  • model sitting above the Vantage and the
  • DB 11 with a starting price of just over
  • $300,000 the DBS Superleggera is
  • actually based on the DB 11 it's sort of
  • a high-performance version of that car
  • with different bodywork extra horsepower
  • and a little weight reduction for
  • stronger performance so today I'm going
  • to show you around the DBS Superleggera
  • and I'm going to show you all of the
  • interesting quirks and features of Aston
  • Martin's flagship model then I'm gonna
  • get it out on the road and drive it and
  • then I'm going to give it a dug score
  • and for more of my thoughts on the DBS
  • Superleggera click the link below to
  • visit slash oversteer
  • where I've also rounded up a list of the
  • most interesting British sport
  • cars currently listed for sale on auto
  • trader
  • now I'm gonna start around back with the
  • trunk now you can obviously pop the
  • trunk open using a little button on the
  • key fob you push it in the trunk pops
  • open you open it that's the easy way to
  • do it but there's also a secret way
  • check this out you feel around under
  • here and you can't feel a trunk opener
  • it seems like there isn't one but if you
  • feel all the way over here there's a
  • secret hitting one on the right you push
  • it and then you can access the trunk
  • that's one of those things where you
  • would have no idea that it's there
  • unless you know exactly where to look
  • and so now I'm in the trunk and in the
  • trunk of this particular DBS
  • Superleggera you find the window sticker
  • this car's total suggested retail price
  • is three hundred and seventy two
  • thousand seven hundred and eighty six
  • dollars that's a lot of money one
  • interesting item is that transportation
  • and handling in other words the
  • destination charge for this car is 3086
  • how do you think Aston Martin came to
  • that conclusion no no we can't have it
  • be three thousand eighty one we need
  • those extra five dollars seems like an
  • odd thing to me but more interesting
  • than that are all of the incredible
  • options this car starts at three hundred
  • and four thousand dollars so it has
  • seventy thousand dollars in options I'm
  • just gonna read some of them to you
  • Alcantara contemporary one thousand five
  • hundred and ninety five dollars DBS
  • placed perforation seven hundred and
  • fifty dollars seat back matched two
  • fascia inlay three thousand one hundred
  • and ninety dollars tri-axial quilting
  • three thousand one hundred and ninety
  • dollars now as I take you on a tour of
  • this car I'm gonna show you some of the
  • more unique options this car has and I
  • want to start with the carbon-fiber roof
  • now you don't have to get the roof in
  • carbon-fiber but if you do it costs five
  • thousand three hundred and eighty
  • dollars extra and and here's an
  • incredibly minor detail you will only
  • get in this video there are ridges on it
  • if you don't get the carbon fiber roof
  • you don't get these two little speed
  • ridges but if you get the carbon fiber
  • roof you get the ridges so you get a
  • little extra with your five thousand
  • three hundred and eighty dollars next
  • step I want to move on to the trunk
  • itself now there's nothing particularly
  • special or unusual of
  • the trunk except for the fact that it is
  • in fact a trunk it's not a hatchback
  • like the Vantage instead you have a
  • relatively standard sports car trunk
  • back here although there are two items
  • worth noting one is that there is a
  • built-in umbrella that's actually an
  • option two hundred and ninety five
  • dollars
  • the other interesting atom you find in
  • the trunk that would be the Aston Martin
  • first aid kit your first aid kit is not
  • emblazoned with the Aston Martin logo
  • this first aid kit is also an option one
  • hundred and forty five dollars that is a
  • bargain it's the cheapest option in the
  • whole car now a couple of other
  • interesting items back here one these
  • little bumperettes that sort of come out
  • from the back next to the license plate
  • now at first glance you would think they
  • hold the license plate lights but
  • actually those are under here instead
  • these stupid little bumperettes are
  • designed to comply with federal
  • government bumper regulations they have
  • to stick them on the European models
  • don't have them and of course they look
  • infinitely better than the car having
  • like little horns in its back but we
  • don't really have a choice here in the
  • United States another cool thing is the
  • color it is an absolutely beautiful
  • color this metallic white Aston Martin
  • calls it white stone and it costs five
  • thousand three hundred and eighty
  • dollars extra which is a lot of money
  • for paint but this is special paint next
  • I'm moving towards the front I want to
  • talk about this here and specifically
  • this line that goes over the wheel well
  • and then just sort of goes straight into
  • the door I think this is a beautiful
  • line tremendously distinctive the Aston
