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Video Dez Bryant speaks out on leaving Cowboys | NFL Total Access
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  • there is a storm brewing over on that
  • sideline with Dez Bryant
  • I think frustration is the best word
  • that I would use just prayin putting up
  • two fingers saying I've been thrown at
  • to time I believe this is the video that
  • caught some by surprise today Dez Bryant
  • departing the Cowboys facility in Frisco
  • Texas for the last time yes dense is
  • done in Dallas fired on his day off and
  • on a Friday welcomed NFL total access
  • everybody an exclusive interview with
  • Dez Bryant is coming up on the way let's
  • dive right into our biggest story of the
  • week in Rappaport James Slater here with
  • the latest in because of the timing and
  • his relationship with Jerry Jones some
  • did not anticipate a clean break like
  • this can you just walk us through it
  • yeah and it took a long time for my
  • understanding Dan to get to this point
  • and there certainly were people inside
  • the Cowboys building who've been pushing
  • for this for not just weeks but for
  • months and from what I'm told Jerry
  • Jones was kind of the last man standing
  • here took a long time to convince him
  • then moving on from Dez Bryant rather
  • than simply ask him to take some sort of
  • massive pay cut was the way to go but
  • it's when you look at this Cowboys
  • offense it certainly was clear that
  • Bryant and Prescott dak Prescott were
  • not clicking look at that this year it
  • was simply the way it is regardless of
  • whose fault it was that was the way it
  • was and moving forward with Dez Bryant
  • whether he took a pay cut or not was
  • just not the way they were gonna build
  • this team it is dak Prescott steam now
  • it is Ezekiel Elliott steam now just
  • took some time to convince Jerry Jones
  • to do that in the end he released one of
  • the face of the franchise and now one of
  • the hottest free agent we could remember
  • certainly this late in April no doubt
  • about that James Slater you sat down
  • with Dez an exclusive interview a very
  • candid Dez Bryant today yeah we sat down
  • for about 15 minutes and Dan this
  • interview came to pass when I reached
  • out to him after he was released by the
  • Cowboys
  • if he had any thoughts that he wanted me
  • to talk about on error tweet out and he
  • said he wanted to sit down in front of a
  • camera he had a few things to say he had
  • a lot to say during that interview among
  • them he is ready to play he wants to
  • play in the NFC East this is personal
  • and about that narrative that I talked
  • about earlier today that this had
  • nothing to do with his teammates he is
  • now calling out Garrett's guys for
  • having a say in his departure I'm not
  • really gonna bash anybody but you know
  • they know man you know they know they
  • know the way this whole situation got
  • handled you know I feel like I acts you
  • know some of them to be a man about some
  • of the situation's a long time ago and
  • they could and you know and I'm not
  • talking about no player you know because
  • you know all of the players we a one you
  • know that's one thing that we did we
  • learn from one another and you know they
  • couldn't you know I'm trying my best to
  • sugarcoat it but I came you know clarify
  • for me
  • you said you reached out to some people
  • to be a man and they weren't and if it's
  • not your teammates who are you alluding
  • to you know you know just to be honest
  • you know some of the coaches man and I
  • I'm a I'm a direct guy you know and I
  • only know one way to be you know I wake
  • up sleep breathe football if somebody
  • don't like me I would love to know that
  • you know I think you know that you know
  • sir you're supposed to go about it that
  • way you know learn how to respect and
  • work with somebody even if you know you
  • don't like that person I did it I did it
  • for seven years I did it for four years
  • you know I did it first but that's the
  • difference between me and them in your
  • meeting with Jerry you said that he
  • didn't want you to take a pay cut right
  • but when you went in there this morning
  • were you prepared to take one if it was
  • offered yeah if it was offered in the
  • thing about it was all my quick the only
  • questions that I was gonna how for that
  • was you know even if I did take a pay
  • cut
  • I'm gonna come and work and be happy I
  • better enjoy it you know because I
  • already got a feeling that this person
  • don't like me this person don't like you
  • know we honestly don't know why you know
  • and I guess because I am Who I am
  • you know it's nothing it's never
  • personal I want to win these fans want
  • us to win it we take this heat page
  • that's all I care about is winning like
  • I said I'm traveling offseason Oh first
  • time traveling was this year
  • I don't do none of that stuff all I care
  • about is football and again there is
  • much more to this interview and you'll
  • hear that later on in the show we asked
  • him about how much Gus gas he has left
  • in the tank he'll tell you he still
  • wants to play and he'll also tell you
  • where he wants to play let's to stay
  • tuned for that two parts of this
  • interview coming up this is what Jerry
  • Jones had to say in a statement released
  • after their meeting this morning as an
  • organization we hold Dez Bryant in the
  • highest regard and we are grateful for
  • his passion spirit and contributions to
  • this team for the past eight years he
  • will always be a valued member of our
  • family Dez and I share a personal
  • professional relationship that is very
  • strong and he is one of just a handful
  • of players with whom I have become close
  • with over the past 30 years
  • this was not an easy decision it was
  • made based upon doing what we believe is
  • in the best interest of the Dallas
  • Cowboys we arrived at this crossroad
  • collectively with input from several
  • voices within the organization
  • ultimately we determined it was time to
  • go in a new direction wow that's a lot
  • to unpack there Willie McGinest Shawn
  • O'Hara with us now let's just start
  • Shawn happy Friday the 13th by the way
  • thank you very much it's it's an
  • interesting Friday the 13th that's for
  • sure not one that I expected to go down
  • like this your reaction to part one of
