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Video Fortnite IMPOSSIBLE Challenge Course! *NEW* Custom Map in Fortnite Battle Royale
20:01   |   01/21/2019 at 19:58


  • so dude Steven has done it again what
  • they told me he's been working on
  • something for the past week Steven what
  • you got here
  • I've got you a problem-solving challenge
  • we have eight different problems that we
  • need to solve this is like a portal
  • puzzle map I don't know we're gonna
  • check this out and here's the deal I
  • don't think anybody's uploaded anything
  • like this to YouTube so if you guys
  • enjoy this type of fortnight thing and
  • want Steven to make something even
  • better hit the like button down below
  • and tell Steven you'll love him and I'm
  • me and Nico we're gonna be going through
  • this while Steven watches our pain
  • difference let's do this okay did we
  • just go okay good luck good luck okay
  • follow the arrow follow you okay okay
  • okay got a checkpoint okay you you want
  • to open the chest or should I open this
  • all up and help in it here we go Wow do
  • we have impulse nades for we do have
  • these what can I get to Steven Steven
  • Steven do you think I didn't think about
  • you jump and then oh no I got I got an
  • idea I got an idea I got an idea I got
  • an idea
  • I think that's it dude I went to hi
  • Steven are we on the right track here
  • yeah definitely on the right page on the
  • right they don't like phases first stage
  • is designed to test your patience I
  • don't have patience oh I think I think I
  • got it you've got to throw it on the on
  • the ramp on the ramp oh you think so
  • yes definitely dude this is tough Steven
  • why do you do this to us can give you a
  • little help in hand if you like what I'm
  • here we go oh oh that's so close Steven
  • am I doing this right or no do it you're
  • doing it the right way but there's
  • certain methods very easier than offers
  • what if you throw it and then I jump go
  • ahead go ahead okay okay tell me when
  • you throw it when you throw it Joe
  • okay you try again a jump dude dang ok
  • if you joke this time Utica ok I believe
  • you I believe you
  • is that how you gonna Stephen that's
  • perfect is the exact method I find to
  • use okay Stephen
  • you waited max okay here we go try this
  • again try this again right there
  • dang oh boy I don't want to go in here
  • yet - okay so we're number two red and
  • green lights out and eco stop it wait
  • what do we do here when the crystal find
  • out oh yeah over the chest okay sorry
  • Wow okay no no no no it's gonna kill us
  • that's gonna kill us
  • thank you
  • so the lift teleports you up there to
  • the spike trap correct right you'd have
  • to use the rift just pick it out what do
  • you do so we need to get over there to
  • that platform to reset our spawn point
  • to finish okay hold on hold on hold on
  • let me think let me think let me think I
  • have an idea
  • I have an idea I have an idea okay go
  • over here and then use it
  • I can't sign Stephen did you die
  • Niko's dead oh no Niko's that Nick are
  • you dead oh I got this wait what'd you
  • do we got to figure this out dude oh
  • okay it's a clue red the red and green
  • blocks on the wall Niko Fink put your
  • thinking cap on so what are you yes red
  • means no doodoo okay if you land right
  • in the middle of to a goodbye
  • can you blew that one up okay I'm just
  • and in the middle stand in the middle
  • right here
  • oh wait I'm supposed to land on that
  • bounce pad okay I'm here dang it if you
  • walk in the center you don't die I'm
  • coming up dude
  • oh you gotta hit the bounce pad just me
  • okay now I got a dodge through the traps
  • down here and in the middle oh okay okay
  • no what no what no what okay we figured
  • this out Stephen
  • puzzle twos going down okay here we go
  • here we go gonna land on this and then
  • we got to fall straight down we'll have
  • an idea right there in the middle Oh
  • Bravo
  • Stage two down that is what I'm talking
  • about
  • okay so state Ronnie Cajon away from
  • Niko Niko take your time take your time
  • Niko all right might be here a couple
  • days three days lay down you made it
  • dude good job I did it all right
  • stage dude this is Steven I like this D
  • this is fun guys like I said if you want
  • Steven to make another one of these get
  • that white blood ok stage three oh yeah
  • what's in the chest oh you have wood in
  • the chairs 500 wood yes now I'm nice
  • splitting it up just in case you die
  • bunch you don't want to lose all of this
  • put it up but I got it so what do we do
  • here okay so we have walls only build
  • walls oh so we got to get across this
  • only building walls we can't use stairs