  • Martin db9 has it also but basically
  • it's only on aston martin models and
  • it's a very very cool look that really
  • helps you turn your head and say what is
  • that thing it just doesn't look like a
  • line you'd see on a regular car next up
  • moving up front two interesting items
  • worth noting here one is the grille take
  • a look at the size of this grille it's
  • just this giant black grille this is
  • intended to be sort of a
  • high-performance aston martin and so it
  • has the brand's sporting grille compare
  • that to the DB 11 which has a much more
  • restrained grille as that's more of a
  • touring car the other thing i really
  • love about the front of this car is this
  • little Superleggera bed
  • on the hood now you would see these on
  • old Aston Martin's Superleggera models
  • in the 1960s and they have replicated
  • the badge perfectly it may not really go
  • with this cars sort of modern exciting
  • thrilling aesthetic but it's a beautiful
  • throwback and its really cool to see
  • that badge on the hood just like it was
  • and Aspen's fifty years ago one other
  • interesting thing here in the front is
  • the front turn signal which has a very
  • cool pattern when it comes on
  • it looks aggressive and stealthy just
  • like the rest of the DBS Superleggera
  • now next up moving on to the hood now I
  • recently reviewed the new Aston Martin
  • Vantage and one of my complaints about
  • that car was that the hood release was
  • on the passenger side because Aston
  • Martin is British in the right-hand
  • drive and so they moved everything over
  • to the left side for left-hand Drive but
  • they left the hood release over there
  • and it seemed like a silly afterthought
  • well they hadn't made that mistake in
  • the DBS Superleggera the hood release is
  • on the driver side but it's odd it isn't
  • a plastic latch you pull like in most
  • cars instead it's a little button to the
  • left of the dashboard you push it and
  • that pops up on the hood now after you
  • push that button the hood gets to this
  • position where it is currently popped
  • open and then you open it right up and
  • you can see this cars beautiful 5.2
  • liter twin-turbo v12 and it really is
  • gorgeous it is a sight to behold and of
  • course it has the plaque on it that
  • shows the name of the person who gave it
  • its final goodbye from the factory next
  • up one cool item while the hood is open
  • something you don't realise until you
  • open the hood those little side vents
  • that I think looks so cool when you open
  • the hood take a look at them now they
  • look even cooler and you can really see
  • sort of how the air flows through them
  • and how they work functionally for
  • aerodynamics the view on these things
  • with the hood open transforms them from
  • a really cool style touch to the coolest
  • side vent in the car industry now one
  • thing I love about the hood in this car
  • is the fact that it's soft clothes and
  • what that means is you don't just slam
  • it down like in most cars and you don't
  • have to latch this side then walk around
  • and latch the other instead you bring it
  • down nice and gently and it closes
  • itself
  • take a look bring it to this point and
  • then it automatically latches itself now
  • you see soft clothes
  • on the doors of some of the most
  • expensive luxury cars rolls-royce
  • Bentley but the hood is a ridiculous
  • place to put that because nobody's ever
  • gonna open the hood especially someone
  • who spends three hundred and seventy
  • thousand dollars for a car but it has a
  • soft close hood nonetheless to provide a
  • luxury experience in every possible area
  • now next up we move on to the interior
  • of the DBS Superleggera where you'll
  • notice a few things including right away
  • when you open the door the seats they're
  • not only wiped and beautifully stitched
  • but it looks like they have a bit of a
  • sheen to them like a little shine that
  • you wouldn't expect that's because these
  • seats are metallic leather I am serious
  • metallic leather seats they just have a
  • little bit more shine than traditional
  • leather and you can see it in some Sun
  • lights I'm not sure how well it shows up
  • on camera but you can definitely tell
  • now as you might expect this is a very
  • expensive extra cost option five
  • thousand three hundred and eighty
  • dollars now next up beyond the metallic
  • leather I want to talk about some of the
  • other really beautiful touches inside
  • this interior because Astin
  • traditionally goes for the extra mile in
  • terms of attention to detail and luxury
  • compared to most brands and this car is
  • certainly proof of that take a look for
  • example at the door panels absolutely
  • gorgeous and look at this beautiful
  • stitching right near the armrest it is a
  • sight to behold a real treat take a look
  • also at the gauge cluster you can see
  • right above the gauge cluster it's
  • covered in leather a lot of cars do that
  • but this car has sort of two levels of
  • leather just to make it look that much
