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Video *NEW* PORT-A-FORT GAMEPLAY In Fortnite Battle Royale!
22:54   |   views   |   04/11/2018


  • I normally don't like cornering myself
  • like this but there it is the new a
  • porta fort grenade
  • [Applause]
  • what's going on guys and welcome back it
  • to the channel now today we have yet
  • another huge update before night battle
  • royale so in just a few minutes we're
  • gonna be jumping in and going for a
  • gameplay with the brand-new a porta for
  • an item which was just added into the
  • game we should be an absolute ton of fun
  • but first things first I thought we'd
  • quickly take a look at some of the other
  • changes they've made to the game today
  • because honestly this is one of the
  • biggest patches the games had in a while
  • and one change in particular has me more
  • excited than any other so first things
  • first the new a porta fort is an epic
  • rarity item it drops in stacks of one
  • and you can hold up to five of those at
  • the same at time so I mean if you can
  • manage to hold on to a bunch of them you
  • just be building things a left right and
  • center that is obviously the new item of
  • the day but in addition to that we've
  • also seen a large number of balance
  • changes to the game the most important
  • one or at least the one that I think
  • most of you guys going to be interested
  • in is that the guided-missile now has a
  • slow downturn rate by 75% meaning that
  • it is a lot slower and more sluggish
  • when you're flying it through the air
  • which I mean while I personally do love
  • the guided missile launcher I think we
  • can all agree it was a little bit out of
  • control and unbelievably hard to avoid
  • especially towards the end of the game
  • so I think this is a really nice change
  • that epics put in here now one of the
  • other biggest balance changes that's
  • been put in today is that there is now a
  • time that it takes when you're changing
  • between certain weapons pretty much any
  • weapon that you could previously abuse
  • to quickly change and increase your fire
  • rate that has now been totally removed
  • so you can no longer change between two
  • revolvers to fire off guns really
  • quickly or change between two rocket
  • launchers to send off a quick volley or
  • even change between two sniper rifles to
  • get two quick shots off on your enemy
  • now this is a huge change for a lot of
  • people because I mean a lot of people
  • myself included liked using combinations
  • like the pump-action into the tactical
  • shotgun which allowed you to put out
  • huge amounts of damage at close range
  • even after they remove the double pump
  • from the game but the impact that's
  • gonna have it should be pretty big and
  • we're gonna find it out for ourselves in
  • just a minute or so now the lust and
  • possibly the greatest thing that's been
  • added into too
  • today's batch is the addition of replay
  • systems for fortnight which essentially
  • means that now at the end of your games
  • if you navigate to the replays tab
  • you're able to go back watch your full
  • round or fortnight from a whole host of
  • perspectives you can either spectate
  • your player and see how you win or you
  • can just go into freecam mode and fly
  • around go into slo-mo break fights down
  • see what the enemy was doing or just
  • create some absolutely epic moments and
  • movies which I honestly cannot wait to
  • try out over the next couple of days so
  • without further ado guys let's jump in
  • let's try out this new porta four
  • grenade tomorrow I'm gonna have a video
  • out showing at me trying to troll
  • enemies with this setting up traps and
  • using it well to kill people instead of
  • defend myself which should be a whole
  • lot of fun so make sure you're
  • subscribed if you want to see that but
  • Fidel let's get into the game alright
  • guys as per usual a new item added into
  • the game there is only one place we can
  • go and find it and that is gonna be down
  • at the Tilted taos we've got more chests
  • we've got more loot we've got more
  • enemies to kill and I mean just
  • all-around a much much higher chance of
  • actually finding what we're looking for
  • the only thing is you gotta kill
  • everyone pretty damn quickly or they
  • take it before you do now the Newports
  • afford is an epic rarity item they
  • didn't say on the patch notes whether or
  • not you can find it on the ground but
