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Video Unlocking *NEW* DRAGON EGG skin!
12:17   |   views   |   03/13/2019


  • today we are going to be unlocking of
  • the dragon egg skin the dragon eggs have
  • been surrounded in mystery ever since
  • they entered the world of fortnight
  • arriving in the depths of polar peak as
  • the iceberg hit the map all the way back
  • at the beginning of season seven
  • initially thought to be brought and held
  • there by the ice king himself within his
  • castle however with the evolution and
  • the gradual melting of the snow
  • revealing the dungeon within the bottom
  • layer of polar Peaks we soon found out
  • that actually the secret skin hidden
  • within there the prisoner skin now known
  • often as the fire king was the actual
  • owner of these eggs was actually
  • cultivating them himself because he had
  • an ultimate plan towards the end of
  • season seven as a prisoner skin started
  • to evolve and eventually got rid of all
  • of his chains locks and ice and turned
  • into his original fire king form the
  • dragon eggs actually disappeared from
  • the bottom of the dungeon along with the
  • fire king for a while it thought that
  • the dragon eggs were over there story
  • was finished but no ladies and gentlemen
  • they reappeared at the beginning of
  • season eight within the fire king's
  • castle his volcanic castle next to his
  • throne you can see very clearly as I'm
  • sure you guys have spotted the dragon
  • eggs had returned however for those you
  • guys that kept a keen eye you know that
  • there are multiple dragon eggs within
  • the bottom of the dungeon with in polar
  • Peaks but now there's only a few left
  • within the volcano which means the rest
  • of them have to have hatched so what's
  • inside them well we're about to unlock
  • it and we're about to find out let's get
  • a skin it involves playing a lot of
  • fortnight your boys just about halfway
  • through level 50 unfortunate future
  • doesn't mean I'm half waste level of
  • hundreds we've got a lot of XP if ever
  • want to get close to a hundred but it's
  • a lot of progress made in only two weeks
  • a fortnight as currently be now in terms
  • of the luck skin at the moment it's just
  • got the gold version left it's got to
  • keep on playing more for that to be
  • honest with you but the black heart skin
  • you guys may have seen my video last
  • week we unlocked the stage for version
  • he looks absolutely awesome
  • since then I've got to be pickaxe which
  • is very cool and then I've also got the
  • glowing version which is
  • what I've actually got on at the moment
  • I've also tied in with the exclusive red
  • version
  • he continues to progress he gets
  • different colors and eventually the best
  • thing you can get for him is this broken
  • little steering wheel from the pirate
  • ship it looks very cool and this is
  • actually the skin I'm gonna be using in
  • today's video because we have this close
  • to unlocking a this guy right here
  • the hybrid skin is what this video is
  • all about now if we take a look at the
  • season eight week two loading screen
  • this gives us all the answers we need
  • for those guys have done locked it or
  • even had a look at it if you look
  • closely there's a few important things
  • in here one the fire king is basically
  • summoning and releasing whatever
  • creatures are within the hatched eggs
  • within the loading screen that's right
  • that loading screen clearly shows the
  • actual
  • egg being broken and opening up what's
  • coming out it's the hybrid skin itself
  • the description of his skin reads as
  • hybrid become the dragon he starts off
  • as what looks to just be a normal person
  • within a ninjutsu but eventually he as
  • he progresses and as he starts to show
  • his full form you can see he gets to a
  • point where he becomes a fully fledged
  • legitimate dragon you can ultimately get
  • these crazy little sparks that go around
  • him as well and today as you can see we
  • are literally a thousand XP away from
  • unlocking the dragon egg skin this guy
  • was created by the fire king as a hybrid
  • creature hatched within the volcano to
  • do whatever the Viking wants him to do
  • this guy has been hiding in the eggs the
  • whole time ladies and gentleman this is
  • the game we're gonna get it unlocked
  • this has taken so much XP if you guys
  • are excited smash the thumbs up button
  • about to grind out a lot of fortnight's
  • mates happen as soon as possible for you
  • top of that they've added in this guy
  • into the fortnight's strong haven't
  • actually fought in yet so let me pick
  • him up real quick obviously using code
  • ali-a all of these guys on screen have
  • done it as well them every two weeks to
  • support create code will be white gone
  • we set
  • so make sure you've got someone in there
  • make sure you're supporting and if you
  • do support me you could get a shout out
  • in a video my pirate skins ready I'm
  • ready
  • you guys better be ready let's get this
  • Dragon Skin unlocked
  • let's play some fortnight sunny steps
  • needs to get more love man do so it's in
  • the gray a cake I think the half pot has
  • to be my favorite new innovation look at
  • it common because in my update video
  • yesterday but low-key this scoped AR was
  • disgusting plastic hugs try out look at
  • it
  • okay I mean 50% good 50% hot trash
  • almost got balloons around here as well
  • suddenly everyone's coming out with all
  • my guns are missing at once everybody
  • Chu I've got those builds it's another
  • pirate pyro V pirate who's going to come
  • out the best pirate who's the best red
  • pirate it's me good Oh as me st. sunny
  • steps has never got anyone in it
  • everyone's going for me though
  • apparently you get a wet look to me
  • that's him
  • how did he just do that oh ow what what
  • is with everyone ballooning you're not
  • getting away foot no I'm not letting
  • them both get away you're just this guy
  • had a million lives apparently leave a
  • comment down below which is your