  • nicer it obviously adds to the cost but
  • no expense is spared in a car like this
  • now it's worth noting that that design
  • you see on the top of the gauge cluster
  • in that leather those two little V
  • shapes are repeated in various different
  • spots in the car you will also see them
  • on the pedals the accelerator and the
  • brake pedal both share that little V
  • design same story with the centre of the
  • seats it has the little V's arrows
  • basically pointing forward but check
  • this out it's also included in the roof
  • the headliner in this car is beautiful
  • stitched Alcantara and they didn't stop
  • with just stitched Alcantara they went
  • with this design this pattern that is
  • shared in these other
  • places in the car next up we move on to
  • a couple of other interesting items in
  • this car starting with this center
  • console now in your car you want to
  • access the center console you'll lift up
  • the lid and then you can stuff you can
  • store in there in this car you push a
  • button you push this little button on
  • the driver's side in the center console
  • and then the lid which of course is
  • leather and beautifully stitched slides
  • back so you can access the center
  • console and put stuff in there to store
  • it you get a power center console lid
  • when you spend three hundred and seventy
  • grand on a luxury car another
  • interesting item in the center console
  • are that cupholders you have a little
  • storage area in here but if you push
  • these little plastic things on the side
  • little cup holder surrounds pop out so
  • you can spit cups in there and use them
  • as cup holders if you don't want to see
  • them just push them back and then they
  • can go away and so you don't have to
  • look at potential cup holders
  • now speaking of things that pop up just
  • like the cup holders do same story with
  • the speakers on the dashboard they pop
  • up when you start the car they sort of
  • lift out of the dashboard to provide you
  • with a maximum sound experience it's
  • worth noting those speakers are part of
  • the Bang & Olufsen sound system which is
  • an option on this car that costs eight
  • thousand three hundred and thirty
  • dollars but I'm sure it sounds like a
  • concert hall in here if that's what you
  • wish now next up we move on to the
  • center control stack in this car were
  • there a couple of interesting details
  • one of which is the stereo volume
  • control now it isn't a traditional dial
  • which some people will complain about
  • but it is cooler than that it's just
  • this little slider and you slide your
  • finger towards the plus for more volume
  • and you slide your finger towards the
  • minus for less volume it might be a
  • little less functional than a
  • traditional dial but it does work well
  • and it is cooler and speaking of cooler
  • but less functional in the center
  • control stack here you don't have
  • traditional plastic buttons for the
  • climate controls and various other
  • things that are in the center control
  • stack instead it's this like panel or
  • screen and you tap each item
  • individually to pull them up to turn on
  • your heated seat or climate controls
  • whatever now a lot of people prefer the
  • feedback of a button but a lot of
  • buttons together plastic doesn't always
  • look so good this looks a lot better
  • even though I grant you that it may not
  • quite be as functional as real buttons
  • right above the center control stack in
  • this car you have another interesting
  • item and that would be the gear selector
  • you don't have a gear lever like you do
  • in so many other cars instead you select
  • the gears using these buttons in the
  • center control stack P and R on the left
  • and nd on the right and in the middle
  • you have the Aston Martin engine
  • start/stop button press it and this car
  • roars to life here's a cold start and
  • didn't get you excited enough here's a
  • nice rev
  • and next up moving above the engine
  • start/stop button in the center control
  • stack we have the climate vents the
  • middle ones are not particularly
  • interesting but the ones on the outer
  • edges on the dashboard are rather weird
  • basically they just took one of the
  • middle ones which is a rectangle and
  • they tilted it which is strange you have
  • it tilted to the left on the passenger
  • side and tilted to the right on the
  • driver side not really sure why they did
  • that I guess to spice up the climate
  • vents a little bit and it worked now
  • next up another interesting interior
  • item in this car is the mercedes-benz
  • influence now mercedes-benz has signed
  • an agreement to help a stand out
  • mercedes-benz is building the v8 engines
  • for the advantage and for the v8 version
  • of the DB 11 they didn't build the v12
  • for this car but there are still some
  • mercedes-benz touches throughout this
  • interior that came from that agreement
  • for instance the Mercedes Benz turn
  • signal stock you will notice and the
  • Mercedes Benz cruise control stock that
