Video TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea

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TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea
TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea thumb TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea thumb TRADITIONAL Korean Market FOOD TOUR: “Five Day Market” in South Korea thumb


  • Hey guys my last full food day here in Jeju
  • You know, what a food day is right you wake up you eat until you get sleepy and go to bed
  • Anyway, I'm starting the day off here at the traditional 5-day market
  • this is the largest and oldest traditional market here in Jeju with over a hundred years history since
  • 1905 to be exact and it has over a
  • Thousand stores and right now its in the morning like I mentioned it is already bustling
  • So we're gonna go inside and do some exploring and hopefully get some good stuff to eat.
  • They got everything here in this market it's kind of sectioned off so there's a section for flowers section for vegetables
  • First up since its the morning. I've got myself some donuts this stall right here
  • You see how hopping in us supposedly they make some awesome donuts. I want to start with this
  • This thing's got a nice crispy outer shell
  • Looks like the inside is very shocked
  • I
  • was amazing
  • Nice and aromatic super earring crunchy on the outside
  • So soft and pillowy on the inside the more traditional looking doughnut. This is a way denser than the last doughnut
  • Even trouble tearing this apart
  • Wow, this is really really dense
  • I mean it still delicious but this is gonna give you a jaw a nice workout much heavier than any doughnut I've ever had texture
  • Wise from this baby here
  • I mean in my opinion this is much better, but this is really good to eat
  • If you don't want to feel hungry for the rest of the day this one this bad boy, it looks pretty insane
  • Looks like there's something inside
  • Whoo
  • Red bean on the inside, by the way, this thing is piping hot. Oh
  • My god my favorite so far incredibly crunchy on the outside
  • So pillowy on the inside and that smooth red bean paste because like I'm biting into the soul of this doughnut
  • In that water where you bite down you got a crunch get that nice chew then you get that sweet creamy filling this thing
  • Honestly feels like a rock
  • I think it's like some kind of yam or maybe some kind of water chestnut thing on the inside
  • Oh, this is crumbly and heavy. This is not my favorite. This last one is like a doughnut hole
  • Mochi doughnut with with red bean filling I can tell I'm gonna love the heck out of this one
  • Sweet
  • Chewy crunchy ain't nothing not to love about that bite this in the super airy one
  • I had in the beginning my favorites. Just wish I had some Hachi to go with this
  • Let's keep eating
  • Jeju is actually really famous for their mandarin oranges. So there are different types of Manchu oranges
  • This one is more of a mutt and it's mixed with different breeds of oranges and Mandarin
  • Ridiculously juicy and sweet. Can you try this mixed breed here?
  • Oh thats amazing. It's got much more of a orangie flavor you could taste the sunshine in that bite one bite
  • You can tell that's not your typical orange. Oh I've been looking for her. This is a really traditional
  • Jeju snack item. She's making crepes and putting it aside some mixed veggies. This is supposed to be amazing
  • This is the bun, it's a lot lighter than I thought its actually
  • really light and this is made with barley and she told me the green veggie is mugwort
  • Which is which is a really fragrant vegetable
  • Something I've never had before
  • There's melted sugar inside
  • hmm
  • This is a sweep up. The sugar is kind of overwhelming the mugwort for me
  • So I can't really tell what that veggie really tastes like but it is very aromatic. What's like eating the Pillsbury Doughboy?
