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Video She Transformed A $1,900 Vintage RV Into A Gorgeous Tiny House On Wheels
31:46   |   views   |   04/22/2018


  • hello I'm Jesse and this is my tiny home
  • on wheels it's a 1978 dodge commander my
  • got her for 1,900 bucks off of
  • Craigslist 54,000 original miles and I
  • spent a year and three months renovating
  • her and bringing her back to life
  • [Music]
  • I had kind of conceded to the fact that
  • I was gonna have to get a really ugly
  • motor home with like flying ducks on the
  • side and you know that kind of
  • indefinite 90s look but when I saw her
  • in her awesome vintage look I knew she
  • was mine by the time I talked to the guy
  • the next day eleven people had already
  • called because he was listing her for so
  • cheap and there was already somebody on
  • their way but they fell through and I
  • had you straight there with cash in hand
  • and the first thing I did was just crawl
  • underneath her because I'm from
  • Minnesota and have to check to make sure
  • that it's not a rusted out frame and it
  • looked solid so after that I was like I
  • mean if it runs for 1,900 bucks I'm sold
  • this used to be your standard camper
  • seating arrangement it was like a
  • horseshoe and then it had a table in the
  • center that dropped down and there was
  • another bed I didn't need to accommodate
  • that many people and I wanted it to be
  • more spacious I demoed out the two
  • pieces right here put these chairs in
  • and then I lifted this up to be table
  • height so I built I built it up and then
  • most of the time when I use this I just
  • sit like this and I don't clip it up if
  • I need more cooking space or more dining
  • space I mean I really have this flip
  • table honestly I spent a lot of time in
  • bed mostly that's kind of those my chill
  • zone but yes I have worked on my laptop
  • here if I have anybody visiting and we
  • want to have like a nice sit-down meal
  • and we have like multiple dishes it's
  • nice to have the extra space to do it
  • and there has been times like where I've
  • decided to bake and just having more
  • counter room here to bake is definitely
  • essential though this ended up being
  • kind of just some negative space that I
  • wasn't really sure what I was going to
  • do with it but this area absolutely I
  • had an idea and I built this up a bit
  • higher as you can see this side is
  • higher than that side and there is a cap
  • door there because that is where the cat
  • box is and you can actually access the
  • cat box from outside compartment and I
  • have a very tall cat and
  • he needed some more height but yes so
  • this goes into a storage compartment
  • that's outside and the cab box is in
  • there and then I just have more surface
  • I have like fruit and avocados and plant
  • and books and whatnot and then that side
  • just ended up putting more extra kitchen
  • stuff I didn't want to use a drawer up
  • for the utensils and I salvaged that out
  • of a dishwasher so I thought it kind of
  • has a nice color and I wanted to reuse
  • it and I like it to just be accessible I
  • don't really have a ton of cabinetry and
  • drawers so I feel like anything that I
  • can come up with to kind of stick
  • different things in different places oh
  • so it did have cabinet doors but once
  • again I wanted to open the space up
  • because I just you know I figured the
  • more negative space I could create the
  • more open and breezy it would feel so I
  • found those bins and they happen to fit
  • very very snugly in there so I'm not
  • concerned about them falling out and I
  • had heard a lot of horror stories about
  • things falling out when people are
  • driving and going on bumpy roads or
  • taking sharp corners and everything just
  • like the doors opening and everything
  • spilling out so that has never happened
  • to me they are a bit of a pain in the
  • ass like I do a lot of this because
  • getting them in and out is kind of tough
  • so I mostly just peer into them and pull
  • things out and moving into the cockpit
  • of Mandor I have a single bed up here
  • that actually drops down which is why I
  • felt so comfortable getting rid of the
  • extra bed there I don't ever want more
  • than three people sleeping in here I
  • won't pull it all the way down but it
  • does drop down quite a ways so it's nice
  • if I have a guest they have their own
  • little sleeping quarters I kept the
  • original shag carpeting from 1978 this
  • is one of the few original things that
  • still exists in here the whole -
  • actually there's a lot of original stuff
  • happening up here still this is like you
  • step into 1978 up here but this little
  • table was already here I just put a new
  • surface on it and I got some chair
  • covers to kind of spruce it up a little
