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Video Asmongold Talks About Quitting WoW: A HUGE Rant on BfA's Failure & WoW's Future
13:02   |   views   |   12/28/2018


  • I've had enough of this would I be
  • surprised if there are more people
  • watching my stream right now
  • then we're playing on the US realms no I
  • would not be surprised i blizzard
  • fucking did this I want to make it very
  • clear blizzard fucking did this it
  • wasn't because of people growing out of
  • him emmos it wasn't because of people
  • getting older it wasn't because of
  • fortnight it wasn't because of any of
  • that
  • this is Blizzard writing their own
  • fucking eulogy this is not your audience
  • Blizzard wake the fuck up
  • wake the fuck up and stop treating
  • people like they're fucking hamsters on
  • a treadmill on the little fucking wheel
  • spinning and spinning and spinning and
  • spinning and spinning stop giving people
  • carrots they're getting fed up this is
  • disgusting battle for Azeroth was a lot
  • of people's it was their last chance
  • people went through Legion and there
  • were like ah you know it's fine
  • let me read my fucking comments here
  • honestly though with the token is this
  • really any different than buying any
  • other expensive in-game mount yes it is
  • you fucking dipshit because it creates a
  • sail through real money which makes
  • Blizzard get a positive feedback loop of
  • creating the goal and creating the item
  • which allows them to make more of them
  • because if more people are buying them
  • with gold that increases the price of
  • the tokens which conversely makes the
  • tokens more appealing to people that are
  • buying them which may exploit there's
  • more fucking money because they made the
  • fucking now stupid fucking stupid what
  • do you mean of course I found a person
  • on Twitter who has no idea how business
  • works listen these dipshit stupid
  • fucking comments for people that think
  • that they agree with Blizzard while they
  • send their game down to the fucking I
  • mean honestly the NAG afar is going to
  • be pulling up here pretty soon because
  • we're gonna be taking Wow to the fucking
  • law of souls this is sad
  • two three this is this is to December
  • imagine a kid asking his parents for BFA
  • for Christmas if my kid did that I'd
  • probably sign them up for special
  • classes and I'm not talking about
  • Advanced Placement no need for money
  • everyone works for free see these kind
  • of stupid self-righteous assuming post
  • right here this is why the game is going
  • downhill because you have clowns like
  • this who go around and they defend
  • anything the buzzer does because it's in
  • the interest of making money without
  • having any context or nuance of the idea
  • of ethical practices and creating a
  • positive relationship between yourself
  • and your users this is pathetic
  • like it is like it's absolutely fucking
  • pathetic check the fucking stock the
  • stock market is down everywhere okay see
  • they introduced the storm out boom it's
  • up No Oh
  • 50% of value Austin's six months is that
  • true we've got 70 we got 82 yeah you're
  • not even wrong this is why you're making
  • the storm ounce and these stupid fucking
  • morons defend it because Blizzard is a
  • company and so their only priority
  • should be making money there's no sort
  • of context or understanding of creating
  • goodwill with your users why the fuck do
  • you think companies donate the charity
  • they spend millions of dollars doing
  • this to create a good public image if
  • you don't understand how important
  • public images you shouldn't be on the
  • internet trying to do anything because
  • you're fucking clueless you don't
  • fucking know anything it's a tax
  • write-off if that's not how it works
  • they still end up spending money it
  • still costs them money to do that
  • they're not breaking even unless you
  • want to count the amount of goodwill
  • they create in the community and in
  • society for them mad over a kid's game
  • shut the fuck up butt-head seven seven
  • seven suck my fucking dick I probably
  • got more time slash point in this game
  • than you've been alive it's one thing
  • it's one thing to hear it because all
  • the time I'm gonna be honest with you
  • guys all the time I hear about house dad
  • where's the end where's dad go play
  • another game y'all play another game
  • house dead and I just always assumed
  • that they were full of fucking shit and
  • here we are we're sitting here looking
  • at a goddamn graph going all the way
  • down to the fucking bottom I hate seeing
  • these numbers I love this fucking game
  • fuck man well I I just I just look man
  • like here's the fucking thing okay
  • here's the fucking thing many of you
  • guys many of you all have grown up
  • playing well you know what I fucking
  • hate to see man what I fucking hate is
  • that I see people in my stream there's a
  • guy his name was hey how's it going
  • today another guy his name is smoking
  • these guys have watched me play well for
  • years
  • I remember them very well I remember
  • their name I see them inch I saw one of
  • them smoke
