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Video Justin Bieber Court Video shows. burns and throw money, and flip the double bird to the judge
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  • I think he still doesn't understand the
  • seriousness of his situation check this
  • out so the total bond would be $2,500
  • broken down $1,000 resisting without
  • violence $1,000 for the DUI and $500 for
  • the expired driver's licenses or
  • anything else between me
  • involving mr. Bieber no your honor but
  • thank you very much for hearing us right
  • away and we appreciate your honors
  • Curtis
  • [Applause]

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*New* This video is public. One Direction Members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Smoking joint LEAKED /watch?v=6tBUTiSFXuU

This is How it actual happen other was a PG version for kids :D

Yup this is fake


Justin Bieber icon Judge Flipping the bird

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