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Video HARBOR FREIGHT KILLER?? (72" Husky -vs- US General) Home Depot -vs- Harbor Freight
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  • [Music]
  • hey everybody today I'll be comparing
  • two very large 72 inch toolboxes which I
  • featured recently on our Instagram and
  • Facebook pages in this video we'll take
  • a closer look at the US general series 2
  • from Harbor Freight and the new husky
  • with stainless steel top from Home Depot
  • but before I start I'd like you to pause
  • this video and leave a comment below
  • with your guests of which one will end
  • up being the better box and then after
  • the video is over leave a reply to your
  • comment and let me know if your mind has
  • been changed here are both boxes side by
  • side as you can quickly see they are not
  • merely a copy of each other the Husky is
  • shorter coming in at just under 40
  • inches high the width without the
  • handles is a full 72 inches and the work
  • surface is an impressive 24 inches deep
  • the US General is 4 inches taller coming
  • in at 44 inches its 71 and 5/16 inches
  • wide without the handles and it's 22
  • inches deep the top work surface on it
  • is roughly 10 percent less than the
  • husky depending on how you plan to use
  • the tops of these boxes now and in the
  • future maybe something to think about
  • especially if you're planning upgrades
  • or changes down the road the Huskies one
  • inch thick top is really just a large
  • sheet of press board that has a
  • stainless steel wrap on it tools can and
  • will roll off of it since there's no lip
  • there to stop them the US General has a
  • high impact chemical resistant rubber
  • material permanently attached to the top
  • of the box if you look closely you'll
  • see a raised lip across the back as well
  • as down on both sides this prevents
  • things like sockets or extensions from
  • rolling off and it allows you the option
  • of adding a top box in the future at
  • this time Harbor Freight does not have a
  • full 72 inch wide top box available but
  • many people opt to add a 56 inch top
  • that fits perfectly and you still retain
  • a usable work surface to the side since
  • the 72 inch series 2 is the same depth
  • and build quality as the 56 inch version
  • this is definitely one upgrade that you
  • should consider when and if you need
  • more storage space the weight of the 72
  • inch bottom box by itself is 542 and a
  • half
  • nouns adding that 56-inch top box
  • increases it by an additional 262 pounds
  • bringing the combined weight to just
  • over eight hundred and four pounds
  • that's roughly 12% of the total weight
  • rating on these casters since they are
  • designed to hold a maximum of six
  • thousand six hundred pounds moving back
  • over to the Husky it has a much lower
  • maximum weight rating coming in at
  • twenty five hundred pounds and that's
  • what's listed in the paper manual
  • included in the box however that is in
  • direct conflict with the electronic
  • manual that you'll find on the product
  • page of the home depot website the
  • digital version lists the max weight
  • rating for this box at 1,800 pounds or
  • 700 pounds less than the paper version
  • each of the boxes has breathable
  • six-inch casters and although the husky
  • has six of them versus four on the US
  • general they are built and are rated
  • completely differently the US general is
  • using extremely heavy-duty six-inch
  • suspension casters to locking swivels
  • and to fixed there's solid metal with a
  • thin molded rubber tire much like what
  • you'll find on a pallet jack the
  • suspension design not only provides
  • massive support for the weight of the
  • box and its contents but also absorb
  • shocks and bumps preventing flexing of
  • the box itself which can weaken welds
  • and cause the metal to bend or twist
  • surprisingly the husky is using plastic
  • casters they do have these chrome
  • hubcaps to give the appearance of a
  • metal core but due to the inferior
  • construction and low weight rating of
  • these it's obvious to see why they
  • needed to add the two additional casters
  • in the center to help support the weight
  • of the box and the tools that will be
  • stored inside one advantage to the Husky
  • six caster design with the swivels on
  • both ends is steering it around the shop
  • because the pivot point is in the center
  • and it allows you to move around a tight
  • space a lot easier but when it comes to
  • parking the US General has one big
  • advantage especially if you want to park
  • it flat against the wall you'll push the
  • fixed side at an angle against the wall
  • and when the rear corner touches simply
  • swing the swivel side over and
  • it's also touching the wall with the
  • Husky it isn't so easy
  • since the pivot point is in the middle
  • of the box if you touch one corner and
  • then pivot the first corner is gonna
  • swing back out as the second corner
  • swings in in order to position it
  • against the wall you have the equivalent
