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  • you're almost skinny guys is your 80 km
  • I I can run a video on TV guys I'll be
  • showing you guys how to you how to make
  • a really cool-looking ps3 trihard like
  • killing outside I guess so yeah
  • drop a like on the video for the return
  • for the ps3 or lastly an outfit because
  • I sort of think about then I finally
  • found this out there and actually free
  • dope and you hope you guys do gonna
  • enjoy about the food video you go into
  • the video if you do want to go ahead and
  • enter the giveaway for I'm doing for the
  • wireless key to wireless key with a
  • mouse all you do is one subscribe to my
  • channel till you leave a like and come
  • back to the next video and then see cuz
  • I'm going to reveal the winner in a
  • random video so it's not going to be any
  • giveaway video is going to be a random
  • video I'm going to announce two winners
  • for the he was I'm gonna ship them out
  • to the houses and yeah so that's really
  • simple I leave a link in the description
  • if you wanna check out the full video on
  • the giveaway but yeah just saw like a
  • couple of days back so yeah go ahead and
  • toys for free so yeah so anyways if you
  • guys do go to the video make sure to
  • smash the like on the video as you do
  • that's my 410 likes and video be
  • absolutely amazing and subscribe to my
  • channel if you guys are new to my
  • channel and yeah let's begin with the
  • video and you guys follow me on
  • instagram AKM f YT and Twitter a que mi
  • ke HD because I'm going to start live
  • streaming lost the first lesson I did
  • kind of failed because the audio wasn't
  • coming but now fix damaged are live so
  • I'll show you guys how to add me and
  • like how to do my session and we can
  • have a lot of fun livestream so yes just
  • follow me it will be in the description
  • so you can see but anyway the speaking
  • the video go ahead and go to a clothing
  • store go to the pants section and go to
  • the suit pants I find the creme slim fit
  • once you have done that go ahead and go
  • to the shoe section I said I don't know
  • which end to choose I choose the 2-tone
  • space shoes but it shows like this demo
  • a nice also I recommend is go to sport
  • shoes and picking the old white sport
  • shoes I'd never that white socks
  • underneath and then
  • go to the top section go down to shoe
  • jacket and find that tail coat you know
  • that black long tail coat one I'll show
  • you kind of long time to find it but so
  • here that one right there that black
  • tail coat go ahead and just select that
  • one and then head over to the shirts and
  • then find a matching one to the cream
  • pan I just went with the lemon top that
  • one looks pretty good so yeah it's one
  • with that one go ahead and spy that one
  • and the head it was actually session but
  • who you do that for a standard armor and
  • a black parachute
  • once you have once you guys have done
  • that go ahead and go to the accessory
  • section whole town to the gloves and go
  • ahead and put on the white cotton gloves
  • and once you have done that go to ties
  • and find them the white Bowie all right
  • so once you guys have found a white bar
  • we go in and select that one and then
  • remove your headpiece or wherever you
  • are in your head
  • I just went somewhere with a bandana I
  • take everything off and then go ahead
  • and make sure you have the tan
  • bulletproof helmet and if you do have it
  • going I'll just put it on and then go
  • ahead and save this outfit
  • all right so once you guys have saved it
  • go ahead and go back to the front
  • counter desk and then go to cover rules
  • and then take one of the cover which has
  • the gas mask all right so once you guys
  • have done that go ahead and go over to
  • your apartment
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • all right so once you guys all right
  • your apartment go ahead and just pull up
  • sky pull up your phone and go to random
  • job or quick job and then click on
  • random job and then and once you done
  • that make sure you have a job from like
  • Lamar Lester or Gerald and then go ahead
  • and select a and the press with one on
  • the right like arrow keys when you're
  • next to the telescope right once this
  • might not work if the connection is
  • really really fast but keep trying he
  • downloaded apples of the slow down your
  • internet and then do it cuz sometimes it
  • just doesn't work because your
  • connections just too fast all right once
  • se has loaded up go ahead and just back
  • out make sure to buy all ammo because of
  • course 2.3 million joking olya my
  • accounts just glitched out so I don't
  • know why that happens for anyway just go
  • ahead and sit back out from here
  • once the most guys on background should
  • be in visualization as you guys know and
  • go in and select alpha that we are
  • making alright once you guys are done
  • that press right arrow key and back out
  • as you can see the gas Mars would go
  • into the outside which looks free pretty
  • cool and yet that is actually the pretty
  • much the outfit and the hope you guys
  • did enjoy I should do that selfie a lot
  • it was pretty unique and nice every much
  • like the white shoes white gloves of the
  • sort of white helmet
  • match it all together with the tie and
  • the cream as well so the free speaking
  • outfit and you hope you guys enjoy a
  • smash 410 license video and you guys can
  • put a two months out fear like there's
  • like tube to make it more unique by the
  • Thai walk the Thai would go so rather
  • not keep like this this really dope hope
  • you guys enjoyed leave a like and
  • subscribe to my channel and enter the
  • giveaway really simple steps subscribe
  • leave a like and comment in this video
  • and I'll catch you guys in my next video
  • take care and please follow me on
  • Instagram - lets go flash stream
  • hopefully - lets go back
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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