  • It's strangely addictive the crepe very very soft on the first bite
  • I didn't love the radish slightly crunchy very refreshing
  • But I think what kind of makes this really good is the sesame
  • Season that she adds in here which mixed in with the radish just creates this very very aromatic
  • Extremely sesame flavor and that combo is what I find really addictive about this. I think the overall is just okay
  • I mean, it's good. But nothing I'll ever miss. Jeju market number 2
  • This mark is not a 5-day market and by the way five, by the way
  • Five-day market, it's called that because it only happens every five days. This market is always here
  • This is more like almost like a night market and this is a Dongmun market, which means the east gate market
  • Not starting for another hour though, I'm a little early. Man, I wanna eat now
  • Rice cake is a jeju specialty and they got all sorts of flavors like peanuts and black sesame. They're recommended a black sesame
  • I don't know about you guys, but I love
  • Rice cakes and this, they made these rice cakes fresh here
  • And you can tell because first of all rice cakes don't last that long, maybe like a day or two and this is so soft
  • Oh my god, it's awesome, you know check out the inside red bean paste on the inside and again probably the most pillowy
  • Mochi I've had in a long long long time. You can tell this is super fresh
  • Oh, and this one is real special. The Jeju Mandarin
  • This is so good, I wish someone will pinch me to make sure I'm not food dreaming again
  • I've had the typical flavors of rice cakes in Korea a black sesame peanut I've never had my rice cake with mandarin oranges and of
  • Course Mandarin is one of the specialties of Jeju
  • This is so
  • biting into this
  • Feels like I'm taking a walk in a orchid and on the inside it's red bean paste again, but they
  • Skin the red bean so you don't have that red color
  • it's a much smoother texture then, you know the beans with the clothes on one of the things you gotta try in Jeju
  • This is the Jeju shrimp it's a very very unique shrimp that's only here in Jeju
  • And they called a Dutch run because in the ocean the shrimp just goes dep dep dep dep. Yep. There you go
  • What's kind of amazing about this market is that i'm walking through the seafood section and I don't see a single fly there right now
  • It's not it's not cold here. It's pretty warm in Jeju I mean
  • This is all meat and fish just laying out not a single fly. It's amazing. There's a line already forming right over there
  • And they're selling spicy pork and abalone rice
  • This market is not too hard to figure out what foods good because the locals would have formed the line already
  • This is black pork it's covered in chili flakes and they torched the rice and the pork. Oh, that's juicy
  • Oh, look at that. That is a glorious
  • Piece of fat right there the rice you can see like little bits of carbon in there and you could tell that it was cooked
  • Extremely high heat. Oh
  • I know that using blow torches to cook the food might seem a little gimmicky, but you can't argue the results
  • This is mind-blowingly good every single bite you're gonna feel it here and here the pork perfect level of spice
  • ridiculously juicy, of course
  • It's got the signature clean flavor and the chewiness and it's all sitting on top of a bed of morning glory
  • And the pork juice it's just seeping into the veggies as well. Everything's great
  • The only thing I don't really taste is the abalone flavor in the fried rice
  • They're supposed to be abalone innards cooked into the fry rice, which is something I've had in Jeju before it's still good
  • Just lacking that particular flavor.
  • I need this. There's no rule against having ice cream difference between savory dishes, right?
