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Video Teen from Ghana Becomes First Black Woman on US Olympic Speedskating Team
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  • mommy bunny emigrated to the u.s. from
  • Ghana to live with her father she was an
  • energetic child and her father wanted to
  • channel that energy into a sport so I
  • bought a year because this particular
  • rink I just tried it and the president
  • she got on an eye on the ice I was
  • scared
  • I thought she was gonna break her head
  • open I said what did I get myself into
  • this is risky he didn't need to worry
  • bonnie was a natural she took that thing
  • in stride and I was just surprised the
  • way she was skating bonnie was hooked
  • she tried figure skating first but a
  • coach noticed how fast she was and
  • encouraged her to take up speed skating
  • this month she qualified for the US
  • Olympic team after finishing first in
  • the women's 500-meter trial in Kearns
  • Utah at age 17 she is the youngest speed
  • skater on the US team and the first
  • African American woman to represent the
  • country as a speed skater first time I
  • met her mommy she was like 9 I was the
  • skater - I was at est but now it's like
  • almost my height like she's getting aged
  • presenting at USA team I just hope that
  • everyone like sees how fun this sport is
  • when you can just like go fast and and
  • just like be awesome not not to him or
  • anything just just like feel good about
  • yourself be proud of yourself that's it
  • Bonnie's achievements have earned her
  • fans around the world especially in West
  • Africa where skating is in common
  • she hopes girls watch her and become
  • inspired to pursue their own dreams any
  • sport isn't really an option back in
  • Africa I would just tell all the little
  • kids back there just to find something
  • that you love and be happy and just have
  • fun with it because why are you gonna do
  • something you don't have fun bonnie
  • hopes to do more than just have fun when
  • she competes at the 2018 Winter Olympics
  • in Pyeongchang South Korea in February
  • her strategy is simple just don't fall
  • when you first see her she see
  • kind of intimidating because like like
  • you just never know her but if you
  • actually meet her she's really friendly
  • and when she skates she's she's amazing
  • Bonnie's father hopes she can just soak
  • up the moment and have fun he said
  • seeing her walk with Team USA during the
  • opening ceremony will be enough of a
  • reward anything more will be a bonus I
  • stay focused everything will fall in
  • place she doesn't need to be afraid of
  • anything
  • I don't think she solemn Soloman for
  • viewing news Reston Virginia

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Maame Biney, a 17-year-old from Ghana, will be the first African-American woman to represent the U.S. on the speedskating short track team at the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February. VOA's Salem Solomon visited her where she first started skating in a local ice rink in Reston, Virginia, and has this story.
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Olympics Speedskating Maame Biney

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