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Video Fortnite made me buy every skin...
15:56   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • all right might as well just hit record
  • you didn't get this over with all right
  • sitting down making this video because
  • there's a whole bunch of videos all over
  • YouTube people might chat up and not
  • stop asking me and it's something I need
  • to address it's not bad
  • honestly it's kind of funny it's kind of
  • I think it's got a dough but anyway you
  • guys know what it is I have a few
  • different highlight videos that people
  • reposted of me and I'm gonna watch
  • through them and kind of explain the
  • whole situation with the bursts being
  • vaulted and I set a few things in the
  • past I didn't think they would catch up
  • to me but they did and I'm here to just
  • kind of explain myself and deal with the
  • consequences so basically everybody
  • knows that I was not a fan of the burst
  • rifle and fortnight at all it was not a
  • fan here's one of the first clips I
  • wanted to watch right here I wish had a
  • real AR fuckin lit dude that was a
  • little-bitty cuz I get what I said again
  • or so words though I can't move my face
  • cam real quick so it's not in the way
  • let's see because I don't want to be
  • overlap in my webcam I could put in the
  • top top left at work you can see my face
  • or reactions and throughout all these
  • clips because they're obviously in the
  • same spot
  • it's I'm watching myself here it's t foo
  • reacting to TV I wish had a real AR look
  • at his burst shot dude that was just a
  • simple clip there's this clip oh wait
  • let me backward back up where is it
  • I hate burst Braille I've gotten so many
  • bursts this dream I don't know why did
  • I've gotten so fucking many dude
  • every chest I've opened early game
  • obverse row look at the vaad fucking
  • calculated up dude it's actual facts
  • listen teeth whoa in the past just
  • relaxed in the future it'll be all okay
  • it's not only this a pasty foo all right
  • and then there's this clip this is the
  • clip that has been roaming around the
  • internet that people have been tagging
  • me and everyone's been asking me in the
  • chat this is the clip that it's here and
  • it's it's lurking I need to talk about
  • it you know this this is it was just go
  • ahead and watch dude this game would be
  • significantly better if they vaulted all
  • the bursts as I get a burst from the
  • chest well is that what you say listen
  • Epic Games I will literally support
  • skins until I die if you guys but we're
  • talking one more time skin those up
  • listen Epic Games I will literally
  • support skins until I die all right I
  • said all the bursts okay but I'm not
  • gonna go down that road because I'm
  • gonna get hate you they did devoted all
  • the bursar you shouldn't vote for moss
  • okay whatever I'm not gonna argue that I
  • am a man of my word and I'll get onto
  • that later in the video but stay tuned
  • for that
  • okay just like nowadays I don't know man
  • like batter Oreos and three round burst
  • weapons don't mix at all
  • and I can explain to you guys why it's
  • pretty fucking simple digit so in battle
  • royale games you get in all types of
  • different engagements when you're
  • playing on a map so big but with pio is
  • you know a point of interest in some
  • certain locations you run into
  • close-range combat so you find yourself
  • in close range combat a lot but you also
  • find yourself in long-range combat a lot
  • so you have this burst in the game a gun
  • that is terrible at close-range combat
  • and long-range combat so you might ask
  • what is the gun actually good for hmm
  • let's see
  • fuckin dog shit it's not good for
  • anything say mid range combat baby
  • I might agree with you but there's
  • better alternatives in the game some
  • people say hey man the verse is good
  • close up dude yeah you know what else is
  • good close up a fucking double-barrel
  • right to your face double bears faulted
  • idiot but I do agree with myself in the
  • past you know why would I use a famas up
  • close when I can use a pump a heavy even
  • attack even though attacks are good it's
  • still rather DS attack then for boss I'd
  • rather use a p90 I'd rather use an SMG
  • like like what I say in this clip is all
  • pretty accurate till this day you know
  • hey man now the various men long-range
  • nothing shreds yeah man if you fucking
  • use a scope there before have you sniped
  • before dude I'm so like I don't know man
  • maybe the burst would be good if they
  • took out the score in the game and made
  • them they can only carry two weapons
  • like a gun is literally irrelevant this
  • phone yeah I agree though like the
  • bursts it might have a place in the game
  • if there wasn't an option to hold five
  • weapons you know it's all about like you
  • know a guns only as good as its other
  • guns yeah I don't explain it exactly but
  • like if you just have a shop and it's
  • obviously not good you have a shotgun a
