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Video How To Get A Stuck CD Out Of Your Car CD Player
03:06   |   803K+ views   |   today at 02:54


  • hello there I'm very excited about my
  • success story of finally getting a stuck
  • CD out of our CD player this is a stock
  • factory CD player stereo from 2007 Honda
  • Civic office whatever reason it didn't
  • like one CD that got stuck in there and
  • I tried about six or seven tricks from
  • Google the last one I saw that he hadn't
  • tried til just now was taking some sort
  • of a stick and putting sticky tape on it
  • and trying to pull the CD out that way
  • here's what I ended up doing and it
  • worked for me I just want to pass this
  • on cuz nothing else worked it's been a
  • issue for several weeks I used a piece
  • of shim wood I'm sure something else
  • would work but this worked really well
  • for me by the nature of being a piece of
  • shim wood it's thicker in one end than
  • the other if you can see that so it's
  • nice and thin at the end see if I can
  • show it to you a little bit better here
  • nice and thin at the end but still very
  • sturdy I didn't want anything that would
  • break off and yet I wanted something I
  • had a lot of surface area there and I
  • took a piece of packing tape very sticky
  • clear packing tape I don't have it here
  • I did a long piece and if I can show you
  • here I even though don't have the tape
  • with me now I put the tape this way so
  • the piece of tape is probably close to a
  • foot long because I didn't want to risk
  • the tape getting stuck in there too so
  • instead I just put the piece of tape
  • lengthwise I guess you'd call it and I
  • was actually holding onto the piece of
  • tape with my fingers as I did it and
  • all's I did one issue as you can see and
  • you might know this since you're
  • watching this video is I could even see
  • in there I mean the the rubber or
  • plastic yeah I guess rubber stuff makes
  • it so you can't even really see what's
  • happening there and I basically used
  • this narrow end of the shim with a piece
  • of tape I stuck it in there and pushed
  • down I was kind of guessing and assuming
  • from what I've read on YouTube that and
  • Google that we'll see CDs go in and then
  • down then I hit eject and as I was
  • hitting eject I kind of toyed with a
  • little bit honestly I waited till the CD
  • player
  • stop doing its sound I thought it failed
  • so I lifted up and pulled the stick out
  • and when I did the CD was attached to it
  • my first try so yeah I just had to share
  • this in case it helps one of you all I'm
  • sure something else would work I also
  • thought of a putty knife as actually
  • looking for my putty knife when I found
  • this piece of shim would this worked so
  • I don't care what works as long as it
  • works and as you may know the sticky
  • packing tape is very sticky it almost
  • hurts your finger to take it off so that
  • was a good choice I think - I wouldn't
  • use anything less sticky so it was just
  • a beautiful thing obviously I got rid of
  • that CD I haven't tried another CD yet
  • I'm really hoping that that CD was the
  • issue but I really hope this helps
  • somebody take care

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Tried several tricks/ideas from Google--this "packing tape on a stick" finally worked for me.

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