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  • hi there unfortunately very often
  • animals get into terrible situations but
  • who other than humans should help them
  • today we will show you five amazing
  • cases of animal rescues that will
  • restore your faith in humanity when
  • natural cataclysms occur a very large
  • number of animals including domestic
  • ones suffer being the hurricane in
  • Louisiana rescuers spotted a dog who was
  • in a helpless situation he was left on a
  • leash by the house where he stayed in
  • the water for several days only his head
  • could be seen above the water the water
  • rose and if a little more water had come
  • down the dog would have drowned the
  • homeowner was forced to urgently
  • evacuate but for some reason they did
  • not think about the life of their pet
  • tying him to a chain and leaving him
  • there during the violent storm
  • he ran under the house and got confused
  • rescuers made a rope and tied them to
  • the dog's neck one of the men began to
  • cut the leather collar to which the
  • chain was fastened but the dog began
  • snapping cutting the collar was a
  • difficult task each attempt to make a
  • cut was accompanied by growling snapping
  • and a constant whine but finally the
  • collar was removed the dog managed to
  • move for the first time in a few days
  • the frightened animal did not want to go
  • anywhere he immediately turned her home
  • but in 30 to 40 minutes after the rescue
  • the water rose to such a level the dog
  • would've drowned but thankfully he was
  • dragged to save
  • chases windier or dogs appear on ice or
  • under it occur quite often but an
  • Oklahoma something extraordinary
  • happened this white-tailed deer had
  • spent six hours in the middle of a
  • frozen lake everyone understood that his
  • time was running out it was evening and
  • if the deer were to be left it's a death
  • sentence that would have been signed
  • every attempt to stand up was
  • unsuccessful the deer was 22 metres from
  • the nearest shore because of the
  • frailness of the ice it's far too
  • dangerous to walk up to the deer
  • rescuers tried to reach him using ropes
  • and reach out with a fire escape all
  • possible options have been tried in time
  • had about run out rescuers even thought
  • to put the unfortunate animal to sleep
  • on the spot so the deer did not have to
  • suffer but they wanted to try again to
  • save the life of this poor deer it was
  • thought up to use a helicopter to scare
  • the deer and make it rise to its feet to
  • leave the ice as the helicopter
  • approached the pilot noticed a wound on
  • the deers back the helicopter flew so
  • close that the pilot could see the deers
  • wool moved the deer panicked tried to
  • get up but fell again on smooth ice the
  • animal was practically helpless as the
  • hooves slid all over the place
  • rescuers noticed that while the animal
  • was trying to get up the wind from the
  • helicopters propellers at a speed of 240
  • km/h pushed the deer across the ice the
  • joyfulness was soon replaced by
  • discouragement the deers front legs fell
  • through the ice again everyone
  • understood that now he was facing him
  • death but the deer did not give up by
  • some miracle he managed to keep his head
  • above the water and then he could get
  • his front feet out on the ice it was
  • decided to try to blow the deer across
  • the ice from that place and thus deliver
  • it to the shore in order to get a strong
  • flow of air the helicopter first
  • accelerated and then abruptly hit the
  • brakes everything started to pan out a
  • few minutes later the deer was on the
  • shore the rescuers were able to get
  • close to him in order to assess the
  • state of the deers injuries the wound
  • was not dangerous the animal was able to
  • stand on its feet and fled into the
  • forest this moment was a really happy
  • one the story when a cat is stuck in a
  • tree may seem trivial but do not rush to
  • rewind or turn off this video this story
  • begins with a cat not returning from a
  • walk after a long search the cat was
  • found in a tree at a very great height
  • where it seems a dog may have drove it
  • too he set there without food and water
  • for seven days the cause of cats are
  • arranged so that climbing a tree is not
  • a problem for them but it's really
  • difficult or even sometimes impossible
  • to get to them the frightened owner did
  • not know how long her cat could last up
  • there when she called to him she heard
  • only a faint audible miel because the
  • animal was weakened without food on the
  • eighth day employees from a local TV
