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Video Top 10 Disney Fails & FUNNY Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Moments Part 2
10:16   |   today at 09:06


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  • can at TPM videos at Disneyland in
  • California and Disney's Hollywood
  • Studios in Florida there's a live
  • interactive show called Jedi training
  • trials of the temple the show originally
  • opened as Jedi training academy in
  • October of 2006 at Disneyland in October
  • of 2007 at Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • every day and multiple times per day
  • little Jedi's who get equipped with mini
  • robes and lightsabers get a chance to
  • train with a Jedi Master and battle a
  • villain which in most cases is no
  • another than Darth Vader in December of
  • 2015 when the show became trials of the
  • temple the stage design at Disney's
  • Hollywood Studios saw some changes now
  • the stage at Disneyland in Tomorrowland
  • is quite unique since our first glance
  • you'd never even know the stage would
  • eventually rise from the ground
  • revealing Darth Vader the show is
  • scripted for the most part but the Jedi
  • Masters do have some room to improvise
  • especially when it comes to the paddle
  • on lightsaber duels and this is where
  • some of the funniest moments are
  • actually born for so many kids it's been
  • their dream to take on Darth Vader
  • so excitement is high which results in
  • very spontaneous situations now for the
  • Jedi Masters this is where their improv
  • skills and patience really get tested in
  • the minds of these Jedi Masters they
  • probably consider a lot of these fails
  • but overall they're more like epic wins
  • so today we're gonna be counting down
  • the top 10 Jedi training academy fails
  • and funny moments part 2 number 10 Vader
  • meets Vader there's definitely a big
  • Star Wars presence at Disney's Hollywood
  • Studios in Florida and just like how
  • many kids are dressed as princesses at
  • Magic Kingdom a lot of kids dress up as
  • Star Wars characters at Disney's
  • Hollywood Studios
  • those kids make it up on stage to defeat
  • Darth Vader but what if we want to join
  • him and turn to the dark side
  • [Music]
  • now this Jedi Master seems really
  • surprised with this kid turning to the
  • dark side but by this point with how
  • long the show's been running you really
  • think they'd expect it to happen a lot
  • more often but they really should have a
  • synth academy maybe it'll be something a
  • part of Star Wars Galaxies edge who
  • knows
  • number nine the other force push when
  • you're in the moment sometimes it's hard
  • to think about what you need to do so
  • you just react and for this Padawan
  • luckily the force was eventually strong
  • enough to fight off those troopers now
  • no pun intended but that trooper was a
  • real trooper for getting hit in the head
  • number eight the confusion technique
  • you'll see this little Padawan using the
  • confusion technique on Darth Vader but
  • the real star is the Jedi Master now
  • what you're gonna see is a terrific
  • example of improv at its finest
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • this cast member rolls with a
  • spontaneous interaction perfectly when
  • things don't go along with what the
  • usual script probably is you can really
  • tell he enjoys his role at Disneyland I
  • mean he's probably one of the best
  • number seven cut to the head now for the
  • most part the Padawans are pretty good
  • at listening to their Jedi Masters as
  • they should be but what happens when
  • they take their instructions a bit more
  • literal well this happens now the way
  • that Jedi Master said you don't do that
  • didn't it sound like he was talking to a
  • dog and not a kid don't do that don't do
  • that I don't know I mean maybe that
  • Padawan shouldn't have hit Vader in the
  • head but he did say cut to the head so
  • technically they weren't wrong yeah but
  • that Jedi Master who wasn't impressed
  • number six the confused
  • Padawans in the sweltering Florida heat
  • at Disney's Hollywood Studios a lot of
  • Padawans have trouble activating their
  • lightsabers now to be fair it seems like
  • most of them are just too memorized by
  • the presence of Darth Vader right in
  • front of them ready I mean even mini
  • Elsa here has trouble letting go but
  • honestly when it comes to these
  • situations the Jedi Masters know how to
  • improvise and handle them very well
  • [Music]
  • actually I think this Jedi Master and
  • this Jedi Master are the same person
  • we'll be right with you and may the
  • force be with you number five Vader the
  • pinata this next one really tests the
  • Jedi Masters improbability
  • [Applause]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • they really should have a script to turn
  • to if anyone wants to join the dark side
  • but instead the Jedi Master just seems
  • annoyed well it isn't end here take a
  • look I mean you can tell this Padawan
  • has experience just look at that
  • one-handed lightsaber handling pretty
  • impressive number four do your own thing
  • the force is strong with this one at
  • Disneyland in California after he
  • completely ignores the Jedi Masters
  • instructions
  • I mean who actually listens to
  • instructions especially when you have
  • that one move that works for you why
  • mess around with something that isn't
  • broken
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • number three a very strong force at
  • Disneyland the force is very strong yet
  • again with another little Jedi who holds
  • nothing back I mean nothing he's there
  • for one reason and one reason only to
  • defeat Darth Vader breathing things
  • begin to go down as he drops that
  • lightsaber he recovers quickly and uses
  • [Applause]
  • that's a true Jedi right there now I
  • don't know if you've noticed this yet so
  • far but the Disneyland Jedi Masters
  • compared to Walt Disney World
  • seem to roll with the punches a lot
  • better let the kids have more fun and
  • improv accordingly based off of what's
  • happening they realize those Padawans
  • are just really excited kids having a
  • great time living out their dream
  • dueling Darth Vader number two gone too
  • far this next one at Walt Disney World
  • pretty much shows the Jedi Master doing
  • the exact opposite of what happened in
  • the last clip from Disneyland again the
  • force is very strong with this one but
  • apparently this Jedi Master doesn't
  • particularly enjoy strong forces
  • time
  • perfect that's it
  • just the way the Jedi Master pushes him
  • out of the way seems very very uneasy
  • definitely didn't want to have to deal
  • with it anymore
  • number one the hissy fit all this little
  • padawan wanted to do was put his hood on
  • but the Jedi Master insists there's work
  • to do and probably a time schedule he
  • needs to stick to for the show well he
  • didn't like that answer that's what you
  • get for not letting those other kids do
  • on the dark side and the secrets out the
  • lightsabers take double-a batteries you
  • know the force is strong in those
  • double-a batteries
  • really strong so have you ever taken
  • part in the Jedi training academy or
  • have you witnessed some pretty epic
  • lightsaber duels at the parks if you
  • have leave a comment down below and
  • start a conversation if you have any
  • videos from the Disney parks that you'd
  • like to share with us to be used in
  • future videos follow the link in the
  • description below thanks so much for
  • watching click the TPM icon on the
  • screen to subscribe to this channel and
  • check out some of these other videos
  • which we're sure you'll like

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Top 10 Disney Fails- Star Wars fail edition! Today we're gonna be taking a look at more Disney fails and funny moments from Jedi Training Academy and Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and Disneyland. All the best Star Wars fails and moments from the Disney Parks featuring the Jedi Masters and no one other than Darth Vader. DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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