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Video Top 10 Fighters of All Time
09:09   |   13M+ views   |   10/20/2018 at 23:23


  • they're the men you don't want to meet
  • in the ring or on the street welcome to
  • and today we're counting
  • down our picks for the top 10 fighters
  • of all time
  • for this list we've chosen the best
  • professional combat fighters from all
  • walks of life and have ranked them based
  • on accomplishments skill and the
  • likelihood that they could kick anyone's
  • ass number 10 Roy Jones jr.
  • named the Boxing Writers Association of
  • America's fighter of the decade for the
  • 90s Jones was the first boxer to go from
  • light middleweight to a heavyweight
  • title to start his career he went thirty
  • four bouts without losing and even then
  • his first defeat was controversial with
  • an original style and granite chin Jones
  • set a record by holding seven belts
  • simultaneously though his dominance
  • decline Jones legacy was secure joining
  • boxing's elite the new WBA heavyweight
  • champion of the world Roy Choi
  • the Junior
  • number nine fedor emelianenko
  • fighting uh-oh
  • how do you earn the nickname The Last
  • Emperor try going undefeated for almost
  • a decade longevity was his greatest
  • asset as was intensity stoicism and
  • unpredictability this Russian
  • heavyweight was a tough guy to knock out
  • or even to dominate some say he
  • benefited from easier opponents by
  • fighting for Pride FC m1 global and
  • affliction rather than UFC but in his
  • prime Emelianenko was unquestionably
  • king retiring with 35 wins and 40
  • contests number 8 Manny Pacquiao he's
  • the biggest name in the game today
  • labeled fighter of the decade for the
  • 2000s pac-man became the first octuple
  • boxing champion with 10 world titles
  • across 8 weight divisions after starting
  • his career in 1995 this Filipino fighter
  • rocketed through weight classes like no
  • one before or since mastering fancy
  • footwork with a stringent work ethic and
  • eventually becoming one of the world's
  • most electrifying and highest-paid
  • athletes it's the first time he's
  • knocked out somebody like this since he
  • was at 130 pounds
  • number 7 George st. Pierre this
  • welterweight has the brains brute
  • strength and discipline to succeed in
  • the Octagon plus he's a great MMA
  • ambassador GSP he's got a solid martial
  • arts background with karate boxing
  • jujitsu wrestling and Muay Thai capping
  • off his skills and making him a
  • well-rounded fighter also known as one
  • of the biggest UFC pay-per-view draws
  • the man known as rush is still riding a
  • career-high I feel like a samurai you
  • know I train every day I work on what I
  • love to do until I try to reach a
  • perfection even though I will never be
  • able to reach but every day I try to get
  • better at what I do if I could do that
  • for the rest of my life I'll be a team
  • number six Mike Tyson once the
  • undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
  • Iron Mike claimed victory his first 19
  • professional fights all by KO as the
  • youngest boxer to hold titles like the
  • WBC WBA and IBF heavyweight belts the
  • baddest man on the planet was dominant
  • and dreaded in the 80s and 90s and could
  • have possibly taken any guy on this list
  • in his prime how'd he win so much he
  • fought dirty oh and some nasty stuff
  • that neither need to be a bite or most
  • we focus very unhappy look at this
  • number five Muhammad Ali he was the
  • greatest and as much a personality as he
  • was a fighter okay don't do we'll get
  • him into if Iran will get him in one Ali
  • persistently trash-talked rivals and
  • stood up for his beliefs in the ring
  • this heavyweight used his height
  • footwork speedy fists and rope-a-dope
  • technique to triumph an Olympic gold
  • medalist and three time world champ he
  • ended his career with 56 wins in 61
  • fights and even when people called him
  • over the hill
  • Elise surprised them all
  • number four Joe Lewis known as one of
  • the greatest heavyweights to ever step
  • between the ropes the brown bomber
  • brought the sport of boxing back from a
  • low point with his track record of
  • industriousness authenticity and
  • powerful punching he defended his
  • championship title 25 times over 140
  • consecutive months to retire with 66
  • wins and 70 fights 52 coming by KO an
  • American icon he also represented us
  • athletic dominance and the fight for
  • integration number three Bruce Lee
  • we had the goods to back up his
  • pop-culture status powerful flexible
  • lightning fast and with unheard-of
  • stamina
  • he revolutionized fighting as an art
  • form and brought martial arts to new
  • levels of popularity as the founder of
  • Jeet Kune Do or the way of the
  • intercepting fist Li's was an amalgam of
  • techniques but he was a street fighter
  • first and foremost and a warrior in the
  • purest sense of the word be formless
  • shapeless like water now you put water
  • into a cup it becomes the cup you put
  • water into a bottle it becomes the
  • bottle you're putting a teapot it
  • becomes the teapot now water can flow or
  • it can crash be water my friend like
  • that number 2 Anderson Silva the spider
  • holds the UFC record for longest title
  • defense streak and even UFC president
  • white called this Brazilian the best
  • mixed martial artist ever known mainly
  • for his Muay Thai skills
  • he's also got black belts in Brazilian
  • jiu-jitsu and judo among his many ranks
  • labeled one of the best pound-for-pound
  • fighters in history he wins fights by
  • knockouts submissions intimidation and
  • any other way he can which sometimes
  • gets him in trouble
  • Anderson Silva sang attack before we
  • unveil our number one pick here are a
  • few honorable mentions Robert I mean
  • who's been in probably literally
  • hundreds of these John some up called
  • Leonard the Manito and Duran the boat
  • back told you skills are very underrated
  • as a boxer so to zero we sit down
  • this is actually where Mexican lost the
  • bill number one Sugar Ray Robinson cited
  • by many as history's greatest boxer
  • Robinson is the man for whom the
  • pound-for-pound rankings were created
  • Sugar Ray met the fiercest competition
  • going and simply accomplished more than
  • anyone else on this list with 173 wins
  • in two hundred fights
  • 108 by knockout his looks charm and
  • showmanship blended with speed footwork
  • a rock-hard shin and ambidextrous ko
  • skills to ensure that Sugar Ray was the
  • total package do you agree with our list
  • that ething who do you think is the
  • greatest fighter of all time don't think
  • be for more top 10s published every day
  • be sure to subscribe to
  • panics over there they are they put
  • their arms around each other Sugar Ray
  • Robinson being escorted to his corner by
  • Randolph Turpin
  • you

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They're the men you don't wanna meet in the ring or on the street. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 fighters of all time.

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