  • p90 that's like you're close to mid
  • range like combo that will just destroy
  • people you know and as long as there's
  • five weapon slots bro you can have very
  • very unique good and versatile weapons
  • setup there's just too many slots
  • there's no point for the burst because
  • it's just so decently shit at everything
  • that the only reason it was like the
  • only place that could actually be used
  • in would be like a game-mode where
  • there's only like two weapon slots or
  • something then the scar wasn't the game
  • that air wasn't in the game but like
  • that'll never happen so I'm glad you
  • know they decide to vault it but I'm
  • gonna keep off I was literally rather
  • use like the only time you ever use a
  • burst is like if you can't find anything
  • else like who the fuck is gonna take a
  • burst over a scar when a scar is not
  • only just as good close up but also it
  • has first shot accuracy a mad but guess
  • what the FAMAS has first shot accuracy -
  • Oh true
  • it does have first shot accuracy but in
  • order to shoot one accurate bullet you
  • have to wait for two other inaccurate
  • bullets to come out of the gun before
  • you can shoot it again so the gun is
  • completely irrelevant I mean that guy I
  • just watched he's not wrong honestly
  • that's pretty smart he's pretty cute too
  • I wouldn't even lie alright so that was
  • obviously like a month back in the past
  • it got a little bit of you know those
  • videos have like thousands and millions
  • of views and people that was a big deal
  • and you know we go to the latest for
  • night patch notes and you know we are at
  • the battle royale section and we scroll
  • down and what do we see the following
  • the following variants of the burst
  • assault rifle have been vaulted uncommon
  • common in rare dangit Keith who in the
  • past you're gonna cost me a lot of money
  • but what's in the passes was in the past
  • and what's that is said so we're here to
  • deal with the consequences before I get
  • on for tonight and do what you guys
  • probably are watching this video to see
  • me do I got a couple clips right here TV
  • said he would buy skins if ethnic
  • removed first
  • get the clip was get the clip works
  • posing them get the clip we're exposing
  • good work go to work
  • I remember that actually get the clip
  • I'll expose him on Twitter did well see
  • if he did expose me on Twitter so shows
  • how much of a man he actually is but
  • anyway the clip I guess of ninja talking
  • about it the boy Tyler well you'll be
  • spending some actually gonna go through
  • the vinyl skins oh god yeah of course
  • I'm gonna go through what they did
  • because if I don't go through with it
  • people are gonna roast me people are
  • gonna call me words that probably aren't
  • good and I probably shouldn't use right
  • now because you know I'm a PG streamer
  • family friendly you know all I do is
  • make slime videos and play Minecraft so
  • yeah alright dude let's go ahead and get
  • this over with let me just go on for
  • tonight real quick
  • oh god there better be a good item shop
  • chat wait this is a YouTube video
  • there better be a good item shop YouTube
  • viewers
  • listen chat I haven't put in a credit
  • card or PayPal or whatever you used to
  • buy V bucks onto my account in a very
  • long time since I actually got banned
  • well since before I got banned
  • technically all right well here here
  • goes nothing all right B bucks
  • all right purchase mmm-hmm
  • oh I got my wallet on me whoever is
  • editing this video just blur that out I
  • don't even want that even room I don't
  • even want them to know what letters
  • there are even though half is blurred
  • out
  • okay so just blurt it all out whoever's
  • editing this blur that out we don't want
  • them to see that confirming purchase oh
  • my god my webcam is covering it monkey
  • is you guys ready you guys ready you
  • guys ready
  • 13500 v bucks Wow wowzer
  • I did it boys but the only reason I did
  • it is because I was using supporter
  • creator code T foo if I hadn't had this
  • code in the bottom right corner of the
  • item shop I would have never even bought
  • skins even though I said I would because
  • of the bursts getting vaulted in the
  • past I said that blah blah blah blah
  • blah blah blah if you guys aren't using
  • supporter critic ot from the bottom
  • right corner of the forum shop you're
  • not a true supporter because it
  • literally cost you guys nothing you're
  • giving your 5 percent away to either
  • somebody else which I respect that's
  • fine
  • if you like somebody more than me
  • whatever dude that's fine you do you but
  • if you don't have a supporter critter
  • code you're giving 5% of all your
  • purchases to epic games when you
  • couldn't be giving it to your favorite
  • supporter like me so if you don't if
  • you're not using that you suck anyway
  • what do we got in the shop bulls I
  • already have that skin did I just I
  • don't even like harvesting tools do I
  • buy I said I was gonna buy them all dang
  • it all right fine
