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Video Crappie Fishing in SC
16:04   |   01/19/2019 at 19:10


  • hey I'm J Greg and on today's show we're
  • going crappie fishing at blacks camp had
  • a wonderful night's sleep here at the
  • camp getting ready to go get me some
  • lunch when we get back me and Kevin
  • Davis gonna be on some crappy stay tuned
  • it's all coming up next on carolina
  • outdoors with jay greg vote blacks camp
  • got my good buddy Kevin Davis again with
  • me we're going out Kevin what we're
  • going after
  • going after crappie brush piles fish
  • some open water brush piles we're going
  • out the shell cracker we're kind of
  • between full moons and I just thought I
  • don't think they're doing much right now
  • massive full moon this week in it yeah
  • yeah this weekend will be the be the
  • good time this weekend and then a week
  • after that full moon but so we're gonna
  • go offshore a little bit and fish some
  • open water brush piles and probably
  • catch some slab graphi I know we've been
  • catching them pretty good springtime
  • slabs yep yeah sounds great man looking
  • forward to let's get on out there all
  • right
  • tencel gets unraveled and but anyway I
  • like to tip them with a medal like that
  • and the fish love it
  • how deep are we going fishing let's
  • start out how many pools J let's start
  • out ten ten okay y'all check this out
  • which J is an old hand at this now but
  • almost almost but we're holding draw it
  • like that just splitting a big pointy
  • finger on the line bail open all the way
  • to that first eye one two three four
  • five six seven eight nine ten how many
  • feet down is that you ten feet to a 20
  • feet 10 20 feet 20 feet genius J you've
  • done the little walk up fishing with
  • this guy J is an old hand at counting
  • pools he's killed at many a pool out
  • here I think we've got brush pile here
  • also known as timber trout colt planters
  • can also we're trying to we're trying to
  • fish right at the top of the brush since
  • we got a bluebird sky and fishing is
  • kind of tough but we don't want to hang
  • in the blood got tough yeah but we don't
  • want to hang in the brush do we what
  • we're doing we got a brush pile here
  • that I placed here last winter but the
  • water is about 25 feet deep here the
  • brush comes up to about 20 feet you know
  • 20 feet under the surface so we counted
  • out for 10 pools we're 20 feet deep
  • we're trying to catch the fish on top of
  • the brush pile and we're trying to make
  • the fish that are down in the brush pile
  • excited enough to come up and bite to
  • see but what we don't want to do is
  • count off too much line and start
  • hanging up in the brush in your house
  • you know shaking their house around what
  • are the always doing it they're living
  • in the brush pile yeah you know that
  • brush we I like wax myrtle bushes wax
  • myrtle bushes it'll grow that fungus and
  • algae on it which attracts the little
  • fish which attract the big fish so they
  • use it for food and they leave they use
  • it for cover Touche
  • and well you know crappy this is a big
  • lake I mean they have to go somewhere
  • yeah yeah we're out here in the middle
  • exactly we far we are from below South
  • Carolina but crappy a real cover
  • oriented anyway crappy love cover they
  • love vertical cover so coming out here
  • in open water and sinking brush piles
  • which I have 50 brush piles in this
  • lower lake but that's the one to keep up
  • with yeah it is but it's worth it though
  • which hopefully you will soon find out
  • but Santi Cooper if you have brush in
  • the lake you can catch fish from into
  • April right on through Christmas you
  • know it's not a warm up now yeah rush to
  • make an awesome Rob that's right it's
  • not a question of whether or not you'll
  • catch fish if you're able to get out
  • here and fish these brush piles you're
  • going to catch fish you know if the wind
  • to let you
  • we got a so far perfect day yeah we do
  • you just get on the fish yep I'm getting
  • ready to get one right here in a second
  • got one right here alright we had to
  • move on though so there's another one
  • chasing wow it was a little teeny
  • striper who knows how cool is that hey
  • you can get a little buddy let me get
