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Video Is Beyoncé Pregnant with Baby #4?
19:30   |   01/19/2019 at 18:37


  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • thank you for watching
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • let's get started it's time for hot
  • topics
  • thank you
  • so today is my 54th birthday and my
  • inventors are right there my mother and
  • father
  • how'd it turn out how'd I turn out it's
  • a wonderful wonderful time Wendy thank
  • you Oh reow there she is Griffin Mike go
  • ahead mommy when you say what oh happy
  • birthday to my beautiful lovely daughter
  • [Applause]
  • so they're tears of happiness only
  • because you know when you turn 54 a lot
  • of times you don't have a lot of people
  • around you that you used to know or the
  • people that nurtured you you know to get
  • to that age you know what I mean so my
  • mom and dad are here
  • my best friend reg flew in from
  • California she's in the office on my
  • couch laying back watching this my
  • sister Wanda's coming yeah our son Kevin
  • is 17 he's in Chicago now on business
  • but but you know our kid is okay you
  • know you look for the things that make
  • you happy it's not really about gifts
  • after a certain age you know me and my
  • husband we still hold hands we love each
  • other very very much
  • I turned a messy little radio career
  • into this dis mess thank you thank you
  • thank you so all in all how do I feel I
  • feel very very happy in a very very mmm
  • kind of way you know not like gimme
  • gimme gimme gifts but like hmm Wow sweet
  • and then Taylor Dayne is here
  • and everybody knows the words to tell it
  • to my heart that was my request you know
  • she's celebrating the 30th anniversary
  • of this song so Taylor's here she's
  • gonna do that I think we have confetti
  • cannons something somebodies I think I
  • smell cake you know Amy just good times
  • good times
  • so anyway moving on people are convinced
  • that Beyonce's pregnant well the rumors
  • started approximately ten days ago cuz
  • Beyonce put her hand on her belly at a
  • concert which is not a big deal it's
  • like a comfortable place to you know
  • when you when you want to belt out a
  • good note but there's more footage that
  • made me say yep she's pregnant what you
  • gonna do now Kim not not not not that
  • one not that one that this is the one
  • right so this will be baby number four
  • and we all know that Beyonce and Jay
  • they have this thing with the number
  • four Blue Ivy's middle name is ivy they
  • spell it
  • you know ivy which would be the Roman
  • numeral thing she's standing next to a
  • four they got married on the 4th of
  • April her birthday's September 4th his
  • birthday is December 4th so yeah it kind
  • of makes sense and in our stinking hot
  • topics meeting this morning people were
  • up in arms like hating like why are you
  • hating so what they have three kids Oh
  • three is enough why do they need a
  • fourth
  • I said cuz number one they can afford it
  • but even if you could afford a fourth
  • kid doesn't mean you should have it you
  • have to have time with your kids but
  • where if you see like Beyonce's mother
  • the grandmother you know with the kids
  • and there's like a whole lot of family
  • going on around them plus a whole lot of
  • minions too they can do a fourth Kim has
  • three kids just saying and all the kids
  • are adorable and all Beyonce's kids are
  • adorable but I say I believe that
  • Beyonce is pregnant congratulations I
  • feel like a classy bank robber
  • I mean stick him up
  • on a sidenote Michelle Williams of
  • Destiny's Child made the brave decision
  • to check herself into a mental health
  • facility for depression she's there now
  • as we speak well she's also done a lot
  • of charity work with organizations that
  • help people battle depression and she's
  • been very open about battling depression
  • also which I didn't realize this that
  • she was open about battling her own
  • depression and she was once suicidal I
  • don't know what point in her life I
  • thought everything was looking up but
  • you never know from the outside what
  • really is going on with people on the
  • inside you know she recently got engaged
  • to pastor Chad and they're getting their
  • own reality show which I said who cares
  • I'm just saying pastor Chad and Michelle
  • reality-tv more Inga but getting help is
  • the best thing that she could be doing
  • and so good for you sister yourself
  • so I'm multitasking because right after
  • I got out of here I'm going home we got
  • a big charity gala tonight for the
  • hunter Foundation and yeah yeah and and
  • the the charity actually is doing what
  • we can to help people battle substance
  • abuse and so we're doing