  • bit this is the first rig that I got in
  • that I wasn't incredibly intimidated
  • behind the wheel I don't know I've
  • always liked old vehicles so there was a
  • part that felt really comfortable I've
  • had
  • old cars and for being how big she is I
  • wasn't like totally rocked but I mean
  • it's still nerve-wracking for sure and a
  • lot of the gauges don't always work some
  • of them work sometimes and I've learned
  • I find my gas gauge sometimes doesn't
  • work and I have to just give it a little
  • knock in the right place and then it'll
  • the needle will start working again
  • yeah so this doghouse comes off pretty
  • much daily I have had to do so many
  • repairs since I left it's coming up on
  • my six month anniversary of being on the
  • road and I have already replaced
  • countless fuel filters to transmission
  • lines the starter starting solenoid I
  • don't know probably a lot of other
  • things too but I can't really recall off
  • the top of my head my batteries both of
  • them for the cab and the house used to
  • be in here but I was having a lot of
  • electrical issues originally and just to
  • simplify things and to try to start
  • figuring stuff out a little bit better I
  • separated my batteries and so now my
  • solar batteries are in the back I have
  • two six bolt golf cart batteries for my
  • solar panel it's a 230 watts I made a
  • lot of changes to not really need much
  • electricity at all like all of my light
  • fixtures they used to be fluorescent and
  • I switched them over to be LED fixtures
  • and bulbs I do pour over coffee I don't
  • have a microwave or I mean I have like a
  • handheld blender and that's really
  • probably my biggest drive a small fan I
  • have the fan on my compost toilet my
  • water pump but yeah I don't I don't have
  • a lot of course like my tablet and my
  • cell phone but I don't I don't use a ton
  • of electricity so it's definitely more
  • than enough this area I just did a new
  • countertop and a new sink it used to
  • have two shallow basins which I thought
  • wasn't very practical I just wanted one
  • deep basin and I got this off of
  • Craigslist for like 20 bucks and then
  • this wall was super water damaged and I
  • was running out of time I couldn't
  • rebuild all of the water damaged areas
  • so I ended up just
  • sprucing it up by putting this it's like
  • a backsplash
  • and then I did some sticky tiles so you
  • can't see how bad the wall is anymore
  • so I did have help from family and
  • friends but I did a lot of it myself
  • I didn't have any previous experience
  • with carpentry electrical plumbing and I
  • just absolutely dove in and experienced
  • a giant learning curve for a year and
  • three months and yeah I mean I have
  • luckily I have a lot of friends and
  • family that are knowledgeable and you
  • know they can always help me physically
  • but I could call them on the phone and
  • be like well what do you think about
  • this and I did that more than I did any
  • sort of online stuff I tend to learn
  • better being able to talk to somebody
  • and I did a lot of it just by going for
  • it and messing up and I'm like oh well
  • that didn't work very good and case in
  • point right here so I this was a
  • countertop that had been damaged that I
  • got severely discounted I cut it and
  • that had a lip and I forgot to include
  • the measurement of the lip so when I put
  • it on here I was about this much short
  • back here so this was kind of my
  • creative way to hide I just broke the
  • lip off and then I and then I didn't
  • that it fit perfectly that I was you
  • know measured correctly but I just
  • covered it up with this and continued on
  • so I think for me the best way that I
  • learn is through experience and making
  • mistakes and you know I've definitely
  • not somebody that anybody can tell what
  • to do so I just prefer to flounder and
  • you know sometimes it's tougher but it
  • sticks more when you make that mistake
  • you're like okay next time if I ever put
  • a countertop and I will remember to in
  • big you know subtract this lip
  • measurement and the thing is is that a
  • lot of the mistakes people don't
  • necessarily notice you know at the end
  • of the day you have a finished product
  • and that's what's important so this side
  • it did have the original countertop did
  • have an extension on it but I had to
  • make one to match I when I do the dishes
  • I pop this up and this is kind of like
  • my area to let the dishes dry and once
  • again
  • more counter space if I need it so this
  • faucet what's up so high and so close to
  • the back of the sink that it would just
  • water would go everywhere and it was so
  • annoying but I got this for like eight
  • bucks and it is a super game-changer so
  • you can like change it around I have two