  • either way our best chance of finding it
  • is gonna be in loot crate's and in
  • treasure chests so that is gonna be what
  • we're focusing on got a shotgun to start
  • the game off with those two are not
  • gonna be landing on my building so let's
  • start searching for this thing
  • you're Crenn aids no chests in there we
  • got to keep on going we're gonna clear a
  • room to room chest to chest until I find
  • what I need find what I want and mate
  • actually I mean I really do kinda need
  • it it's the new item if we don't get it
  • like what's the point of even playing
  • really I mean the good news is if you're
  • watching this it means I did get it and
  • it was probably pretty damn cool okay
  • gotta come through here I would love it
  • if we could find a another gun you know
  • we're gonna drink this up free up that
  • inventory slot and hopefully then we can
  • find ourselves I mean something better
  • than a blu assault rifle would be great
  • but I don't want to be greedy
  • dude there's another slip juice on the
  • ground damn what oh my god okay now I do
  • regret drinking that let's grab that
  • pump wait what
  • just grab the grab the pump thank you
  • very much and alrighty we're gonna keep
  • on going through got ourselves a chest
  • right here which does not have what I'm
  • looking for but we did get that green
  • burst rifle which is pretty damn good
  • all right now let's head down the bottom
  • is there anything inside the gift shop
  • what do you got for me boys I know that
  • you're in here and number one number two
  • holy crap we almost totally buggy that
  • up the good news is they're dead I'm
  • alive and we found a scar at the same
  • time so really all things considered
  • that ended up pretty damn well
  • okay we got to climb up to the
  • tippity-top top oh I heard an impulse
  • grenade right there oh that guy's under
  • fire okay we got one enemy in this house
  • here where is he
  • oh not today son
  • okay well the mini shield will be much
  • appreciated that we are also gonna grab
  • med kit ammo shields and you know what
  • we're gonna drink a slurp juice up so
  • that we can grab those impulse grenades
  • as well leave no impulse Wow god damnit
  • well luckily we just we just drank the
  • slurp juice otherwise that would really
  • hurt enemy behind us there I do not want
  • to get sniped question is where are they
  • oh dude yep go for it wouldn't advise
  • using a minigun in that range actually
  • just generally not the best plan
  • you're gonna wall myself in get shield
  • it up again and holy crap we're gonna
  • grab that med kit to do digging out the
  • back right now but where what is that
  • guy sniping at oh that guy thank you
  • very much okay I didn't know he was
  • there that was most helpful much
  • appreciated Seth there's another guy
  • under yet where and there okay where are
  • all these people coming from I don't
  • know but I would love it if I could find
  • a sniper so I could actually take some
  • shots back in that guy although he's
  • under attack as well right now we're
  • gonna use that as a bit of a distraction
  • so that we can maneuver around and
  • hopefully get ourselves in a better spot
  • to try and take him out Oh minigun yes
  • you bloody legend over here did they
  • kill one another I don't think so
  • here we go
  • where where where right there and there
  • it is
  • to people all over the place it doesn't
  • buddy stop the action is everywhere the
  • only thing that isn't everywhere
  • are these new grenades unfortunately
  • because right now we haven't found one
  • of them but you best believe we're gonna
  • keep murdering and pillaging our way
  • through this entire map until I find
  • what I'm here for
  • because I'm stubborn and I don't give up
  • and that's probably not a good thing now
  • I think some of that dudes loot fell
  • down here I'd love it where was that
  • sniper there was a hundred percent of
  • sniper around here but I got no idea
  • where it is and I know what have you
  • bloody gnomes it's down there as well I
  • just can't be both looking for you right
  • now
  • Oh God okay well right now I mean in
  • terms of like guns we're actually not
  • that kitted out we've got the scar and a
  • standard shotgun I'm not complaining cuz
  • that's pretty much all you need until
  • two towers but I mean I'd love it if we
  • could find ourselves in RPG or you know
  • what else we should check the vending
  • machines cuz imagine if we found a
