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Video LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!
21:28   |   today at 13:14


  • Some beautiful love music, my pre-buffet dance
  • Wow
  • Hey guys, it's
  • my last day here in Mumbai and
  • it's kind of hectic because I was supposed to go somewhere to eat and then that didn't work out.
  • So then I thought you know
  • What? It's a Sunday. It's a good day for a buffet cause
  • any day is a good day for a buffet. That's why I'm here at the St. Regis because I hear they got a good one.
  • This is really cool, soon as we come in, orange juice?
  • Mango juice. Oh, coconut milk, thank you.
  • As soon as you walk in, check this out, massive dessert selections. Just cakes look amazing!
  • That black forest cake.
  • Listen, I'm eating that. I might have to eat that all by myself. So this is a lot of, uh, just
  • Indian snack foods here. Nice, you got, wow!
  • That looks beautiful! Man, looks good! I'm excited! I'm getting hungry! And if you guys wondering
  • about the music, the s..., they have a live band.
  • This is a Singapore section. That looks awesome!
  • Look at the size of these prawns.
  • So, I'm actually excited for vegetables right now, because that's all organic, it looks fresh, looks great.
  • Aw, dim sum.
  • Wow.
  • All the dim sums made here by Chef Shi right here.
  • It's so much stuff
  • indonesian food
  • So fresh barbecued fish and seafood and chicken salmon and they barbecue it fresh right there that salmon looks great, by the way
  • oh, wow
  • Oh, look at this this isn't just like, simple pasta with like
  • Pesto, they got soba noodles and ramen and all sorts of vegetables this is an, asian. Noodle station right here wow i
  • Can't wait to get started here, oh live tandoori station, no way but it smells so good, oh my
  • God this is awesome just walking around the buffet it's just i'm so excited right now i mean it's just
  • My, buffet sense is tingling you know, what about senses right like
  • Spider-man, has spidey sense i got buffet sense and my buffet sense is telling me this is gonna be a fantastic
  • Fantastic buffet perfect. For my, last meal here in mumbai all right shall, we get started
  • No i know
  • What i normally say and that's when you're at a great buffet just like a great story you start at the beginning
  • but the beginning is well is typically what i like to do at the end so we're gonna leave the dessert be for now, and
  • We'll start from here indian street food
  • Why, not he just i don't know. What's good so whenever you're ready just give me, some random stuff
  • You're, gonna you're, gonna bring it oh? Oh? Thank you wow all right thank you i'll be over there?
  • All right so, we don't have we can
  • Use this plate for something else let's just dive right in to some hot dishes here i don't usually like potato wedges but
  • This, thing is it's got garlic and it's got cheese
  • Vegetables actually, oh this is really, surprising i'm not usually into vegetables at all but, look at that grilled veggies
  • don't mind if i do
  • Goats cheese ravioli this all looks amazing it's four different meats here i'm gonna just get one of each ham lamb leg
  • Chicken, salmon, dim sum looks awesome
  • By, the way this is Chef Shi he used to cook, for the head of state of china
  • This, guy, is like cooking royalty put a little bit of chili, yeah he knows, what i like this is the way?
  • We do it in northern china let's go back, oh?
  • Indian, street food, oh?
  • Xie xie xie(thanks) Thank you thank you thank you thank you wow
  • Well thank you chef welcome to round 1 that is beautiful?
  • Pomegranate seed some yogurt some of those little crispy noodles i had before so i'm down on the bottom the fanciest indian street food
  • I had so far
  • the flavors
  • Are just so explosive it's crispy sweet the beans are nice and creamy love to pop and crunch from the pomegranate
  • Wow let's move on to the meats, by the, way pina colada
  • Start on it i just tried this potato wedge
  • That is ridiculously garlicy, oh man look at that
  • the tomatoes burst
  • So nicely wow the meat juicy tender i love this, white sauce on the outside the ravioli
  • That's insane i know you shouldn't come to a buffet and fall in love with the ravioli
  • But I'm a little smitten the chicken like i said never had a bad chicken yet in India
  • Still haven't yeah look at this
  • Very tender not a lot of spices on that but. Oh there's some spices on that it's subtle. A, little spicy little smoking just perfect
  • This, looks, like salmon with i don't know. Maybe mint leaves on top
  • That's a good piece of salmon not a bad by so far this is the lamb leg
  • This thing, is sweet slightly minty
  • Hmm, can't believe i'm gushing, about a potato wedge but, yeah that potato wedge is awesome
  • Can't wait to get to this dim sum this 1
  • Bless thee ol god of the dim sum for creating, this piece right here, oh my, good lord
  • This is fantastic i never had a potato dim sum before, but those need, to be more readily available
  • Just, the like, awesome combination of potatoes and pesto i think a little bit of mint definitely
  • Some other spices in there as, well wow
  • Wow did you guys, see what that dim sum looks like
  • Because you need to look for that one that specific one when you come here let's keep going
  • This, thing looks like a veggie dim sum yup, some taro some carrots i'm just
  • Gonna dip it in the hot oil and vinegar that the chef's prepare for me
  • oh
  • That once a it's more like a dumpling so actually tasted pretty good in the
