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Video RANDOM Wall of WEAPONS *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale
28:39   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • today's video is probably one of the
  • craziest fall night videos I've ever
  • recorded the ending is Sam different let
  • me just put it like that I guess but the
  • rules are very simple like always guys
  • we get five shots each of us Biffle
  • settles Sunday and I and then we
  • basically just shoot five shots at a
  • wall a giant wall filled with weapons
  • sometimes it's gonna be a llama with a
  • weapon
  • sometimes there's gonna be nothing
  • nothing also the wall that has like a
  • cross on it is either really good or
  • really bad it's like the 50/50 wall
  • after the five shots are over we collect
  • the weapons and we fight it all out in
  • the best out of three scenario anyway
  • guys if you're hype for this video as
  • always show me some love man hit that
  • like button down below you guys are
  • killing it with the support lately man
  • if you want to join us as well hit that
  • subscribe button were almost a 4 million
  • let's make it a reality hit that
  • subscribe button man and also turn on
  • notifications by hitting that little
  • bell and I'll just see you in the video
  • alright everybody got that snipers ready
  • right yes this is I haven't even turned
  • around it check this out dude dude
  • knowing my lock I'm gonna get the worst
  • dude ever
  • dude my floaty boat dude I who wants to
  • go first
  • Ian do you want to go first who wants to
  • go out with you no seat just goes after
  • Biffle you go after satchels and I go
  • after you Biffle ok I'm shooting
  • somebody I'm ready one ready note 1 2
  • I'm taking the X shoot shoot ok somebody
  • not get a llama right there I think
  • someone oh okay everybody get lucky
  • except for me dude no like I was a green
  • palm oh gosh
  • what okay we'll check out what I got
  • look at that BAM this is what I got dude
  • that video
  • oh no that laugh is so evil I'm sorry
  • especially with that skin dude wow I
  • want to go first this time you guys
  • ready all right ready ready all right
  • okay citrus after me
  • it's uh do you have to say juice
  • biffle's after pickles okay why what
  • suit
  • oh my wait for the 5051 dude all right
  • okay shoot shoot
  • Oh down there wait somebody got nothing
  • was dead using are you kidding I'm gonna
  • for all the x's what's in this one
  • a bandage I went for x2 and I got a
  • freeze trap the unluckiest person on
  • earth I got nothing crater at least you
  • got something
  • oh yeah you're right about that one I'd
  • have you go first wait what do you got
  • yeah I got a green pop yeah you're so
  • lucky with your new baby please don't
  • ever call me that again is right now
  • look at never call me that again
  • yeah you call me a look into my eyes
  • look look I'm looking up all right you
  • know I'm going all right good a someone
  • count me down 3 2 1 shoot bad on these
  • shoot single shoot okay
  • [Laughter]
  • your x-ray vision better these llamas
  • they okay is the luckiest person in the
  • world everyone group up get your rock
  • get your mind ready to be blown because
  • you guys okay wait okay as soon as you
  • drop it
  • look what I got I got a hunting rifle
  • what did you get in damn time rocking my
  • double shotgun okay and sickles you got
  • well
  • nothing nothing just like my like love
  • life nothing
  • they all needs to know that did he leave
  • did he just yeah on a bag now essentials
  • you go first in three two one
  • shoot that's the waterfall I'm girls oh
  • we went for next ok I'm going for next
  • to either bad or maybe good before got
  • nothing I got a whole lot of nuts I
  • thought it was sent chills again for a
  • second wait what you guys came
  • yes I got the new suppress sniper in my
  • eggs dude no you're gonna look at my x2
  • crater what what did you get dude I'm
  • looking at your ax dude Wow micron B is
  • real dude you get blown away you guys
  • ready to be 3 2 1 oh I did an ironic one
  • okay it wasn't it was real yeah yeah I
  • can I go first this time guys please
  • please please please
  • okay three two one two okay okay you
  • know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a no
  • scope for this one I got not mama dude
  • well you actually landed that - how did
  • you actually land that with a nose go
  • through now suppressive right there holy
  • crap you deserve something good and you
  • go I think it's pretty good look at
