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14:09   |   views   |   01/09/2019


  • dude he's not dying he's not dying ah
  • right into my vehicle you don't hurt to
  • get that fire merch expert beep calm
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  • into the video greetings Earthlings
  • expert thief here but you can call me xt
  • triple og cuz it's time for another
  • episode of Grand Theft Auto thug life
  • and the alien weapons the Republic Space
  • Command or whatever the heck you want to
  • call the weapons have been released so
  • it's time for alien trolling part 2
  • let's go to the ammo store and let's buy
  • this intergalactic weaponry and destroy
  • everybody alright there's some people
  • over here that are in the way obviously
  • so we're gonna have to move them excuse
  • me alright you're in the way you're in
  • the way get back out of here oh shoot yo
  • wait why is it like two people on each
  • other over here wait wait wait wait wait
  • oh you said a little RC car is this
  • person modding or is this out this
  • didn't come out yet this person's body
  • come here come here shoot I didn't mean
  • to do that but back here alright come
  • back here zap it tap it with delays
  • there's stupid old talking
  • little dude talking at me come here and
  • say that
  • it dude PC is so modded yeah it reg I
  • don't think I could kill this thing
  • because I mean modders are always
  • invincible so here I have some mines
  • have some mines little guy have some
  • mines under my tank is out of my tank
  • get off me I need to join booty where'd
  • the booty out there's the buoy all right
  • let's go alien vehicle we need some
  • alien weapons excuse me guys alright do
  • I have my laser beam Raygun how come I
  • don't have the ray gun anymore somebody
  • help me alright alright there we go up
  • and atomizer we got that back we're
  • gonna make this thing purple we got to
  • make it all match our whole vehicle
  • scheme we got purple we're gonna get the
  • unholy over here and put the purple
  • tints on it and then grab this thing the
  • Widowmaker we playing overwatch right
  • now make it purple just like that
  • Widowmaker booty and let's roll
  • alright guys we got the purple ray gun
  • the purple unholy hell bringer and the
  • purple let's go f sub schism alright I
  • think the RC car is down here looking at
  • us wait what the heck is going on they
  • spawning in a bunch of crazy stuff yes
  • they are oh my gosh oh here we go
  • excuse me I am here to destroy your
  • planet come here come here is it
  • principal alright well we can at least
  • do this to him haha it's not doing
  • anything
  • he's spawning crazy stuff yeah screw you
  • and your mods bro to the king the shut
  • moose broke the game alright guys I
  • don't know what the heck that was but
  • we're back online
  • we got a CEO organization over here I'm
  • off the radar so they got no idea what's
  • about to or what just did hit them what
  • just did hit them oh they're so screwed
  • excuse me where did he go so he flew
  • over the building holy crap
  • those insane you're next you're next
  • come here no come here
  • about a light them up with the new stuff
  • oh he's in this oh yes here we go
  • here we go excuse me sir nice car nice
  • car he doesn't know what to do see ya
  • see ya alright let's get out of here one
  • step closer to taking over the entire
  • planet I know these guns are like the
  • same as the regular versions like the
  • human versions or whatever but they're
  • pretty dope I mean lasers oh here we go
  • yo here we go no I couldn't shut boost
  • let's get up again we're setting up
  • flying come back here come back here
  • it's like sometimes this junk boost
  • doesn't work it just takes forever it's
  • like the lane you're a pause mode bad
  • idea bro bad idea
  • where's my where's my laser he left he
  • left I'm telling you guys we're doing it
  • we're taking over all right we're taking
  • over we're just gonna keep bothering
  • everybody until they all leave and this
  • is our server it's a takeover baby move
  • Punk all right oh we got somebody doing
  • something here what's this oh we got to
  • protect the target no no no go back here
  • stop stop oh shoot alien guns alien gods
  • billion hosting alien hunting light them
  • up yes that's what I'm talking about all
  • right
  • I saved this guy that I was supposed to
  • protect for some reason don't worry bro
  • I'm here all right I'm taking over the
  • planet so you're in good arms where are
  • you going you going to the hospital what
  • are you doing what are you doing he's
  • gonna get killed out here running around
  • like that I'm gonna protect this guy
  • with my life get it I don't want to run
  • into him with this car it will kill him
  • maybe he just needs a vehicle here you
  • go dude I got a car for you
  • take the car oh shoot
  • poor people attacking no get out of here
  • leave him alone leave him alone I will
  • protect you
  • he's an undercover alien obviously
  • that's why we have to protect him this
  • is full of things he can kill him heck
  • no light them up light him off and come
  • here we need to flip him over that's oh
  • shoot that ain't going to work that
  • ain't going to work oh shoot he's going
  • after him now
  • no no chase him down chase him down
  • don't let him do it do not let him do