  • different kinds of flow yeah it has made
  • my life so much easier so when I am on
  • the road I do not shower very much I
  • have a really awesome shower that you
  • will see but I use it sparingly I
  • because it depletes my fresh water you
  • know the most out of all my other needs
  • for fresh water and it also uses propane
  • because I have to light my hot water
  • heater my propane tank that's mounted is
  • I think 10 gallons I just use a buddy
  • heater for my heat now because my
  • furnace I was doing actually was using
  • too much electricity when I had to run
  • it at night and then also it makes it
  • more difficult when I have to get my
  • tank on my unit filled you know versus
  • just having a 20-pounder tank that I can
  • go in exchange anywhere so that's a lot
  • it's a lot easier for heat I think I can
  • go about two weeks on 55 gallons of
  • fresh water so here's another little
  • like clever thing that I did to kind of
  • speed up the process when I took up old
  • hardware off of these it left three
  • giant holes so I just ended up getting
  • these little wood pieces and covered the
  • hole so I could put my new hardware on
  • which I don't totally love but it got
  • the job done but in here I have just you
  • know my plates and bowls and glasses and
  • I most of my plates and bowls are
  • stainless steel which is nice because
  • you can reheat in the oven and on your
  • stovetop and then if I do take a really
  • hardcore turn and everything goes
  • spilling out things will not break there
  • clattery though which is kind of
  • annoying and then down here here's
  • here's a hot tip child locks I was
  • having a really hard time figuring out
  • how to keep these closed without it
  • being super visual and a lot of the
  • things that I were finding was not
  • working with the way that my cabinetry
  • was formed like I just like
  • but in return things like a million
  • times and then all of a sudden I was
  • like well why don't I just get child
  • locks
  • so it works way better this is where I
  • have my garbage this is actually a a
  • paper shredder a container that I found
  • in the garbage I was like oh man amount
  • perfect how about the repurposing so
  • this is my 4 burner cooktop and my oven
  • which people always think is a microwave
  • but it's not and this is original the
  • oven actually had never been used before
  • when I got her so um it's been use now
  • for sure but I was all in really great
  • shape so people always think that these
  • knife Smuts must fall but they don't
  • they're it's like really I mean it's
  • pretty hardcore magnet nothing has ever
  • gone wrong so I'm not I'm not worried
  • about it and there's something does go
  • wrong I'm very far away from where the
  • knives may land my steps top has been
  • great yeah I love it's more than I need
  • so I'm happy with it
  • 99.9% of the time I cook at home I do
  • not have the budget to eat out so I am
  • always grocery shopping and cooking at
  • home Mandor did I ever did I ever say
  • that I call my unit Mandor yes I believe
  • so
  • I think ranae's Mandor because saying
  • the commander all the time is a mouthful
  • so Mandor did have a generator it
  • sounded like a freight train and once I
  • got it running it would not shut off so
  • we had to like pull the spark plug to
  • get it to shut off and I just knew that
  • there was no way I would ever use it so
  • I got a generator that isn't necessarily
  • for RVs it's not meant to be enclosed
  • but I have it in case I ever need it
  • it's the only way that I can run my air
  • conditioning I really don't ever want to
  • run my air conditioning I hate white
  • noise so I don't want to listen to my
  • generator and it uses you know gas and
  • it's just it's just not something I
  • really want to do I would love to just
  • continue to drive away if it's if it's
  • too hot so this is my fridge I run it
  • primarily off of propane it can be run
  • off of 110 as well it doesn't need a
  • 12-volt assist but
  • it's more than enough space that I need
  • it was newer so I know how much these
  • are how much they go for so when Mandor
  • was only a nineteen hundred bucks and I
  • knew that this fridge was a newer fridge
  • as well I was like it's totally worth it
  • but before I left it broke and I had to
  • this little unit here is $400 so I got
  • lucky I you know everybody that I called
  • and norcold included they were all
  • telling me like I have to bring it in
  • somewhere and I was like I do not have
  • the time or the money to bring it into a
  • professional and so I just did
  • troubleshooting as much as I could with
  • like a little 12-volt light tester and
  • kind of decided that this control panel
  • has to be the culprit and I just ordered
  • it and crossed my fingers and it ended
  • up working so haven't had any problems