  • sister's new right now Kimmy this is so
  • sad guys hit that like button down below
  • they call me sad sizzles dude this is it
  • all right let's go fight guys I mean I
  • got pretty lucky I think I guys round
  • one who's feeling confident right now
  • probably that shit I am rules are simple
  • oh you guys ready to hold on I have a
  • pimple I have a tip for ya anyway guys
  • two lives each you ready yeah ready
  • four three two one are you ready I'm
  • gonna do any in depression do you have a
  • stroke didn't actually hurt my throat a
  • lot who's there
  • Lucy John wake over how did you already
  • hit me with that I'm good oh it's
  • grenade launchers I forgot somebody has
  • good aim
  • oh yeah that would be me I have a name
  • hello hey people a people haze be fooled
  • awfully that you would bring your
  • creates over here sir Bibble Bibble
  • what's up babe what's up FIF beef whoa
  • oh the situation has gone down a hundred
  • and four with a green pump Starling you
  • like that it was the only option I had
  • i'm salty I'm a free plate in slow
  • motion
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • did you just die your BMI deck out
  • weight-loss have one life
  • oh one life oh no we all have one life
  • remaining dude this is gonna suck put it
  • into action
  • I'm not wearing everywhere oh wait I
  • think this is him
  • no that's pit bulla don't leave me alone
  • just leave it alone don't leave me hey
  • guys guys listen up people
  • now where is the Ian and the situation
  • is alive to kill scissors first I
  • where's the unit normal yep is he an
  • alive are you alive - Ian or about me
  • he's making the sweaty ramps again dude
  • oh he's sweaty look at him yeah well you
  • know what sweatpants the park so where's
  • this guy oh the color nowhere nowhere
  • okay
  • oh we just blew you down dude okay well
  • we can get the kill come on sick Isles
  • Jason over here oh yeah I'm gonna win
  • the first round boys if you believe in
  • me hit that Bell thank you thank you Ian
  • you were just there now is the sigils
  • and Ian battling it out like - never
  • mind
  • first round definitely go Stewie in at
  • wait how many kills do you have Ian ah
  • three head - how many did you have
  • before I had one I made you have
  • centrioles all right Ian wins first
  • round daggit dude I had stitches I wish
  • you luck dude you can go first for the
  • first shot okay okay okay TMX you got a
  • laugh dude in three two one
  • shoot I'll shoot okay
  • I got a lot of beautiful and Ian both
  • got empty and here's to doing guys the
  • ball we go on with this video the less
  • windows are gonna be open so where it's
  • gonna get bad
  • wait I got a llama but oh my favorite
  • web reduce people I got my deagle yes do
  • you guys are gonna get break wats it
  • you'll swats
  • buddy although mind you people I do
  • appreciate that dude yeah and Ian you
  • got say I got nothing
  • the way what is that a kami and what
  • what did you get ah what happened last
  • round yeah what what did you get what
  • happened last round
  • uh-huh okay you want yep okay I get it
  • okay Ian do you want to go first dude
  • yup three two one shoot llama citrus
  • before this I got a lobby okay give me
  • something gonna get it I love you with
  • the first one
  • I'm gonna get lucky with the second one
  • I got a legendary throughout the FAMAS
  • dude what I really like this weapon I
  • like my weapon so far weights it's just
  • what did you get dude I mean it's okay I
  • got a blue pump though oh that's good
  • what are you Ian ah you guys might hate
  • me
  • oh no I actually Oh
  • oh you guys what a damn count now yeah
  • no I got a bomb
  • was that mom yeah PBJs mom they're ready
  • yeah sigils mom what was that okay
  • coming over for dinner what is my time
  • to go first boys you ready all right
  • countdown somebody who wants to do it 7
  • 6 5 7 6 5 7 6 5 7 did he break 5 can you
  • give us a go people yeah
  • Cecil's nothing big boys do all that
  • soon Absalom I'm coming to see what you
  • got you I'm coming to see what you got
  • dude this this can't be real this is so
  • sad you just got my idea I hate you wait
  • do you guys have two shots left - yep
  • okay good I thought I counted wrong
  • satchels have you gone first yet yes
  • but thank you biffle's what about you
  • dude you go first dude it's week one
  • you'd know right below that wait the
  • next one that one will yes I'm the only
  • one that got in love that's what I'm
  • talking about mr. Lama I'm gonna call