  • sticks off the steering column
  • not as many touches as the Vantage but
  • still a few if you're used to driving
  • mercedes-benz models the biggest though
  • is the infotainment system which
  • basically comes straight out of
  • mercedes-benz you have the same circular
  • controller and the little touchpad above
  • the controller and the infotainment
  • system itself is basically right out of
  • a mercedes-benz just with pictures of
  • aston martin models instead now it's
  • always a bit of a disappointment when
  • you see something pulled out of a less
  • expensive car and put in an exclusive
  • vehicle like this but there are some
  • benefits to using that mercedes-benz
  • stuff and the infotainment is obviously
  • the biggest it gives aston martin a huge
  • leap forward in technology so for
  • example this car has a 360-degree camera
  • which Aston Martin didn't have before it
  • also has blind spot monitoring and
  • up-to-date navigation system that
  • doesn't look like a nine year old Garmin
  • clip-on window thing and a bunch of
  • other modern technology that Mercedes
  • Benz developed with a much larger budget
  • and so that infotainment system is a
  • benefit
  • one interesting drawback of this car is
  • the fact that it has no apparent
  • glovebox there's a large space there
  • where our glovebox could be but I don't
  • see a way to open it it doesn't look
  • like it's hinged so this center console
  • lid situation is all you get finally one
  • other interesting item in the front of
  • this car is the door handles which are a
  • little bit
  • because they appear to be mounted
  • backwards you can't just slide your hand
  • up and open the door like in so many
  • cars instead it appears they're designed
  • for you to use your opposite hand to
  • open them now I'm not sure why they did
  • this but I've heard from people that the
  • theory is that you open the door of your
  • opposite hand and it forces you to sort
  • of look into traffic to make sure there
  • isn't a cyclist or a vehicle coming so
  • you hit them with your door it's
  • actually a good safety idea now next we
  • move on to the rear seats in this car
  • and yes this car does have rear seat but
  • accessing them is kind of a challenge to
  • do so you pull on this little leather
  • loop on the front seat and then the seat
  • automatically folds forward and moves
  • forward but not really all that far and
  • so getting in is really a problem oh oh
  • my stuck oh boy oh well these back seats
  • are not for adults or at least not human
  • adult's anyway now with that said even
  • though I wasn't able to get into the
  • back seats I can tell you from my
  • experience of looking at the back seats
  • that they are absolutely beautiful even
  • though they're basically inaccessible to
  • adults they are finished with the same
  • beautiful stitching and the same
  • metallic leather as the front and it is
  • just gorgeous
  • really really beautiful back there
  • allegedly one interesting item in the
  • back seat is the fact that it has one
  • single reading lamp where passengers
  • must share another interesting item in
  • the back seat is the rear parcel shelf
  • take a look at this through the back
  • window this is something most people
  • won't ever notice and nobody is ever
  • like getting back there but you can see
  • it and it's just amazing that they went
  • to the trouble to stitch this and give
  • this card a beautiful look even if
  • you're just looking at the parcel shelf
  • through the back window that's really
  • incredible and so that's a tour of the
  • new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera now
  • it's time to get it out on the road and
  • see how it drives alright
  • driving the Superleggera
  • first thing you notice the sound is
  • obviously incredible it sounds really
  • good not a surprise at all
  • all modern Ashton Sunderman sound great
  • [Music]
  • Wow it's really fast you know when I
  • went to research the Scriptures see how
  • fire on the horsepower and so I could
  • give those early lines I was I looked
  • the earth I said what
  • it has that much power and that much
  • torque I was absolutely astonished that
  • this thing is that incredibly powerful
  • and it feels it listen to that
  • transmission is really really quick very
  • fast shifting push down on the
  • mercedes-benz turn signals Don the truth
  • is that kind of stuffs very expensive to
  • make and so it's not really a surprise
  • that a small company like Aston Martin
  • would want some help with it you know
  • the new the mercedes-benz infotainment
  • system is far better than when Aston
  • orthos using before it actually brings
  • them into the modern era and it gets
  • them competitive with brands like
  • Ferrari and Bentley and all the other
  • high-end luxury brands res before you
  • know it's like oh the cars are beautiful
  • but detectives believe far behind now
  • you don't have to make that excuse me
  • the car actually rides surprisingly well
  • it feels like something that you could