  • since that was like very close before I
  • left
  • like now I'm so close to leaving and
  • that happened so going this way this
  • wall actually used to be a doorway into
  • the bathroom this is kind of where I did
  • a lot of building and changing the
  • blueprint of Mandor and making it a
  • little bit more tailored to my likes and
  • wants the bathroom there was a doorway
  • here and then there was a doorway here
  • this area was the only bathroom there
  • was a toilet right there and it was a
  • shower as well and it just it was way
  • too tight I knew that if I was gonna be
  • living in here full-time I would need a
  • shower that I could move my body in I
  • mean if you can imagine I'm a pretty
  • small person and the toilet was right
  • here and then you had like this little
  • shower thing and it was just super
  • cramped so what I did is I took out the
  • toilet and I knew I was going to get a
  • compost toilet so I didn't want to use
  • my black water tank at all so I capped
  • off the area where the toilet was and
  • then there's still a shower drain right
  • here but when I did that bottom of this
  • basin obviously looked not great so I
  • got these slats
  • and the water can still drain through
  • them but it covers up the fact that
  • there used to be a toilet right there
  • the walls in here where an awful really
  • hideous linoleum
  • I don't even I'm not sure if it was
  • original but it was literally linoleum
  • flooring that had been pasted onto the
  • walls so I ended up painting it with
  • porch and floor paint and then put the
  • shower curtain just for extra good
  • measure and I did this on the ceiling
  • something I already had in my apartment
  • and I just wanted to repurpose it and
  • then did a new faucet and a new shower
  • head and this is actually an RV shower
  • head it looks fancy but it has the pause
  • thing on it and it's meant for a low
  • pressure it's really nice when I do
  • treat myself to a shower in here I
  • really enjoy it I built this it's
  • amazing and this is how I take a lot of
  • my showers now I just get a bucket full
  • of water and kind of do you know the
  • feet and the pits and you know the
  • stinky bits but it ends up building this
  • platform and then my compost toilet can
  • get mounted here and it worked out
  • really well because there was already a
  • venting stack for the sink that I could
  • plug my toilet vent to and then I built
  • all of this as an addition this used to
  • be open and I basically turned it into a
  • hallway by building the bathroom closet
  • here and you know I needed to close off
  • the toilet area and then I certainly
  • didn't mind having more storage areas
  • I built this storage closet and it also
  • works as kind of my control center for
  • my solar my solar cables come in through
  • the side wall right there because my
  • panel is mount is mounted up here and
  • then the cables run this way and then
  • that goes to my charge controller and
  • then I made a battery bank box under
  • here and then my inverter is mounted
  • right there my inverter power is the 110
  • throughout my rig but I also plug
  • directly into it and you'll see in the
  • bedroom the face of it is sticking out
  • through the wall so I can plug in like
  • my
  • phone and stuff on the other side of
  • this closet but yeah I used the 110
  • outlets throughout Mandor and then I use
  • the USB s on my inverter and then this
  • is another crafty moment when I got
  • Amanda she was severely water damaged
  • kind of everywhere but mostly like
  • starting here and back I didn't know how
  • bad it was until I started investigating
  • and it unfortunately was pretty bad so I
  • had to rebuild half of this wall and
  • this is my way to hide the fact that I
  • have like a new wall from like this
  • point up and then this is like old old
  • wall and it just it looked kind of janky
  • so I found these at good old Menards and
  • I didn't even have to cut them they
  • actually just snapped in there they're
  • the perfect size so it was kind of meant
  • to be so I like I said before I had no
  • previous experience I hadn't even
  • travelled in a Motorhome before so I I
  • didn't really know what I was getting
  • into on any level which was good you
  • know being naive allows you to jump into
  • things that are a little bit over your
  • head but I am super stubborn and I you
  • know I will do it whether it kills me or
  • not I knew that I was in for a lot of
  • learning and a lot of I don't know just
  • just kind of figuring out as I went but
  • I didn't I didn't expect her to be so
  • much water damage and you know putting
  • my finger on the wall and it having it
  • just sink in I was like oh god that's
  • not good and then as I was tearing it
  • apart you know it's definitely on so my