  • okay
  • I only edit them in that shape so like
  • this and then I jump on this yeah yeah
  • that's what I was gonna do tonight edit
  • it up again jump okay oh man jump
  • everybody made it okay now what so we
  • can't build anything boat walls okay we
  • go Wow okay wait oh wait no wrap
  • yourself me why you need to place it
  • before you come oh crap
  • okay what I got to go back gotta go back
  • can I make this can I make this go nope
  • good bye
  • okay I get it do I get it okay so if I
  • if I build up like this then do it again
  • okay
  • okay now I have to place that and then
  • oh no I have to edit it I have to edit
  • it before I place it no if you get close
  • enough you can just reach it crouch and
  • crawl a little bit forward and you can
  • just edit it genius Steven you're a
  • genius okay here we go Wow okay
  • got it got it there we go there we go
  • yes okay now I have to place this like
  • that can I make this jump though
  • NoHo dude this is Soto I wonder if I can
  • just park horse kill this wait was I
  • supposed to place that would there hold
  • on hoorah okay okay hold on No
  • got it got it got it now how do I make
  • this oh I made it
  • wait did I win - do this do this do this
  • and then I have to make this last up
  • dang it Niko Niko hurry up dude stop
  • playing around Niko get over here
  • Niko stop lying on your side good job
  • Niko now you just build up you got this
  • dude I believe alright we're not all pro
  • like you mm-hmm
  • now this is the hardest jump right here
  • if you can make this dang it short
  • intermission oh good job Nico you made
  • it I did it dude
  • hi son Stage four Steven what do you
  • know
  • oh there's always a clue on the wall you
  • mean there's a clue on the wall Green
  • Arrow's green death Tasers oh that
  • wasn't it that wasn't it so what okay
  • okay so if you drop down there you die
  • right Nico let's find out again oh well
  • now you're stuck down there dang it okay
  • so what do we do
  • alright okay I'm gonna drop down I'm
  • gonna drop down hold sprint no hold on
  • hold on let me look let me look let me
  • look okay this is number four so if the
  • arrows David I'm so confused Ava what do
  • you want from us
  • but again okay okay hold on so this is
  • all about momentum
  • hold on so if I drop here hmm
  • I just figured out the secret by
  • accident Sunday what secret
  • it's secret did I do the jump is
  • impossible to make so you have to use
  • the tasers to get across which you did
  • by accident
  • I'm guessing oh ok Niko jump on do on
  • the ice jump on the ice and they just
  • run there you go now Joe ok you got to
  • work on your timing I tell you oh dude
  • that was sick I'm doing in line with the
  • phases as well as I don't like the looks
  • of 5
  • come on ego you got this oh there it is
  • get over there he's off going there okay
  • so this one do you mind it off we get a
  • grappler right it's not infinite though
  • as punch as we go no Steven hey where do
  • we go
  • maybe you should go to the middle so
  • there's symbols what do you see on the
  • walls
  • one two three four two on upside-down
  • smiley I I don't know
  • oh don't you know Morse code maybe it's
  • Morse code you think is Morse code I'm
  • gonna check this out okay that's not it
  • we're in the bushes
  • nothing oh dang it oh okay bushes well
  • you have to go through the bushes what
  • do you mean there's holes in the bushes
  • wait what like you can go through where
  • those bushes are we just gotta figure
  • out which one's the safe one I mean the
  • symbols have to mean something so the
  • symbols I'm trying to think this is
  • actually hurting okay Steven I give up
  • what did this symbols mean it's Morse
  • code
  • whoo that is Morse code Morse code drag
  • for you yeah translate the Morse code
  • for us what the heck is it translates to
  • no the three symbols translates to North
  • or five symbols translate to North
  • you've got two symbols on East one
  • symbol South and two symbols West yes no
  • wait what's one is it okay so we got to
  • go through the North one oh there it is
  • it was in the south one Steven news in
  • the South one you cheater you cheat you
  • lied to us
  • what's it subtract okay okay there we go
  • now balloons number six
  • oh no oh what do we do here dude oh
  • you're dead goodbye Anika oh you're not
  • dead
  • oh okay so maybe I'm supposed to use two
  • balloons right go for it
  • Oh was that it no you keep this no you
  • can't come out here bro oh is this the
  • spectator platform yeah all right I'm
  • sorry that's my bad I should I should
  • have explained that maybe next time put
  • like a wall or something okay so if I go
  • up what okay okay so I gotta go up with