  • you Jenny from the block give you
  • something good
  • why don't I use my last I use my last
  • bullet to shoot a dollar okay I didn't
  • think about that one but I got it done
  • done you guys want me to leave my room
  • again I'll leave it again dude stop
  • please do please do yeah you know you
  • ready yeah I'm ready
  • okay three two one two
  • shoots it is literally oh my goodness it
  • to scout something and here comes my
  • shot for the legendary sniper you guys
  • it's gotta be a legendary sniper I
  • promise it's gotta be a legend there's
  • diapers don't dude they'll be so sick of
  • facts it predicted come on wait what
  • they're okay
  • what that guys actually might is it dude
  • that actually way me go like this
  • that's a dairy pop rather you guys ready
  • to go five wait what did you get citrus
  • oh yeah well I got a pump just oh I
  • think I got the best stock so you guys
  • are gonna love me yeah that's all you
  • have yes that's gonna saw him I drowned
  • too if Ian wins this one he takes home
  • the cake is that what they say over
  • there in America I don't like I don't
  • like cake a new boys girls cats is gross
  • ready he's not a squirrel or cat three
  • two one trying dude he's trying to be
  • trying to be like me I hate my weapons
  • so much good you have more than one the
  • only thing I hate more than my weapons
  • is Austin
  • what oh wow my somebody that's Ian no
  • come on
  • he literally bragged about it all of
  • last episode of the less rapidly
  • uncreated are beyond oh you just got
  • headshot
  • [Music]
  • generally this OS one so Conroy's why
  • wouldn't you trying to reload my minigun
  • what I don't know actually
  • who's that come here already got em to
  • me and a vampire chick Camaro white shit
  • come here water pitbulls dead deep
  • craters dangerous with that shotgun over
  • here click dude wait we'll all have one
  • line recepient right now I just want to
  • point that out
  • oh my goodness
  • HHS is having a strong citrus has been
  • officially permanently eliminated we all
  • have one life biffle's any enemy citrus
  • is out of the game risk this is this is
  • so sad hit that like button down below
  • this is how dude where you ant little
  • boy geez dude that mini goddess in here
  • that many guns giving me PTSD and I need
  • to go okay I'm trying to follow the
  • sound right now so ah don't have to
  • follow it follow me I hit him I hit him
  • now give credit hey woman
  • what make you think I won't cut you I'm
  • not focusing on a purpose he's just the
  • only one I can see oh that's before all
  • right
  • wow did it what you got you guys look
  • alike look dress for sound oh I am one
  • right here okay I sound like ninja
  • dude stop shooting at me oh so mean I
  • didn't mean target you I'm sorry and
  • nowhere nowhere
  • oh my good the second route goes to the
  • crane stir the end me I never want you
  • to have a minigun again I don't mind you
  • have to the porter force I don't want
  • you to have clingers I don't want you
  • have five blades I don't want you have
  • to disco ball I don't want you to have
  • any troll whip room again
  • all right boys this is the last round
  • I've gotta go first I got fries on my
  • back I can go first I'm in love with
  • this little judgement people do you want
  • to count me down dude three to nothing
  • nothing be back got nothing CTools
  • what's the only guy to get anything dude
  • wait you okay you got a suppressed
  • pistol for them everybody else got
  • nothing wait yeah I'm about to get a
  • minigun about to get many guns oh geez
  • the bodies don't do it did you ever love
  • me yes I thought you had nothing wow oh
  • my goodness you are the luckiest person
  • I know dude nice nice be nice okay he's
  • definitely not going first
  • Saito's you call first dude to watch
  • shoot oh shoot yeah let me see if I get
  • one oh my god before the llama boys dude
  • I mean I guess this is good I got a
  • slurp juice I got a slurp what did you
  • can spin for God I got sadness which is
  • involved a double barrel shock use
  • another arrow
  • I did you go first this time in three
  • two one
  • shoot go oh okay sigils yeah trainer I'm
  • on wait how do you keep getting stopped
  • Oh fine
  • are you got a double deagle do double
  • deed look at this look at this ready for
  • this ready face down good job people
  • that's what I'm talking about right
  • there dude that's exactly what I would
  • have done all right I'm going first this
  • time and I want a llama in three two one