  • favorite new healing animation the
  • medkit the bush even and also the
  • bandages all have one i think it's a
  • toss-up between the make it and a half
  • part of my face completely forgot to
  • mention I've got on hybrids pickaxe I'll
  • actually knocked all the colour variants
  • for as well I'm gonna give us sing
  • another goat my volcano take me to some
  • action I see you
  • no one ever expects the shots from the
  • tree though this is an ultimate test my
  • aim as there is no aim-assist on his gun
  • at all
  • boy I'll tell you this gun can be fire
  • if you got some good aim it destroy
  • houses it hey buddy
  • bye buddy I'll take the little extra
  • shield oh don't don't you tell me he's
  • getting away with this he's looking at
  • me laughing I give up yes he's healing
  • up cuddle up the smoke from the campfire
  • is now giving your position away buddy
  • Oh didn't expect yes Angie though did
  • you
  • I'll I didn't expect this guy to the
  • only decent building but here he goes
  • wasn't expecting the nineties he stay
  • down low actually you know he's gonna be
  • weak he may have some mean easy to cook
  • getting back up a little bit actually
  • but at the moment he's gone down again
  • because these trees make it almost
  • impossible to chew a fee for example you
  • got minis let's go
  • oh go hear some real good loot as well
  • I've seen a few people in game with the
  • red pirate outfit I've never seen anyone
  • with it glowing light with a stomach
  • like mine and I definitely haven't seen
  • the fully unlocked hybrid skin yeah
  • I always keep an eye out for one get
  • some action please don't hit me
  • weaving IRL for this right now
  • nope not helping not helping at all
  • what what did he what did she just
  • I'm so confused is he RPG himself been
  • launchpad what was he thinking becomes
  • another guy you later buddy of course
  • he's got readwrite come on then bring it
  • on
  • Oh Mike are you kidding me
  • can I get third-party it anymore besides
  • none knows me break this open hello ello
  • ello BAM now that's a so crass a great
  • job buddy
  • how is he got an RPG as well as his
  • treasure maps man I'm telling you
  • everyone's got less injury RPG scars
  • everything oh my this is the end one HP
  • it's not looking good I gotta run I
  • gotta run like I've never run before
  • he's blocked me in this this is gonna be
  • an surely I'm gonna keep him going to
  • shoot me out the one HP dream please
  • don't touch me
  • I'm telling you I never expect the tree
  • place oh somehow still alive if we get a
  • victory way out that's like I think oh
  • my gosh is someone else here it's
  • definitely gonna be enough XP like one
  • and a half thousand XP would be more
  • than enough to put me over but right now
  • with 1 hp and barely enough shield to
  • tank to scar shots on please start
  • partying please yes my savior
  • Thank You RPG guy oh no he's still he's
  • still here please just let my man you
  • okay this is enough to get us back up
  • 100 HP seven spectators they've
  • confirmed spectators have broken by the
  • way when I had 12 and yes things up
  • birthday video probably didn't but it
  • looked cool all right there goes with my
  • healing items this is it that's six
  • other players left six kills to our name
  • people fighting over there fighting down
  • now and people fighting right here okay
  • then go up here don't mind me whoa okay
  • what time seven years onward good I
  • seriously cannot have someone coming
  • third bite me right now cuz I will not
  • be able to survive Hey
  • that's a big one yeah and here comes the
  • third party I've got to finish this one
  • off so quick like I should not have
  • missed that shot gunshot that almost got
  • me killed
  • there's only 12 people left there's only
  • two other people left doing an alley 8
  • season 8 alley a Ealing out in the wild
  • don't even care
  • we're gonna see the beautiful medkit
  • look it's just look at em unpack it it's
  • so good you love this even uses hook it
  • does actually hilarious ice it won't be
  • too baby
  • wow what is he trying to be really smart
  • would you just genuinely not very good I
  • don't know what to make that
  • he's top three can't be that bad oh just
  • mr. fool show unfortunately I know
  • you're down there if I can get shots
  • through this roof they're gonna be dead
  • on him he's not that ya know if he's not
  • letting it happen there is I knew he'd
  • come in get out of here with your RPG
  • leave it alone I won't be warning it no
  • no you don't back up two hundred a
  • hundred he's lost to shield this could
  • be a this could be a gg solid gg right
  • now where's he hiding
  • no he's reloading you know he's
  • reloading somewhere was it quite double
  • digits but you know what it wasn't
  • half-bad in it all we need because that
  • my friends would have a lot to the
  • dragon a hybrid skin ladies and
  • gentlemen here it is the hybrid stage
  • through the Beast Within the dragon egg
  • is here and your boy has it however
  • let's take a closer look it was an
  • easter egg on this guy here he is ladies
  • and gentleman or her could be a boy or
  • girl not sure in all of his glory with
  • the pickaxe as well for those guys that
  • have picked up and the biggest pointer
  • is the fact that this is what lies then
  • the actual dragon egg is indeed the
  • actual dragon markings lining up exactly
  • with the a true silhouette you can see
  • within the eggs themselves and this
  • piece right here has been lurking for
  • now two seasons and your boy is finally
  • gonna make shout-out to everyone it's
  • been using code alligators in the
  • fortnight's store make sure you
  • subscribe for more awesome fortnight
  • videos I've got some bangers on the way
  • finally got him to grind continues now
  • to unlock all of the different colors
  • I'll see you guys in another video
  • tomorrow or you can check out more right
  • now in my fortnight playlist down below
  • thank you for watching and good bye

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