  • of making a twenty point turn in a car
  • moving it back and forth over and over
  • until it finally gets close enough if
  • there's other equipment on either side
  • or if the wall is not clear in both
  • directions this is next to impossible my
  • secondary concern with Huskies choice of
  • casters is the way they physically
  • attached to the box like much lighter
  • weight toolboxes and carts husky went
  • with ribbed nuts to hold the casters to
  • the bottom of the frame however those
  • ribbed nuts are only set into thin sheet
  • metal and in my opinion that's one of
  • the weakest links with this 6-foot wide
  • box looking at the US general they're
  • attaching the suspension casters
  • directly into quarter-inch thick plate
  • steel that's drilled and tapped as well
  • as welded onto the frame along with
  • those all metal suspension casters are
  • big factors and explaining why the
  • weight rating is so much higher on the
  • US general when we compare the drawer
  • layout and design they are similar with
  • a few noticeable differences the US
  • General has a total of 18 drawers with
  • an average depth of 19 and 5/8 inches
  • the husky has a total of 15 drawers with
  • an average depth one and a half inches
  • deeper coming in at 21 and 1/8 inches
  • for a mechanic the wide top drawer is
  • absolutely one of the most used and
  • typically most overloaded drawers an
  • entire toolbox the width allows for long
  • ratchets breaker bars or extensions to
  • lay flat and many times you'll see
  • entire socket collections in there the
  • US general has a 52 inch wide top drawer
  • with two full sets of slides the husky
  • has a top drawer which comes in at 49
  • inches wide and on the face of it it
  • looks very similar to the Harbor Freight
  • but moving over to the side we see that
  • they included only one set of slides the
  • huge top drawer in effect can only hold
  • as much weight as one of these small
  • drawers underneath of it with that same
  • single set of slides I eventually pulled
  • the slides out of both boxes to count
  • the number of ball bearings the Huskie
  • has 32 ball bearings on the outer
  • portion per slide where the u.s. general
  • has 36 ball bearings on the outer
  • portion there are two other major
  • differences between the slides on each
  • box the u.s. general is using standard
  • closing slides like you'd find on a
  • normal toolbox the Husky is using soft
  • closed slides preventing slamming and
  • when you push the drawer in just before
  • it shuts the soft close engages and
  • slowly pulls the drawer and fully the
  • rest of the way this is achieved using a
  • small mechanism on the rear of the slide
  • and it is an option that some people
  • really like lastly is the method of how
  • each slide physically connects to the
  • drawer the Huskies using a design
  • attaching it to the side using three
  • separate ribbits
  • the u.s. general is using a combination
  • of metal tabs as well as a rivet to
  • attach it to the drawer to hold the
  • weight and to prevent it from slipping
  • off the total weight of each box appears
  • to be surprisingly similar to one
  • another the Husky has an empty weight of
  • five hundred and twenty-two and a half
  • pounds the u.s. general is 20 pounds
  • heavier coming in at five hundred and
  • forty two and a half pounds however it
  • turns out that this number is also a bit
  • misleading while it is true those
  • technically are the empty weights of
  • each box giving the illusion that they
  • are similar in construction the
  • stainless steel and pressboard top on
  • the husky greatly adds to the overall
  • weight of it I remove the top and
  • weighed it separately and it came in at
  • a massive 57 pounds that's more than 10%
  • of the total weight of the husky and if
  • you compare the boxes - that thick wood
  • and stainless top the actual weight is
  • four hundred and sixty-five pounds
  • versus five hundred and forty two pounds
  • for the US general which is almost 80
  • pounds or 17 percent heavier than the
  • husky why is this simple it boils down
  • to the gauge and thickness of metal used
  • in the boxes remember the lower the
  • gauge the thicker the metal using
  • calibrated equipment I measured every
  • panel on both boxes and in almost every
  • single location
  • the metal is thicker on the Harbor
  • Freight the back and side panels are 16
  • gauge on the u.s. general those same
  • panels on the Husky are 18 gauge the
  • drawers are 16 gauge on the US general
  • husky's using 20 gauge this theme is
  • repeated on the bottom skid u.s. general
  • 13 gauge Husky 14 gauge underneath the
  • bottom panel is 16 gauge of the Harbor
  • Freight Husky went with a thinner 18
  • gauge metal in fact the only metal on
  • the two boxes that I found to be the
  • same thickness was with the slide panels
  • both boxes are using 18 gauge metal for
  • those this 100% confirms my suspicions
  • of why there's such a huge weight
  • difference even though the outside
  • dimensions look very similar Husky is