  • shoot nothing so far only have a slurve
  • that's great oh yeah does anybody want
  • to know what I have so far because I
  • only have a slab yeah what am I supposed
  • to do if only have a slab dude drink it
  • yeah yeah just drink it all right I'm
  • gonna who wants to go first and you go
  • first again dude sure okay going I was
  • gonna shoot that one Biffle yeah say
  • chole get over here oh my I'm so scared
  • what if I don't get anything
  • I'd say choose which one is you are you
  • feeling dude this very one I have a good
  • you trust me Craner yes I trust it with
  • all my heart
  • okay that black one right in the center
  • the one big one just clap that yeah
  • we're real plan click on it like did ok
  • choose if you disappoint me
  • I will disown you in 3 2 1
  • Oh what did you keep my you literally
  • edited it away boys
  • you make me doubt myself so much dude
  • wait you guys ready to see what's inside
  • dude okay
  • I gotta be a minigun give me a minigun
  • give me a minigun minigun no three
  • pistols Wow three pistols DN is the
  • pistol king dude and they're biffle you
  • have a quat launcher so that's oh we
  • begin this one oh this is the final
  • round boys you ready in three two one
  • Ian go you same thing okay okay we're
  • going oh gosh Eagle guy I think I found
  • a deep two people shooting me truly lost
  • you mean I definitely found oh my
  • goodness
  • hello astronaut what would you oh well
  • you know redeploy is known but will work
  • oh my do use your shotgun nerd well I
  • can't I'm not close also don't call me
  • that God does it offend you as a nerd or
  • what dude Oh
  • lazer eat it I lost everything I love
  • Saint Joe's is killing the entire lobby
  • right now cuz he's the only one with an
  • AR dude yeah that'll do it that'll
  • really honestly good where are you oh I
  • said what up what up city
  • what do you every time you make a big
  • name for me I get a little free okay you
  • have a shotgun and that's actually kind
  • of annoying me huh Sejal you have to die
  • my guns no no I don't think
  • what huh did you just okay yeah remember
  • to pick up your guns central's you just
  • lost the weight do we all have one life
  • left off okay getting some really hit
  • markers on you guys or it doesn't do
  • Dave about the game dang it I'm not
  • gonna be the winner dude I like it
  • stupidness if I win I win it all but if
  • you don't then what happens having
  • people wait we gotta go nowhere of
  • nowhere listen we talked about this try
  • to figure out what happens right now so
  • sigils therefore it again all have one
  • life left
  • oh that's Ian that's Ian right there oh
  • my you guys ready all the way up there
  • dude I'm trying to look at the board
  • cannot win see Jules and Sundy can win
  • that means it's one to me once again and
  • once a sit wait what so we go back to
  • the wall okay no banks along the wall
  • one once one time n right and then you
  • guys give me your weapons and then I win
  • okay no that's not gonna happen how
  • about we all shoot the wall once and
  • whatever we get we fight with even if we
  • get nothing okay I'm down okay so I
  • Bibble yeah that's me since it's me
  • sigils and crane are going okay yeah I
  • pass my reins to you wait what Oh
  • I chose my champion I am NOT are you
  • worried for nothing
  • bottom left but all very bottom was yeah
  • we are all gonna pickaxe each other oh
  • right here I boys as soon as we landed
  • that little square we go ahead with each
  • other and you're the commentator you
  • have to make comments about our fighting
  • or my strong jaw okay I feel like I'm
  • feel like I'm landing first I feel like
  • I'm late
  • I gave you one job upside the everything
  • oh my goodness dude I won that was
  • intense man
  • I can't believe just how you guys ganged
  • up on me I'm mad about oh my goodness
  • that was so much fun if you guys enjoyed
  • this video make sure to blotching that
  • like button down below do you guys like
  • that also check out Biffle shadow
  • schedules channels maybe Ian Sano if you
  • feel like it down at the description
  • blow in there yeah
  • that was thank you for letting me punch
  • in your faces guys that was nice people
  • I will never forgive you okay what do
  • you got to say for yourself people
  • that's right that's right
  • [Music]

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Today in we use a HUGE Wall of random weapons
to choose our load out for a fight!
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