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Video Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Underwater! $5,000+ (Returned to Owner)
16:37   |   today at 15:08


  • I think you said it it has dimens it's
  • gone I think I found his ring what's up
  • guys Jake here today we're at the river
  • and we're gonna be metal detecting
  • underwater for a lost wedding ring this
  • is my super small metal detector and
  • it's waterproof for up to 200 feet deep
  • now today we're gonna be using this to
  • help locate a missing wedding ring that
  • a couple lost a husband was swimming out
  • here and he actually lost his wedding
  • band and it's white gold with diamonds
  • and I'm sure the wedding ring is worth a
  • lot of money but I know the true value
  • isn't how much the ring cost is what it
  • means to the relationship and I know
  • right now they're missing a key piece of
  • their marriage that they want back and I
  • told them that I would try my very best
  • to find their lost wedding room today so
  • with all my gear today hopefully we get
  • super lucky and find it but I told them
  • I'm no expert at metal detecting but I
  • will try my absolute best and that's
  • what I'm gonna do today so let's get
  • down there have a good time wish me luck
  • and hopefully we can find the ring
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
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  • okay so I couldn't find a ring that they
  • were looking for were down underwater
  • and the guy told me he lost it when he's
  • trying to get a pony steps and I had an
  • idea I thought it'd be really good to
  • check all the cracks and I've been doing
  • this for about an hour and a half I have
  • a little flashlight I found a bunch of
  • money but I haven't found a ring but I
  • think I finally see something that might
  • be the ring dude this is incredibly I'm
  • shaking no longer I'm cold but number
  • two and an excitement man because I
  • think I found it it took so long and I
  • think I got it
  • [Music]
  • nice isn't it
  • it has diamonds it's gone I think I
  • found his ring I sister took me forever
  • I did it man I can't believe it it's
  • just 10k on the inside and I think
  • there's a diamonds
  • oh my gosh dude I think I found it
  • that is incredible I found it I just
  • sought out to try my best to find this
  • ring for that family you know like when
  • you lose your wedding ring I feel like
  • you lose a piece of like you know like
  • of your marriage in a sense you know
  • like it's just this right here is a
  • token of their love and the guy lost it
  • and you know like most men out there
  • like it's you know you shake it off but
  • it's super super super important and I'm
  • glad I found it and what they thought
  • was lost forever today we found it so
  • I'm stuck to give him a call here in a
  • minute oh wow
  • but first I got to get warm and then
  • we'll shoot him a call and tell him we
  • found a ring well what a day they found
  • a diamond ring he's been out here
  • looking for stuff he actually got a
  • scuba tank for his first time he's been
  • messing around having a good time buddy
  • are you ready okay just let me see it
  • dude another story behind I don't know
  • this the family they asked me if I could
  • help fund a ring wait is that a wedding
  • band yeah man yeah good for you there is
  • a ring I thought it was just like a
  • diamond ring no they had the family
  • wanted me to to try to find it man I
  • told him I would and I I spent so long
  • look at but then out here all day
  • looking for ya get your shaking
  • freezing-cold that's my first diamond
  • ring I've never found a damage it dude
  • I'm proud of you man look at you
  • listen so that's cool today was a good
  • day man we both found cool stuff today
  • what we can do it's awesome I know for
  • sure there's four more wedding rings out
  • there and there's a 127 thousand dollar
  • wedding ring which would be crazy if we
  • found so if you guys won't see more
  • meditating videos in the future drop a
  • thumbs up also if you guys are new make
  • sure you guys subscribe we're closing in
  • on 10 million subscribers to be able to
  • get that crazy like I wouldn't feel like
  • a dime employee when you have your own
  • diamond right 10 million subs to get
  • your own diamond like glass so that's my
  • goal one day so if you guys tune you
  • make sure you guys subscribe maybe I can
  • get my own diamond and what do you like
  • that's wild today that's what a day dude
  • I have a feeling man I have a feeling
  • this is gonna be a video that puts you a
  • million more subs on the board I don't
  • know I have a feeling it's all about
  • good deeds and having a good vibes and I
  • was just super lucky today to finally
  • ring alright so we're back in the truck
  • I'm getting warm right now it was
  • absolutely freezing out there but I'm so
  • excited man I have the number and I'm
  • actually just about to call the person
  • who lost this ring I believe I have the
  • wife's number but this is the husband's
  • ring and then we're gonna tell him that
  • we found it and we're gonna see if they
  • want to come by and pick it up you know
  • if I just found this wedding ring
  • randomly I wouldn't know who it balling
  • - there's no engravings or anything like
  • that but the fact that the family told
  • me exactly like how they lost it where
  • they lost it I was able to check down
  • the ring and I'm just so thrilled to be
  • able to get that back to them today so
  • I'm gonna go ahead and get my call right