  • vending machine that spawned the new
  • item that would be just like the next
  • level of cool okay now that buildings
  • been looted
  • we are gonna where are we gonna run to
  • all right we gonna run towards pleasant
  • park we'll come down here we'll check at
  • the bottom of the hill see whether or
  • not we can find anyone or any crates
  • rather down at the volute lake and then
  • we'll keep on going we're also gonna
  • check any airdrop we can spot in the sky
  • I feel like a drop it's gonna be a
  • really really good spot to find some of
  • these it should be all over the place in
  • airdrop so obviously I've got the higher
  • chance of having to battle loot so with
  • enough enough of those a lot like when
  • we were trying to hunt down the self
  • guided missile launcher I can we've got
  • a pretty good chance of finding it okay
  • all the way up here climb the hill and
  • any enemies over here Oh
  • actually it might not even be looted -
  • that'd be great
  • that means we'd have all the chests oh
  • wait no open door there just crush all
  • my hopes and dreams why don't you I'm
  • just really nervous about the fact that
  • if we spotted if we spot an enemy
  • and they have this new grenade we need
  • to like ambush them effectively because
  • if they realize that we're there you
  • best believe what they're gonna do is
  • just immediately throw that grenade on
  • the ground and then I mean well it's not
  • gonna matter if we kill them because the
  • item that we wanted will already be gone
  • and come out here open this chest and
  • check the entire loot lake Islands we've
  • already got a lot of kills so I'm happy
  • with the action what I'm not happy with
  • is a grenade count right now I see a
  • purple over there
  • we're gonna have to check that and you
  • bloody hell there's a gnome in here as
  • well all right well let's drink this up
  • airdrop just there I'm gonna quickly
  • check where that is we're gonna grab the
  • chest that's up in the roof and we gonna
  • keep on running okay what do we got
  • chests right yeah oh okay where is this
  • airdrop I need this wall to be gone
  • where is it right there right where is
  • that coming down is there coming down
  • like almost on the lake it looks like
  • skirt well either way we got to go for
  • it I don't want to waste all my
  • resources ideally swim oh I take that
  • back we're gonna build these and start
  • jogging our way over
  • here we go hit and hit again that's
  • right don't mess with me son I'm gone
  • for this airdrop and no one's stopping
  • me I need the new item like I need air
  • to breathe Oh God okay well that was an
  • accident
  • let me out thank you very much okay and
  • there we go all the way over almost
  • there we do not have a whole lot of
  • resources left all the more reason that
  • we need a base building grenade and okay
  • let's see what we can get from this
  • thing here now I don't
  • oh you know we'll quickly looking it
  • we'll just quickly look in the garage
  • you never know
  • sometimes but not today you get a chest
  • in there and all right time to go and
  • check this air drop please please if
  • there is a god of epic games give me
  • this grenade I don't ask for a lot well
  • that's a lie actually I'm always asking
  • for crap when I'm playing this game but
  • I really really need this today okay
  • what do we got medkit ska there it is we
  • got it oh my god we got a case and we
  • got a legendary ska
  • we are in business okay let's come over
  • here I want to find a spot where we can
  • put this thing on the ground and see how
  • it looks
  • where was that sniper sniper over there
  • all the way in the middle of the lake
  • sorry bro I need to see what this thing
  • looks like
  • let's get in here I normally don't like
  • cornering myself like this but there it
  • is the new a porta fort grenade so epic
  • looking and I cannot wait to put this on
  • the ground all right you can see that
  • sniper right there I don't know if he's
  • in a fight or not but we're gonna start
  • moving our way over we can charge right
  • out and build a fort directly in front
  • of his and then go for the kill and if
  • it works I'm pretty damn happy or I
  • don't know man I don't know if I want to
  • waste it like that I'm sorry you know
  • we're gonna come this way we're gonna
  • come towards who shot that gonna come
  • towards the middle of the zone because
  • and here's my logic
  • I reckon that if we can find a spot to
