Video People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God

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People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God
People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God thumb People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God thumb People Tell A Pastor Why They Don't Believe In God thumb


  • - I don't personally believe, right,
  • but it's like that doesn't mean that we can't live
  • the same life.
  • (soft acoustic music)
  • - Hey there I'm Erica Campbell, I'm a singer, a songwriter,
  • I'm a mom, a wife, and all around cool chick.
  • So today I'm sitting down with people from different ends
  • of the faith spectrum.
  • We're just gonna have a healthy conversation.
  • Can't wait to get into it, I'm really excited.
  • - My name is Josh and I am a former Christian.
  • - Hi, I'm Emily and I identify as an atheist.
  • - My name is Nina and I identify as agnostic.
  • - I was raised in a very strict Mormon household.
  • I was the very first one in my family to leave the church.
  • I have been a happy non-believer ever since.
  • - I guess technically I was raised in the Catholic faith,
  • kind of like default.
  • We went to church sometimes on Christmas,
  • usually like weddings or funerals, something like that.
  • - I grew up lightly Hindu.
  • We're like culturally Hindu but I kind of came
  • to the conclusion that whether or not there is a God
  • or there isn't a God,
  • it has no bearing on how I live my life.
  • (soft acoustic music)
  • - I don't think she'll be able to in any way
  • convert me suddenly back.
  • - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.
  • - I hope I don't say anything to offend her.
  • (gentle music)
  • - Hi. - Hey there.
  • - I'm Josh. - I'm Erica.
  • - I'm Emily. - Erica.
  • - So nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too!
  • - Hey. - Hi.
  • - Nice to meet you. - You're Nina?
  • - Yes, I'm Nina. - I'm Erica, nice to meet you.
  • So I'm a Christian.
  • How would you identify?
  • - Atheist. - Atheist.
  • - Non-believer.
  • - So do you believe there's no God or there's something
  • out there and you don't know what it is.
  • - Nothing. - Nothing. (chuckles)
  • - I identify as an atheist.
  • - If agnosticism and atheism is a spectrum,
  • I'm somewhere in it.
  • - I think when we die, it's lights out
  • and that's the blissful end to all of it.
  • - Is that bliss though with lights out?
  • - It is. - So let me ask you
  • a question, what do you believe exists beyond
  • the universe, like the area where our minds kind of exist,
  • not the human, not the tangible.
  • - I don't think that that exists either.
  • - You don't? - I don't.
  • I think that everything that exists is what exists
  • right here, right now, in this moment, in your body.
  • - I was raised in the Catholic community.
  • I just remember the first thing we talked about
  • was Adam and Eve and I just remember being like,
  • that's just like a little story.
  • - Culturally we're Hindu.
  • Personally for me it felt like a lot of the stories
  • of it, they're just like stories.
  • There's a lot of people with multiple arms
  • and angels are blue, which is like not real.
  • - So I was raised Mormon.
  • My mom helped run the Relief Society,
  • my dad was a bishop for a long time, grandpa was a bishop.
  • I was the very first member of my family
  • to walk away from it all.
  • - How'd they respond to that?
  • - Not well at first. (chuckles)
  • - I grew up similar to you but mine was a
  • Pentecostal church called the Church of God In Christ.
  • My father was a preacher, my mom was over the choir.
  • But there was a lot of things that didn't always
  • make sense to me like why we were so poor?
  • If you live for Jesus,
  • everything's supposed to work out right, you know.
  • But the same way I wouldn't doubt love
  • because people have gotten love wrong.
  • That's kinda how I feel about God
  • and I think it's very reassuring to me that after
  • this is over, there's something greater.
  • So most people who don't believe,
  • there was some traumatic church experience
  • or some long line of this doesn't make sense,
  • this doesn't make sense.
  • Okay, y'all don't make sense so maybe he doesn't make sense.
  • - I do find fault with Catholicism in general.
  • - We're not really practicing so we weren't praying
  • or studying or anything and so I just kinda
  • fell away from that as a religion.
  • - I got kicked out of Sunday school because I was arguing
  • with the teacher about the age of the Earth.
  • Six days, 6,000 years, we're like,
  • but dinosaurs.
  • - I grew up in a church where secular music was a sin.
  • Everybody was a devil, you know.
  • You can't interact, it's gonna infiltrate you.
  • - My mom, her favorite saying growing up was
  • the devil gets to you in little ways.
  • - Yes.
  • - Like the first time I wanted a Mohawk at nine years old--
  • (Erica chuckling) She was like,
  • the devil gets to you through your hair.
  • I'm like-- - Yeah. (laughs)
  • - I got really lucky and I have great parents,
  • and they were like, be kind, be a good person.
  • Help each other out, blah, blah, blah.
