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Video I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell
05:24   |   4M+ views   |   today at 01:15


  • hey guys so I hit three million
  • subscribers on YouTube and I am so so
  • excited I can't tell you how much this
  • means to me to have you guys coming
  • along especially since when I first
  • started the channel
  • it was unchartered territories and now
  • it's just a learning experience every
  • single week and I promise you there's
  • gonna be so much more to come
  • it's insane so I was trying to think
  • about what I could do to say thanks and
  • then while I was thinking Sammy came in
  • and of course caught me off guard and
  • now while I didn't initially intend on
  • sharing this video with anybody I
  • thought why the heck not it was all done
  • and good fun and maybe you guys will get
  • a laugh or two out of it check out this
  • week's video and my thank you to all of
  • you for hitting three million
  • hey you're doing you doing you looks
  • like you today
  • you're on FaceTime no I'm filming you
  • know why I'm filming you know today's
  • the day that you hit 3 million
  • subscribers on YouTube yeah I'm exciting
  • yeah almost as exciting as national
  • cereal day sell a second Mazel Tov okay
  • so here's the deal remember
  • in Morocco on our shake ation when you
  • were like yeah I'll run through the
  • street naked when I hit three million
  • subscribers on YouTube I'm gonna do it
  • I'm gonna run through the street naked
  • maybe yeah so you remember that
  • conversation doesn't your thing you
  • haven't to do it yeah it's a legally
  • binding conversation and it's a bet it's
  • like a deal I'll never take anything you
  • say seriously again if you don't do it
  • so we're gonna say that I ran around
  • this ring baby no no you're gonna run
  • around street naked I see you naked all
  • the time
  • well I need you to run around on me this
  • for the people who actually want me to
  • do it I said I would do it if you had a
  • mass yeah I know
  • so you'll do it if I have a mouse if
  • your face is covered my face is covered
  • a whore on the street
  • okay so if I have a mask will do it okay
  • just stay right there okay I always knew
  • you could do it Shannon this is your
  • unicorn mask your naked unicorn nails
  • it's perfect no no who you are it's a
  • majestic beautiful creature this is
  • terrifying
  • it's not it's it's magical what do you
  • think Ange we think you do it you can do
  • it are you gonna do it
  • really I'm doing deals a deal
  • where my daddy can do it angels so
  • scared good shoes are on safety first
  • good job you gonna run next no god I
  • can't keep up
  • I'll Drive
  • I never say okay wait for real you're
  • not just gonna run around the yard
  • faster than me
  • [Laughter]
  • don't get hurt like that oh god there's
  • such a Boulevard I guess we're doing it
  • pick up the pace there sister
  • you could go faster than that I know
  • and during great sweetie you're doing so
  • good I was so good do you want to give
  • an interview about how you feel about
  • the old house is a deal oh my god
  • and I did it oh my god house for me to
  • guess what happens when I hit ten

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Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on YouTube! Many more adventures to come... I PROMISE. xoxo - Shay

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