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Video Rugby Player Reacts to RANDY MOSS NFL Career Highlight Reel
27:06   |   today at 14:28


  • okay guys my hand has been forced I'm
  • not gonna lie you guys just will not let
  • me not do this video okay I can't I
  • can't hit like literally I've got
  • probably two weeks with the videos until
  • we get up to the current point that
  • we're at right now
  • I can't let another two weeks with
  • videos go by and see these comments come
  • in thousands of times I just can't do it
  • I've gotta do what you guys want for
  • this particular video anyway and the
  • video I'm talking about guys is Randy
  • Moss it's been so hard it's been so hard
  • not to look them up and look up as
  • greatest players I mean the amount of
  • comments of heads is just absolutely
  • like whelming and you know what that's
  • why we're here today all right guys here
  • we are here's the channel at the moment
  • I'm really looking forward to this man
  • seriously if I'm not impressed by this
  • guy there's gotta be something wrong
  • Randy Moss ultimate career highlight
  • reel it's got to be good it's got a bit
  • let's finally do this oh shit that just
  • arrived to me what am i doing we got to
  • go Randy Moss get a few stats cuz I
  • haven't done this yet and I'm finally up
  • I've literally never seen that guy's
  • face I've seen so many comments and I've
  • never seen his face and that is the
  • reaction that I like doing this is the
  • fucking this is the shit man Randy gene
  • Moss born February 13th 1977 is a former
  • American football wide receiver who
  • played 14 seasons in the National
  • Football League holy shit he holds the
  • NFL single-season touchdown reception
  • record 23 in 2007 the NFL single-season
  • touchdown reception record for a rookie
  • oh I just spilt coffee on a new jumper
  • speaking of which what do you reckon why
  • Tom gray or gray on gray this is the
  • first one I just got I picked it up this
  • morning it is a sample and I think it
  • looks pretty fucking cool Randy Moss
  • single-season touchdown reception record
  • for a rocky 17 in 1998 and is second on
  • the NFL all-time regular season
  • touchdown reception list with 156 so he
  • said a single-season touchdown reception
  • record in his rookie season which was
  • 1998 and nearly ten years later in 2007
  • still at the top of his game he set the
  • single-season touchdown reception record
  • for any player not just a rocky a
  • college football for Marshall University
  • and twice earned all-america honors he
  • was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in
  • the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft
  • pick number 21 he played for seven years
  • there before a trade in 2005 brought him
  • to the Raiders on April 29th 2007 Moss
  • was traded to the Patriots for a
  • fourth-round draft pick
  • what on October 6 2010 most returned to
  • the Vikings in a trade from the Patriots
  • however the second stint in Minnesota
  • was short-lived and he was waived by the
  • team less than a month later and claimed
  • by the Tennessee Titans after sitting
  • out the 2011 season while signed a
  • one-year contract with the 49ers for the
  • 2012 season
  • then opted to retire prior to the two
  • south 2013 season onto On February 3rd
  • 2018 he was selected to join the Pro
  • Football Hall of Fame and that was
  • exactly five years after his retirement
  • so he's pretty much on the past to
  • become the Hall of Fame inductee
  • probably halfway through his career I'd
  • say 41 years old at moma six-foot for
  • 210 pounds and a wide receiver with a
  • shitload of touchdowns should we look at
  • his college career just quickly oh here
  • we go
  • boomer not sure damn head coach Lou
  • Holtz said Randy Moss was the best high
  • school football player I've ever seen
  • Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden
  • said he was as good as down Sanders
  • Deon's my measuring stick for athletic
  • ability and this kid was just a bigger
  • deal on bucket now Deion Sanders was so
  • fast after originally signing a letter
  • of intent to play college football with
  • knocked down in 1995 Moss took part in a
  • racially charged fight at his high
  • school that left one person hast
  • last on March 23rd 1995 Moss had a back
  • my said back to friend and a hallway
  • fight against a white student who had
  • allegedly used racist comments towards
  • Rand his friend moss was initially
  • charged with a felony for kicking the
  • student but it was later reduced to a
  • misdemeanor on October 1st 95 Moss
  • pleaded guilty to two counts of
  • misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to
  • 30 days behind bars at the South Central
  • Regional Jail in Charleston West
  • Virginia he served three days starting
  • that night and would be required to
  • serve the remaining twenty seven days
  • within the following 18 months after he
  • completed his freshman year in college
  • Moss was expelled from DuPont and
  • completed his education at K Bell
  • alternative school not sure Dom denied
  • his enrollment application but this did
  • not stop another high-profile college
  • football program from giving him a
  • chance which was Florida State its coach
  • Bobby Bowden had a reputation for
  • handling troubled players in 1996 after
  • redshirting the first year while serving
  • his 30-day jail sentence in a
  • work-release program most tested
  • positive for marijuana thus violating
  • his probation and was dismissed from
  • Florida State he served an additional 60
  • days in jail for the probation violation
  • fuckin help
  • bit of a chicken start man ultimately
  • Moss transferred to Marshall University
  • about an hour's drive from his home in
  • 96 he set the NCAA division-one
  • AAA records for the most games for the
  • touchdown catch in a season which was 14
  • most consecutive games with a touchdown
  • catch which was 13 most can most
  • touchdown passes caught in a season 28
  • tying Jerry Rice's 1984 record and most
  • receiving yards gained by a freshman in
  • the season a record which still stands
  • mas was also the leading kickoff
  • returner in division 1 AAA on the season
  • with 612 total yards and a 34 yard
  • average fuck a 34 yard average punt
  • return or kickoff return sorry oh shit
  • it just gets better at the Southern
  • Conference indoor track championships he
  • ran the 200 meters in 21 point one five
  • seconds missing the conference record by
  • 0.02 seconds despite the fact that he
  • did not race competitively for four
  • years prior
  • his time of 21.1 fire was one of the
  • best in the country that year who is the
  • sky who the fuck is this guy
  • alright we we've talked about his first
  • year in college we've talked about his
  • high school we've talked about his
  • checkered past we've talked about his
  • 200 meters we've talked about his
  • records that he set let's watch Randy
  • Moses ultimate career highlight reel
  • sorry guys will be going for about ten
  • minutes but you guys been asking for
  • this one I wanted to make it a good one
  • I wanted to know absolutely everything
  • about this guy
  • [Music]
  • one of the things that may random also
  • special with the Minnesota Vikings have
  • selected wide receiver from Marshall
  • University
  • one of the things that may random also
  • specialist it was a freak
  • [Music]
  • she's got long legs men legitimate guys
  • [Music]
  • it was only 194 pounds fuck he does have
  • long legs a 4.3 4.3 out second 40-yard
  • dash
  • oh nice catch
  • I love the one-handed catches that in
  • practice we loosen up let's see who we
  • can Moss yeah and we say it was catching
  • a deep route and jumping over a deepest
  • back why she accomplished dead then you
  • consider to be moss he'd be mouths my
  • pocket wait just tell me guys tell me if
  • this is like being lost all right just
  • just before we get into this tell me if
  • this is like being lost AFL best mark
  • this is this is Australian football all
  • right what are we gonna watch now top 10
  • a full marks of all time no we're not
  • gonna do that
  • AFL mark of the year no we're not gonna
  • do that
  • the 10 best marks of 2017 would you say
  • that these like that of being a must let
  • me know
  • you guys gonna hate me for doing this
  • but it has to be done this is no moss oh
  • yes you've been bossed now that was shit
  • let's look at this one
  • watch this
  • oh boy
  • I'm not gonna look at one more laughter
  • now look at this whoo yeah boy imagine
  • being in the end zone catching a fucking
  • touchdown like that
  • Oh imagine that all right we're watching
  • number one what's this whoa whoo there
  • you go
  • all right that's the Australian version
  • of being must all right guys let's go
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • Cosi ghana that's what he does
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • what a fuckin bow
  • [Music]
  • yeah he had no right to get mad no right
  • at all
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • Dharma I saw a snippet of his
  • acceleration there
  • [Music]
  • what the hell what's going on there
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • what a pass
  • [Music]
