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Video Onboard Lifestyle ep.46 Locker Reveal, Steering & 60 mph Wind!!
27:46   |   01/22/2019 at 19:50


  • [Music]
  • morning cut up early this morning
  • Cass Cascade Mountain Range
  • pick up the rudders
  • and flee
  • those missing pieces are there
  • okay we're here now let's check this out
  • hopefully those parts are in here ooh
  • and there is something behind this door
  • that nobody will ever guess what it is
  • it's all here that's right this is not
  • only a locker for our boat parts I'm
  • storing a ton of old sculptures in here
  • an old hobby of mine had these in a
  • gallery for a while but no place to put
  • them now now that we're going sailing so
  • they're gonna camp out here who knows
  • how long
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • anyway let's if we get these parts
  • I know this should be my yep hydraulic
  • lines need that
  • what yes so there I knew I put them in
  • here there's the missing piece right
  • there I'll sleep better tonight get
  • those cleaned up and add those to our
  • other parts not only pick it up stuff
  • I'm dropping stuff off I have to empty
  • out the sugar scoops to make some room
  • for me to start getting all this linkage
  • in I actually have a lot of glass work
  • that's what I'm doing right now dropping
  • off
  • the paddleboards
  • Wow
  • okay plenty of room for these rudders
  • let's check them out here here they are
  • I'll kick up rudders I remember these
  • being not too heavy it's been a few
  • years let's get these loaded in
  • [Music]
  • okay rudders are in all the parts I was
  • looking for are here
  • yes put this thing button up and back to
  • the boat
  • it was a nice little five-hour round
  • trip but I got everything I need to keep
  • this project rueland
  • a lot warmer here than over there boy it
  • was cold 20 degrees get a little warm
  • still here
  • alright 45 so here we are let's get to
  • work
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • I'm gonna back with my parts I'm so
  • happy to have found eight so let's get
  • these things cleaned up today let's see
  • what kind of condition there are they've
  • got everything on it looks like silicone
  • or some sort of sealant it's rubbery it
  • could be 50 200 and there they look
  • pretty rough but let's gonna clean it up
  • see how rough they really are I've got
  • these struts all polished out I've got
  • one more to do
  • this 20-foot monster right here so I'm
  • going to tackle that as well
  • [Music]
  • kids look at this thing real close look
  • at this it's covered in his epoxy drips
  • and it's not too pitted so I think this
  • will polish out nicely
  • just going to be
  • a lot of policy
  • kind of discouraged I mean I just spent
  • three hours polishing this feels like
  • glass but this is so popular I
  • definitely gonna upgrade this here in
  • the near future
  • but for now I mean it's it's gonna work
  • let's don't like how it looks maybe I'll
  • sleeve it I don't know I'll take a look
  • at some options okay here they are
  • before
  • and after
  • let's cleaned up real nice I just
  • started with a little wire wheel on a
  • grinder so then finished up with my 400
  • grit nice to smooth clean they almost
  • look new again
  • now these clean up nice happy there
  • [Music]
  • at least it's not raining it's been
  • coming down in buckets all night long
  • and now the winds picking up high wind
  • warning again today supposed to be
  • gusting 30 to 40
  • makes it difficult working outside on
  • the steering I don't have plenty of
  • things to do inside but I really want to
  • get going on this it's important so I
  • have to build a little shelter out here
  • I need to come up with something give me
  • some cover and some shade here that
  • won't blow away in 30 and 40 knots
  • because that's what's happening about
  • every three to five days we're getting a
  • storm blowing through here
  • another ones ramping up right now
  • so let's get creative
  • you
  • you
  • that wasn't perfect
  • okay it's 2:00 in the morning
  • not checking all the dark lines
  • blowing about 40 out here right now
  • everything looks good so far
  • I'll put a couple extra dark lines on
  • for tonight
  • it is helping higher
  • what's the last year tonight
  • hard to sleep
  • it sounds like part of wind tunnel
  • inside here but everything wants to it
  • I'll go lay down I'll tell you from
  • personal experience that sounded like a
  • freight train was driving over my house
  • because you could hear the roar of the
  • wind and it came right on cue the
  • forecast models I have to tell you they
  • nailed it this time they had that area
  • of low pressure parts right over the tip
  • of Vancouver Island that's exactly what
  • happened chipped up those winds out of
  • the south gusting between 50 and 60
  • miles an hour between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.
