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Video SML Movie: Jeffy's New Shoes!
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  • all right Jeffy here's your dinner is
  • this a bowl full of boogers no Jeffy
  • it's not boogers it's peas peas you want
  • me to eat pee no Jeffy it's not pee it's
  • Peas oh so you peed in the ball multiple
  • times
  • no just coming out of your pee-pee you
  • might go get that check it's called Pisa
  • your PC them my pee
  • you'll be eat my Peas these are
  • vegetables Oh
  • so my peepees your vegetable no Jeffy
  • your peepee is not a vegetable the balls
  • are oh it's oh my balls are vegetable so
  • I can tell girls they eat their
  • vegetables and I'm sucking these nuts
  • your strawberries just eat your boogers
  • Marie had a ball boogers this morning
  • died okay bud what do you eat for dinner
  • what do you eat to change chuck-e-cheese
  • Oh fun let's go to Chuck E Cheese get
  • rid of you ready
  • I got punch on mom should shoot on my
  • pant legs daddy go find your shoe and
  • let's go cheese no poopy butt New York
  • neutered what's new ders it's where you
  • get your balls cut off Jeffy oh you got
  • a new yourself whichever we have to
  • punish poopie but look he destroys
  • everything he chewed on stuffing it look
  • we broke his teeth off the stock for
  • breaking stuff my chewing on stuff and
  • he still does it so we have parts of
  • somehow one day now I don't have shoes
  • to go at school
  • oh yes that means I don't have to go to
  • school well you know what Jeffy you have
  • to go to school because we're gonna buy
  • you new shoes shoes shoes well you know
  • if you want your old shoes Jeffy looks
  • like this stick your foot down his
  • throat to get the rest of the shoes out
  • because even eaten it all damn day
  • hey
  • America's my name is Tyrone that kids
  • and I got some new hard ass shoes I'm
  • gonna show y'all check this side they
  • call the bumble bees yeah it's a lot of
  • buzz going on in the streets and look on
  • the inside this is an actual sting on
  • the inside
  • every time you walk it's finish your ass
  • on the foot make sure y'all get up yeah
  • right now for this set bumble bee shoes
  • - I'm not gonna buy you shoes that
  • literally sting you every time you walk
  • but Danny I'll be the coolest kid in
  • school Jackie I don't think you
  • understand every time you walk it stings
  • you like a bumble bee what Dave look so
  • cool day do you really want those shoes
  • Jeffy yeah okay fine I give you those
  • shoes but you better not cry and
  • complain when they sting you every time
  • you walk like you shoes daddy do they
  • hurt bleep it let's talk about the
  • bumblebee thing please don't
  • all right let's test them out Oh how do
  • you sleep so they say they hurt you oh
  • yeah but would you like them yeah
  • they're really great thanks daddy you're
  • welcome so uh yeah you know go to sleep
  • so that you can wake up in the morning
  • to go show people your new shoot at
  • school okay dad
  • okay so Jeff he's in bed he is a new
  • pair of shoes and tomorrow he's gonna be
  • the coolest kid in school
  • Oh
  • I don't have any money black yoshi more
  • you breathe for there you always be a
  • super Potamus that i'ma be at you for
  • some money
  • well I'm sorry black Yoshi I'm sorry
  • that I shouldn't be a suma Potamus that
  • you're gonna ask me for money all the
  • time because you always ask me for money
  • all the time
  • boom are you I'll promise you this time
  • it ain't about some money okay so if
  • it's not about money then what's it
  • about black yoshi i need some money for
  • sleep like usually is about money
  • no Mario I'll say that you be a super
  • pilot miss that makes you for some money
  • did you promise me that it was gonna be
  • about money and it was about money Mario
  • stop bringing up the past yes we do
  • white folks always be doing like you're
  • joking what do you want money for anyway
  • Marge there's these new shoes called the
  • boom Buddhist bees and they sting you
  • every time you walks with the bumble
  • bees I just bought those for Jeffy see
  • did you go beat green again po see you
  • buy for some little white kid but you
  • I'll buy for your best friend like this
  • you're not my best friend
  • [Music]
  • fuck you sure I'm not gonna buy you this
  • stupid shoes oh you'll always be pays
  • you back
  • you've never pretty black legend she
  • named one time maybe pay you back every
  • time you've ever barred money you've
  • never paid me back