  • drive on a fairly typical basis which I
  • also felt was true at the 812 superfast
  • but certainly is it true of v12 exotic
  • cars from eating ten years ago they
  • would be Japanese wouldnt want to be a
  • part of them but this thing you know you
  • got a 360 camera and leather everywhere
  • and it feels pretty nice I want to say
  • it's like a luxury car because
  • ultimately it is a sports car it has a
  • luxury feel to it that's that's welcome
  • you don't have but you're not putting up
  • with a harsh ride or difficult
  • visibility or all that sort
  • it is incredibly fast night you almost
  • have to adjust your expectations because
  • I am not used to expecting this level of
  • performance from Aston work but that
  • acceleration
  • [Music]
  • those very athletic - despite its size
  • that's relatively heavy especially
  • compared to smaller cars like the
  • advantage is when it's size it feels
  • very athletic
  • of course the engine is a big part and
  • the transmission being so quite a big
  • part of it
  • [Music]
  • and endless power just enough power and
  • torque very different from your typical
  • Aston Martin experience it really is you
  • know previous Aston ones I've driven the
  • Vantage the new Vantage feels pretty
  • aggressive and the old v12 Vantage did
  • as well but most Aston Martin's that I
  • drive are more sort of relaxed and
  • subtle they're intended to be more grand
  • tours that just are beautiful and
  • windswept and not aggressive and this
  • car is aggressive it is fast and he is
  • as sporty and again thrilling as you
  • would expect from a real and so that's
  • the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera
  • this is one of the most powerful aston
  • martin models in history and one of the
  • most expensive and one of the most
  • impressive and now it's time to give
  • this car a dug score starting with the
  • weekend categories in styling the DBS
  • Superleggera is beautiful not perfect
  • but not far and it gets an 8 out of 10
  • acceleration 0 to 60 is 3.2 seconds and
  • gets a 9 out of 10 handling is sharp and
  • not quite mid-engine exotic sharp due to
  • its sides it gets a 7 out of 10 fun
  • factor is excellent given the great
  • engine note in the brute force power and
  • it gets an 8 out of 10 finally cool
  • factor is very high this is the ultra
  • expensive highly exclusive flagship
  • Aston Martin and it gets an 8 out of 10
  • for a total weekend score of 40 out of
  • 50 next up are the daily categories
  • starting with the features it's well
  • equipped with a lot of good tech but
  • it's still behind top luxury cars and it
  • gets a 6 out of 10 Comfort is fine
  • better than I expected but not true
  • luxury car smooth and it gets a 5 out of
  • 10
  • quality is excellent with truly gorgeous
  • materials everywhere and it gets
  • demerits only for potential long-term
  • reliability it earns an 8 out of 10
  • practicality is only OK it has a
  • relatively small trunk in four seats yes
  • but not for very usable seats and it
  • gets a 4 out of 10 finally value this
  • car is a luxury cruiser or an excellent
  • sports car and the ability to do both is
  • great but so was this cars price tag
  • it's a six out of 10 for a total daily
  • score of 29 out of 50 add it up in the
  • dug score is 69 out of 100 which places
  • it here among rivals nearly all of which
  • I've tested the DBS Superleggera ties
  • the Ferrari Portofino in both weekend
  • and daily categories and both are
  • excellent cars though the Portofino is
  • cheaper the DBS can't touch the 8 12
  • superfast though
  • remains the king of this hill this looks
  • a lot better even though I grant you
  • that it may not quite be as functional
  • as real buttons right above the center
  • control stack you have another
  • interesting item in this car and that
  • would be the something right sitting
  • right there

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The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is Aston's flagship model -- and it carries a hefty $350,000 when normally equipped. Today I'm showing you around this DBS Superleggera, and I'll show you all the great quirks and features of the Aston DBS Superleggera.

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All The Lies flac

Alok. 2019. Writer: Felix Jaehn;Vincent Kottkamp;OHYES;Bradley Simpson;Alok;Janee Bennett;Mood Melodies.
16 Ariana Grande

Bloodline flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: ILYA;Max Martin;Savan Kotecha;Ariana Grande.
17 Armin Van Buuren

Turn It Up flac

Armin Van Buuren. 2019. Writer: Armin Van Buuren;Duck Blackwell;Ki Fitzgerald.
18 Ariana Grande

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Kandi;Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs;Max Martin;ILYA;Savan Kotecha;Ariana Grande.
19 Ariana Grande

NASA flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Ariana Grande;Scootie;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Victoria Monét.
20 Dzeko

Halfway There flac

Dzeko. 2019.

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