  • dad was helping me at the at this time
  • he he's been a carpenter his whole life
  • so we kind of put our heads together to
  • try and figure out how to rebuild a
  • motor homes walls and he was just like
  • well where do you stop you know like I
  • mean it I could have replaced all of the
  • walls and all of the ceilings and
  • Mandurah I mean she's old and it's
  • definitely seen good
  • water but we stopped here here up and
  • then the back did rebuild the whole
  • ceiling and half of the wall on this
  • side but yeah I mean there was a lot of
  • times where I mean there's log tiers it
  • was it was really hard but I knew I was
  • signing up for something that was going
  • to be hard and I wanted to embrace the
  • challenge and know that it was an
  • opportunity for growth and for becoming
  • much stronger and more knowledgeable and
  • just being able like I really think
  • people are capable so much more than
  • they give themselves credit for and I
  • think that's true
  • you know for other people so I have to
  • think that's true about myself and you
  • know we just have to keep on persevering
  • and we can accomplish that you know so
  • over here is the closet this is another
  • reason how I knew Mandor was mine
  • most motorhomes do not have good closets
  • they're like tiny they're probably maybe
  • this amount of size and I was prepared
  • to get rid of a lot of stuff like I
  • absolutely did not want to have as much
  • things but I love clothes so this was
  • and this made me happy that there's like
  • a good amount of storage I have you know
  • my hanging and I have a little shelf up
  • here and then I have some bins here and
  • four drawers so I didn't have to pare
  • down my wardrobe as much as some people
  • do think that a lot of the older
  • motorhomes did have bigger closets it
  • seemed like as they get newer the
  • closets get smaller for some reason and
  • then I installed this door which is the
  • easy peasy solution to just have some
  • privacy I got it from Lowe's it was
  • pretty cheap I feel like it was maybe 20
  • bucks and you just cut it to fit so it
  • comes a certain length and then you can
  • just trim it off the bottom install the
  • traps so it was an easy solution to
  • create a little bit of privacy all right
  • so come into my bedroom this is where I
  • spend the majority of my time I won't
  • lie this is actually where I had to
  • build a new ceiling and
  • and the wall is new on this side as well
  • and then it did not come with this bud
  • platform I had to build this back here
  • it was just kind of naked the bed
  • platform is on hinges so I can lift it
  • up in there storage underneath and then
  • on each side that kind of supports the
  • bed platform there is my freshwater tank
  • over here and I have like my hot water
  • heater over there and my water pumps
  • over here so I can still access
  • everything that I need to this is the
  • bathroom vanity that what used to be on
  • the wall around the corner that I loved
  • the look of so I needed to find a home
  • for it and this ended up being the only
  • wall that it would fit on but it's nice
  • because I got some bedside stuff in here
  • and nothing ever falls out this ledge
  • originally was probably only you know
  • this wide and that got demoed out and I
  • rebuilt it to be wider cuz I knew I had
  • a queen-size bed and then I had some
  • negative space so I figured this would
  • be a great spot for the cats to lounge
  • because I have so many windows back here
  • they absolutely spend a ton of time back
  • here this is like the chill zone for all
  • of us since I have kind of some cubby
  • holes within the framing I just have you
  • know suitcases and baskets with sweaters
  • and extra blankets and that's whatever I
  • can kind of shove in there these are LED
  • lights and I just use rechargeable
  • batteries for them but they have a
  • remote so it's nice I can umm they're
  • light enough for me to read and then I
  • can just like click the remote when I
  • start falling asleep but these fixtures
  • are LED so I use those as well if I need
  • a little bit more light these are from
  • Ikea and since my windows are so massive
  • I had to kind of piece them together and
  • I ended up with gaps here but these gaps
  • ended up being a really happy accident
  • because the cat's love to just kind of
  • peek in between them so even when
  • everything shut down and most people
  • can't see in here my cats can kind of
  • still peek through the cracks in and
  • keep watch the storage up top
  • is already there but since I had to
  • rebuild the ceiling it ended up being a
  • little lower because we beefed it up and
  • so I had to take the doors off and I
  • just made these curtains instead and
  • everything that goes up there is nothing
  • that's like gonna fall out you know just