  • cerveza
  • No Mas down the side one little in and
  • out step there
  • what is that Kona back going brah the
  • NFL was so unprepared for Randy Mazdas
  • combination of size and speed that the
  • Vikings were actually able to run a play
  • over and over again called Randy go and
  • get oh my god that was freakin too easy
  • made it look too easy don't boss for the
  • corner fuck you know he's got paceman
  • it's like Usain Bolt those legs man so
  • long
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • please one-handed catches he doesn't
  • matter sleep
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • ah
  • [Applause]
  • and a sensational running to the catch
  • by the second year
  • second year look yeah good night miss
  • look at this bang off the right see ya
  • one stick guys one stick and he's first
  • they just did it at the exact right time
  • [Applause]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • see man this is so dodgy and that one of
  • the last videos I asked if the player
  • when they catch the ball if they had to
  • hit the ground with their feet before
  • they could get hit I mean surely that
  • guy coming through could have smashed
  • him in the air before he got his feet
  • down right but luckily he got his feet
  • done before it hit but like in the game
  • of rugby if you take the guy out if the
  • guy goes up catches the ball in the air
  • and you fucking come through and take
  • him out in the air without him coming
  • down to the ground you're gonna get like
  • you get red carded if it's bad enough
  • which is completely ejected from the
  • game for the rest of the game if it's
  • not that bad you're gonna get at least a
  • yellow card which is ten minutes off the
  • field but yeah it's complete nono so for
  • you guys like for me to be a receiver
  • and to go to jump up and get the ball
  • and in the air get completely taken out
  • and like possibly flip over and let land
  • on my neck or something that's jeez I
  • mean that's that's dodgy it's just
  • something you've got to think about when
  • you're playing I guess
  • [Music]
  • unbelievable
  • but it's the quarterback innit I wonder
  • who's throwing to
  • [Music]
  • oh wow absolutely amazing
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • you get moths lining up with any
  • defender one-on-one he's gonna get it
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • they can't jump with me god please man
  • [Applause]
  • was that the first play of the game that
  • he just scored on
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • those arms are so long ah and another
  • one soon
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • Oh boom the lateral yes that was amazing
  • fucking beautiful
  • ah night you got Raiders you got my
  • respect now another white out with
  • top-notch credentials Wednesday Randy
  • Moss first and it was a big selection
  • no right to get there no right
  • d
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • beats double
  • chuckling and then those two hands the
  • Patriots and Raiders making it official
  • Oakland sending disgruntled yet talented
  • wide receiver Randy Moss to New England
  • for a fourth-round draft pick too much
  • school is required of Randy Moss that's
  • why he failed in Oakland but let me tell
  • you one thing that Randy get his name is
  • Tom preached oh yes
  • that's what you want yeah Moss oh man
  • he's got paint see just spit away from
  • three guys to see
  • they staged the shooting game
  • just fine 81
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • in the
  • unbelievable no right to get any of
  • these fucking touchdowns but it gets
  • them somehow I just don't know how
  • you've been most
  • [Applause]
  • whoa
  • [Applause]
  • righty-oh
  • fucking yes go die moss I reckon he'd be
  • useful as a slot receiver right so on a
  • pass like that guys how often does
  • someone drop it
  • do they capture every time because that
  • would fucking suck if you're away like
  • that open and you drop the ball wouldn't
  • it but then again if you do drop it is
  • there a fumble is that the opposition's
  • ball it's not if you retain the ball
  • still if you do drop it but then you
  • keep it somehow you still keep the ball
  • right whereas in league and rugby if you
  • drop the ball or if you knock it on it's
  • it's a opposition's ball
  • and the threat that he has when you need
  • given play he's a true difference maker
  • [Music]
  • I've seen this one
  • they're breeding with a beautiful
  • strength applause for the touchdown
  • wait do you know what I just you know I
