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Video Brendon Urie Reacts to Me
20:19   |   today at 01:52


  • yo let's go tryst ain't yo what's good
  • your stands and tryst fam oh my god what
  • is even going on so last night I was
  • just hanging out minded my own business
  • when I started to get a bombardment of
  • messages telling me that Brendon Urie
  • was reacting to my video live on his
  • twitch which you should check out by the
  • way there's gonna be a link right here
  • it's super easy it's just
  • slash Brendon Urie
  • please go follow him there or whatever
  • the fuck people do on Twitch I don't
  • even know here's what I don't want
  • though I don't want a bunch of people
  • from this channel going over there and
  • being obnoxious
  • don't bother or pressure him to react to
  • videos just let him let him do his thing
  • let him do his thing but also those go
  • support him because it's actually really
  • cool after he reacted to me which I'm
  • about to show you guys I hung out in his
  • twitch stream for like five hours he
  • streamed for like seven hours straight
  • playing fortnight it was lit so it was
  • actually just really fun just being
  • around him and his friends and I don't
  • know something about that was really
  • cool all that being said I figured that
  • there's gonna be people re uploading
  • this video anyway and so I might as well
  • just re-upload it so that people can
  • watch it easily before I react to it so
  • this is just the raw unedited reaction
  • of Brendon Urie and then in a couple
  • days or even in a day or so I'm gonna
  • upload my reaction to his reaction which
  • you're about to watch and that one I'm
  • gonna edit down and really just solidify
  • into like main points and things like
  • that but I I wanted to give people the
  • opportunity to watch his reaction just
  • straight and so hopefully this is a good
  • compromise again be sure to subscribe to
  • Brendon Urie and just go over there and
  • be cool don't be annoying and go hang
  • out with Emily plays video games cuz
  • it's really cool and he sings really
  • really nicely when he's playing but
  • anyway enjoy
  • watch Tristan what is that is that
  • another thing you guys what we watch
  • another vocal coach goddammit I hate I
  • just don't like watching myself you guys
  • it freaks me out okay I'll do I'll type
  • it in again
  • which one is Trista oh okay yo what's
  • good everybody so it's a date cool cool
  • alright let's do this you guys want to
  • do this one too okay we'll do this one
  • and then I'll jump into some fortnight
  • okay all right cool all right let me get
  • my partner headphones back home can hear
  • what he's singing show you guys that
  • screen look at me I'm doing this off
  • with that stream hold it thunk
  • okay let's do it hey we got Brendan URIs
  • best live vocals he is look he's one of
  • my favorite singers out there today it's
  • very unique for a male singer today to
  • have like the crooner voice that he has
  • been going for and more of a full
  • sounding Tambor that is really able to
  • get up into the stratosphere a lot of
  • pop singers today are going from the
  • more nasal sort of vibe which is cool
  • I'm into that
  • I love names I'm special by the way I am
  • a vocal coach if you want to check me
  • out my website um could sing anything
  • calm I teach online like this guy opera
  • have an award on my patreon down in the
  • description where I will review your
  • singing in a video very similar to this
  • one and help you improve your voice and
  • quick interruption I am so sorry
  • be sure they subscribe our vlog and
  • channel that's analog in channel link in
  • the description all that being said okay
  • here we go Brandon URIs best live vocals
  • I'm excited for this one let's go let's
  • to I me to about to get hyped for this
  • I'm hyped I'm pipe oh but it's the same
  • reaction video ah damn it I hate you
  • guys I wish we could just cut and just
  • get his his opinions rather than watch
  • me perform
  • that's the I just you know
  • [Music]
  • what madness dude although Rob Malthus
  • at piano so that guy right there in my
  • performance right here at the piano
  • that's Rob Malthus all right and Rob
  • Maness is one of my very best friends
  • and he produced pretty odd and he is
  • composed every string arrangement for
  • every panic album since pretty odd he's
