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10:01   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • GTA 5 versus real life right over here
  • we got this guy he has a shotgun in his
  • hand he's running around he's shooting
  • around what is he doing now here oh my
  • goodness is person shot of real shotgun
  • and it's so much recoil and flew all the
  • way back are you kidding me what a
  • basketball shot for about crossed-up
  • world no way oh my goodness dude perfect
  • we got him
  • hey dude perfect yep nope he's right
  • over here yeah I'm telling you this
  • guy's crazy
  • now here in gta5 obviously he's kind of
  • died yeah that's a grenade whoa this
  • person is fast on the motorbike doing
  • super super quick super super fast he's
  • on the water with his motorbike this is
  • insane look at this dude he's actually
  • just driving around on his motorbike oh
  • my goodness can he turn around that's my
  • question doesn't float for Willy's stop
  • moving like what Willy's sink the moment
  • stuffs moving
  • somebody is actually gonna tease
  • somebody is actually gonna try to do
  • this I don't believe it I don't think
  • this is a good idea my friends he's
  • drives into the water and obviously he
  • does and make it yep you GTA 5 it's not
  • possible now over here we have this
  • beautiful cake
  • did he just drive into his parents car I
  • think he just drove into his parents car
  • yep and so did this guy in gta5 guys
  • don't drive into your parents cars you
  • cannot do that your parents won't like
  • that Oh car just came to take oh no no
  • the cars gonna drive into the gas
  • station okay you know I played too much
  • GTA to know exactly what's gonna happen
  • over here it's gonna blow yeah of course
  • it is whoa look at this dude are you
  • kidding me are you kidding me this isn't
  • visit no way he had like a bar over his
  • head with a motorbike so he could do he
  • could spin around does doesn't want to
  • keep GTA it really doesn't work just
  • doing some little smokey hope he drops
  • it this cigarette and not this guy he's
  • gonna do some smoking through his nose
  • and he just lit his hair on fire are you
  • kidding me how is that even how do you
  • even do that okay right over here we
  • have the pool beautiful pool he's
  • walking in the edge of the pool okay I
  • know what's gonna happen here I know
  • what's gonna happen here he's got yep
  • this is dangerous now here is gonna fall
  • into the pool Oh
  • oh he fell on some different part of his
  • body which was a lot more painful hey
  • you forgot your wheels you forgot to put
  • on your wheels my friend
  • where are your wheels show me your
  • wheels right now those are not wheels
  • those are not tires you are driving
  • without tires sir that is legally not
  • allowed in the state of California okay
  • this guy also forgot that he's missing
  • your wheel are these people - oh my
  • goodness are these people just driving
  • or Eileen going like it's just no like
  • stop dangerous okay this guy drives into
  • his carriage the next guy's got a drive
  • through his carriage one a bit what it's
  • I know these things
  • I just know these things here at gta5
  • first real life exactly what's gonna
  • happen
  • yep here he is gets in this car
  • oh no nevermind oh my goodness oh my
  • goodness what is happening over here
  • what what is that what is HAP what just
  • happened is this guy stuck this guy is
  • stuck on top of the other car are you
  • joking this guy drove into another car
  • landed on that car and came out
  • completely fine that is insane
  • if you try that in GTA oh it's it's much
  • harder to do in GTA let me just say that
  • he tried hey now this guy gets out of
  • his car he's he's had enough
  • whoa holes are gonna you straight away
  • really oh my goodness
  • okay head-butted son sweet get boy
  • beautiful truck driving around here
  • weaving through traffic you know just
  • like any other truck driver just having
  • a good time shout out to all the truck
  • drivers and watching the Cobell Cup
  • videos while you're on your break and
  • not driving right now shout it to you
  • guys
  • now here we have the best world's best
  • truck driver so I should be driving a
  • Tesla truck guys
  • Tesla trucks cannot do this I'm happy at
  • least everybody was fine there okay
  • car wash oh don't go into the car wash
  • guys you know what's gonna happen
  • Walter White is gonna show up from
  • Breaking Bad and he's gonna try to sell
  • you some of his goods okay this is why I
  • don't go to car washes I also noticed
  • the car washes are really popular in
  • America but where I'm from in the
  • Netherlands they're not the bike washes
  • on the other hand people wash your bike
  • for you I know it's crazy they dip them
  • in the canals and they pulled them out
  • oh no somebody's just Pele please stop
  • nope I'm out here ah my dear oh boy this
  • is not this is not a racetrack sir mmm
  • okay what's what's the plan here did
  • they just rob somebody over there
  • did they just rob this cart this guy
  • just jumped on the car are you kidding
  • me they're getting in the trucks of
  • chasing him down oh my goodness
  • still he's still on the car oh my god
  • oh my goodness that's intense
  • the gta5 you just fall off but if you
  • could hold on in gta5 then that would be
  • cool that would be really cool hello
  • there Oh what just happened over there
  • a truck just roast Busters go straight
  • into like a house gta5 houses are made
  • out of concrete
  • so it's impossible unlike in American
  • order made out of wood
  • you see genius the people who made Rob's
  • like the people made gta5 rockstar games
  • they know what they're doing they know
  • look there's just a crack okay we got a
  • guy in a motorbike over here he's doing
  • a wheelie he's doing some off-road stuff
  • now this guy's turn he's doing a wheelie
  • Oh Oh buddy just let go of your
  • motorbike at that point don't try to
  • hold on it's only making it more
  • dangerous oh boy okay we got this guy is
  • easy gonna drag down a mountain easy
  • gonna drive down the mountain I think
  • we've already seen a few of these flips
  • but I don't care I'll react to them
  • again okay I will just do it just like
  • that this guy's driving down Doudna
  • fantastic job here with his destruction
  • machine that can lift things and Adam
  • oh oh yeah oh my goodness and then out
  • of this guy oh boy oh boy oh boy at that
  • without one that went horribly wrong
  • imagine your house is on the other side
  • yeah that's gonna be some insurance
  • plans that pull you just hit a pole what
  • you just hit a poem that's all now this
  • is kind of all my kid is actually nice
  • car
  • oh and the truck just stood here door
  • buddy
  • is he gonna stand on the door now okay
  • no hey hello there my friend this guy
  • opens his door
  • oh no the truck
  • oh I did truck took his door that's very
  • unfortunate that is variance this is
  • also very unfortunate that's a nice
  • garden hey what if you ever seen that
  • happen in real life a guy gets out of
  • his car and pulls out a rocket launcher
  • really what what is happening here what
  • is happening in this clip is this guy
  • gonna grab his rocket launcher ah he
  • just has his pistol why why pull a
  • pistol on somebody this is just on the
  • road you would shoot that stupid oh my
  • goodness crazy people over there nice on
  • the moped driving around jumping through
  • hoops doing some sick stunts
  • I need that moped in my life oh here it
  • is here it is in my life that's a nice
  • Mercedes on the left there and this guy
  • this is why you wear a helmet buddy oh
  • my goodness oh he was he was fine after
  • a few seconds and got ready and got back
  • on his moped wear a helmet guys please
  • wear a helmet are these guys wearing a
  • helmet that moped is it's a little bit
  • broken I think what are you doing what
  • is this guy do it I was so confused why
  • was happening over there anyway skill up
  • so much GTA 5 vs. real life make sure to
  • check out the Creator Alex gonna leave a
  • link in the video description I love it
  • Alex can you make a say possibly to make
  • a fortnight if it's easy
  • [Music]

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