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Video 2019 Ram Rebel vs Tundra TRD Pro vs Mud: Which Can Cross The Deepest Goo?
18:45   |   views   |   11/01/2018


  • [Music]
  • you
  • for 2019 Toyota has brought a host of
  • improvements to this tundra TRD pro now
  • the brand is trying to make it better at
  • high-speed off-roading and better
  • looking but as my boots foreshadow today
  • we're gonna go up there and find out if
  • it's any better in the mud let's go
  • this is the 2019 RAM rebel and today
  • we're gonna get it dirty we're gonna run
  • it into some thick mud see how the tyres
  • handle we're gonna test the brand-new
  • rear locking differential and just last
  • week I had a toyota tundra TRD pro here
  • on my property I'm the exact same trail
  • so at the end of this video I'll tell
  • you which truck I would rather buy the
  • rebel or that TRD pro let's get out
  • there and have some fun
  • [Music]
  • to read my thoughts on these two trucks
  • and more don't forget to visit TfL
  • [Music]
  • so what's new for 2019 here on the
  • tundra well we'll start by talking about
  • the shocks that's what the off-roaders
  • want to know about so the shocks here
  • are now 2.5 inch Fox shocks with remote
  • reservoirs in the front and the wheel
  • the rear I should say and they help to
  • get an extra one-and-a-half inches of
  • wheel travel up front and an extra two
  • inches of wheel travel in the rear now
  • combined with those shocks are specially
  • tuned Springs by TR D now the next
  • change up front we now have rigid
  • industries LED fog lights and those were
  • introduced on the Tacoma actually same
  • as those shocks and those fog lights are
  • now here on the tundra they work well
  • and they actually just look pretty cool
  • frankly right up front and the other big
  • change are these new BBS forged wheels
  • now they come painted in black and first
  • of all they look good I like the design
  • but maybe more importantly they're
  • lighter than on the previous generation
  • TRD pro so that just means you have less
  • unsprung weight and that's a good thing
  • and then finally the other big change
  • does have to do with the looks it's this
  • new
  • this color is called a voodoo blue and I
  • think it's absolutely stunning here on
  • the tundra now besides that stuff this
  • is still the same old Tundra that you
  • know and love 5.7 liter v8 six-speed
  • automatic and the power here feels
  • absolutely strong and once you put it
  • down into four low it feels really
  • torquey lots of power getting to the
  • ground so we're here today to crash
  • around in the mud which you can see I've
  • already done but before I talk about
  • that and show you that let's just talk
  • about the high-speed aspect because
  • that's what this TRD pro was really
  • designed for in the beginning and you
  • know what the difference is definitely a
  • parent with these shocks you can hit
  • stuff just with that much more speed and
  • it soaks it up stuff like this really
  • really well dealt with the tundra here
  • with these bigger shocks
  • it's just able to provide a little bit
  • more wheel travel and the remote
  • reservoirs make sure that you don't get
  • any shock fade
  • so if hi speeding is high-speed
  • off-roading is your thing the TRD pro is
  • definitely better than ever but when one
  • more thing this TRD tuned exhaust listen
  • oh it sounds so good
  • now I will say cruising on the highway
  • it does get a little annoying it does
  • kind of drone on and on and driving up
  • here yeah I didn't love it but when you
  • are out the field when you're trying to
  • impress your buddies or when you're just
  • stepping on the gas to accelerate onto
  • the highway it's it's hard not to
  • appreciate how this thing sounds so what
  • makes the rebel a rebel
  • well standard trucks get a one inch lift
  • from the factory but our truck here is
  • fitted with the air suspension which is
  • actually able to lift the body up by two
  • inches when you put it up into off-road
  • mode now the rebel also gets 33 inch
  • Goodyear Wrangler Duratrax
  • tires fitted to 18 inch wheels Bilstein
  • shocks in the rear in this truck that
  • has the air suspension I also get full
  • skid plates and big recovery hooks up
  • front the other big addition to the
  • rebel lineup and actually the 2019 Ram