  • that interview of Jane Slater well first
  • of all a great job by jinx later awesome
  • I mean I hope she got to bring home one
  • of those gerrae bombs from that wine
  • cellar the Magnum that I mean fer to be
  • in there and get des to do that that's
  • awesome I just my first reaction is it's
  • a cold business it's cold-blooded we've
  • all been there but I felt like Dallas
  • did him dirty
  • and to do this now when they've been
  • talking about des possibly taking a pay
  • cut since the season ended so you had
  • all that time to do that and then you
  • wait till now but they could have done
  • it before Freddie and help the guy out
  • and and to hear Jerry talk about how how
  • much respect he has for des and their
  • personal relationship I'm shocked it
  • took this long to get the disc of kuzey
  • and I gotta be honest I'm so impressed
  • with this handle all this because his
  • emotions it's kind of been what
  • everybody's been knocking him for and
  • for him to sit up there and say you know
  • what no I'm gonna take the high road I'm
  • not I'm trying to for anyone in the bus
  • like that
  • I was impressive I'm proud of him I was
  • surprised that it ended the way to India
  • and I think the reason Shawn why it took
  • so long is because of his relationship
  • with Jerry and they probably tried
  • multiple ways to try to figure this
  • thing out
  • right and it and maybe other people that
  • deserts mentioning did not want to work
  • this out they wanted to move forward
  • which you know I think the majority kind
  • of wanted this and because of the
  • relationship Jerry felt like this is
  • something he I have to do man-to-man
  • personal which I respect from Jerry at
  • the end of the day what you mentioned it
  • is a business and you have to understand
  • if the production is there teams will
  • deal with a little bit more whether its
  • locker room issues whether it's your
  • interaction with players whatever it is
  • but when the production starts to slide
  • a little bit then it gives them an out
  • it gives them a reason to make certain
  • decisions which in the first part of his
  • career
  • you couldn't move there right he was a
  • cornerstone of that team he was a voice
  • he was passionate all those different
  • things but now that it's lit and you
  • probably rub some people which he's
  • referring to
  • probably coaches because they're the
  • only ones that can make that decision
  • the wrong way it probably made it a
  • little bit easier for them to want to
  • move forward and not have to deal with
  • this and then I get and I totally agree
  • with Willie right here with the
  • production aspect and and that's why
  • they released him I just don't
  • understand why now like they should have
  • done it earlier and that to me is hey
  • look if you really care about this they
  • should have done it sooner and said look
  • we want you to have a chance we try to
  • trade you or we want you to have a
  • chance to go out a free agency before
  • everything is already picked though it
  • surprised me because DeMarcus Ware said
  • the way that they handled my situation
  • is they
  • knew they were gonna release me they
  • allowed me to find the best deal
  • possible they actually told me ahead of
  • time how it was gonna go down he thought
  • that would happen to DES
  • it didn't happen which tells me that
  • it's about more than just money
  • especially if he was willing to take a
  • pay cut so we're obviously gonna be
  • talking a lot more about this including
  • where he could end up best fits for Dez
  • Bryant the Cowboys players all over
  • social media today reacting to Dez
  • Bryant being released this coming in
  • from Jaylon Smith go Dez Bryant for life
  • Allen Hurns one of the newest member of
  • the Cowboys and maybe indirectly one of
  • the reasons that he's not there any
  • longer I will not be wearing 88 they
  • might as well retire that number -
  • Marcus Lawrence perhaps the best
  • defensive player on the Cowboys truly a
  • blessing to have been able to play with
  • Dez Bryant no one will understand the
  • love and the passion do you have for the
  • game wish you nothing but the best I
  • know you will be throwing up the etsu
  • enough my dog for life how about our
  • players Deion Sanders and Steve Smith
  • also weighing in on Dez Bryant's
  • departure earlier today there's my you
  • knows a phenomenal athletic and a
  • go-getter has that dog alpha male
  • mentality so I believe any team that
  • picks them up that's what they're
  • getting but I think as we see as players
  • get older they have to adapt to have to
  • change their game and even if they do
  • teams don't always being them as
  • valuable as they were prior to the
  • release of NFL Network because we have a
  • staff of people like Steve Smith it was
  • going to be a future hall-of-famer who
  • was in the same situation and guess what
  • he moved on he was continuously - every
  • male that he is another team and take
  • right up where he left off so we're
  • saying that this has in it now let's go
  • that guy that's gonna be their go-to guy
  • I don't see it on the roster Dianna is
  • not on their roster and I think that's
  • what the move they're calculating right
  • now is
  • utilize that in a couple of weeks what
  • Dallas now is going to do what is very
  • hard to do is you never go to the
  • grocery store after intense workout you
  • don't go grocery shopping hungry and
  • guess what they start they're going to
  • grocery shopper hungry and they're going
  • to do something that they're not
  • supposed to do if it doesn't work out so
  • who do the Cowboys get to replace Dez
  • they get thirty visits from draft
  • prospects for than they spent on wide
  • receivers Calvin Ridley DJ more James
  • Washington and Antonio Callaway remember
  • Jason Garrett was also the only head
  • coach at Portland Sutton's pro day he's
  • at SMU and I was informed that Jason
  • Garrett lives about a mile from you sir
  • he may be when I want to walk yeah that
  • could be a match as well buckles Brooks
  • gonna be on later in the show to talk
  • about which direction they could go
  • that's coming up still become a changing
  • game of Dallas digits the numbers up

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Dez Bryant speaks out on leaving Cowboys | NFL Total Access


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