  • now and turn up the volume this is crazy
  • hello how you doing good hey this is
  • Jack I don't know if you have my number
  • saved awesome so I want to let you know
  • that I was out metal detecting for your
  • husband's lost wedding ring and I may
  • have found it after summer Rae she's
  • adorable man wait why didn't you take
  • fine baby
  • daddy's ring isn't that exciting that's
  • her where did he find this ring in the
  • water hi guys well that's pretty cool
  • man I can't believe it like it messaged
  • me on Facebook they told me that they
  • lost a ring and the fact that we
  • actually found it today it's pretty
  • incredible and amongst all the nails and
  • rusty hooks and sinkers that I have
  • could have found I got super lucky
  • thought outside the box and we found it
  • on like a crack with in like the little
  • pavement of those little stairs right
  • there
  • like incredible man like how can I get
  • so lucky this ring right here was
  • sitting like a foot underwater and it
  • was just right on top of the stairs and
  • anyone could have saw it shining in the
  • Sun and today we got super lucky and we
  • found it and we're gonna give it back to
  • the family but what an incredible
  • experience man light it's probably one
  • the coolest things I've ever found and
  • it's just like the story behind you know
  • someone messaged me on Facebook I told
  • him you know like I'm not an expert
  • metal detector but I'll try my best to
  • find it and that we actually got that
  • lucky enough to find it today it's
  • pretty awesome and I'm stoked some
  • people always ask me I'm like what's
  • some of the coolest things you've ever
  • found a diamond ring so let's go ahead
  • and get that back down
  • well it's been a while man I tried my
  • best you know I told you guys I try my
  • best and I think I probably picked up a
  • thousand pieces of metal but I may have
  • found it
  • are you ready you tomorrow This Is It
  • this is it that's it he's found it yes
  • I appreciate it you the man thank you
  • so I started looking at every crack and
  • I started where you telling me where you
  • may have lost it I went all the way down
  • then looked at every crack moving all
  • the sand away and the last crack I
  • checked I saw some shining I was like I
  • reached down grabbed it and there was
  • sitting right there in the crack about a
  • foot away from anyone if the light was
  • sitting that right and it was shining
  • someone could have came up and grabbed
  • it but unlike some cracks of each stat
  • the crack of each step and it was maybe
  • like just a little bit showing I was
  • like you got lucky
  • thank you I appreciate that I was
  • telling everyone on YouTube like you
  • know like the ring may be worth money
  • but at the end it means more to your
  • relationship and it's over
  • marriage you know like for y'all
  • thinking that he lost that forever and
  • for me to be able to give that back to
  • you guys means so much more than
  • anything else and you know that's what
  • it means to me man the do a good deed to
  • bring back that lost in and you guys
  • thought was lost forever but
  • next time
  • [Music]
  • you take it off and you apply water
  • rafting let me take it off you want to
  • see it baby
  • yes all right this is a dive plane it
  • allows me to see at the very bottom of
  • the river so this right here allowed me
  • to find it adds a ring oh yes I can find
  • it the river you can bring that home if
  • you want 50 pounds is real heavy say I'm
  • strong thank you mommy
  • huh sure show me your gun oh this is a
  • cool one doesn't have any hooks
  • it's dirty though what is that and who
  • gave it to you
  • oh it's coming Jake well man that was
  • incredible that was a great experience I
  • love that family they're so nice
  • summer Rae the little girl there she was
  • so adorable I wanted to give her a dive
  • way and like a fishing lure so she could
  • take that home and stuff like she
  • probably could joke on either because
  • they're kind of big but that was a
  • special man that's really cool I'm glad
  • I found the ring but I'm just stoked to
  • be able to give it back to him they
  • seemed very happy
  • hope you guys enjoyed the video if you
  • guys enjoyed this video make you guys
  • leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you
  • guys are new we're closing in on 10
  • million subscribers and I'd love to be
  • able to break that crazy milestone one
  • day again if you break 10 million subs
  • you actually get like a diamond play
  • button and I'd be so cool to get my own
  • diamond one day so if you guys enjoy
  • this video make sure you guys subscribe
  • if you guys are new we're gonna be doing
  • some more crazy stuff like this in the
  • future I thank you guys so much for
  • watching I'll see you all next time what
  • got a phone that is your luck to find a
  • phone on your first time scuba diving
  • with your new gear literally my second
  • find ever dude this is my third pot I
  • don't know
  • this is close my second fide dude I'm
  • freakin Samsung look forget Samsung
  • fondue oh man I don't know how you miss
  • this and all the times you've it's good
  • but it's got a pop socket and it still
  • works brother you know say that's
  • awesome dude Wow
  • yeah check it out Wow
  • oh the river gods have blessed me again
  • that's so awesome
  • big said yeah you know what I didn't
  • even need a giant laser shoot metal
  • detector like you got I just use my
  • balls
  • [Music]

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