  • anyway so Meek Mill still is fighting
  • for a new trial now you have to
  • understand this man okay
  • so I'll back you up to why the all this
  • hubbub is going down years ago when meek
  • was a teenager he might have been like
  • 19 or 18 or something like that in
  • Philly he was busted with something
  • about guns and drugs and he's been on
  • probation
  • ever since then meek is now like 20 31
  • so he's still he's still on probation
  • for this still on probation so all this
  • trouble is because he violated probation
  • because he broke up a fight at an
  • airport and he popped wheelies on a four
  • wheeler in Harlem for the kids back in
  • June I mean you know back a while ago
  • so remember Judge Jenice judge Denise
  • you are a bitter bitter woman she keeps
  • a personal life very personal we've
  • still been digging I don't know whether
  • she goes home to a litter full of cats
  • or whether whether she's got a lover or
  • a husband or whatever kids we know
  • nothing and we dig here what hot topics
  • we dig so anyway Jenice deny him a new
  • trial back in June okay so and remember
  • she allegedly started out to be a little
  • bit of a groupie of meek she allegedly
  • asked him to remake boys to men's and in
  • the road did need on bended knee write a
  • ballad does she know that meek doesn't
  • sing rewrite it and make it and make
  • sure that she gets her shout out inside
  • you know I mean on the on the music well
  • she's 61 years old
  • well now even judge Denise's own
  • attorney thinks that she's wrong for
  • denying this meek mill for having you
  • know a new trial set also I think
  • Janissa just needs to get off the case
  • put a new judge on the case but nope
  • she's staying so here's what happened
  • here's what happened here's what
  • happened
  • so Charles cuerto jr. is judge Denise's
  • actual attorney you know cuz judges need
  • attorneys too sometimes anyway he was
  • recorded back in May and he forgot them
  • he was doing something something or
  • another for me or documentary or
  • whatever about me back in May and he
  • forgot the microphone was on
  • you know when they say it's a wrap and
  • so here's what he said he says Jenice
  • looks bleeping awful why doesn't she
  • just grant the bleeping thing he claims
  • if he was the judge he would let it go
  • because the prosecution and the defense
  • both agree that it should be granted
  • now obviously gotalk is a whole lot it's
  • a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo you know but
  • but the point being is that Jenice is
  • bitter like come on Denise I know you're
  • on one and they say that she follows the
  • letter of the law from A to Z but
  • sometimes sometimes you have to bend
  • depending on you know what the situation
  • is
  • well of course Denise is probably firing
  • the lawyer now as we speak
  • remember she had that failed acting
  • attempt in that movie I've showed it to
  • you so many times I forgot to request it
  • in our hot topics meeting this morning
  • no I wanted to bring it up too but I
  • thought we played it enough no no no you
  • can never get enough of a failed
  • anyway meek is appealing to the
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court so good luck
  • to make Jenice all right let's talk
  • about Rick Ross all right Rick Ross
  • baby's mother now he has three kids with
  • three different women although I hear
  • that the one that he has he recently had
  • a child with the girl he's with right
  • now so that would be his third baby's
  • mother but I hear that she's pregnant
  • again so he's about to have his fourth
  • allegedly anyway uh Rick Ross baby's
  • mother is slamming him on social media
  • again as she's done this before because
  • we were back in March Rick wanted the
  • courts to suspend TIA that's her name
  • Tia her social media account after she
  • made some insulting remarks about him on
  • her page while the judge must have
  • turned Rick down because she was doing a
  • whole lot of posting yesterday and it
  • wasn't nothing nice and now according to
  • my inside sources this is not a woman
  • who's like a thought or you know a club
  • girl or anything like this is the grown
  • woman
  • you know that makes age she had his
  • first child the boy is now 13 years old
  • and here's here's what portion of what
  • she said stop me stop paying a child
  • support late fire your mama and your
  • sister and hire an accountant y'all go
  • tell that old man to run me my money and
  • while you're at it call your son
  • so she's implying she's implying that
  • she needs her child support on time
  • and that meek doesn't speak to his 13
  • year old son what rick ross I mean Rick
  • yeah
  • rappers in trouble every day on this
  • show anyway so Rick responded to TIA