  • a genius I don't throw that word around
  • honestly and lightly he is a fucking
  • genius it's an honour to be friends with
  • him anyone carrying on she gonna say I
  • love how he goes that really fuller
  • voice okay before we continue I'm gonna
  • beat you guys to the comments I'm gonna
  • get some up you're gonna y'all be gonna
  • be saying right now
  • this guy looks like Brandon and Yuri and
  • off-brand brand and urea well what did
  • you guys tell him that fuck you here
  • just be treat she's good-looking dude
  • right because I don't want to hear it
  • that's funny dude
  • somebody's your cousin's you look like
  • somebody beat the shit out of Brandon
  • Yuri don't stop let's focus on his voice
  • that's really funny
  • I don't breathe my sin oh Jesus it
  • really opens his mouth fucking safe
  • Mulgrew means more range oh my god they
  • energy that he's putting into this
  • performance that's pretty amazing
  • actually yes but just your buddy says
  • range is so good let's just hear what he
  • says at the end of it though does he
  • stop the video oh he talks throughout it
  • never mind
  • okay okay he goes up there without
  • getting too too full
  • oh hey what's happening in the chat why
  • are you motherfuckers triggered get the
  • fuck out of here
  • this is my favorite wait here by the way
  • acoustic you can hear how sickened but
  • backed up I am though in my I can hear
  • my voice like I'm sick you could hear
  • like my probably add too much sugar my
  • larynx is fat I've had that sound in my
  • head before that falsetto though hey he
  • does this so effortlessly
  • the range that he was singing
  • okay another thing I really appreciate
  • about him is that when he sings live
  • almost every single time I've heard him
  • on like videos where he sings live it's
  • live it's like wait you gonna no tracks
  • ma fucking shit shit slot I don't know I
  • went to that once you turn
  • his mix is so good
  • these vocal coaches are too nice I feel
  • like they're I mean he said he was a fan
  • or he said that he was okay he knew of
  • the banners and my universe
  • [Music]
  • okay
  • [Music]
  • what the fuck Matt can we also just can
  • you appreciate the range of genres that
  • you can sing for a second here
  • [Music]
  • these are all such old performances - no
  • oh my god his brains so easy for a
  • newest one is the Conan one that was
  • 2000 supported by the way is because he
  • is choosing a darker sound to his voice
  • that he's able to go up higher it's a
  • big benefit of choosing that sound
  • hammer another
  • [Music]
  • what's that mean darker sandwich
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • there's so much alone in that acoustic
  • guitar like I said I'm analyzing the
  • sound of the performance
  • his pitch is so good cuz they're there
  • they happen my bro
  • it's gonna be a while before I do this
  • again I don't like to watch myself you
  • jerks let me point something out here
  • because this is a really really cool so
  • as you go up in pitch I often describe
  • it as going towards nasality but you can
  • also describe it in terms of vowel so
  • you can hear it in this perfect scale
  • here going from like an O or an O to an
  • A
  • or
  • take a listen you know you can really
  • appreciate what he's doing here and how
  • masterful it is and you don't really get
  • the sense that he's changing valves
  • unless you're listening oh that's cool
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • Helga's reaction to this face hey that
  • beautiful transition I'm gonna hear that
  • again
  • [Music]
  • yo he is next-level on this song
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • whoa I don't know what that oh my god I
  • sorry just keep stopping it I was
  • performing there by the way but I think
  • it's amazing that no matter what show
  • he's doing it looked like a fairly small
  • venue basically there was like 20 people
  • on them and it sounded like his acoustic
  • guitar wasn't miked I don't know if
  • that's true or not now that was a line
  • and he's giving it a record percent in
  • every performance whether he's on the
  • big stage or a small stage you heard
  • from Tristan
  • [Music]
  • get all them beauties cover the stage Oh
  • girls - are these saucy he's running
  • about the high note - I love that I love
  • me as a singer makes me happy
  • not yet bro not yet bro is he gonna go
  • up there Judy says Oh