  • channel heard about this story and
  • convinced the tree trimming specialists
  • to help but the plan failed as soon as a
  • person began to climb the cat began to
  • move to the edge of the branches
  • the most terrible thing happened the cat
  • fell when the owner saw this fall she
  • was sure that her cat would not survive
  • everyone was sure this was the end but
  • cats have his so-called riding reflex
  • tiny hairs in their ears suggests that
  • they are turned upside down and when
  • this internal alarm sounded the cat
  • immediately turns its head to the
  • correct position the body follows the
  • head after which the cat spreads out in
  • the air this parachute-like effect slows
  • the fall reducing the speed to about
  • half the cat flu correctly but then hit
  • another branch due to which it turned
  • over a hundred and eighty degrees again
  • and was falling with its back down now
  • he had less than a second to take the
  • right position but time was not enough
  • to turn its hind legs around he fell to
  • the ground on his front paws and escaped
  • before anyone could approach him the cat
  • was under a car but it was intact
  • the veterinarian said that he will be
  • alright but he was a little scared no
  • fractures or symptoms of internal damage
  • after eating drinking and bathing the
  • cat finally came to himself in New
  • Mexico there was an unimaginable case a
  • bear emerged from the forest and ran
  • around the city in search for her cub
  • who had ran away by the way the cub was
  • caught the day before by the staff of
  • the Wildlife Service and was safe being
  • in a nervous and frightened State
  • American black bears climb trees but the
  • poor bear some hell climbed onto a
  • high-voltage pole with
  • voltage of 7,000 volts it was decided to
  • shoot the bear with a tranquilizer as
  • the specialist considered that it poses
  • a threat to people living nearby an hour
  • after the shot it began to swing and
  • then something terrible happened with
  • her right paw
  • she touched the wires she was thrown
  • back from the pole and she fell to the
  • ground from a height of 10 meters she
  • was wounded but alive her wool played a
  • big role as an insulating material that
  • deflected most of the deadly current
  • fortunately there was not enough time
  • for electricity to pass through her body
  • after several weeks of treatment she
  • recovered she was given her baby back
  • and they were very happy to see each
  • other and after a while the bear and her
  • cub were released to freedom another
  • incredible incident occurred in India
  • foresters rescued a huge royal cobra who
  • had climbed into one of the local
  • sediments in search of water they saved
  • the snake not only from the inhibit ins
  • as well as the inhibit ins from it but
  • also from thirst the game wardens
  • literally drink from the bottle of a
  • deadly animal a large scale drought has
  • been going on throughout India for more
  • than a month weather conditions and lack
  • of water make forest animals look for
  • sources of drinking and that means
  • people so for example it happened with a
  • three meter long royal Cobra which was
  • discovered on the outskirts of the city
  • car war with a resident saw it they
  • called a team of foresters the foresters
  • not only save the inhibits
  • removing the snake from the city but
  • also helped the snake as well the
  • reptile had crawled to the people
  • because of thirst
  • so the foresters gave the snake a drink
  • from a bottle just like you would a
  • child one of them gave the Cobra a drink
  • from the bottle while the other held it
  • by the tail just in case that rushed
  • into attack but this did not happen and
  • the snake did not show any aggression
  • but simply drank water from the bottle
  • offered to it zoologists measured the
  • length of the Cobra that was caught 3.6
  • 5 meters then they drove it to the
  • forest and released it to freedom
  • therefore friends if you see that some
  • animal needs your help
  • do not pass by save the animals take
  • care of it and appreciate their life and
  • may be watching this video you will
  • understand that you do not have to be
  • God to save someone's life
  • help the animals and be happy give your
  • thumbs up if you like this video thanks
  • for watching subscribe for more

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Unfortunately, very often animals get into terrible situations, but who as not people should help them. Today we will show you 5 amazing cases of animal rescues that will restore your faith in humanity! - Download Hi-Res Songs

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