  • lineup in general is a true electronic
  • locking rear differential now Ram used
  • to just have a limited slip which was
  • just okay now it's a true locker and I
  • did get out there and put it to the test
  • so now we're going to test the locking
  • diff here so I have it in two-wheel
  • drive the axle lock is not turned on and
  • the air suspension is fully lifted so
  • we're gonna drive into these off camber
  • ruts here and I'm actually gonna go
  • really slow and I'm gonna stop when I
  • get the rear end on some traction I'm
  • already losing traction I got the high
  • wheel just spinning there we go okay so
  • now my rear wheel it's coming down my
  • rear passengers lifting up it's right
  • off the ground and then I'm not going
  • anywhere my foots going to the ground
  • it's inching its way along but I got
  • basically no traction so come to a stop
  • still in Drive I just hit the axle lock
  • button it says rear axle locked now
  • let's see if that's enough
  • oh man I had tons of power and it's a
  • bit muddy back there
  • so I started slipping a bit sideways but
  • that's all you need and to crawl through
  • these two wheel drive it's perfect so
  • there you go new for this truck you used
  • to have a limited-slip probably what I
  • made it through there before as well
  • actually I know it would have because
  • I've done it in older Rams but still
  • nice to have a real proper locking diff
  • hit a button and that's all it takes
  • you're good to go in the tundra TRD pro
  • and across the tundra line up there
  • actually isn't a rear locking
  • differential available Toyota uses it's
  • a track system which is essentially a
  • traction control system which acts like
  • a limited slip but it uses the brakes on
  • one of the tires to be able to send
  • power to the tire with traction and as
  • you see here the truck even with that
  • system and no locking diff can still
  • crawl through our muddy off-camber ruts
  • but still of course it'd be nice to have
  • a proper locking diff like the rebel
  • does powering this beast is a 5.7 liter
  • Hemi v8 made it to an 8-speed automatic
  • transmission and on these off-road focus
  • trucks with the rear Locker you get a
  • 392 rear-end so you definitely feel a
  • good amount of torque getting through to
  • the road based on the spec sheet this
  • rebel looks to be a bit more of a rock
  • crawler or a mudding truck you know more
  • of a slow-speed off-road stuff but I
  • always like to go fast so let's just
  • talk about what it's like once you start
  • to speed things up now with the air
  • suspension it actually feels a little
  • bit progressive when you are hitting
  • things sort of at slow speeds it's a
  • little stiff it doesn't okay job at
  • insulating the truck but if they are a
  • big bump so you're crashing over big
  • rocks you definitely really feel those
  • but then once you pick up your speed and
  • you start hitting things at higher
  • speeds you know like right now I'm
  • crashing through this field hitting some
  • these big whoops and it's almost like
  • the faster you get the softer the
  • suspension is or at least the suspension
  • feels a little bit deeper and higher
  • speeds so the other big advantage to the
  • air suspension of course is that you can
  • lift the body up and actually that did
  • come into play today right at the end of
  • my long mud pit there's a bit of a steep
  • hill and because I was able to lift the
  • body I increase the approach and the
  • departure angles so my nose and my tail
  • didn't drag as I started up that hill in
  • a lot of other trucks the TRD pro
  • included I usually end up dragging the
  • hitch a little bit as I make that
  • transition so before you see them in
  • action let me just talk to you a little
  • bit more about these tires so good your
  • Wrangler Duratrax they've been around
  • for a while they're available on other
  • trucks like the Chevy zr2 that you've
  • also seen me run through the same mud
  • and they are really good all-terrain
  • tires which definitely favor off-roading
  • more than they favor on roading so these
  • tires are loud they pronounced
  • themselves on the highway and a funny
  • thing is they're actually a little
  • louder here on this rebel then I
  • remember them being on the zr2 and maybe
