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  • I'm Eddie Brock. I'm the reporter
  • now I always seem to find myself questioning something the government may not be looking at I
  • Found something really bad
  • And I have been
  • Taken
  • Look around in the world. Who do you see a
  • Planet on the brink of collapse
  • Human beings are disposable but man and symbiote combined
  • This is a new race near species the higher life form
  • Me
  • We cannot just hurt people study
  • We have a team I clear so many tracks a little time
  • To that power it's not completely awful
  • You have no idea how much you're scaring me right now a walk away
  • And you just might survive
  • Guys, you do not want to do this. Trust me
  • We'll always come at a cost
  • Bleep on
  • Your face right on your head you will be this office Legolas Fifth Estate rolling down the street
  • Oh
  • I have a parasite. Yeah neighbors chant
  • Do you know what my job description is
  • I'm in acquisitions. I
  • Look up and I catch what falls out of the sky
  • What's how I should
  • Tell me about the mission did you see anything unusual? It's above our bakery
  • Look I get it something went down in Mexico. Nobody wants any witnesses
  • We need to know if you can you manpower threat
  • We're Rangers
  • It Baxley if your mom's vagina were a video game to be rated E for Everyone
  • There's an opposing the three
  • Kind of the fucking point
  • Predators just don't sit around making hats out of rib cages. They conquered space
  • But that's not what's on the horizon. Should I be worried Riley? I
  • Think you know, what is on the ship
  • The ultimate predators
  • We may die
  • We're still here so come and get us motherfucker
  • If I'm hard on you
  • It's because the world is hard
  • You've seen
  • And I just need you stay out of trouble, okay
  • Your brother just got out of prison
  • I know I've been away for a long time, but I want to make sure that you know that you're important to me. I
  • Want you to be careful about him?
  • Welcome home. My man. I
  • Know I owe you guys some money. I just wanted you can all I'm not dodging you
  • Let him go the hell is that thing
  • What the hell is that I found it somebody's got to be looking for this thing
  • That thing your brother hasn't it?
  • We need to constantly tend to good
  • Filan he's here somewhere dangerous people coming after us
  • I know I'm not a good guy, but it's been pretty incredible to be brothers for the first time
  • Whatever it has gotten him into
  • It's gonna figure it out eventually, I hope you're ready for that
  • Believe this whole time you haven't told me there
  • Get away from my brother
  • We keep that thing on the first mode yeah
  • Let me tell you something
  • a
  • Driver on pick the car
  • Car picked the drive
  • So mrs. Kebab between man and machines of mystical bomb between man
  • Who are you do you speak told her you?
  • What's your name?
  • You got people out they will need you
  • This is why you're here be
  • You know be music can help you say what you're feeling try this
  • You told me the story of the war when the ground shook in the sky burn
  • Of the ones that survived
  • Who will walk to a different world
  • Where the powerful pray, please
  • But that's not the way it has to be
  • When I found you a very human brain was miraculously
  • It's the loneliest feeling not to know who you are in time you'll remember
  • Oh
  • The leaders new again
  • It's harsh world down here. Does that'll be willing to do what it takes that
  • Run
  • Mika's
  • She's the last of a kind
  • She contains technology that have been lost for 300 years
  • Let me show you something
  • This body I feel a connection to it
  • I can't explain, you know more about me than you're saying Leda. Some things have been in lift forgotten
  • And I'll find out for myself
  • She's threatening the natural water thing. I need you to destroy her leader they will come for you
  • I'll have to face them head-on
  • Tonight is not a game
  • I'm with her
  • Thompson's cardiac death seven hours 15 minutes with the matters
  • Forever
  • Nice work that's for Nexus us you have kids that love you and a wife that disease
  • And we have signed
  • Right I am this close never has anyone been there
  • Now I'm better I
  • Can never have what's going on
  • William
  • Tell me the truth there was a crash
  • Even the kids died by branching back
  • Is a reason human cloning is bad I mean damn what if something horrible goes wrong something already has
  • The experiments all know it isn't
  • And I
  • Love you forever
  • I didn't define everything natural water is just to lose you again
  • My father was a lighthouse keeper
  • My mother was queen
  • But life has a way of bringing people together
  • Could unite our bones one day
  • Check it out author is talking to the fish
  • They may be what I am
  • Listen to come aboard
  • I've been looking for you your half brother King arm is about to declare war upon the surface world
  • The only way to stop this war is for you to take your rightful place as king
  • Trust me. I know you'll
  • Do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all?
  • That was the worst pep talk ever I want to strap in
  • My brother has come from the service challenge me for the throne my god an ass-whooping
  • No leader I came because I had no choice
  • I'ma save my home people that are loved you think you're unworthy to lead which is you have two different worlds
  • That is exactly why you are worthy
  • Oh, it's awesome
  • Coming to the surface and I'm bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me
  • Here what are you doing never parachute right hoods

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