  • just thought of I know what my if I ever
  • play and the grass and the turf is wet
  • enough or snowy enough for me to slide
  • my celebration for scoring touchdown is
  • going to be like a rugby try I'm gonna
  • go in and slide along the ground on my
  • stomach like they're doing rugby oh man
  • to think ah gives me goose bumps
  • thinking about doing that man amazing
  • dog Brady Brady to moss
  • [Applause]
  • Wow he's got no rights to get enemies
  • how does he do it
  • the fuck is he doing man he's too tall
  • oh that's that's just yeah Wednesday
  • morning the Patriots traded away Randy
  • Moss top of all teams the Minnesota
  • Vikings you know Randy was really a
  • pleasure to coach enjoyed out in the
  • mana team made a lot of contributions
  • this football team in the end it was a
  • difficult decision but one that I feel
  • is in the best interest of football team
  • we're losing all of the fans in the NFL
  • a very unique talent Randy was a truth
  • burner and a true wide receiver he's
  • definitely a true wide receiver that's
  • for sure
  • he's asked for a better one day with a
  • stop in Santa Clara and a 15-minute
  • workout with captain come back himself
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • two good games in this state oh love
  • before nine us where is he that was a
  • swamp there is well that was too easy
  • why did why did those defenders not
  • block him he just got right through them
  • suppose a person
  • Jukes and Jukes him again I can do that
  • he received the ball 980 two times for
  • 15,000 292 receiving yards a hundred and
  • fifty six receiving touchdowns and one
  • punt return touchdown six-time all-star
  • geez wait can you play for the five
  • teams Minnesota Vikings the New England
  • Patriots the Oakland Raiders the
  • Tennessee Titans in a San Francisco
  • 49ers oh my god I'm getting good I'm
  • getting good at this guy's Isaac Bruce
  • at the third place of the history of the
  • league didn't receive the yardage he's
  • gone over 15 thousand two hundred every
  • field of course he's ever stepped to
  • play whatever team he's one of the club
  • he's been the best athlete that's his
  • perspective he doesn't know any other
  • perspective he doesn't know it in there
  • I wanted to go and see where Randy Moss
  • sees nothing to do he was that special
  • for his ballot hall-of-famer without a
  • doubt and in my a disagrees
  • [Music]
  • well that was Randy Moss finally okay so
  • that was that Randy Moss you've been
  • must and I tell you what if I do ever
  • take a one-handed catch over someone or
  • take a catch in traffic we'll jump over
  • someone to get one I'm going to
  • definitely say you've been must because
  • I definitely know what it is now so all
  • you guys have asked Randy Moss I really
  • really hope you've enjoyed this video I
  • hope you've made it to the end
  • it's been a long one but it's been an
  • enjoyable one and you know what the next
  • one I'm gonna watch is pat tillman I'm
  • gonna watch
  • actually not I'm gonna watch Joseph
  • Vincent special he just put up a video
  • just before about Independence Day so
  • I'm gonna watch that one I'm gonna do a
  • little bit of Wikipedia research on
  • Independence Day and Pat Tillman and
  • then we're gonna watch the story of Pat
  • Tillman so I hope you guys enjoy that
  • one we're gonna bring it out tomorrow
  • which will be the fifth of July for me
  • but it.we the fourth of July for you I
  • really hope you enjoy I hope you have a
  • fantastic Independence Day I am naive to
  • the subject but I won't be very soon so
  • as always if you have liked the video
  • press like if you want to see more
  • please subscribe and I'll see you back
  • here for another one
  • [Music]

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In this video I go in search of some of the best talent in the NFL, past and present, to then give my unbiased, unfiltered reaction to their career and best plays! I found myself with an ex-NFL player by the name of RANDY MOSS. I watch the YouTube video titled "Randy Moss NFL Career Highlight Reel | NFL Films" and had some fun doing so! I'm an avid rugby fan and player and enjoy watching fans of American Football see our great game and give their reaction so I thought it was about time we switched things up! I'm so glad I did because I am absolutely loving watching these videos from an unbiased perspective and learning about the NFL and it's greatest athletes at the same time. Enjoy the video and if you have any suggestions for a future video that I haven't already done, hit me up in the comment section below!

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