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Video Fantasy Glasses | Lele Pons
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  • Hey, take these, whatever you do,do not where them for too long.
  • I can't take it anymore. They're ruining my life!
  • What year is it?!
  • Oh my god!!!
  • *iphone ringing*
  • Hello
  • Hey is this Lele?
  • *speaking in spanish*
  • I'm back honey.
  • Papa?!
  • I came home for your mother.
  • Papi?
  • I've never stop loving your mother.
  • *speaking spanish*
  • Your mother and I ...decided to get back together.
  • *speaking spanish*
  • Oh
  • -Oh my god there she is...
  • -She' so wierd
  • -What is she even wearing?
  • -Disgusting.
  • Oh my god, that is so embarrassing
  • -She's so wierd.
  • -That's social suicide I can't even look at this.
  • -Gross.
  • -Oh my god,Lele your so cute!
  • -Oh my god,Lele..
  • -Oh,such a beautiful smile.
  • -My god,she's like the coolest girl in the world.
  • -Lele,you're invited to my party.
  • -Lele! - You're so cute !
  • -Oh my god!
  • -You're the cutest ever!
  • Hey!
  • Okay.
  • -Hi.
  • -Hi! Do you love me?
  • -Yeah. Do you love me back?
  • -Yeah, sure, whatever!
  • -Let's go!
  • -Get in the car, let's go! Come on, we gotta go!!!
  • -Hurryyy!!!!!
  • And welcome back to 'Catch that Psyco'!
  • Over here,we have our psycho Lele Pons who has been living in a fantasy...
  • ...for almost 4 years now.
  • Here, we can observe her talking to her friends
  • ...chocolates.
  • -So hot. ....
  • He's so hot. Should I go and talk to him?
  • And her boyfriend...
  • ...a slipper.
  • Oh My God.Stop it!
  • Aaaaaaahahaha
  • Stop it..
  • Miss Lele Pons, do you have any words for our viewers?
  • *gasp* There you are...
  • Noooo...
  • -Don't take the gla...
  • -You have to take them off..
  • ...we're here for your own good.
  • -No,no,no,no,no,no!
  • These aren't real
  • -Where am I ?
  • -We're in your house.
  • Where's my boyfriend?
  • -I'm Dr. Stevenson Son
  • -See,that's the thing.These glasses aren't reality.
  • This entire time you've been dating this sandal.
  • -My sandal.
  • -Where are my,where are my girls?
  • where are my-my-my BF-F-F-F's
  • -You've actually been talking to these chocolates the whole time.
  • -No..
  • Wait a minute...
  • ..where's my money?!
  • My money. I had a lot of money.
  • -You don't have any money.
  • I wish that these glasses made you have money 'cause you owe me a lot.
  • -Where's my driver?
  • Oh my god, where's Bob?!
  • -He's over there.
  • -Do you need a ride ?
  • -He 's always been really bad.
  • -Doc, long has this been going on for?
  • -4 months. -It's actually 4 years. - 4 years.
  • -Get those glasses out of - out of my sight!
  • -I don't wanna see those glasses...take those...
  • -I'm gonna take them,okay?
  • -You take them! -Yeah.
  • -Oh My God,these-.. yeah,no.
  • -Get out,out.Out of my,get out!
  • I need some time alone.
  • I need to-I need to...
  • No,No,No!
  • -I can't anymore...
  • ..take these.
  • *screams*

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