  • some boxes and stuff so this is also not
  • only do these two windows open up but
  • this back window it came it came at the
  • screen but everything was waterlogged
  • and so it wasn't attached anymore
  • everything was broken falling apart and
  • I can get even more airflow back here
  • and then I am it still has a screen so I
  • can come in so you know having all these
  • windows sometimes it sucks with the Sun
  • coming in because it can get quite warm
  • but when everything is open there's so
  • much breeze that blows through that it
  • you know it can it can still stay cool
  • even though the sun's coming in it's
  • really nice having all these windows I
  • mean yeah the downfall for sure is when
  • I was in much colder weather this is the
  • coldest room and the hottest room but
  • like I said as long as the windows are
  • open and I have my fan here and I can
  • get the air circulating it's not too
  • brutal and since this window isn't
  • really open I can always pull you know
  • there's the screens just on this side so
  • I can always pull this line to block out
  • like half of them yeah half of the Sun
  • that comes in and then have this little
  • penny cycle get kind of a happy medium
  • like I said before with the heat I'm
  • mostly worried about my cats
  • getting too hot so what I did is this
  • area is the under bed area and there's
  • more storage under here and my older cat
  • tends to want to hang out under here
  • anyways and so I created oh there he is
  • that's a tray you
  • and I created a little space under here
  • where I just blocked off any of the
  • areas that can get any sort of airflow
  • and then I have a plastic bin that I
  • bought and I fill it with ice and I just
  • set it right here and I drop this cloth
  • and it keeps it like 10 to 15 degrees
  • cooler than the rest of Mandor so you
  • already hangs out under here anyways and
  • when I have the ice block there his paws
  • are just hanging over and he is keeping
  • cool so I made a different choice on the
  • floors than most people do
  • I was really kind of concerned about the
  • expanding in the shrinking that floors
  • do when you're not in a temperature
  • controlled environment I went what this
  • is a linoleum product and it's
  • free-floating so you don't glue it down
  • which allows it to expand and shrink all
  • it wants without warping the only thing
  • that was tough about it is you got like
  • one shot to cut it correctly but I made
  • a subfloor out of quarter-inch luan and
  • kind of put it together like puzzle
  • pieces and then I rolled out the floor
  • and put those puzzle pieces onto the
  • sheet and then cut around it and it
  • turned out pretty decent and people do a
  • lot of time think that it's the planks
  • but it's actually just one sheet let's
  • check out that cat box around like my
  • pride and joy of my build I'm gonna show
  • you where I keep the cat box so if you
  • look there is the cat door that I showed
  • you from the inside and then we're keep
  • the cat box there's the cat cleaner and
  • then right here is the basket with that
  • cooling pad on this side this is like a
  • whole dedicated cats
  • site is where I keep food this is just
  • kind of where this is where moon she
  • likes to hang out this is where when I
  • Drive she this is like her panic room
  • this is where she comes to hang out and
  • to feel safe and then I try use panic
  • room is under the bed this is my camco
  • super 8 150 I knew I had to have
  • something secondary to Mandor because
  • Mandor gets about 6 miles to the gallon
  • and I also knew that you know she's not
  • a spring chicken and I might need to
  • rescue myself sometimes I did not want
  • to tow a car because I was already a bit
  • intimidated with driving her last thing
  • I wanted was the extra links and dealing
  • with the jackknifing and I just I didn't
  • want any of that so I decided to go with
  • a larger scooter and it has oh my gosh
  • it's so amazing I'm grateful that I have
  • it pretty much daily when I get set up
  • somewhere I can offload it and then
  • whether I need to go do laundry or get
  • groceries or scooter just explore or
  • scout out an area this is like so
  • amazing to have and it's really it's
  • really made me feel safe at times to
  • like I know where and I was not sure if
  • the manager was gonna start again and I
  • was like well that leads to have me
  • scoot I'm very grateful to have this all
  • the time if you want to follow along on
  • my adventure and trust me it is an
  • adventure I've been blogging about it
  • and I also post daily updates on
  • Instagram you can find both of those
  • links below but it's a girl and her
  • commander
  • awesome thank you time thank you
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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