  • the harpoon pile never use that to be
  • honest definitely will never use the
  • rust Ryder why would I ever use this
  • okay what's my screen is black my game
  • just blew up it just crashed
  • it's aside maybe I shouldn't buy skin
  • sometimes you buy a trash glider your
  • game breaks don't buy that glider cuz
  • obviously you make your game crash here
  • we go loading back up the four night two
  • dolls in the game for 10 seconds just
  • crashed that's abuse you know it's
  • actually funny though guys if I didn't
  • if Epic Games didn't add football skins
  • to my account I probably till this day
  • would still not have skins but I would
  • and I would have and I ended up buying
  • skins today so like even if they didn't
  • add it to my account I would still in a
  • bind skin it was only a matter of time
  • dude cuz I said so much stuff I was like
  • oh if this changes I'll buy a skin
  • because I get the time like honestly if
  • I didn't have skins right now and they
  • vaulted to burst I'd be like fair
  • exchange whatever I'll buy skins now
  • because I really did hate that gun and
  • like till this day I still don't like
  • the FAMAS I can deal with it somewhat
  • but like the the gray bursts the green
  • bursts even the blue bursts - they're so
  • bad they're so bad true love
  • dude buy them all
  • [Music]
  • probably never use that but I like the
  • skin I like the back bling I like the
  • girl this is all around a good skin I
  • personally like skin I'm not mad she's
  • got pretty blue eyes like pretty blue
  • eyes they're the best you know I love it
  • this skin is horn who would rock this
  • skin this guy has a beer gut and a
  • six-pack how does that even make sense
  • dude oh God ah the tender defender skirt
  • actually now this isn't bad
  • I don't mind this this harvesting tool
  • oh god do I really but I just had to buy
  • everything if I don't my chest there my
  • viewers and my chest got roast me
  • they're just gonna roast me oh my god
  • dude this is I don't like to see it at
  • all this is horrid preview styles hey
  • doesn't he's got somebody without the
  • helmet it's not that bad
  • this guy's got a nice little moustache
  • going he's got some some Flair sideburns
  • yeah I just gotta buy it this honestly
  • is not the best shop oh the chick does
  • she haven't no hair version oh okay
  • that's not bad
  • she cute she cute not a bad little back
  • play with the katana to the cat or
  • whatever that's that's chill that's Joe
  • alright the cats go off but I don't know
  • I may or may not use it is that it
  • uh-huh
  • bro how many gliders have they released
  • cope with a new glider dude like how
  • many of this exact model glider have
  • they came out with come up with
  • something new epic games please I want
  • to be flying in with a with a trash bag
  • or something dude like anything that's
  • literally better than this
  • give me I don't know like a surfboard to
  • fly in honors or something dude give me
  • like the umbrellas are my favorite you
  • guys almost always see me only use
  • umbrellas cuz I just like it did you
  • know like as a kid I watched Mary
  • Poppins you know like Mary Poppins
  • she's about us she'd be flying around
  • umbrellas and shit that's fly the
  • umbrellas are fire they only have like
  • well like six or seven of them it
  • founders umbrella little seasoned Rose a
  • basic umbrella even come on better
  • umbrellas because they aren't brothers
  • with a wave I always like things they're
  • like more simplistic
  • and like aesthetically pleasing they're
  • like smaller like I don't want to fly in
  • with a a giant whale shark dragon
  • torpedo with wings fire blown out of its
  • ass like I don't care you know I don't
  • care about that all right so is that
  • everything from the shop I believe it is
  • hope you guys are happy I bought
  • everything from the shop I'll probably
  • continue buying things from the shop as
  • long as I'm using my own code because
  • simply I'm taking my wallet giving it to
  • Epic Games and they're taking a little
  • piece of my wallet and putting it back
  • in my pocket so honestly it's almost
  • like I have a discount on b-bugs
  • you know what but use my support card
  • code if you're the homie love you guys
  • I've been this video is long enough I
  • should probably stop mumbling rambling
  • family shambling so yeah I think I'm
  • gonna go live directly after this video
  • do some screams maybe some solos with my
  • new skin did I use supportive care
  • decotis film bots so now we're lit you
  • guys want to see my locker now wow this
  • is kind of depressing compared to what I
  • used to have but whatever anyway hope
  • you guys enjoyed the video I'll be alive
  • after this video is uploaded so love you
  • guys I'll be tuning to the stream I am a
  • man of my word
  • I did buy all the skins so can't hate on
  • me kind of love me peace out though
  • love you guys
  • this is awkward

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Fortnite made me buy every skin...

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