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Video Alabama vs. Georgia winning touchdown
02:20   |   578K+ views   |   today at 14:04


  • thank about lo I try to make up for it
  • fires to the end zone touchdown Alabama
  • wins
  • yaaagh Reseda spent on public or psycho
  • below con el facil akira sobre
  • [Applause]
  • we receivers right one to the left
  • sit back the past going deep
  • for texture
  • a snake wins the national championship
  • down the sideline and wide open behind
  • the defense one two tres been to another
  • four down here's two I'm stepping back
  • loads up whoops long flawless endzone
  • touchdown and the Crimson Tide has once
  • again ascended to the top of the college
  • football Melvin must 16 yards second 26
  • on the 41 they say Tonka file are going
  • down Bailey's got a medal but oh my god
  • touchdown Alabama has wanted
  • we just lost it in the secondary to deep
  • get behind our quarterback and the
  • Crimson Tide sweet jubilation for them
  • as the dogs are heartbroken you have to
  • keep it alive by evolution where
  • Louisville South Ozone aah - ow
  • wok / kadhai what they say she ever talk
  • Latifah Alabama Crimson Tide chippy of
  • this is all of the dish the master order
  • that they're just gonna for travels in
  • rush for
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • did not just happen was it a 1526 Google
  • thing hovered right here this may in the
  • national chain st. being right here
  • Oh coverage and it's a keeping it up to
  • ash
  • [Applause]

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