  • whoa weather is calm down that was one
  • crazy night I'm always so worried when
  • we get the wind out of the south just
  • look the clearance up here I mean I've
  • searched four feet forward and I'm in
  • trouble but I can't scoop back in the
  • slip because of this piling back here so
  • that's where we're at I threw out a
  • bunch of extra lines just to make sure I
  • didn't go anywhere and I laced it to a
  • bunch of other cleats here I'm not
  • worried about anything failing on this
  • side I worry about the the doc cleats
  • giveaway searching for word and having
  • an issue oh well
  • lakes calm down now boy that was good
  • though
  • heavy rain heavy wind we hit 60 miles an
  • hour last night at 2:00 to 4:00 o'clock
  • in the morning crazy
  • oh well it's calm now let's get to work
  • okay I got some help today see what's
  • going on down here
  • starting to get this area cleaned up I
  • got quite a bit of glass work you're
  • doing here
  • oh no now there I'm cleaning how's it
  • looking
  • it's actually not bad it is nice and dry
  • it's just dusty that's good okay cool
  • keep at it okay
  • let her go in there for a little bit
  • I gotta get laying out the new location
  • for all the linkage and then start
  • blasting out all in I built those scoops
  • a couple years ago haven't been in there
  • since just been using for storage just
  • getting it all cleaned up I'll get going
  • this is gonna be a problem
  • tails you gotta move it okay I will
  • sorry
  • oh I've been in here in a while okay
  • let's take a look at inside the sugar
  • scoop here all this
  • I built this is the staircase I did all
  • the detail work on the outside I really
  • haven't done much detail work on the
  • interior yet but that needs to happen I
  • still have to fare some radius edges in
  • here lay some glass cloth I've got two
  • three layers in here now I mean probably
  • one or two more once I start filling in
  • let me show you what needs to happen
  • this is our trunk line for our kick-up
  • rudder
  • I've actually beef this up quite a bit
  • put like four layers of glass on it and
  • tied it into the the hole here's the
  • first step as they go up the second step
  • and third step way up here so I've got
  • quite a bit of work to do in here but
  • here is the hard part
  • this original part of the boat right
  • here this is I'm actually sitting inside
  • of a crash compartment and this used to
  • be a well with an outboard with a sail
  • drive sticking down here and this was
  • filled with giant barnacles and actually
  • I did knock a bunch of those out you can
  • still see little remnants of some of
  • them in here I've stripped all that out
  • cleaned this up as much as I can and
  • then just started layering all this new
  • United core in here over here here's
  • where the works gonna happen for the
  • steering this is the original boat here
  • here and here you can see the difference
  • from the new stuff I've added to the old
  • stuff here's how I get that 20-foot
  • steering strut into this compartment it
  • threads through this hole and feeds all
  • the way out to the other side of the
  • book through here
  • all that linkage happens inside of this
  • compartment here so what I need to do is
  • get this linkage all and fill all this
  • in so I want this to be a watertight
  • compartment so if we take a wave and it
  • comes up through the linkage channel
  • here that it just runs right back out
  • because I've pitched this whole area in
  • here about one inch for every foot so if
  • we catch a wave it just runs right back
  • out so it really wouldn't matter how
  • much water gets in here it's just gonna
  • be running right back out so I've got a
  • lot of work to do a lot of cleaning up
  • get this all prepped glass I need to
  • fill the deck in here plate glass over
  • there build a wall here and create nice
  • access points to get to the linkage
  • because once it's in I need to be able
  • to service it so I'll be mounting a deck
  • plates here water proof deck plates - to
  • access this and just get this all
  • cleaned up so I've got quite a bit of
  • work to do in here and this is just one
  • of the two sides
  • [Music]
  • so that'll be the first stage of this is
  • start cleaning this up I need to map out
  • the linkage though and install that make