  • that's just because they're slightly
  • larger tires or maybe this is actually
  • just a bit of a louder truck but here on
  • this truck cruising down the highway you
  • hear a lot of fire and I know this isn't
  • a direct comparison but I was just in
  • the ram limited it has those massive 22
  • inch wheels with some straight-up
  • road-going tires and in terms of sort of
  • power delivery and steering wheel feel
  • there isn't a big difference there so
  • you know the dirt tracks they don't feel
  • like these big heavy beefy tires they're
  • really the biggest disadvantage to the
  • tires is just the noise straight up and
  • if you can live with that what you're
  • getting is an all-terrain tire which
  • performs above average
  • okay last thing before I show you the
  • mud these tires and they are the most
  • important thing for the mud so on road
  • these tires michelin LTX all terrains
  • they don't really pronounce themselves
  • they're essentially feel like any other
  • road going tire they're not loud they
  • don't really make the truck feel heavy
  • anything like that now if I had to
  • compare them I would say that something
  • like a BF Goodrich ko2 is still gonna
  • give you more grip Goodyear Wrangler
  • dirt tracks absolutely you're gonna get
  • more grip but both of those tires you
  • know that they're all terrains you do
  • hear them you do feel them here the LT
  • X's are kind of the other way around
  • they're definitely more tailored for the
  • road going guy but they do give you
  • decent traction let me show you all
  • right guys we've reached the deepest mud
  • section so we're gonna put her down into
  • four low which means shift to neutral
  • and kachunk there's four low VSC turned
  • off pre-collision braking unavailable
  • that's fine it also turns off the
  • traction control now if I'm entirely
  • honest I'm not that hopeful the Michelin
  • LT X 80 tires on here have been OK in
  • the mud but they're not super aggressive
  • now I do have good clearance here I
  • think that's gonna help me I won't be
  • dragging but unlike when I came through
  • here which is er - which is the last
  • track I came through it I'm gonna try to
  • hit it with a little bit of momentum
  • because I think I'm gonna need it let's
  • see what happens here we go
  • okay here we go here we go it took me a
  • second even get started momentum
  • momentum and we're in the ruts now come
  • on
  • oh yeah
  • into the deep part come on
  • so we hit something there on the skin oh
  • there was the dip yes
  • nice work Tundra now we got this little
  • rock cross-section here
  • the tires are full of mud oh man but it
  • made it it absolutely mcfist I
  • definitely kissed the rock with the skid
  • plate and then immediately after I felt
  • the dish hit that exact same rock so I
  • did have a little bit of a clearance
  • issue but like I said I wasn't very
  • hopeful on that one and these Michelin
  • LTX took me through now I'll be a little
  • bit brave I'll try to go a little bit
  • slower on my way back through just to
  • really see how much grip these tires
  • have but on run number one we're through
  • successfully which is pretty sweet for
  • this TRD pro so here we go tundra TRD
  • pro into the deepest mud I've got
  • giddyup
  • oh there's that skin again man that it's
  • come on baby
  • oh you know what it's okay I'm still
  • and the grip is actually decent these LT
  • X's give you way more grip than they
  • look like that was a little hill here to
  • get up and out oh well done tundra well
  • done definitely had a couple clearance
  • issues
  • nothing was nearly enough to slow me
  • down and these tires chewed their way
  • through okay guys here we go into the
  • mud pit four-wheel drive low axles lock
  • suspension is lifted I'm gonna get a bit
  • of momentum and try to just carry it
  • right through here here we go
  • oh yeah oh yeah keep the momentum keep
  • the momentum for the head there was the
  • second time my second time doing that
  • Hill Climb and the first time the hill
  • is really slick right now really muddy a
  • lot of loose rocks so I actually kind of
  • struggled to get up it but as you guys
  • know I'm off-roading momentum is king if
  • you're a little bit worried take it with
  • some momentum we just turned around on
  • our way back down I am going to run the