  • you back in the water pretty quick you
  • need to grow up
  • David David it was shiny just like a
  • crappie yeah it was hit like a Crabby
  • didn't she what did get in there and
  • grow up one if that's something from the
  • hatchery I don't know ain't no telling
  • ain't no tellin they well hey there was
  • a little school when they were together
  • let me get baited back up and go back oh
  • I got one here number two yeah yes
  • crappie I think so yeah yeah yeah that's
  • a nice got it not a slap crabby but a
  • crappie that's a that's a slab to jet
  • huh yeah yes sir we'll take him like
  • that all day Oh once again we've got one
  • getting hung when the ground rolling oh
  • yeah you haven't caught a fish this
  • second guy catches another fish so if
  • you want to book a charter here but
  • good Kevin you can watch him catch fish
  • hey I don't usually get to catch them
  • like this I like this do you have it
  • oh you came out here to catch well yeah
  • you're just throwing away bait now do
  • the men off
  • that's a weird bite I'll tell you
  • probably a 50 pound catfish you know it
  • yeah cleaning this teeth with Dominica
  • yeah I'm all set the hook say what I got
  • him he did get him boy that fish bit
  • light guys I mean okay my lord he was
  • sitting there sucking on it he swallowed
  • it look at that just barely failing bite
  • it so I mean if you think you if you
  • think you're getting a nibble pulling
  • pulling I'd just be happy to get an
  • emerald on that ain't real aggressive I
  • tell you what's new going on at the camp
  • oh oh man oh you fixed a boat up see
  • that Clinton's got you other boat
  • working on it though yeah Berkley out go
  • marine yeah yeah how about tournaments
  • y'all got any good tournaments coming up
  • Kim tell you what we've had a lot of
  • really good club tournament side of
  • blacks Somerville Bassmasters Creek side
  • we have one tournament yeah I got one up
  • on your baby get him come on you say you
  • got some local tournaments that's a go
  • that's a good one yeah that's nice
  • biggest one we caught up there man you
  • give me a big ol dip net for him get the
  • calculator yep I tell you for just
  • playing fooling I mean you know you
  • could bring your family down here come
  • to Black's camp eat lunch spend a night
  • and come out here and do this and this
  • the middle of the day it's all around
  • two o'clock and we're catching crappie
  • like that nice big slabs and you know
  • what even got Dave Baker on the boat
  • we're catching fish like that you are
  • yeah
  • you know I'm not gonna let you catch it
  • all I'm gonna spread spread the wealth
  • around I'm gonna give Dave something to
  • get only nice box let's pull them in and
  • go to another brush pile sounds good to
  • me
  • all right we got us three right here for
  • four of them yep we're going on move to
  • another brush pile Kevin's got set up
  • stay tuned we'll be right back with more
  • crappie fishing from blacks camp this
  • segment is brought to you by hound dog
  • 4x4 leaving the way an off-road fun
  • check us out on the web at
  • now that's a Jay Greg fish white perch
  • Virginia and yesterday we'll stick you
  • they got stickers on their fins they're
  • back there everywhere that's a what now
  • white perch Virginia perch turn to grab
  • it Dave gravy here Danielle here Dave
  • get that one this one too lost Warren
  • I'm not so big oh that's nice good do
  • you think is very good D good job D
  • that's a nice day that's the way to go
  • that's more like what we're looking for
  • Kevin nice fish yeah man good you're all
  • right
  • Kevin if somebody wants predicate rip to
  • come through this or can't fish her
  • Gator hunt or dinner no quail hunt
  • how do what's the best way for them to
  • get up in touch with you get on our
  • website see what we
  • have to offer call us at eight four
  • three seven five three two two three one
  • and folks Kevin has got it always got a
  • pleasure stage got a place for you to
  • eat he's got so much come clean these
  • fish forest captain Carl you can't beat
  • it it's an all-round good place to come
  • Thank You Jay thank you now look at
  • there alright so good crappie we'll take
  • good crack on the booth yeah that's nice
  • there man Kevin that is nice Pappy
  • crappie yeah look at the size of that
