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  • hey what's up welcome to the most
  • mysterious intro if you keep watching
  • this video that means you only want me
  • for my body well would you look who's
  • still here you little pervert so here's
  • an idea how about you stop being a
  • pervert yeah hey guys come on that
  • channel and welcome back to my youtube
  • channel so guys recently I started
  • working out and by recently I mean after
  • this video but today I wanted to talk to
  • you guys about a class that I've
  • mistakenly walked into before called
  • super June bad sorry that was a bit of a
  • stretch don't know what Zumba is you're
  • probably under the age of 45 but if you
  • are middle-aged then it's a super
  • exciting jump but it's so exciting
  • that's actually always spelled in all
  • caps so it's never hey I go to Zumba
  • it's heck wanna go to Zumba anyways
  • there's a lot of American dance workout
  • for all ages over 45 and for those of
  • you guys would say that Latin American
  • dance it's not a workout
  • yes Nate you racist I went and the
  • underneath of my boobs was ready I don't
  • even have to look none of my boots
  • racist look at this this is you down it
  • Oh gonna be a workout it's not even yeah
  • also gray is a great workout tee shirt
  • color if you crave attention like I
  • anyways there are all different types of
  • students in a Zumba class there's the
  • one who's always wet it there's the old
  • one who's actually really good there's
  • the one that's had for more dance trance
  • there's the one that game just for
  • attention there's the one gay guy class
  • who's better than you'll never be
  • there's the one that has no RZA but you
  • appreciate
  • they're ever kinda there's the one who
  • thinks they're at a rate that is the one
  • who does drugs at a rate there's the one
  • that's pregnant and lunch nothing hold
  • her back and then there's the one that
  • has no rhythm or no idea which way is
  • left right up or down
  • alright now these different students are
  • being taught by very different Zumba
  • teachers there's the one that's always
  • wet
  • there's the one that shows one move and
  • then walks around the rest of the class
  • never actually works out there's the one
  • that's out of breath constantly so you
  • have no idea what they're saying there's
  • the one that keeps telling you to shake
  • up children see there's the one who's
  • constantly wouid there's the one that's
  • constantly booing and then the one that
  • was randomly latin america did you know
  • like it before you phrase then you feel
  • there's no way as much fun could be a
  • workout unbearably oh well I can't feel
  • my Luck's what is this oh yeah it's me
  • how is that even possible
  • wow I smell like boo boo and there oh
  • wait a second out I don't have a pulse
  • so basically
  • but basically here are some simple tips
  • I know I'm sorry I hate what I say so
  • much major got a kick if you want
  • attention don't we're doing if people
  • won't be able to take their eyes up
  • they'll respect it and they leave it
  • valuable for you if you crave even more
  • attention go to class with the fake
  • pregnancy but they'll be so impressed
  • and won't ever think your life know if
  • you're going to Zumba to lose weight but
  • don't go you can easily lose 4 pounds by
  • cutting a limb off instead tip one or
  • more challenging workout try adding in
  • some small ways Oh looks like you lost
  • weight but you could lose even more go
  • ahead so that is all I have for you guys
  • today thank you guys so much for
  • watching this video and if you did
  • please make sure to give it a big thumbs
  • up because I saw you haven't yet what's
  • holding you back
  • sorry hey but I'll see you guys next
  • Wednesday with girl buddy do they know
  • that I owe you discount you know it's
  • you know family
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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An explanation of a zumba workout! ...middle aged booty shaking. Why go to a zumba class when you can watch a video of someone else doing it instead? Thanks for watching me sweat and smell. Stalk my other social medias below:
Dance montage editing by: Joe Vulpis
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Thank you, lil zumbabes!



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