  • hill descent control system now it's a
  • little button down here on my right you
  • hit it it says hill descent on and then
  • you can adjust your speeds using the
  • gear selector here on the steering wheel
  • there's a little plus minus button so it
  • starts at one kilometer an hour and if
  • you go all the way up you can get it up
  • to eight kilometers an hour but I'm
  • going to do it right at 1k the lowest
  • speed possible and see how it holds on
  • to the truck especially because I know
  • this Hill is a little slippery so I
  • wonder if you know the wheels start
  • having a bit of slippage if the system
  • will somehow grab it so here we're going
  • over the top flips off the gas off the
  • brake and it's all rebel okay I hit
  • about 4k there but it grabbed me pretty
  • quick nice and smooth hill descent
  • control nice and slow nice and calm and
  • now we're getting to the steeper section
  • with the loose rocks and mud on it but
  • again really nicely controlled now we're
  • coming over the top whoa we got up to
  • four again then a bit of slippage but it
  • caught us really nice and then combined
  • with these tires gave us quite a bit of
  • traction here we go
  • rebel through the mud
  • oh there's this kid played there are
  • full skids on this truck oh but once I'm
  • in oh no problem no problem
  • block the torque out of this truck skid
  • plates protect me underneath good grip
  • from the dirt tracks I gotta say a rebel
  • in the mud is a good thing and so far
  • especially because I'm able to lift the
  • body using the air suspension I'd say I
  • had a little less rubbing on the front
  • and on the rear as I kind of came right
  • at the bottom of that hill
  • than I did with that TRD pro so how does
  • this thing stack up to the 2019 tundra
  • TRD pro well let me first say that I do
  • think the rebel on the tundra are sort
  • of perfect competitors you have the Ford
  • f-150 Raptor which sorta sits above both
  • of them it's sort of still the bar and
  • off-roading but then sort of in the mid
  • space you have the TRD pro and this
  • rebel as kind of I don't know soft core
  • off rotors you might call them so
  • running both of these trucks
  • back-to-back on these same trails I do
  • have to say I like the suspension in the
  • Toyota much more the the new larger
  • shocks that they install for 2019 they
  • make a considerable difference the truck
  • is a little more lifted now it gets more
  • wheel travel and the suspension in the
  • tundra was really good at soaking things
  • up now the tundra also felt looser than
  • the rebel does it leans more through the
  • corners it feels a little bit softer
  • overall the air suspension here like I
  • mentioned is a little more progressive
  • so it always has sort of a feeling of
  • stiffness to it until you really beat on
  • it in the tundra things are just kind of
  • soft and smooth at all times and like I
  • mentioned for high speed off-roading
  • that's really what you want but then
  • when I did put the tundra through the
  • mud pit I was actually really impressed
  • I thought the tires were gonna do worse
  • than they actually did now the the one
  • thing you have to knock the tundra for
  • is its interior this rebel interior is
  • gorgeous I love
  • the red accents the stitching all the
  • different surfaces all the different
  • textured surfaces Graham has really
  • knocked this interior totally out of the
  • park the tundra is just old looking now
  • it feels dated the technology isn't up
  • to date however if you asked me to spend
  • my money either on this rebel or that
  • tundra TRD pro and all I'm thinking
  • about is off-roading okay I'm not
  • thinking about driving every day I just
  • want the best off-road truck I'm gonna
  • take the Toyota the the suspension
  • package is just really well dialed in
  • the TRD performance exhaust sounds
  • incredible and in that voodoo blue I'm
  • even more sold because I absolutely love
  • new trucks it's a pretty close call and
  • it does depend on what type of
  • off-roading you want to do but yeah
  • overall the tundra TRD pro I think takes
  • it for me over this trouble so as always
  • guys hit subscribe come back here the
  • TfL truck for the latest news views and
  • real-world reviews see ya
  • you

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