Video Lil Durk "Never Cared / No Auto Durk" (WORLD PREMIERE)

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Lil Durk "Never Cared / No Auto Durk" (WORLD PREMIERE)
Lil Durk "Never Cared / No Auto Durk" (WORLD PREMIERE) thumb Lil Durk "Never Cared / No Auto Durk" (WORLD PREMIERE) thumb Lil Durk "Never Cared / No Auto Durk" (WORLD PREMIERE) thumb


  • and nigga tell my mother can use no Tony
  • I'm afraid no more gravy big the
  • straight niggas know someone else
  • Minotaur will be is so done what Oh ass
  • niggas call me blood is just like t out
  • here let's get it I'll be colorful and
  • fun say I don't be out here it'll catch
  • up knockers new dispatch just don't take
  • out your phone on slide in late night
  • honey ain't no she found us two days
  • back to back that's 50 wrecks to be out
  • here I can't handle Fifi yo yo block is
  • longest evil okay try to slide inside
  • the fishbowl you got beef out locate
  • wanna get you out the way they say your
  • chief out yo niggas know they took take
  • tails cuz they be in a Hellcat on an e
  • way up the meat off of me say his name
  • is sad this so my bro stop and I see
  • niggas look he won't that smokey who you
  • been I see you get your ass back in that
  • house we get in fear 9 ass my credit so
  • a1 with killers I be paying my fast
  • I'll be on my dicking songs but I don't
  • pay em oh man all of ho they be with the
  • odds gaining blue face burn all the
  • crackers get robbed for this shit a bad
  • bad day I'll keep my blocking hushing
  • that shit cost Irish all these hope you
  • go for real low-key just back
  • he got shot up finished shit down here
  • he trying to flesh never care so much
  • ran out of wood just past the Dutch your
  • homies dad y'all never slidin ain't
  • adding up get caught with a pipe you out
  • same night you fair to what you knew our
  • packing the edits guess what here still
  • be alive right now if you niggas ain't
  • gas someone get my shorty stingers a
  • girl I tell him slapping understands
  • everybody with this gang gang shit so
  • they ain't nothin
  • if she don't fuck on the first night off
  • the rebound bang got time for loving my
  • kids and hang out time for night then I
  • slap him to my bitch that mean no time
  • for cuddles
  • why these niggas think they safe because
  • they lost the man we thought this show
  • was over some shy
  • you think you said for you we're out
  • west learn it just popped in I know some
  • killers feel my worst at keeping
  • platform no.1 a killer on the loose eat
  • on my fat ball you lightening candles'
  • on that makes me watch that sad blood
  • you ever stood up over up and knock
  • these trans long you know a nigga's
  • claim me haters buddy fan out skin back
  • then I pull up to them clothe them
  • killer was sitting these things how the
  • fuck he say hands hell with the course
  • of penis niggas always say they out
  • he'll be don't never seen it but if we
  • do we pop out causing me going the white
  • deals a low-key I know they hurt they
  • hurt so bad a toe edge jump out the boy
  • back there where extra stacks s poking
  • me oopsies knife at a sling used to stay
  • right there right battle feeling loco
  • he's staining don't bishop he was
  • selling means 18-foot exotica cyrex at
  • least 36 I'm not trying to die younger
  • hair like all rowdy rich we get that low
  • load fo no go sit outside that's the way
  • we want a 50 can't sell mouthful

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WORLD PREMIERE!! New track from Lil Durk "Never Scared" (Never Cared Remix) off of STT3 available NOW exclusively on DatPiff YouTube!


Lil Durk - Never Scared / No Auto Durk (Official Audio)

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