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13:20   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • ladies and gentlemen it's time for
  • another incredible innovative and
  • amazing for tonight update that's right
  • this week we've got suppressed the
  • suppressed typer I'm not gonna lie it's
  • literally like a normal snapper but with
  • a suppressor on the end it's quiet it
  • feels less damaged that's pretty much
  • the deal but I've got an idea
  • you guys know over the past week or so
  • now I've been really enjoying messing
  • around with balloons mainly with the
  • pursuit of trolling as many enemies as
  • possible then well a silenced sniper
  • means that I reckoned we could take that
  • to the next level by floating all the
  • way up in the sky and trying to pick our
  • enemies up meanwhile Ben's gonna be on
  • the ground with absolutely no clue where
  • they're getting shot from I don't know
  • if it's gonna work well let's try it out
  • also side note I'm trying out a new mic
  • today so sorry if my voice sounds a
  • little bit weird
  • oh no come on like it like it I gotta
  • get one he's got it it's an RPG oh I
  • thought it was a damn stifle where'd he
  • go what you doubt himself he dad himself
  • I'm finishing him haha
  • sucka get out of there I got the
  • balloons
  • alright ingredient number one is stay
  • done she pushed it away
  • he's down whoa
  • fortress is like everywhere yeah I feel
  • like think I feel like they made a
  • mistake in the update are you they added
  • like a zero to the spawn right they've
  • all hundred-percent screwed up - no way
  • they're for giant water first down at
  • the caravan yeah I see him
  • there are two of them till them three of
  • them what the hell fight I win no
  • fighting well metal up got him oh oh you
  • love to see high school game play it
  • mattered gold stuff I know I actually
  • feel like they've screwed something up
  • here with this with the drop rates there
  • is so much loot down here oh my god they
  • have definitely screwed something up
  • these are not normal fortnight drop
  • rates I don't know what they've done but
  • I like it and also hate it it's actually
  • like I'm playing solid gold right now
  • the only thing we're missing is the one
  • item that I'm actually looking for
  • well David come in from the Oh
  • very good oh I shut him out of the plane
  • he's landing right on the edge tilting
  • let's go right on the edge take the tea
  • pressuring pressuring aka staying back
  • like a little baby oh my god he's like
  • no HP he's no HP yeah there you go all
  • right come on
  • found a damn sniper hi no it actually
  • makes me think they've screwed something
  • up and it's not in the game
  • this is some weird ass for 9:30 this is
  • some weird stuff I'm saying it's team
  • rumble spawns in normal games watch out
  • people to your right as well
  • yeah a lot of people finding out my
  • right ear oh how did I not get that Oh
  • found one oh yes we got it
  • thank you God all right come on boys
  • look at this thing sexiest thing I've
  • ever seen in my life now we got to fight
  • his balloons fresh let's see that's not
  • balls oh you want to hear it all right
  • here we go yeah excessive reload and
  • then how old is bad nasty it actually
  • sounds straight out of hit man all right
  • come on where the people at
  • they've got to be true like pretty timid
  • final enemies I reckon where you out
  • boys oh I see em I see my seam towards
  • the airfield holy shitake mushrooms you
  • got some cheeky hiding in here Oh him
  • alone slugs okay I'm gonna go for it
  • you got a mate you're gonna have to make
  • a distraction play I'll do it after we
  • jump okay ready I'm gonna put a thing
  • down go all right wait all right just
  • start working on distracting yeah I
  • reckon so then you can go up there
  • looking at me all right I'm going on
  • beyond I mean yeah say live fresh just
  • get oh no telescope rider says no yeah
  • not and I was the scarp do subscribe
  • stay alive you got a fresh product away
  • so he gets it
  • oh you got it you got it you got it all
  • right all right I'm gonna finish the job
  • oh come on he's got no record I was a
  • design oh I hit him hundred and five I
  • star named on his odd
  • good it literally just clueless they
  • just sit there they literally have no
  • clothes we got to get to we got to get
  • we got to get two of them fresh we're
  • getting we're getting two of them and
  • we're taking it to another level also
  • fortnight is broken and I don't know
  • what the items pawns are Lama where no
  • that is a person that's it that's just a
  • person plane still I paid confence okay
  • they have it you ran over them oh you
  • would be so salty you would not be happy
  • Oh fresh planes by the way but oh we got
  • two one
  • are you serious you got it yeah you got
  • it
  • I see you don't hold to tell you oh no
  • no no no no I want to smoke that one
  • okay oh my gosh
  • yeah try it to go try shooting it try
  • shooting it we're getting shot Oh
  • newbies newbies test it out
  • oh my god my aims still bad don't worry
  • alright one of them's down to 50 to the
  • head oh nice okay now how are we gonna
  • do this I reckon we gotta get but how
  • much heavy ammo do you have our 46 we
  • need now loons that is true that is true