  • thinner all the way around and is using
  • a cheaper gauge of sheet metal to
  • construct their boxes the powder coat
  • finish on the exterior of each box looks
  • nice and even and the US general
  • continues the trend of also coating the
  • interior of their boxes with the inside
  • of this one looking almost as nice as
  • the outside Husky absolutely has a
  • better paint job than that yellow Blue
  • Point cart that I featured earlier this
  • year which only had minimal overspray
  • but looking in there I saw two things
  • that concern me
  • number one is rust inside of a brand-new
  • box where there was bare metal showing
  • no primer or powder coat was applied and
  • number two are these strange globs that
  • at first glance appear to be a bad weld
  • or damaged metal in reality it turned
  • out to be trash left behind from
  • assembly and these are what's known as
  • rivet studs they break off when a rivet
  • is installed and it appears that this
  • manufacturer didn't bother cleaning them
  • up and instead just left them inside to
  • be sprayed the powder coat attached and
  • acted like a glue holding them in place
  • both boxes are lockable and come with
  • keys the Husky is using one standard
  • lock that engages all the drawers at
  • once and includes two keys the US
  • general has an upgraded tubular lock
  • design with two separate locks as well
  • as a total of four keys the lock on the
  • right will lock just the right bank of
  • drawers the lock on the left will lock
  • the center and left bank of
  • drawers when the rear of each drawers
  • how those locks engage and the husky has
  • a cutout that's pushed out slightly and
  • creates a place for a locking bar to
  • slide down and engage it the u.s.
  • general has a unique sliding catch
  • assembly riveted to the back of each
  • drawer it freely moves allowing you to
  • still push a drawer in after you've
  • locked the box and it will engage with
  • the locking bar once it is locked in
  • place you must use your key to unlock
  • the box in order to disengage it safety
  • drawer latches are not installed on the
  • husky and merely pulling on a drawer
  • will open it the u.s. general has an
  • individual spring-loaded latch on the
  • right hand side of each drawer in order
  • to open a drawer up you must first push
  • that latch over to the side and then
  • pull on the drawer to open it and both
  • boxes include a full set of
  • premium-grade
  • pre-cut drawer liners and in my opinion
  • are a perfect fit for each drawer the
  • husky will run you about a thousand
  • bucks and it's sold exclusively at the
  • Home Depot it does come with a five-year
  • warranty but that's only gonna cover
  • faulty materials or workmanship they
  • don't offer any coverage for misuse
  • abuse accidents modifications
  • alterations neglect or mishandling and
  • the warranty also specifically excludes
  • labor for repairs or transportation of
  • the box to and from a repair facility
  • most interestingly they exclude any
  • finish meaning that any powder coat that
  • might chip scratch or crack you're
  • basically out of luck the u.s. general
  • is in the store at Harbor Freight
  • normally for $1,100 however you can
  • easily find coupons to knock that down
  • to a thousand bucks on a regular basis
  • essentially matching the price on the
  • husky it's covered with a 90-day
  • warranty however you can buy one or
  • two-year replacement plan and if you do
  • run into a problem with it during that
  • time frame you can simply exchange it
  • for a brand new box for any reason at
  • any time if you aren't happy features
  • unique to the husky or the stainless
  • steel top a power strip installed on the
  • side soft close drawers as well as a
  • bottle opener and the u.s. general
  • includes much heavier duty casters a
  • weight rating over 250
  • cent higher than the Husky thicker steel
  • in its construction a higher total
  • storage capacity and the ability to add
  • a top box in the future if needed for
  • the casual home user the features on the
  • Husky may be a big selling point but if
  • you're looking for a professional-grade
  • box that's built to last and won't get
  • damaged when you load it completely down
  • with tools the u.s. general is a much
  • better choice if you liked this video
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  • please click subscribe and thanks for
  • watching

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You asked.....we answered!

Over $2k worth of boxes go head-to-head in this video......will the Husky 72" with Stainless Steel top finally knock the 72" US General off the top spot for the best affordable full size box?

Leave a comment below with YOUR GUESS!

In this video we show you first hand the pro's and con's of each box -- from construction, to capabilities, to dirty secrets hiding beneath the surface.

Here are the (non-affiliate) links to both of these boxes if you'd like to check them out :

US General # 64167 -

Husky H72MWC15R - - Download Hi-Res Songs

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