  • two
  • go forward land on the front blah okay
  • okay so I got to go up with two and then
  • release one and then land on the purple
  • thing Negro you got to stop dying dude
  • but what if I god guys somebody to bring
  • in we win here we go jumping dots toes
  • least one you're okay wait how did that
  • kill me try this again here we go go
  • over drop one land right there okay okay
  • now this is gonna take - again - again
  • okay I'm gonna have to jump
  • Jake it's Steven and there we go
  • dead center okay back here back here
  • back here okay so if I do to jump go
  • forward drop these that's cool I like
  • that gets off Steven down eco take your
  • time dude take your time you know you
  • don't worry about me dude stage 7 we
  • have a golf cart oh gosh
  • are you gonna make it not like I'll go
  • go go oh okay
  • stage 7 I got ourselves a golf cart babe
  • oh I got it I got it I got it ready okay
  • okay you gotta jump over it and land on
  • the center but it right in go like this
  • okay jump and then what then land on the
  • top there
  • we're land on the wall yeah
  • oh you land on the wall up there okay
  • gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta oh there
  • okay we jumping
  • okay oh I got it I got it I got it here
  • we go ready ready ready dang give up
  • here
  • no I felt I felt I felt I'm dead I'm
  • dead I mean I'm dead so you got a jump
  • from the wall to the thingy and then
  • over so now okay hold on hold on I got
  • this ready knee go ready jump jump
  • No so how do we not lead I look above
  • you there's a clue if I look above me
  • there's a clue red red red green we got
  • to move the cart back there somehow
  • you know it's trying oh no I'm moving
  • the cuts on the very edge of the back
  • what you did it I did it well I want to
  • do I want you I want to do it
  • know what you do beat one first okay oh
  • let me forget help me figure this out I
  • got this I got this
  • okay laying there can land there oh did
  • I do it good or no no yeah that was it
  • are you sure did make it though
  • basically that's how I did it but you
  • have to hit the proper edge when you hit
  • the proper edge it pings you higher than
  • the normal jump so I have to hit the
  • very edge of the back oh it's like a
  • glitch thing oh yeah all right I did
  • number seven way okay number eight yeah
  • is this number eight yeah number eight
  • okay we have chug jugs we drink up I'm
  • drinking a big half as many like okay
  • I'm gonna take seventy okay we're good
  • to go Steve so Steven had to reset it
  • something about it was like bushes over
  • there okay ready
  • can we go yeah oh good now okay so we
  • got to make it over on that
  • no oh well like the crapper their traps
  • there Oh David you are a sadist what is
  • wrong with you there's a secret puffin
  • you must find it okay okay okay so I'm
  • gonna look for what I'm yeah okay
  • there's trash there there's for sure no
  • job okay I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try
  • to find it I'm gonna try to find the
  • mace go this way okay okay okay okay
  • this is good this is good
  • so there's no trap here ah there's one
  • there's one there one there what if I
  • jump here okay I found a free spot what
  • about here and there's traps of there's
  • traps up there okay dagger oh good job
  • good job Niko okay I got a drink again
  • dude I got a drink again what do we do
  • oh nice job Niko Oh Nico glaze yes okay
  • let me drink this really quick so we
  • need to keep Red Cross yeah he likes
  • going across okay let me drink this five
  • seconds four seconds so if we go here
  • okay Nico you be the you be that you be
  • the test dummy go that way oh how did
  • you know I was it my head okay okay I'll
  • test the next one now I don't now I have
  • no idea so it can one two or three I
  • don't think it's this one I think this
  • one went off yeah I think it's gonna be
  • this one okay oh dude we gotta make this
  • Nico do you think it's another a cross
  • boy I'm gonna find out dude yeah okay it
  • could be to the to the left up here
  • it could that or it could even be back
  • oh oh dude I have enough health I don't
  • even care yeah
  • and we did it Nico we have taken down
  • Stephen good job see that's a good
  • master you like that oh wow I got some
  • good loot may not like it what's it
  • what's in here what's in here this is
  • pretty good
  • thanks for not listen we're gonna end
  • this video here again if you guys want
  • Steven to make another one of these even
  • good er er it's a like button down
  • lawsuit subscribe buddy for you to any
  • of our channels hit that little BAM good
  • job see those fun

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