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Video Beach Metal Detecting Big Gold Day Shipwreck Beach
22:11   |   views   |   03/10/2018


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • right we're gonna give this area a shot
  • there's a nice slope up here at the
  • higher whets and I went up to a few
  • beaches that are north they were sanded
  • in get out of there I like this area
  • here it seems low I'm gonna hit this low
  • trough and then we'll move up to the
  • other beach targets get the 1244 old
  • dime right
  • 11:47
  • Porter
  • like this area though it's nice it's a
  • nice slope down area you can see some
  • rocks definitely some erosion sometimes
  • you'll get a berm of sand and then a
  • second drop off on the outer edge well
  • guys I think I'm gonna get excited again
  • today getting a 12 10 and get the old
  • pennies some quarters and stuff I was
  • digging a few pennies got this beautiful
  • signal hook pull it up oh oh look at
  • that one time for the gold dance wow we
  • get some ice fellas this of ice we know
  • what that is super I don't know if it's
  • a fishing weight or ah ah I don't know
  • if that's a fishing weight or an earring
  • it's coming up it's 1217 though let's
  • see what we got yeah tough Patel feels
  • like a lightweight though just like a
  • lead fishing weight sled weird getting a
  • lot of these pennies but they're not
  • zinc they're copper and they've been
  • there a while see them see how they look
  • that weird color now that tells me that
  • we're missing some layers of sand and
  • that's a direct tip-off that it's a hot
  • area I mean I've already scored a gold
  • ring and I've only been here probably a
  • half an hour but I'm getting these
  • pennies and to me it's telling because
  • when I see these I know we're down we're
  • definitely down several feet of sand
  • right it's like we got a dime maybe
  • 12:44 blacks and guys blacks and that's
  • where it's at yeah that's add I'm glad
  • my first nickel sound 4:13 see what we
  • got
  • ooh that one's black there we go we got
  • another nickel 1212
  • I like that CTX it's very accurate and
  • yes yes yes yes I have ordered an
  • equinox and I'm anxiously awaiting it
  • God knows when it will arrive
  • oh that's an oldie get a date looks like
  • sixties yeah the guys out west
  • Tony Eisenhower and Ross got theirs they
  • look like they had some fun check out
  • their videos coin went up to a gun quit
  • Beach but it was all sanded in guys all
  • sanded in red the beach and took off
  • another dime loved using this big coil
  • that 17 inch coil works best on open
  • spaces wet sand and beaches is highly
  • recommended a couple weeks ago I hunted
  • with a guy who got a bunch of silver ah
  • and I didn't have the right equipment I
  • was using a big coil in a real small
  • place lots of rocks trying to get the
  • coil in there and he actually he beat me
  • because I didn't have the right machine
  • so you got to have the right tool for
  • the right job nice sound in one
  • right there hold big it
  • [Applause]
  • 10:46 now
  • Wow she's screaming try to pinpoint this
  • yes yes I see yeah it's an old quarter
  • how did just like gold but I don't think
  • it is 11:31 now oh you know you dig up
  • you dig something like that and you say
  • you get excited and then you just flip
  • it over
  • ah you got another nickel down there
  • producing coins yep twelve twelve it's
  • producing coins so wherever you get
  • coins is gonna be jewelry pretty close
  • buy another one black I'm actually kind
  • of surprised it's nobody out here right
  • now not one guy with a metal detector I
  • don't understand it you know I used to
  • hunt with a couple of guys Eadie and
  • there was another guy and all the guy
  • with dark hair and glasses I hope you
  • guys are all right I haven't seen you in
  • for a while hope everything's good I
  • kicked her and bring up a - coming up
  • this 1207 come to Papa
  • Oh didn't she be gold I think she might
  • be gold let me take it put that in my
  • hand sure I can't get over nobody's out
  • here yeah
  • now that rang up real low guys it's got
  • weight and I'm suspect if this isn't a
  • higher carat ring because I've been
  • doing this too long so I know we'll take
  • a look on the inside I don't know I