  • Hot oil vinegar let's take a look, how pretty let's take an accessorize that, oh wow
  • That how oil is burning
  • That hot oil is awesome this dim sums got a little caviar on top meat and potatoes
  • That was awesome as, and here's the xiao mai
  • That's a beautiful piece of xiao mai i think there's a crab meat in here as, well not just shrimp a little dumpling
  • Well it looks like green caviar on top
  • Okay i'm thinking this is a cha shao bao roasted pork bun
  • This, tastes like a cross between. Chinese cha shao bao and indian food because i don't have
  • You, guys, to see but there's a ton of indian spices in this bun
  • round, one
  • Definitely, went to the dim sum that was amazing, base beautiful delicious amazing
  • Round 2 time i totally forgot about the duck let's get, some duck
  • Hello, have, some duck please
  • No, no broccoli ):< g.. get rid of that
  • Yeah, spices uh-huh
  • Thank, you sir i'm just gonna customize it a little bit vinegar right
  • Just a tad of vinegar to cut down on the fat
  • How oil a little heat let's get some of these hot
  • Dishes here we're in luck it looks like the barbecue lamb just came out
  • Scallops, and black pepper sauce they are for chili crab of course, some Kuey Teow
  • Basically stir-fried rice noodles, Hokkien mee round 2
  • Well is technically like round three or four because i ate like three plates of food before this but
  • But who's counting, the duck
  • Did look a lot better when i first got there initially so it's been sitting on a bed but still look at
  • this it still got like a ton of juice
  • they're so
  • ridiculously flavorful and smoky
  • Usually, when it comes to duck a lot of times the flavor is mainly on the skin
  • Not this baby it's on the skin it's on the meat it's probably even in the bones those are the other
  • Other type of duck i was sitting in some kind of broth
  • That was good not as good as the first stop so come here get that first duck
  • Now let's try some of these dishes i mean i mean i aim this ram?
  • Ever since i got in here i think those are, some bollywood stars
  • because
  • people are treating them, like celebrities i
  • think if bollywood stars i mean of all us -
  • We can't get a picture later
  • All right anyway back to my lamb
  • There's a huge peppery flavor on this lamb
  • Sauce is off the hook you know, what mouth stability is going out the window. Right now
  • That's how, you can really enjoy, this piece of lamb , oh the closer you get to the bone
  • It's so insanely tender scallops
  • Forget about it you want ginger
  • You got ginger you, want flavor you got flavor number chilli crab obviously this is not what a
  • typical singapore chilli crab looks like, but i
  • Know this is not in our vintage singapore chilli crab?
  • But it's a pretty, good spicy, fries still feeling. Good let's keep going, whenever you're at
  • A buffet and you, want to take a, break from eating you can, do it by eating let, me explain
  • You, get some crab
  • You, get some shrimp and you get some lobster at least for me that's taking a break
  • and here's some soft stuff you can dip it in and get some chutney i
  • Don't know, what this is but?
  • For someone the side of my plate
  • What a feast i don't know?
  • How, this works but whenever i eat seafood?
  • Whether that's crab or prawns or lobsters i skip more hungry afterwards i don't know. If that's because i'm getting a workout by
  • by taking the shells off these things i love the head of a product that's the good stuff right there i
  • Don't think there's really, any spices or seasoning on this at all you
  • Could just you didn't like that and just enjoy all the sweetness those prawn has for you or maybe a little mustard that's good
  • Oh, that's the right stuff right there ashley i had no idea they eat this soft-shell crab chef
  • We asked them to teach me so, what do you do?
  • So you take up the kills yep
  • there it is
  • Whoo this is my first time actually eating a. Soft-shell crab, like like as a, whole crap i never knew
  • Because usually you know it's in a dish we're saying a sandwich or something, well. Oh thank you thank you
  • whoa
  • Eating this crab meat is almost like chewing on a piece of air
  • So ridiculously gentle it's just creamy you, don't need to chew, this at all
  • It's dissipated the meat texture like i said it's borderline creamy slightly sweet
  • mmm
  • Wow no wonder you typically use this with a show on first of all there's not that much meaning secondly if you take
  • The show, off the me might just dissolve all right
  • Now that i have taken, my break
  • Let's go eat some more i want to go ahead and get some of this stuff
  • Last noodle salad, gotta get some funnier. Pasanda, hey i'll take a little bit of noodles
  • thank you
  • Whoa i think this is gold brioni
  • Look at this i don't think i had this before morrigan connie this is afghani chicken
  • Fish curry, you go all ole opry, scotty, oh look at this mutton curry here look, at that stewed pieces of money know
  • That spice is on that baby, oh?
  • Check it out
  • This is so cool
  • I, asked them what they had done and they literally made it fresh in front of my face you
  • Guys, are awesome thank you thank you
  • Look, at that fresh pork every single time you sit down so this is basically indian
  • Food plate i've got chicken this, is the same thing i had a couple, days, ago
  • Like whoa that thing just broke i broke that chicken without even trying
  • This, is the craziest thing
  • This buffer!