  • take a look at this go join the church
  • be a member go get a man be somebody
  • somebody wants you big you gotta get
  • past me get past me baby I wish you
  • number the best oh hatred I actually
  • love you baby daddy Leigh
  • [Applause]
  • she was wrong for calling him out on
  • social media but he's even more wrong
  • being the bigger person and the one with
  • the purse strings doing that and this
  • was not really a response to anything
  • Tia said I mean daddy love you joined
  • the church although I do hear though
  • that meek excuse me
  • Rick Rick and his mother do control a
  • lot of what's going on within the Rick
  • Ross camp and there's nothing wrong with
  • that you know you know keeping the
  • family and I like that but somebody
  • needs to be just giving her a check once
  • a month just give her check Rick like
  • this is the girl who was with Rick
  • before the Rick Ross Rick Ross this is
  • what she was probably with him back when
  • he was the CEO you know Tia responded
  • back to Rick by slamming him uh-huh
  • even more I can't play what she said but
  • needless to say she needs her money I
  • think she's getting right now well at
  • first it was $2,500 a month then they
  • went to court and they up that a little
  • bit more she's looking for $20,000 a
  • month well look there's a common place
  • in look that's what Ross son he's 13
  • years old
  • got a higher security he's got to go to
  • private school you know Rick Ross is the
  • boss you know they gotta work this out
  • they got to work it out just not with
  • social media they're too grown for this
  • in the mean times so Jocelyne jumped in
  • joseline commented on Tia's post saying
  • my child support has been late for four
  • months and of course that is the father
  • of baby Bobby Belt Bonnie Bella -
  • joseline Stevie J what is going on
  • around here like if you lay down with
  • somebody and you have a baby the least
  • you can do is take care of your child
  • and you know what you know what court
  • system and people you know you're so
  • busy chasing after people who owed taxes
  • and throwing them in court for in jail
  • for that how about you chase I mean
  • vigilantly chase after people who owe
  • child support
  • and in my opinion I also feel that you
  • know sometimes the court system doesn't
  • need to be involved you know we laid
  • down we had a baby I don't want you
  • anymore but you'll pay your child
  • support and we'll keep it out of the
  • courts and that'll be the way it is
  • because when you don't pay child support
  • the kid grows up feel in a ways I you
  • know a new pair of Fendi sneakers is not
  • you know child support you know a mother
  • needs money to take care of these kids
  • and sometimes men are so stupid they
  • feel as if they rent a yacht and invite
  • his whole class you know for Memorial
  • Day
  • that's child support that's not child
  • support that's called stuntin on these
  • fools just kind of pay your child
  • support you never heard a word about
  • puffy Owen child support you know what I
  • mean
  • he's been around for a long time and
  • we've talked about him
  • wild and crazy but he's never about
  • child support that's what a grown man
  • does she pay your child support
  • want to shout out to Sierra we talk
  • about her a lot here on the show I keep
  • saying please don't make any new music
  • just just Ivan nobody cares she married
  • Russell she's got herself a active
  • football player and she's got the babies
  • well now she's back in the studio she's
  • got a new song here's part of the video
  • she's still popping and locking though
  • yeah yep she does it made new music in
  • three years it was debatable in our hot
  • topics meeting you know who likes the
  • song it's called level up
  • well good luck Sierra that's it for hot
  • topics but we've got more great show for
  • everybody
  • one of my favorite songs on the windy
  • phase not next we've got the inside
  • scoop on the shocking arrest award of
  • Kanye's Yeezy models plus Mel B's
  • never-ending drama with her ex you don't
  • want to miss it grab a snack egg
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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People are convinced Beyoncé is pregnant again. The rumors started 10 days ago when Beyoncé put her hand on her belly in concert. More recently, people say they see a baby bump.

Find out if Wendy believes the rumors.

Then, Michelle Williams who has been open about her struggle with depression in the past checked herself into a mental health facility.

Plus, Meek Mill is still fighting for a new trial and Rick Ross’ baby mama slammed him on social media over child support.

Plus, find out what Wendy thinks about Ciara's new song.
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