  • get in John what take another skies how
  • sick does it sound when it shoots uh the
  • only thing better than one flying
  • silenced sniper rifle is two flying
  • silenced sniper rifles that's what my
  • grandma always told me she was a woman
  • of wise words she was really ahead of
  • their time well I got loose oh you did
  • yeah alright see I see people sat on the
  • Viking once so there's two and then
  • there's a solo alright alright you want
  • to find out on us I don't think I even
  • heard it
  • whoa nice this guy oh yeah let's take
  • this guy oven
  • whoa I think they have it too they
  • preserve it as well
  • oh come on boys they're just running
  • back oh that was so close I reckon we
  • wait for the storm and when they're
  • moving there won't be looking at us
  • yeah I reckon that's the play and then
  • we'll just be in the air and they'll
  • think we're and snobby someone we are
  • agreed they are not giving in
  • I'm gonna go up now yeah me too
  • you going up try and try and get away
  • from the mountain that I'm on okay we're
  • looking good
  • I can already see him you want to try
  • and get a guaranteed shot okay I see one
  • of them oh my god this is shot oh come
  • on go for it fresh let's nail him they
  • literally have no clue where we're
  • coming from they've got no clue oh my
  • god the one and one that you were
  • shooting at oh oh you see me he's seen
  • me fresh nice let's finish it come on
  • the literal dream come on you see me
  • what come on fresh fresh you got to do
  • that hit you got to do a price you got
  • this dude we all believe in here don't
  • get heavy snipe that's what we like to
  • see
  • dudette that DC's two for two what a
  • dopey strap I am having way too much fun
  • it's a good sniper it really is
  • all right I feel like I mean plesance
  • been giving us the goods
  • well it actually hasn't we haven't found
  • the gun there once but I'm keen to keep
  • going with sure jag off the bat and a
  • silence car to go with it I will take
  • where are these voice oh no oh he's down
  • he's gonna come in the front door
  • he's down all right bring me my silenced
  • sniper Z peasants I've got more memes to
  • do more bleep with a troll
  • I'll just not fuck oh my god
  • get down I'm saving I hear the flaws
  • don't work wait I need a heavy bullets
  • so I can test this on him do you have a
  • heavy bullet nah I will take the alien
  • then thank you sir what else you only
  • get out of here people I've you only
  • heavy bullets not oh my just
  • unbelievable
  • joints left right in Santa fresh joints
  • left right was nie all right we got our
  • first sniper let's start collecting the
  • bullets for it Oh guile me come on oh oh
  • my god oh it's the streets I pretty
  • brought us balloons he knew just what I
  • wanted for Christmas
  • let's go
  • where to captain I'm getting in a bush
  • we're gonna check that chess yeah it'll
  • be hot there you little show-off Oh
  • enemy's coming out of tilted I'm moving
  • into position Oh
  • clean shot to the head nicely done I'm
  • gonna make my way down there I think
  • there's another one silence in yeah yeah
  • wait you sitting still the shots coming
  • from in tilted you're right won't you
  • have to come in Awards you're fresh
  • okay I'm activating operation bulla now
  • Jesus and then oh they come Assad did
  • you don't believe me launchpad
  • I'm just gonna do it up okay I'm up in
  • the sky come on this guy's not flying
  • around he wants to smoke 300 come on I'm
  • taking all the shots I can
  • oh my poor kid I broke it oh I gotta be
  • more damage oh yeah wasn't felt was what
  • the other one fells how was that
  • all right quad crusher right here let's
  • get the loot and go even when I miss my
  • shots this strategy still works
  • get me back at his own I love how
  • effective this is I think literally
  • every single time I've gone up in the
  • sky with that sniper and a bunch of
  • balloons it's ended in elimination yay
  • how you looking on materials 1 3 2
  • enough for a decent bit of turtling
  • well yeah boy goes up in the sky with
  • these next six bullets
  • alright you get in there all goods there
  • finding other people at the moment oh
  • come on it's a bit of a messy build
  • fight in there they're getting the loot
  • already come on boys tag ones like 90 96
  • I'm waiting for him to stop moving
  • oh so close I want to try and get him
  • let him have high ground so he stays
  • above I'm sorry
  • oh I got him
  • that was sweet keep finish it nice
  • alright he's pushing up oh he's coming
  • after you oh that was so close
  • take him out oh I'm getting shot by
  • another team though he's gonna be on to
  • me any second I got him
  • yo dude this is actually nice oh I'm
  • getting it all that way I'm getting all
  • that way going well that meant a little
  • bit I'll go on hard nice suit-wearing
  • that's the last one
  • but just make sure hey Cooper this guy's
  • actually businesses why hit him hit him
  • hit him hit him
  • yo again again what is this dude this
  • diaper is some wizardry oh my god
  • Bullards plus silent sniper is shit not
  • okay
  • [Music]

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The new Suppressed Sniper is a BIT OP if you combine it with Ballons!

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