  • that right there's what Santi later all
  • about there I'm doing a white and you've
  • seen them bigger oh yeah no good yeah
  • look at our look at our facebook page if
  • you get a chance some of the crappy
  • we've been catching here lately we're
  • going to catch one in a little while
  • that would eat this one really yeah
  • right no but yeah Santi Cooper went
  • through a time where a crappie was a
  • rare thing but boy I tell you what they
  • are back with a vengeance and they're
  • getting bigger and bigger every year we
  • see a lot of fish over two pounds on
  • these brush piles but look at the girth
  • on that fish he's thick you know it this
  • is out here in the 25 feet of eel in
  • Greece me too and grits you try yeah
  • some grits and coleslaw yes sir what
  • else hot sauce hot sauce put him in a
  • cover put him in the cooler starting to
  • get a good little mess not stink up in
  • any way right and when we get back we'll
  • teach Dave Baker how to clean them
  • uh-huh as I eat supper head to camp
  • okay let's do that a few more times guys
  • now we have moved work twice no three
  • times yeah we moved three times we
  • hadn't set in one spot and caught all
  • these fish right we are moving from spot
  • to spot that's why it's so important you
  • need to set up with a guide whether it
  • be Kevin and one of his my dad's up
  • there well you're a good crappie guide
  • along with bait for sure alright yeah
  • the boys rough on me crappie there
  • that's crappy there is is alright good
  • gracious getting ready to move and catch
  • a crappie good job down we'll say we
  • were getting ready to pull up we just
  • shut the camera down get ready to move
  • and bingo that's what happens yep that's
  • what happens yeah but Timmy what it was
  • the limit on crappie per person South
  • Carolina DNR just redid their chapter 13
  • laws you can still have 30 pan fish in
  • santa cooper 20 of which can now be
  • crappy used to be 30 crappy or 30 brown
  • per person yeah that's a barge yeah
  • that's still a very liberal limit Wow
  • but yeah 2020 crappy for personal you
  • could have a heck of a fish fry with
  • that meaning oh man especially when
  • they're you know it's nice pickles
  • got it getting eating Dave do what you
  • gotta bid a nice brim oh my gosh look
  • there that's a brim baby that brilliant
  • there Hey that is a good example of a
  • Santy that's nice that is nice why are
  • you doing some crickets you did good
  • I bet this brush fog loaders garlic we
  • started this trip off talking about it
  • last week about going rim fishing the
  • show cracker yeah and we thought they
  • turned off but look at that that's baby
  • baby that's a nice fish
  • that's a copperhead yes sir I can yeah
  • we go put him in the cooler to most soit
  • on thank you sir all right let's go back
  • and get a couple tubes of crickets yeah
  • no kidding you know that's another thing
  • these brush piles are getting loaded
  • with those things
  • really yes sir load it that's a good
  • handful of fish there good handful of
  • fish good deal got him get him
  • you see how easy picking at it oh boy
  • he's a puller oh yeah nice come on in
  • the boat give me Rob Dave Baker great
  • that it's hard nice it's hard to kiss
  • these on radio open the cooler for you
  • Jacob we go catch and release into the
  • grease yes sir
  • how's your trip been so far awesome
  • laughs good last week we were tearing up
  • the catfish now we're tearing up the
  • cracker what are we doing next week that
  • is great man great good deal with there
  • Thanks
  • that's another nice fish probably
  • another one is breathing no no no boy
  • it's a fighter here okay nice laughs
  • yeah that's good good deal get into
  • boots yeah that is nice man I love this
  • this is the way fish look at the mouth
  • on that thing this is easy fish I think
  • it eat folks Kevin i'ma tell you right
  • now we have had a blast today folks
  • about to run out of time we gonna keep
  • right on fishing Dave Baker thank you
  • for coming with us again man sir y'all
  • check out any of the Miller
  • communication stations great radio
  • station great family owned radio station
  • Black's can't get down here until next
  • week get out and enjoy yo Carolina
  • outdoors

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