  • see there you go gimme the name a tag
  • with all the times you can't name a time
  • so I always be patient that I pays you
  • back with friendships
  • I don't want stupid friendship bunny to
  • look violet I don't have any money
  • I look Jeff he already has the shoes so
  • if you want to go look at the shoes you
  • look at a man on Jeffy's feet but look I
  • can't help you get the shoes black Yoshi
  • well it looks like I'm about pay some
  • jet this of business I'm gonna take a
  • look into this oh okay fine
  • Oh steal them shoes
  • oh holy shit
  • come on daddy face her oh these things
  • hurt young man me I'm not gonna be able
  • to keep those shoes off of them tonight
  • cuz I'm I have to do it more hey Jackie
  • it's time to go to school
  • Jeffy it's time to go to school it's
  • time to go to school okay dang well
  • how'd you sleep
  • no great Danny shoot her like hell while
  • they sting you every time you move so we
  • go to school come on Jeffy's new shoes
  • oh and there's the new bumblebees they
  • go hard just like me in the men's locker
  • room well we do boobies yeah
  • slow down they are they sting every time
  • you walk just like me whenever happy
  • things
  • oh you're so cool all right class today
  • we're gonna be learning about shapes so
  • the first thing we're gonna start with
  • is the Pentagon what protected building
  • in all of the United States around the
  • entire day need no catch plane crossing
  • into building my caboose she's in Santa
  • any way across today we have a new
  • student he name is rock rocky so stand
  • up rock rocky and introduce yourself to
  • the class
  • - to train well my name's black Yoshi
  • and I'm here because I dropped out of
  • the fourth grade cuz this left kids said
  • I ain't read so good
  • and I know my chef is so I'm here to
  • learn by shabby's and get my GED all
  • right Yoshi well let's make sure you
  • learn your shoppies so you can go fast
  • so what is this shape sir so all right
  • hey what is this shape tree Anglais okay
  • and what is this shit
  • squirrel okay all right what about this
  • shit you take the Gugu all right very
  • good
  • any shape move oh okay they say Daniel
  • Rohan the boos boos okay
  • and this shit right here rectangle a
  • okay down here what is this shit crap is
  • only okay you better know what this
  • Shakey's Pizza car game or final shape
  • what it is black Yoshi octopus okay
  • Brock Yoshi you did okay you're a little
  • off on the name of the shoppies so let's
  • move on to the cars so we thought off
  • with Brock hey I need to find a way to
  • get cheap shoes do it oh please make me
  • shoot stop hurting
  • yo ho Jeffy about boy I see you'd be
  • gotten new boobless beads
  • yeah sure Gil oh man what booty bill
  • behind you man he'd be talking a lot of
  • smack he said you wouldn't be able to
  • kick his butt
  • if you weren't wearing their shoes so he
  • thinks just because you got them shoes
  • on
  • that's what makes you good at fighting
  • oh yeah man so so which I think you need
  • to do let me take them shoes off go
  • teach booty bills a lesson okay about
  • the color when you're bleeding out your
  • eyes
  • [Music]
  • great hey class I've got one question
  • for you
  • so my bubble big shoes so I'm giving you
  • five seconds four seconds to bring me my
  • shoes I'm gonna take dead foot and
  • shoving each and every one of your asses
  • hey Danny hey Jeffy how was school
  • shitty why'd you have a bad day Jeffy
  • because some fuckhead stole my shoe
  • what's heavy so it's gonna shoot how'd
  • they steal your shoes they were on your
  • feet I took them off Danny why would you
  • take your shoes off at school Jeffy cuz
  • I had to beat ass Jeffy why would you
  • take your shoes off to beat someone's
  • ass because the kids challenged me that
  • couldn't be a jazz won't wear my shoes
  • Chuckie then clearly that kid stole it
  • if he told you to take your shoes off
  • Danny because he doesn't have feet Jeffy
  • just because it's upbeat doesn't mean
  • you can't sell them to someone else what
  • didn't do that either daddy because I
  • was too busy beating my ass look those
  • shoes are really really expensive and
  • they're really valuable
  • I can't believe you got stolen w I'm
  • gonna call the cops and file a missing
  • shoe report because that's just
  • ridiculous if someone stole from your
  • I'm gonna call the cops Jeffy daddy hey
  • I got a call about something being
  • stolen yes officer today my son shoes
  • got stolen by some kid at school