  • put it down that's towards the middle of
  • the circle we can hold on to it for a
  • few more where are these shots coming
  • from I feel like there's a sky base
  • right now I feel like I'm being
  • bamboozled legendary machine there but I
  • do not have the resources for it
  • over there as well let's see what this
  • next circle is gonna be and then we're
  • gonna get ready to fight oh dude I just
  • can't wait to put this thing on the
  • ground I want to put it down and start
  • killing people already I'm sick of
  • waiting and okay air drop on that hill
  • could that have what we need it could
  • have another one if we found two of them
  • that'd just be way too cool okay 30
  • seconds then we're gonna know where this
  • next circle is and then we can start
  • planning and making decisions no one's
  • gone for that airdrop yet let's go come
  • on dude give it to me give me a second
  • one of the new build of foreign aid sky
  • coming down the hill towards it and we
  • got two hits pretty good so we can do
  • better come on don't open that thing yet
  • I want to I want to force him to keep
  • building in case he finds one of the
  • forts I don't him to waste it no I'm not
  • letting you open it
  • oh he did he opened it no are you son of
  • a gun all right get ready
  • okay they're ready three two one
  • and surprise bitch let's go up he's just
  • down here and there it is boys the kill
  • that's so cooler it shows a literal like
  • schematic on the ground as you're about
  • to throw it okay well now I need to try
  • and find another one we're gonna sit
  • inside this base for a little while now
  • we're also gonna grab that sniper right
  • there we're gonna kill that dude and
  • okay what did you have he seems like the
  • kind of guy who might have been holding
  • onto one of those new grenades not even
  • realized it and not throwing it on the
  • ground yet although oh my god okay he
  • had two scars all the purple items but
  • our Luck's are not good enough for him
  • to have the new item let's come down the
  • hill enemy over there can we see him
  • can we see him right there no okay we're
  • gonna leave that guy for now he's a John
  • wick
  • he's very far away he's not gonna expose
  • himself too much and we have an enemy
  • coming across the lake right now oh oh
  • my god it is dropping an airdrop inside
  • my base right now that is actually
  • unbelievable
  • I'm speechless bloody speechless right
  • now guys that is the greatest thing I've
  • seen in a very very long time
  • that is the luckiest thing don't you
  • even dare start shooting at my base sir
  • this thing will stand for a thousand
  • years can I repair it oh we can there we
  • go
  • very good okay just want to make sure it
  • doesn't get destroyed by some cretin -
  • do you reckon we could get a second
  • portal for from the airdrop that's
  • landing inside my current Porter flight
  • oh okay keep watching behind where is
  • this guy running straight towards us you
  • are not gonna get here before my air
  • drop the air drop is mine and yes RPG
  • give me that give me the RPG please god
  • damn it we're getting bounced around
  • like a pinata
  • wait is that pinata still get bounced
  • around what am I saying give me the
  • rocket launcher there we go alright
  • we're coming up we're coming up boys
  • we're gonna reinforce all around the
  • edges of this thing just to make sure
  • that no one can do anything sneaky and
  • we've got an enemy right there on that
  • base we got to be very very careful a
  • launch pad in case we need a quick
  • getaway and right now we also need to
  • try and figure out what this guy is
  • trying to do eat that
  • all right Oh what get out of there you
  • son of a gun
  • I got a John wick behind me I can't
  • afford to keep doing this dance oh no
  • you don't that is unbelievably rude do
  • now rare these things are what we hit
  • him we hit him again and there he goes
  • beautiful karma for trying to destroy my
  • shiny new bass how dare he okay now we
  • go to John which over there who has the
  • sniper rifle we hit him once we haven't
  • hit him again and everyone knows those
  • John wicks are a scary scary people come
  • on can we uh you know what let's upgrade
  • our base yet I wonder do you reckon you
  • know what we're gonna go check that guy
  • for loot and then we'll come back well
  • you saw me jump out you gotta get back
  • quickly better get back quickly
  • he might be rushing for it is he up