  • So I feel like my moral compass--
  • - Is good. - I hope so.
  • I think so, I'm working on it.
  • - The core of Mormon belief is the Holy Bible,
  • the King James Version specifically.
  • Every time I read something, what I saw was a twist
  • for human gain. - Mm-hm.
  • I know the same stories you've had.
  • I've had the very same questions.
  • And what I feel like, what I know the Bible is,
  • it is all an example of how crazy and chaotic our world is.
  • If you believed in God, what would that look like to you?
  • - I feel like if there was a God,
  • I think it would be something kind of unimaginable
  • that I couldn't process as a human being.
  • - Do you believe in life after death?
  • - You know, I don't.
  • Before I was like I don't know, maybe,
  • like we're all energy, what happens to us when we're dead.
  • And nobody knows and that's the crazy thing, right?
  • But very recently actually my twin brother
  • passed away this summer.
  • - I'm sorry. - And so I've been,
  • thank you.
  • But I've been searching for him and I've been trying to be
  • kind of open, if it is a thing,
  • please freakin' talk to me, you know what I mean?
  • I haven't felt it, I haven't felt him,
  • I haven't seen him, and so that kind of for me was like,
  • okay he's just dead.
  • And that's something that I'm just kind of like, okay.
  • I'm just never gonna see him again.
  • He's still with me every day and I think about him
  • every single day, but it's like,
  • I was open for it.
  • I still am-- - Yeah.
  • - If something were to happen or whatever,
  • but me thinking about him every day and remembering him
  • and everything that I do, it's like,
  • I feel like that for me is enough, you know?
  • - Every time I look at any form of organized religion,
  • the only thing I see is division.
  • - Mm-hm. - More wars have been fought
  • over religion than anything else.
  • - Yeah. - Whereas when I look at
  • a world with no religion, you suddenly,
  • everyone has to own up to just what they are
  • and who they are.
  • They can no longer hide behind say,
  • well, I won't bake a cake for this gay couple
  • 'cause my religion says that I don't have to.
  • You can't hide behind that.
  • - There's always gonna be conflict in religion
  • because religion is man-made.
  • You know you've seen these movies,
  • there's always a devil on one shoulder and and angel.
  • I really think that's real.
  • I think there's always a battle for the best of us
  • and the worst of us.
  • If there was one question of God that you could ask
  • if you believed in God, what would you ask?
  • - That's a really hard one (laughs).
  • - Is it?
  • Girl, I ask everything.
  • - There would probably be a lot of general just like whys?
  • - But He cares about you and that's what I know for sure?
  • - Does He? - Yes.
  • You, what makes you happy, what makes you sad.
  • - I feel so small and the concept of a God
  • feels so big like I said.
  • And I feel so small and it seems impossible to me
  • that anything that oversees our whole world
  • or our whole universe would have time for me. (chuckles)
  • - Absolutely.
  • I think that there's still a lot of questions there.
  • Even from what you said, still a lot of questions
  • and I think that's the best way to be, to always ask why.
  • The whys of the whys.
  • Why do I feel this way, why don't I believe,
  • could I believe again? - Right.
  • - What could cause me to believe again,
  • 'cause clearly there's something that caused me
  • not to believe.
  • If I told you that I would pray for you,
  • what would you ask me to pray for?
  • - (sighs) That's a great question.
  • Probably not for me, but for my family, I think.
  • - Yeah. - Yeah.
  • Just for them to be like well and good and happy.
  • - From my perspective, everything you've said,
  • you can do without any religion,
  • and it's completely freeing for me.
  • The most free I ever felt was the day I walked away,
  • said I don't have to believe in any of this stuff anymore,
  • 'cause to me, God, religion, all of it,
  • it's completely superfluous to human existence.
  • You don't need it.
  • You can live a happy, productive, good,
  • charitable life without it.
  • - I believe in there's a good, there has to be a bad.
  • We can't always explain some of the complexities
  • and craziness of this world but I think God brings gravity
  • to it all, to the question.
  • - I love hearing what you have to say.
  • I don't think I necessarily agree with all of it. (chuckles)
  • - So I believe that God knows you, he knows your name,
  • he knows how many hairs are on your head.
  • You have beautiful hair, by the way.
  • - Thank you. - I had to purchase mine.
  • (Nina laughs) Nevertheless.
  • I think he knows everything about you
  • and wants to know more.
  • - This has been such a great conversation.
  • You're such a warm, I feel really comfortable here.
  • - (chuckles) Good.
  • - Yeah, this has been really great.
  • - Awesome. - It's been amazing
  • talking to you. - Great talking to you, Emily.
  • I will be praying for you. - Thank you.
  • - Absolutely. - Thank you so much.
  • (gentle music)

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