Video Dye Job Gone Wrong?! - My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 1

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Dye Job Gone Wrong?! - My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 1
Dye Job Gone Wrong?! - My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 1 thumb Dye Job Gone Wrong?! - My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 1 thumb Dye Job Gone Wrong?! - My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 1 thumb


  • [Music]
  • so first we're gonna tell her about the
  • candy bar table stuff hopefully like
  • them
  • you better like them because I've been
  • working hard on them okay my name's Anna
  • I am fourteen and mine came to me Anna
  • is coming up and I'm so excited I've
  • been planning it for almost a year I
  • think I started to think about this
  • quinceanera since I was around seven
  • here my gummy just talked about it know
  • my like three months and just having
  • their kids that was just really crazy I
  • was like hmm that must be nice to have a
  • dress and just everyone just look at you
  • I have mirrors too but I'm not done with
  • those and I'm not gonna show you because
  • you're such a perfectionist
  • because I weeks away got a lot already
  • so I can't isn't going to be in my own
  • backyard
  • and everyone's been having their games
  • are there I can't afford the hall and I
  • guess it's just been a tradition just to
  • use that backyard to have like crazy
  • parties and everything
  • mm-hmm my aunt had her quinceanera in
  • the backyard that we're using for my
  • party so me having the same location for
  • my kids I was hurt I just think like
  • she's kind of pretty living this through
  • mine and she was getting a reminder and
  • she keeps going on and on about her King
  • today
  • it has your name on it scute it's
  • whatever sitting at the table they're
  • just all gonna have to agree who gets to
  • take it home I'm saying that's only one
  • per table I'm taken oh and then these
  • are yours and your tumble on its cups
  • for my king said I didn't really want to
  • have a theme so instead I just have my
  • colors which is royal blue silver and
  • white oh you like little bullying and
  • all the shiny glittery stuff so I put
  • are you guys's initials or not because I
  • have a thing you guys are gonna forget
  • whose cup you do you can
  • you know Jenna's fighting so you got me
  • there so this is your bottle Diana that
  • goes on your table for you in your court
  • I don't think it's too much no it's not
  • blingy the way you like it
  • so don't eat another candy okay did I
  • still try to for your on how many fit in
  • there didn't take any I know you you
  • like candy I didn't take any yeah
  • so I have three boys in my court I did
  • not want to have Damas cuz it was just
  • too much of a hassle and I kind of like
  • being in the center of attention and I
  • just it's all about me you had a really
  • appreciate that specifically cute so
  • glad you like it as far as coming off
  • since I am the choreographer before my
  • consent
  • I do think getting all the core and
  • having the choreography was to do the
  • most difficult thing with Mike King said
  • I kind of had to do it since we don't
  • have money in the budget to get one
  • hopefully it just goes good seeing a
  • long draw and how like well she did it
  • I just thought hmm maybe this won't be
  • as bad as I thought okay so I'm one more
  • thing to show you say my mom bring out
  • everything and just all the glamorous
  • things and just make me feel really
  • happy that she spent all her free time
  • and just working with her schedule and
  • still being able to do that it was just
  • really sweet okay so you ready for it
  • yeah I'm gonna go get it okay Zanna
  • ready
  • so what do you think is a sparkly
  • material they have I just saw the doll
  • for the first time and was just so
  • adorable and I love the dress it was so
  • cute
  • is it hair her hair is brown really long
  • mom is that a problem see ya being my
  • hair kind of made me feel weird because
  • like that's not mean I'm not the person
  • to have long hair and I'm not the person
  • to have like normal hair cut it you want
  • to cut the doll's hair I do maybe paint
  • the hair to match your hair if you mess
  • it up or something happens you're gonna
  • have to answer to your mother you I
  • really appreciate how I will just let me
  • make this into a little me and make it
  • really feel like it's something that
  • represents me what's wrong with my
  • hair's great I'm just saying like Judy
  • London I brought you back don't forget
  • to cover up some better cut the doll's
  • hair and I kinda feel nervous and I
  • can't believe I'm gonna actually do it
  • so I am trying to keep it together and
  • act like I know what I'm doing but I
  • really don't know what you're doing and
  • I'm just everyone's staring at me and I
  • just feel just so much pressure but on
  • the outside yeah but in curly you're
  • later
  • [Music]
  • what the good from the front yes I just
  • cut a dog's hair and Wow just so good so
  • I'm gonna put the boom bag over it so
  • just grab all the hair from here no art
  • is really my main passion art to me is
  • something I can just to get away from
  • everyone I'm like once you get into that
  • little zone and nothing in there matters
  • I just think that's one thing I would
  • really love about so I want to take it
  • into college and I want to like major in
  • art I want to teach others something
  • that it's just so little at first but
  • then you start building and you just get
  • really into it
  • what about the forehead I I covered it
  • with my hat I call myself a mixed-media
  • since I'm not by experienced with a
  • particular medium I do a mall and I
  • experiments and I just dabble in
  • everything and since being so young I do
  • a lot of different things there we go
  • now it's time do we takes it right
  • yeah we can't see off to the gun so what
  • do you think I may or may not got the
  • for a little one you wore what you did
  • it we did it
  • Oh See Mom her outside to dry now I'm
  • really glad how it came out and my
  • decision to cut the doll's hair and
  • personalize it and make it a part of me
  • since it is going to be my last doll and
  • even if everyone doubted me I'm I really
  • want to always stick to my opinion hey
  • guys my gym captain has now casting
  • nationwide if you want your keen to
  • feature on the show send us a video
  • telling us why - quinta at awesomeness
  • TV calm and don't forget to subscribe to
  • awesomenesstv bye

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Meet Diana!
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Meet Diana! She’s taking her Quince into her own hands and adding artistic twists to the usual traditions. Her family thinks she’s crazy, but are they right?! Find out on this episode of My Dream Quinceañera!

My Dream Quinceañera is now casting nationwide! Want your quinceañera to be featured on the show? Send a video telling us why to quince@awesomenesstv.com!

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