  • there yet not yet
  • oh no oh my Launchpad platform that
  • seemed like a good idea at the time
  • okay you got a spare launch pad this is
  • now operation getaway let's build under
  • here I need to put a floor down okay
  • Launchpad on the ground let's go you're
  • shooting out the roof let's go see you
  • later bro I'm out of here
  • holy crap we gotta get in the zone that
  • was way too scary is he gonna come after
  • me oh we got another we got a dog
  • Voyager right there
  • oh my god no my internet dude my
  • Internet's doing this thing where it
  • lags out No
  • Oh does that mean its back its back its
  • back praise the epic gods my into the
  • head is back that John wick should be
  • behind him the Dark Void ruined the John
  • wick are about to fight yes take him out
  • there we go that guy's dead okay I do
  • not have a lot of resources here guys
  • this is really really nerve-wracking
  • oh he's gonna push he's gonna push ah
  • this is not good but when he cover from
  • behind there's a sniper over there okay
  • he's oh my god give me just give me hits
  • I need to injure him I need to injure
  • him please screw up we need the height
  • we need the height oh that was a big hit
  • I think he's beneath us go check let's
  • go have a look
  • we got the RPG right there oh yes oh
  • he's trapped he's trapped okay we got
  • him now
  • come on one more one more shot should do
  • it one more shot should be enough get
  • your butt out of my base if he one shots
  • me with her he's leaving there it is
  • Tomic dead why our update days always
  • it's just most stressful gameplay days
  • of all you never get the easy ones it's
  • always a battle and okay I see one
  • sniper over there he's up in that base
  • we got to keep on building our way down
  • I want to see what loot this guy had for
  • us I don't really want to sit down here
  • at the bottom of the map but we kind of
  • just got to be here temporarily okay
  • where should we go let's start climbing
  • the hill we've got a whole lot of
  • resources and or there was another enemy
  • right there okay well I think I know
  • where both of them are I think they're
  • both just next to that base come on
  • let's bring it home boys let's bring it
  • home for that victory royale guy in the
  • base right there and you know what I
  • wanna try building one of these Brandt I
  • wanna I want to try building something
  • similar to the new base kind of like a
  • bit of a homage if you will okay and now
  • we gotta get up here and
  • there and now there and there and there
  • and there and this time I'm actually
  • gonna reinforce it there cuz I'm
  • building the upgraded version of it and
  • alrighty now I just got to do one of
  • those reversed walls ok there it is
  • wait I do that the wrong way how do i
  • I've totally forgotten how to build this
  • kind of base god dammit alright let's
  • just make sure there are no more enemies
  • around cuz I do not want to get randomly
  • attacked out of nowhere
  • where
  • there we go that guy's dead what did he
  • have oh yeah an impulse grenade I need
  • it I need it I need it but what am I
  • gonna drop for it oh actually I don't
  • really have to slog for it screw it okay
  • pretty sure where is he right there
  • right there
  • come on and there it is boys the victory
  • royale of 14 kills
  • huge action huge gay plate tilted towers
  • drop and some seriously seriously good
  • enemies those guys flip and knew what
  • they were doing there are a lot of
  • points there where I thought I was gonna
  • lose but you can see it be brand new
  • base off in the distance right there
  • looking absolutely magnificent and I
  • feel like it is a sign from Epic Games
  • themselves that this was just meant to
  • be the game because they dropped a
  • flippin airdrop on our builder base base
  • which is which is just I've never had
  • that happen before to any of the bases
  • that I think I made in for tonight but
  • guys as always thanks so much watching
  • the video I'm gonna have a epic base
  • trolling video out tomorrow hopefully
  • which is gonna be showing off all the
  • ways you can use this base to well
  • instead of defend yourself hopefully
  • kill your enemies with it which should
  • be a whole lot of fun but for now guys
  • thank you so much for watching I hope
  • you enjoyed and I will see you legends
  • in the next one bye bye
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]

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