  • can't see anything in there yet
  • yeah it's marked it's marked you guys I
  • think we got gold ring number two I hope
  • you get some stone edge coming out
  • hasn't come out in a while I can see the
  • stair step is poking out so I got a
  • triangulations there over to there
  • the low point runs here there's a trough
  • I saw it from the road and I'm working
  • you could see all my dig holes up and
  • behind me so I'll work from the top of
  • that trough right down to the bottom of
  • it while the tides moving out like
  • another nickel down there gentlemen you
  • Gentiles since I move down to the south
  • a little I'm getting more nickels high
  • concentrations and nickels and lead
  • weights equal one thing a lot of gold
  • rings
  • yeah I got something old see what it's
  • ringing up this hill stuff down there so
  • deep
  • they just dug a hole that going down to
  • China
  • Wow the hell is this Captain Hook
  • maybe it's Captain Hook it's real ornate
  • looking look at that that's neat
  • I'm gonna dig the rest of it out see if
  • we can get it down in that deep hole and
  • another nickel and there all this tari
  • black and not war nickels it's just what
  • they're sitting on see that the other
  • it's like an impacted black I went over
  • the short sands and sorry fellas Beach
  • is sanded the shipwrecks covered a
  • little piece of wood sticking out but it
  • looked like crap so I came over here and
  • saw the deep cut gonna work this well I
  • got a ring there and I got it out of the
  • same hole so I could hear the two
  • separate tones on one end I got I got
  • that sound and I'm still getting that
  • biggest sound and then there's a spoon
  • over there I know I got a ring though
  • come on up sugarplum
  • let's see see what we got
  • might be silver let's go it's got some
  • cute little stones in it I'll clean that
  • up that's a neat one all right I think I
  • got another one here guys don't you see
  • what a registers ass bend at fall 43 I
  • thought it was a dime I don't think so
  • nope another ring huh
  • might be a crap hole of one small kids
  • ring no I don't know if it's gold we'll
  • clean that one see what we got
  • shell casing what do you think 12:19
  • yeah looks like a piece of copper no Lee
  • and labia lipstick contain they're an
  • old one they sounded one down there
  • 11:46 looks like a minefield out here
  • holy cow let's go hole no it's clad so
  • quarter but not silver just a clod that
  • blocks and there and then you get a line
  • of this real lighter herringbone that
  • lighter herringbone is a indicative of
  • the sand that was probably sitting up in
  • this area so that's my stop line so I'll
  • work that rocky patch and it comes down
  • into a little canyon trough and then
  • comes back up I don't see a berm on the
  • second end so I'm just gonna focus in on
  • this area pretty easy read though oh I'm
  • gonna hold my breath fellas
  • come on I'm getting up you run that over
  • there again 12:24 in the black sand Oh
  • No
  • can it be oh no oh it's a bummer that's
  • what that is
  • it's a bummer it looks good
  • sounded even better is the Nubble a
  • couple of wind surfers and a funny
  • sounding one here I think it's a it's a
  • penny but rang funny yeah it's a penny
  • huh something down there 11:41 it's the
  • Oak Island key yeah I got something here
  • 11:16 oh I think it's yeah more shotgun
  • brass damn it 12:39 Wow look at this key
  • ha you got the coral reef worth it
  • holy cow there it goes
  • block is a day oh yeah look at that
  • let's go to noon print you're kidding
  • 12:37 fellas look at these dig holes
  • this is how you do it folks where you
  • find the gold huh
  • simple way Mackrell
  • believe I just got a silver coin
  • I can't tell might be a silver rosey
  • definitely looks silva you see that edge
  • Silva's been mysteriously missing today
  • no rings trying to clean this date off
  • yep in 1956 59 something like that
  • I'll clean that up silver for a silver
  • of the day I'm getting that to matrix
  • and again do you see that see how that
  • call us shifts on that sand goes from a
  • gray to a black then it goes to a
  • lighter gray underneath it that means
  • that you're getting that layering effect
  • on the beach when a lot of sand gets
  • taken off down there in the wet sand I