  • yeah that sounds more like a teacher
  • problem why didn't you just tell you
  • teach it cuz the teacher didn't give two
  • shits well then why should I because
  • they're really nice shoes and they're
  • valuable their shoes well they were the
  • bumble bees of their blowhole oh they
  • were the bumble bees yes you didn't tell
  • me they were the bumble bees damn I wish
  • I would have stolen those the bitches
  • hon you know about the bumble bees yeah
  • I know about the bumble bees I wish I
  • had some but I don't actually have any
  • feet but it but if I did I'd be where
  • another guy I'd be getting stung every
  • five seconds well see those shoes are
  • really nice and I bought it for my son
  • yesterday and now he said some kids
  • stole them so can you help
  • find them yeah yeah I can definitely get
  • right on that I don't know what to do
  • though I I guess I could try to
  • interview the teacher see if he saw
  • anything do you know how to get ahold of
  • the teacher uh I think so uh egg roll
  • okay I guess the door uh hello
  • you say egg roll yeah why are you so
  • close because I can't see you
  • oh well we really need your help oh you
  • need me to cook cat but no something
  • else come inside okay all right officer
  • here's Jeffy's teacher Jackie Chu oh
  • well my Chinese is a little rusty but I
  • used to be a translator for the Hong
  • Kong police department so I'm gonna try
  • to talk to him excuse me sir I would
  • like some Mushu pork with some wonton
  • soup and a fortune cookie please okay
  • that'd be 974 that's not a very good
  • deal at all how much is the buffet 1250
  • well shit I might as well just get the
  • parfait then he can speak English
  • Oh oh yeah he can during class today did
  • you happen to see some black and yellow
  • shoes go missing no I know see chic my
  • eyes are so red
  • I must be no um well did you hear
  • anything all right hold it was a lot of
  • fighting no well did anything unusual
  • happen today hmm
  • we didn't get a new student he's damaged
  • uh-oh
  • Brock Roshi Oh brac Roshi I I don't know
  • anybody named brac Roshi to you
  • no I don't know anyone named Braco Roshi
  • huh well thank you anyway sir well no
  • problem I don't know if I can help you
  • there Mario yeah I don't know anyway
  • Brock Roshi are you fucking serious
  • like Yoshi won't you get those shoes I
  • wore them in a carbonaceous Chevy had
  • the exact same shoes I guess for today
  • what Geoffrey shoes got beat up huh yeah
  • the exact shoes that you have on your
  • feet right now oh man fuck I know
  • nothing about all day like if you just
  • admit you stole Jimmy shoe because these
  • are the exact same shoes more you you
  • know ia be I'll be all that took sit
  • what you know I be all that be took see
  • oh yeah it's much clearer fucking shoe
  • where are you at today because Geoffrey
  • was at school when you got a shoe stolen
  • our their school oh what a coincidence
  • cuz that's exactly where the shoes got
  • stolen look if she what are you doing at
  • school you don't go to school I was
  • learning
  • hobbies you're trying to get my GED
  • pluck your sheep
  • you stole the shoes look Jeff he was at
  • school when these shoes got stolen and
  • out you have these shoes so you stole
  • them no idea folks I bought these with
  • my old - okay do you have a receipt for
  • the shoes no because I dropped it in a
  • puddle and it got soggy like bread soggy
  • like bread yeah okay so what store did
  • you buy you man cuz I can just go there
  • and ask man he got shut down
  • oh really why because a meteor hit well
  • Amedeo I feel like I probably would have
  • heard about that on the news nah man cuz
  • government trying to cover is oh wow all
  • that for a pair of shoes why don't you
  • cut the shit look you stole these shoes
  • from Jeff Bennett
  • Marv you you know I don't see okay how
  • about we have a lie-detector test then
  • yes please me open babies babies to
  • pursue Dyneema awesome no mo if you
  • doing about that pass a lie-detector
  • test so you did steal these shoes from
  • Jeffy look like you need to learn your
  • lesson okay look your steal stuff okay
  • okay and you don't ever still still
  • never get so we take these shoes and
  • we're give it back to Jeff be alright
  • alright alright so let's get the
  • shooting you're an apologizer
  • what where the two day only no suckers
  • these bitches are hard
  • [Music]

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Jeffy gets new shoes!


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