  • this
  • come back here come back here pull yes
  • freak out of here no no move come on
  • tank no turn up stuck I will save you I
  • will fish get out of here oh he's trying
  • to throw sticky bombs at me that guy
  • kill them all right come up here I dare
  • you lasers laser Oh whoa Wow lady what
  • are you doing I'm trying to take over
  • kill him guess I got him oh wait no I
  • didn't get him oh it's guiding principle
  • or something dude he's not dying he's
  • not dying
  • ah right into my vehicle oh well didn't
  • do anything right
  • run run run
  • I need the laser no they're gonna get
  • him I died I couldn't switch to the
  • freakin up in atomizers because the
  • weapon wheel this game is trash so you
  • click on things and it doesn't actually
  • select it
  • dude he's dead yeah he's dead he's Frick
  • well we tried alright it's payback time
  • I know exactly who took down the target
  • and we're going after him right now oh
  • he just got killed all right as soon as
  • he responds he's done I'm gonna call it
  • my garage to Lamar help an alien out
  • real quick why didn't his own teammate
  • kill him how didn't even do that all
  • right where's he at there he is
  • boom let's go baby let's go all right
  • there he is
  • I'm gonna help out the mugger real quick
  • yeah get him get it wash it down get it
  • wash it down whoa
  • Frick you all right come back here with
  • my money come back here with my money
  • give me that four thousand five hundred
  • oh shoot hey get away from me light them
  • up yeah that's right ride ride this is
  • my planet now we're getting into our
  • rate that we're going after them you
  • best believe it are they teaming up I
  • hope they are I hope so Lester I'm gonna
  • need the element of surprise here we go
  • here we go guys here we go
  • [Laughter]
  • come here yes
  • kill them all my planet now my planet
  • now screw you
  • destroy destroy no come back here this
  • rain go make you slide go crash you know
  • it yep Punk get in the corner alright
  • stay there I'll be right back I had to
  • kill this fool - you want to get in here
  • too bad
  • where'd they go they're under the race
  • how are you alive how are you alive
  • still die there we go alright let me get
  • up here real quick and destroy this fool
  • get these guys off me alright
  • authorities have been bribed and they
  • run right into me after I spend all the
  • money they need to fix that alright I'm
  • up here it should not cost that much to
  • bribe the authorities and then if you
  • tap them they come right back after you
  • come here let me help you yeah you can
  • run but you can't hide fool I'm right
  • here I'm right here right here with the
  • office falling off perfectly lines up to
  • destroy them see ya can I brake the car
  • doing this oh shoot oppressor on our
  • tail oppressor alright so we got to get
  • out of here go go go go go oh shoot
  • you'll be got to leave we got to leave
  • alright
  • we're safe in here Lester I'm gonna need
  • those cops call it off me real quick
  • yeah come here I'll press right there
  • you know I imagine if I hit the guy off
  • of this bike with this oh wait wait wait
  • the range on this is so dope
  • oh there's a tape coming down here oh
  • we're dead we're dead ah we haven't
  • really used this thing yet why didn't my
  • colors change leave me alone
  • ah he's modding alright well that's not
  • good
  • he's just spawning money on me Rockstar
  • I'm not doing this alright I'm not the
  • one doing this hey somebody from our
  • crew get it come with me if you want to
  • live we got to get out of here bro
  • hurry hurry there's money all over this
  • car there's dirty frickin money on my
  • car oh no dude can we go off the radar
  • because that tank is down here I don't
  • like this yes we can and we're dead
  • right before we frickin did it I hate
  • the oppressor dude I so there's so
  • annoying there the nuke Jets at the
  • frickin game come here fool let me hit
  • this guy please dude if I can hit the
  • oppressor with the freaking Raygun oh
  • geez I'm still alive haha yeah come here
  • come back here I dare you all you got
  • rekt come here come here
  • dude the range on this thing is insane
  • ha you got killed oh shoot run okay
  • doesn't they do anything to helicopters
  • I'm gonna need to borrow this real quick
  • officers thank you
  • all right the oppressors getting away we
  • got a minute left you know this
  • oppressor this oppressor
  • y'all he's coming over here
  • here we go got'em get rekt get freaking
  • rap
  • yes that's what I'm talking about
  • alright guys I'm going to wrap up the
  • episode here this has been some more
  • Grand Theft Auto thug life I hope you
  • guys enjoyed it if you did please press
  • the like button and subscribe if you're
  • new
  • click the bell to enable notifications
  • but it's all my next video I will see
  • you guys when I see you guys I'm sorry
  • but I have to do this
  • [Music]
  • I see you never miss a shot I'd be like
  • teeth please don't why you trying to
  • provoke me you say so I see you say you
  • damn money okay me too
  • differences when you be talking cash we
  • don't believe
  • semi-annual present highschool wish I
  • never like show boy show me loving
  • there's a lot of

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