  • can see a scoop I get into that clay now
  • that's pretty good stuff getting in 11
  • 13 they'll bring her up yeah a nickel no
  • Buffalo's just one Silva another
  • Jefferson yeah it looks like I got a
  • piece of an old jackknife 12 24 that
  • sounded damn good stead of that clay
  • layer again yeah that's what that is
  • sold jackknife part deep spoon god they
  • sound good
  • twelve sixteen that was a deep one huh
  • we'll take it off a nice-sounding one
  • down here 13:25 oh it's not gold oh you
  • might have some gold it's like a little
  • charm all right
  • see if that's mark later might be gold
  • up to test it huh all right wrap-up time
  • gotta tell you this was a pretty good
  • day um they used to have a lot of these
  • days way back when and it's been
  • probably since they had a really good
  • multiple gold day probably five years
  • last time I last big day I can think of
  • was six gold on 2013 I got six gold in
  • one day and that was a pretty damn just
  • not far from there either so so here's
  • what I got and I got some spoons I had
  • left a couple - - toy cars I got 25
  • copper pennies 14 zinc's 25 nickels and
  • that was a lot of nickels for that place
  • we got let's see eight quarters I had to
  • write this down 23 dimes one silver dime
  • it's a 1959 silver dime a couple of keys
  • I got this thing and I don't know I
  • don't know if it's an urn I found these
  • before and the sad part is when you get
  • down to these low layers you're gonna
  • find urns and you're gonna find a lot of
  • those little tags for cremation tags I
  • found quite a few a few years ago in one
  • spot but that's pretty much there got
  • some junk I got fooled on some stuff and
  • I had this one I really thought was a
  • ring and these some of these brass ones
  • man they they will
  • fool you when you find him on their side
  • and you'll get all excited
  • this one really excited me so I took
  • them off the beach I'm gonna toss them
  • I've got some wire got this I don't know
  • what that is
  • I didn't hit that with a hammer in the
  • morning before I throw it out just in
  • case
  • I don't think it's any jewelry but it's
  • it's odd
  • I've got an old pocket knife and that's
  • jet black that's been down there some
  • assorted rivets those were in good pop
  • rivets brass buttons stuff like that
  • those really are in good little pieces
  • of brass ask for good stuff well I got
  • the small wedding band it's 14-karat
  • marked on the inside thought it was
  • going to be 18 or 20 something and it
  • wasn't which was kind of surprised me
  • but hey 14 carat band I got a 10 carat
  • and I believe this tanzanite was some
  • diamond accents and that's a 10 carat
  • ring there these two other rings don't
  • know I'm gonna have to clean them more
  • they're really cruddy one's gonna
  • dolphin what looks like a sapphire but I
  • think it's plated looks like silver it's
  • a silver ring that was plated this one
  • the stones or whatever is coming out of
  • it I don't know looks like crap but
  • we'll clean it now as for this piece I
  • think it's plated I hit it with a loop I
  • can't really see I think my eyes are
  • going bad I'm gonna take a look at that
  • again the knight see and they're a
  • really good one and see if I see any
  • markings but I think it's plated and
  • asked for the best fine for the day well
  • 1964 class ring 10 carat bell for you
  • can't go wrong there so I think it's a
  • girl's ring I'll have to check on the
  • inside but super piece of gold that's an
  • awesome hunt today great hunt met up
  • with a couple of the guys and I know the
  • old guy is doing okay and I know Ed's
  • doing
  • out there too so everybody's out but a
  • pretty damn good day you guys will be
  • out tomorrow do some more hunting
  • hopefully maybe we'll hit New Hampshire
  • see if we can't do a tri-state Gold hunt
  • so thanks for watching please subscribe

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metal detecting new Hampshire and Maine ocean beaches
returned to shipwreck beach found 3 gold rings and silver and coins
Detector used
Headphones used
Sand Scoop
please check out my amazon shop were you can purchase all the gear i use on my beach hunts!
DISCLAIMER: I'm a Amazon Affilliate
thanks for watching!


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