  • Is gonna be great for when i get all because there are a lot of food items here especially
  • Meats items that i really, don't need tt eat this is the
  • Mutts umbreon e look at the post and mutton
  • Why, do you talk
  • Rice is awesome this is the mutton curry
  • Wow that thing just completely
  • dissipated in my mouth
  • Incredible use of spices so fall off the bone center
  • this porridge
  • The, whole indian section seriously half the dishes don't need, a shoe the noodles rush everything flavors so
  • Well this is the noodle salad with seafood
  • Measuring a good, cop. You gotta try to pressure not just
  • Teach like, any ish so freshly cooked his doughy i loved a little charred on the outside
  • Most perfect with that fish cory's
  • Sorry, what are some salmon
  • And i want some of those noodles?
  • What do you think so whatever you think, goes good with those noodles no broccoli everything else okay?
  • Maybe just some scallions sprouts onions. Asparagus it's spicy
  • Please thank you and what i love about this is you don't have to stand here and wait?
  • Give them, your table number go get some other food go sit down. They're, gonna, bring it to you
  • All right let's go to this section i didn't see before this is where they cook all the meats and then tandoori oven?
  • Oh, tandoori chicken not too much left you guys have, any more tandoori chicken that's fresh coming out. Oh there it is
  • Fish tikka, so let's try a little bit of everything, what is this tandoori, aloo paneer tikka?
  • thank you
  • go
  • Nice all right uh bit up a big play for just a few items but. Hey, you know, what let's?
  • Gonna, try things this is the fish little try it looks like
  • Okay, this, is fresh the chicken
  • wow
  • As chickens everything i hoped it would be tender juicy so incredibly flavorful
  • Why can i find this on buffets in the us i think we're, about to head to it the swan
  • Song section of this buffet and to do that, we have to go all the way?
  • Back to the beginning let's go get some dessert red velvet cake
  • Don't mind if i do i'm taking this blob of chocolate, lime, cheese layered cake
  • Yes please woohoo love, me, some carrot cake, and i'm gonna get a carrot cuz
  • I, want to be healthier that looks pretty undone chiffon cake a melody i don't know
  • What a melody is but we also have, some melody?
  • Okay, this is like a strawberry sponge cake, thing look at all the ice cream, oh my
  • Goodness this is like the wheel of fortune of ice cream i'll take, some blueberry please. Oh lychee swirl please thank you so much, oh?
  • As soon as i got back with, my dessert there was a special delivery for me bye you know the buffet
  • delivery people my noodles are ready omi salmon has a right thank you sir thank you so much i
  • Love the service here so my salmon is grilled excited, some chili on top, some spices you know
  • To, make the noodles in any way they
  • Feel the noodles should be made so first a salmon have you seen this it's like it's hot in here and the salmon is just
  • sweating profusely
  • This thing that sweet carol i'm eating a piece of deliciously juicy freshly grilled salmon
  • There's a little chart he's right in there too
  • Mmm-hmm, make sure you visit a noodle counter it's raw it's perfect salmon. You see that nice crispy charred, bottom, add some noodles to that
  • It's so good nothing i enjoy more
  • Than a fabulous buffet in a foreign country now for the finale
  • Dessert there's like 20 different types of cakes here
  • That peas right there i kind of forgot, what's called, oh?
  • My, god oh i think it's called symphony a melody i don't know, what a melody, is but we also have?
  • Some melody or melody, some melody that just made my dessert day i just got started there's too
  • Many, gigs i'm kind of like not able to distinguish what, is what anymore but?
  • Hey, lost the chase girl right a, little berry ice cream
  • Why, isn't blueberry ice cream everywhere there's so many blueberries in this iseman
  • yes
  • There's the blueberry, panna, cotta it is making, my world right now it's a. Fresh blueberry
  • Sure i'm so incredible love the way to just pop all over the place
  • Where's my i've been
  • My, favorites ride him here guys it was actually really coincidental that i came here i was actually supposed to go
  • Somewhere else to eat today but that didn't work out so then i started looking around mumbai for some of the best buffets here
  • And according to my research this place is pretty awesome
  • And now after yi ting here i can indeed tell you that yes this place is incredible some of my
  • Favorite things here today aspire to duck the ravioli the dim sum the noodle bar the freshly grilled seafood that the seafood
  • Itself basically everything here is quality and of course the massive selection of desserts that's really putting me asleep right now
  • Seriously, my favorite buffet variety and of course i don't believe in coincidences i considered as
  • Serendipitous, this my friends is food destiny its food
  • Serendipity it just poetic that, me and this buffet can meet right here in india at
  • This, time right before i got on a plane, and again, what's most incredible all this around $50.00
  • Crazy, this was in vegas over $100 easy 50 bucks for all this there's no reason you shouldn't
  • Be here right now and guys as always information for this place is listed in my description, box below
  • And don't forget every single week they have a different theme here so if you come here and you're feasting on a theme that's not
  • Singapore let me know in the comments send me a message on instagram let me know. How
  • You, like it and speaking of instagram guys, don't forget to follow, me on my instagram account, where there's a lot
  • More exclusive food footage for you, and thank you so much for watching. This video and it's how, we get again?

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The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!

Location Price- $60 USD

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