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Video Jordan Peele Makes Movie History w/ ‘Get Out’
03:58   |   96K+ views   |   today at 01:52


  • what hey welcome back to the drop first
  • and foremost I want to say happy st.
  • Louis day funny hair I'm to hear more
  • and I'm Meg scoop and congratulations
  • are in order for Jordan Peele because he
  • is the first black writer and directed
  • in 100 million dollars for his movie get
  • out terrible thing to waste
  • have you think it out yet I haven't
  • actually been inside we're do okay get
  • out
  • ah get out has held steady for three
  • weeks sound like in evidence as we did
  • they are currently sitting at 111
  • million of them fact right that's crazy
  • because here's the thing it only cost
  • four million dollars to make who a
  • sitting at a ninety nine percent rating
  • on Rotten Tomatoes which is so rare
  • that's all that never happend bevor
  • happy much more black me we look great
  • never have a full black move and on top
  • of that this task virtually unknown
  • including the star the lead character
  • dannika Lewis now even though a lot of
  • people love the movie get out and love
  • the successor George Hill have had not
  • everybody feels the same way and by
  • everybody she needs samuel l.jackson
  • Missy Anne
  • what would that movie have been with an
  • American brother who really feels and
  • that in a way cuz I mean Daniel grew up
  • in a country where you know they've been
  • had a racial dating for 100 years you
  • know and Daniel did an interview with GQ
  • magazine and he told the magazine when
  • I'm around black people I'm made to feel
  • other because I'm dark skinned I've had
  • to wrestle with that but people going
  • here to black then I come to America
  • they say you're not black enough I'll go
  • to you god I can't speak the language in
  • India I'm black and the black community
  • of birthing in America I'm British rah
  • I can't even imagine what a year for
  • those but I look at is to express thank
  • you know for Black Sea we have a lot of
  • colorism tones you can drive into some
  • point if you like in another you see
  • black you're not black enough it's it's
  • bad for him because he's like oh I'm
  • black I'm the darkest person you know
  • a minute kill them Oh black y'all and
  • i'm black y'all and i'm blacker than
  • black and i'm black y'all and the truth
  • is there's racism everywhere every
  • typically the darker skinned people of
  • every culture no matter what country you
  • go to they are typically treated a
  • little different and a little cooler
  • than other people so i don't think just
  • because he is a british Black Manta he
  • did I understand right so there's racism
  • de London and the feelin I think that
  • was just referring to the fact that you
  • know things have been a little better
  • there possibly than they have any United
  • States longer than they have the United
  • States every day I don't mean take away
  • from understanding what racism is than
  • having to fill that perfectly the dark
  • you man I don't think you felt racism on
  • a lotta bleep the shadow included how
  • low keeping Samuel Jackson might have
  • been mad that he wasn't actually act to
  • be in this movie if I can see things
  • just yelling get out get off the highway
  • I don't know there was a horrible person
  • ation but I can read your mind I'm good
  • no don't go maybe and every movie found
  • you can grow red another blood is no way
  • so we want to hear from you what do you
  • think about them when we get out and
  • also what Daniel said about having to
  • prove his blackness
  • put it in a comment below and before we
  • get out of here guys wanna know what
  • time it is so bad in real life commoners
  • very first begin today's video about our
  • base being made the new home of
  • America's Got Talent and adults a'queen
  • as I said I'm waiting for her to say we
  • are rooting for you when a good cos
  • ensign goes huh we see males as always
  • guys living a life doesn't stop to the
  • channel up to here morning I'm Meg scoop
  • we'll see you tomorrow right Hannah just
  • so hard we do really sort of rocket my
  • pockets my turn

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Jordan Peele is no laughing matter. The comedian had us all gripping our seats in fear during his new film Get Out. He didn't just prove himself worthy of writing and directing successful thriller, he also became the first Black writer-director with a $100 million movie debut. This movie touches on racial issues and isn't afraid to spark conversation on a topic that is "taboo". Did we mention that his wife is White? Talk about being woke! What do you think of Get Out’s success? Let us know in the comments below!


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Produced by: Megan “MegScoop” Thomas & Tahir Moore
Sound Mixer: Vanessa Garcia
Edited by:Brandon Scharf


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