  • This guy is serving Jeju mandarin ice cream on grilled mini eggs
  • What's interesting about the ice cream here is that there's three different types of mandrin
  • See this tried Mandarin to put on top. This is one type the syrups another type and the ice cream is a third type
  • Mandarin trifecta. I actually opted not to get the mini egg wrap because I think I want more space in my stomach for meats
  • Very citrusy pretty good palate cleanser before my next dish this place serves
  • fresh abalone on its hip on and the use of blowtorch
  • This is the PA common motiva this night market at this point when I'm walking around Jeju
  • If I see it someone cooking an abalone, I want to eat it
  • So far I've had abalone grilled I've had abalone hotpot now abalone on a skewer check that off my list
  • It's much smaller than the abalone I've had before
  • This is tender girl
  • You can now go wrong with abalone in Jeju at all when they add a bunch of different sauces to temptation
  • There's chili spicy and mustard. There's some pumpkin. I'm just gonna dip the pumpkin in the chili
  • and then
  • See not just a head my favorite way to eat abalone they're still grilled, but pretty darn good
  • It's a thin layer of bacon
  • wrapped around pork
  • Wrapped around cabbage. It's grilled blowtorched
  • crispy garlic on top
  • Covered in spicy sauce chives on the side and this is just like the craziest pork roll
  • I've ever seen the only thing that might not be so good about this is is it's just stuffed with
  • Cabbage put a little garlic on top. I'm gonna add a little chive
  • One bite
  • Let's start with the positives there's so many different elements of crunch and got the crispy garlic. We've got the chart of pork belly
  • Nice and garlicky chives. So it provides different types of crunch, which is spectacular
  • The sauce is good as spicy a little barbecuey. The pork is Jeju black pork belly. So it's not gamey
  • It doesn't have a huge porky flavor
  • so the fat doesn't really spill out that well, if so,
  • it doesn't really engulf the veggies and because of that you do taste a lot of the
  • Cabbage and that's what I kind of fear would be all I really tasting that turned out to be true overall
  • It's not bad, but I unlike a Tootsie Pop I'm really excited to get to the middle
  • So in general most of the stalls here, they they sell black pork where they sell abalone
  • So I'm thinking for my next savory item. This looks really interesting
  • It's a corn dog stand, but they're serving Jeju carrots corn dog
  • And of course Jeju is known to produce some of the best carrots in the world and they're implemented in a corn dog
  • So this is my carrot dog and the carrot is mixed in with the batter now
  • I'm thinking there's a sausage inside and the condiments this is really interesting
  • Sugar you can put sugar all over this. My guess while in Jeju. Let's try it with the sugar a
  • Little bit of ketchup then some mustard why not, let's add some hot sauce to it
  • I'm uh, I'm afraid to take a bite of this Franken dog. But smells good
  • My tongue was already really raw from the last bite
  • spicy sauce I had oh man this thing it's hot huh, but I'll tell you what this cough
  • Oh, I've ketchup mustard and hot sauce. You may not believe me in sugar. You may not believe me
  • Tastes pretty darn good. Oh, you can see the carrots in the batter of this corn dog
  • Well, actually I shouldn't call this a corn dog because it's just made from the batter is made from rice
  • So this is more of a rice dog rice carrot dog and the sausage inside
  • It's not very snappy like like a typical corn dog sausage in the u.s. Is a very chewy sausage
  • The sweet element actually goes really well with the batter
  • The batter is crunchy the sugar actually provides not only sweetness, but also a different textural crunch as well the spice
  • Sweet and hot who doesn't like that? I think the only x-factor was the mustard, but honestly that works
  • All right, one more thing. I want to have here. I need some mini watermelon juice and this juice is made with apple watermelon
  • It's really cool about this is they asked you to pick your own watermelon stuff. I'm gonna pick the cutest
  • Oh
  • Not only do you get a watermelon you get a toy. Oh
  • That's a perfect way to wrap up tonight
  • So having been to both of the markets to five-day market and this market, they're both really traditional markets
  • But the feel of this one is completely different than the five-day market because just walk it around
  • Maybe it's because of the food court. There's a lot more energy here. There's a lot more young people here. There's music blasting
  • It's just a more fun vibe. I think the five-day market is better for groceries
  • That's better for knickknacks where maybe you need a comforter. But this place this market is all about the food
  • I mean whether you need some punch on work fresh seafood and then you know gets hard of shopping and come to this night market
  • for dinner
  • It's got your day covered and I of course had a fun couple of days with exploring both
  • Markets, and if you want to do the same the information for both is listed in my description box below guys
  • This is my last full day here in Jeju. It's been a blast. I really enjoy myself here. It's very relaxing food
  • Phenomenal tomorrow I'm back to Seoul for more food adventures, then it's off to Japan
  • So follow along this edge of trip is not over. Thank you guys again so much for watching until we eat again
  • I'll see you later

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My last full day in Jeju and I'm going to end it with the traditional Five Day Market. Here you can find all kinds of food, ranging from doughnuts to seafood, and all are super fresh!


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