  • in chat today he was saying don't play
  • wow I'm er playing with smoke cane he
  • was a ret paladin I remember him and
  • he's telling me not to play the game
  • anymore okay class of all BFA that's
  • good idea battle for Ezra oh wow
  • can't wait for be afraid of come out
  • it's gonna be great we're gonna be able
  • to fight the Horde Sylvanas oh boy oh
  • jesus is gonna be so good
  • if pvp is gonna be bad well I can't wait
  • oh boy it's so much fun oh I ran in a
  • dailies to do cuz they may want to do
  • any Islands is a may online for mythic
  • plus is an ebay online for PvP is they
  • may online for world quests is anybody
  • online classic Wow wins classic Wow
  • coming out ah man I can't wait to play
  • it this is awesome the demo is great I
  • love this YouTube versus porn up I'm
  • pretty sure I can't show that one okay I
  • feel like so bad like ward of Warcraft
  • quitting if you look at all these and
  • it's like the past like the past year I
  • guess look at this quitting Wow after 14
  • years why I quit Wow why I'm quitting
  • Wow everyone is quitting well cyrez why
  • I really quit well reckful explains why
  • he quit well I was back in Cataclysm
  • they stopped playing it in BFA - why I
  • quit Wow in BFA I mean there's a lot of
  • these men and I kind of feel bad about
  • it I don't know what else to say you
  • will quit Wow for 14 years now well yeah
  • but I would say that there's more people
  • doing it now than there were before at
  • least I would say so I mean maybe I'm
  • wrong but you know there it is this is a
  • new fucking beyond even know this guy a
  • guy it's it's someone here dude Delhi
  • Belly minutes later now isn't all doom
  • and gloom I'll keep playing Wow I play
  • this game since 2007 I've lost that's
  • this game so I won't quit just like that
  • and I went the game to get better and
  • hope you as either with a 21 or the new
  • expansion but right now with this seat
  • that's the saddest thing man he hopes
  • the games gonna get better
  • in the next expansion
  • oh don't complain about things it's just
  • the Alpha they'll have it fixed by the
  • beta and then the beta comes out oh well
  • it's just the beta it's not even the
  • full game wait for it to come out and
  • then you'll see it's gonna be great
  • game comes out oh well it just came out
  • you can't expect them to have everything
  • fixed whenever they released the game
  • that you pay for just wait for the first
  • patch they're gonna have everything
  • fixed first patch comes out well
  • look people love this game and it's
  • something that they're gonna get it
  • right eventually maybe next expansion
  • I'll do it right and the process repeats
  • itself
  • every fucking time the amount of like
  • negative feedback I fuckin received for
  • criticizing BFA whenever it was in beta
  • and alpha who's laughing now no one's
  • laughing we're all crying because not
  • really but it's disappointing that I I
  • just you know I'm as with the channel
  • mostly had loads of planets actually
  • because from evolution like I see like
  • videos to all kinds of guys but I just
  • lost motivation to do any of them no
  • like I said that's kind of what happened
  • with me to actually like with the at the
  • beginning of of like I guess the
  • beginning of the beta and like the alpha
  • 4 BFA I kind of lost all of my interest
  • in making videos you know what I mean
  • because it was just like I already
  • fucking knew like that I didn't feel
  • good about the expansion ever and I was
  • obviously hopeful for it sure but was I
  • really excited and I did I think it was
  • gonna be like saving the game not really
  • and that was one of the reasons why I
  • stopped making videos is there was just
  • like I didn't get like that same
  • motivation out of it because I didn't
  • enjoy the game as much search for
  • McConnel Rhett
  • was this whenever he read wait was this
  • actually the REE this was the legitimate
  • fucking REE
  • there's no way um wit win all right just
  • a second McConnell Breen two years ago
  • okay uh McConnell loses clutch of GQ
  • okay this is the original video August
  • 13 2016 no that's not it
  • I wonder what it is second spike is
  • untouchable untouchable McConnell okay
  • let's see here June 12 2007 teen
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • actually let me go ahead and pause I
  • want to play it on my Spotify that way
  • it's just not annoying okay just relax
  • okay guys all right there we go
  • cuz the volume is the same okay there we
  • go we're fine alright check out beauty
  • all right you know what I'll check out
  • PewDiePie wait what's the second one
  • though
  • what is the second song February 18th to
  • 24th
  • McConnell Rhett reached his all-time
  • high
  • let me see February 8 what is this here
  • ten months ago
  • so did you know there
  • [Music]
  • oh I love it man
  • I guess that's what did it holy shit
  • that's fucking hilarious I can't even
  • believe it Wow
  • [Music]

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Will Classic WoW save the game or is it time to quit?

Best of Asmongold Ep. 138

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