  • sure that it's gonna fit and make sure
  • that it's functional
  • once it's in I'll take a couple key
  • pieces out and start filling in so let's
  • get started
  • see a big project I've been putting it
  • off but we're getting down to the wire
  • better get going
  • first thing I think I'll do is do a
  • little epoxy work in here just start
  • filling in some of this stuff there's so
  • many loose ends faring in corners
  • filling in little pieces
  • here's an old bilge pump that needs to I
  • want to move this so I'm gonna shave
  • this out just start cleaning out first
  • so I have a nice clean slate to work
  • with because this looks rough
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • so I'm gonna be camped out in here for a
  • couple of days and then be sanding and
  • smoothing and fairing and do an epoxy
  • wear so at the end of each day I'll do
  • my poxy work and I'm getting tired today
  • so I'm gonna finish up today and work in
  • you know let's start filling little
  • things like this little hole here
  • there's a ridge right here I want to I
  • want to fill that I'll run radiuses in
  • these corners just all the little odds
  • and ends you know I'll just look around
  • if I see something that needs a little
  • bit of epoxy I'll do it at the end of
  • the day then work on sanding it out the
  • next day do that for a couple days and
  • it'll start looking smoother and
  • smoother each day I'm gonna fill this
  • right here this gap right here
  • all sorts so getting tired so I'm gonna
  • get some epoxy rolling actually Lynne's
  • mixing me up some thick and epoxy right
  • now Lynne
  • seriously we gotta move this I've hit it
  • three times today I'm sorry how many
  • there's five pumps my thumbs
  • okay well yelling you an any five more
  • okay I won't yell awkward in here but
  • I'll do it again
  • I like using a one-inch crafts taken for
  • my radiuses tell me all the radiuses on
  • the boat are the same just smeared in
  • there I've thicken this epoxy with a
  • colloidal silica
  • which is hard to sand but has excellent
  • bonding so I got to get it on fairly
  • smoothly to start with some how much
  • sanding
  • I'm putting this radius in because I'm
  • gonna be laying up another layer of
  • glass in here over all surfaces just to
  • tie in all the new structure and put in
  • Oh twisted in a knot
  • [Music]
  • so project I've been thinking about for
  • years just like all of them I'm just
  • gonna be tight quarters in years of it
  • not putting it off just been doing other
  • things we've got so many projects on
  • this boat so we're getting down to the
  • the last projects actually not the
  • lighthouse but the ones that need to be
  • done before we leave and steering's
  • pretty important and this is all part of
  • steer and getting this all finished back
  • here in the scoops
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • okay I'm painting myself into a corner
  • here I've got epoxy going all the way
  • around me now everything looks good
  • started filling in little cracks and
  • holes and got some radius work done
  • under here now I have to get out of here
  • without touching the thing I'll let this
  • fire off tonight and start sanding maybe
  • you start working on some of the
  • structure tomorrow and then do another
  • coat of epoxy and do it all again the
  • next day it's not sterling doesn't it
  • but the good thing is I have one other
  • sugar scoop to do after this Wow but I
  • love it
  • it was so fun to read through all the
  • comments and ideas you guys had grow up
  • with behind the locker door and our
  • storage units anyways guys if you liked
  • the video don't forget to leave a like
  • and subscribe if you really liked it and
  • check our patreon page in the link below
  • come by next week to see one of our cool
  • new videos see you then
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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On this week's episode of Onboard Lifestyle we check out what's really in our storage locker before we get down to business prepping our sugar scoops on our custom 435 catamaran SV basik for the upcoming steering installation. All this excitement plus mother nature throws a winter storm our way. Come back next week to see our progress...see you then!

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