  • so I clean up for those notes
  • but what
  • [Music]
  • Oh Oh Mike this performance I love
  • deciding the afternoon perform my
  • favorite sorry do this laugh and boring
  • a lot right now
  • who put this compilation the other pop
  • crush another Zed
  • I'm just getting it I haven't so I
  • haven't appreciated his vocals enough
  • recently but by that I mean I just
  • haven't listened you know I haven't
  • listened to him lately
  • and I'm starting to remember why I liked
  • him so much
  • cashy ginger
  • [Music]
  • back to the street down to our feet he's
  • playing at the same time
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • no more pop singers would do what he's
  • doing
  • weren't they are now his level of
  • proficiency
  • [Applause]
  • this is my favorite he knows things that
  • cover something dumb I guess the critic
  • Robert is my favorite oh this is my
  • favorite this means a version of the
  • song gotcha
  • like conquer it
  • the way you get up adjust one more times
  • dude be so blind listen to this version
  • sometimes
  • [Music]
  • again yes something so good and now he's
  • a tall
  • [Music]
  • I used to know my roommates so much
  • trying to do that nor did I still in my
  • band
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • here my breaths that's gonna freak that
  • I know
  • Oh
  • it feels like my heart is going too far
  • alone at a table for two
  • [Music]
  • the upper notes though all of this is
  • pawn periscope to long road watching the
  • Skyfall this wasn't fair man it's just
  • like so much credit where I thought was
  • gonna be like broken down you know Nemea
  • which they are they they really are but
  • so much control so by the way his
  • approach to those notes in this clip
  • compared to the last one are different I
  • don't know if you noticed that in this
  • one he's it's more of a closed sound
  • velocity more of an open belt sound as
  • because he knows how to use his voice
  • and adjusted appropriately environment
  • that he's in or the how loud he needs to
  • be fair enough
  • [Music]
  • at the expense of the death of a
  • bachelor I love this book - I've seen it
  • though
  • you know if someone wants use this clip
  • in an online debate like I used to post
  • on singing forums like and I regret
  • doing that on reddit of all places where
  • people will talk about singing reddit so
  • tell someone once use this clip to argue
  • that Brendon Urie is not that good I was
  • like what is wrong with some people just
  • have to review that somebody wasted
  • their time to write why they didn't like
  • my voice let's just be clear about that
  • okay
  • great way to spend your time but I like
  • that but he's so bad oh oh my god
  • [Music]
  • it's perfect perfect exercise just how
  • he's able to adjust his voice and so in
  • different ways on sweet
  • [Music]
  • oh he's able to sing might even sing
  • happy they give sing our the fuck he
  • wants Papa I don't feel that way but I
  • appreciate it buddy
  • I like to subscribe is the pokeball
  • [Music]
  • it's so good
  • [Applause]
  • the more heavy approach he's working so
  • hard for this like I definitely am or
  • he's just sweaty a sauce on the beer
  • by the way can I point out as well how
  • amazing it is that he's managed to stay
  • relevant for so long I remember the song
  • back from middle school
  • [Applause]
  • I said haven't you
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • amazing that thought was amazing oh it's
  • cold man okay thank you so much for
  • recommending me check out this video
  • everybody be sure you like this video
  • he's on this video drop a comment down
  • below let him know how much he looks
  • like no that's cool that's really cool
  • Wow well that you know that was just a
  • EcoBoost for people who actually study
  • voice and stuff you know like that's
  • it's reassuring it's a little validating
  • I guess but hearing like things I never
  • think about when I'm singing those parts
  • so it's kind of cool I really like both
  • of them Tristan and Rebecca thank you
  • guys that's fun yeah we can do somewhere
  • in the future where I don't have to
  • watch myself that would be cool so maybe
  • suggest some of those next time please
  • yeah well you know we'll see we'll see
  • what happens
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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