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Video Crucible of Storms Raid - That's a Nope From Me
10:41   |   01/21/2019 at 19:50


  • ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
  • crucible of storms the short small to
  • person to boss raid that is coming after
  • Battleford as our loss so this is not
  • the next raid that's coming we've seen a
  • lot of previews of that one this is the
  • raid that's actually coming after that
  • so there's a ways off until we see this
  • thing but they have started raid testing
  • yet as I said it's only two bosses and
  • we got to test the first one tonight I
  • was really disappointed in this I think
  • you did a pretty poor job here bliss I'm
  • really sorry to say I've been super hype
  • about all the new rating counters that
  • they did in battle for does our law
  • there's like one out of the entire raid
  • that I thought was mediocre which is
  • actually just the first boss so I'm not
  • even that concerned about it but I
  • walked away from this one thinking ah
  • this is not up to the standard you guys
  • have just done in battle for does our
  • law this is not what I'm hoping for and
  • I'll explain why shortly
  • I had like shot raids I've always liked
  • them ever since the next year in vanilla
  • I like these little raids I liked going
  • to gruel every now and again it was a
  • nice full exercise and it was also a
  • great distraction from whatever the
  • current progress you were doing change
  • of environment nice little bit of a
  • delay a little bit of a break from just
  • spamming one dungeon over and over again
  • when raiding I really like them you
  • probably gonna notice immediately that
  • this takes place in the same room of the
  • last boss of Shrine of the storm which
  • was I was like oh no new environment at
  • all not something else we've discovered
  • it's just the same room reused assets
  • and that makes you go you are reusing a
  • sense because battle of a dozen or a lot
  • takes place in the Horde City and I
  • understand that's the theme that's the
  • story that's what's going on there but
  • we just had a raid where you reuse the
  • assets that I see every single day for
  • the most part there are some new areas
  • of course which you're really nice and
  • now we're going into the crucible
  • established like wow this is the same
  • place again okay like it really takes a
  • twist on what you've just seen when you
  • see it happen again afters like oh
  • alright so there is another boss in here
  • that we haven't tested yet he may have a
  • new area maybe the floor collapses maybe
  • something cool happens it might do or he
  • might just spawn in this room you never
  • know with these old god types what
  • they're up to they might be floating in
  • the darkness or something
  • and killing the first boss exposes him
  • and brings him into the light or
  • something like that which basically
  • means they can just do this one room and
  • while I do appreciate that making raids
  • is tough and difficult maybe they can
  • just they maybe there comes the ideas
  • that we can pump more raids out if we
  • just kind of reuse the same places that
  • are already in game right now I really
  • hope they haven't gone that route
  • because we like the majesty of going
  • into new and interesting environments
  • either way this boss does utilize two of
  • the most difficult mechanics any Raider
  • will ever come up against and that is a
  • dark purple room with dark purple bosses
  • that use dark purple abilities oh joy oh
  • joy
  • yeah difficult to see abilities and what
  • blows my mind about this is they just
  • solved this issue in aldea mythrax
  • progressing mythrax one of the biggest
  • issues people have with mythrax
  • certainly our mythic is that the cone
  • that you need to avoid the boss blast
  • and also the the blasters Al's a does
  • which is what you deal with a mythic you
  • deal with two of them blasting across
  • the room was really difficult to see
  • because it's a dark purple room with
  • dark purple enemies that are stucked on
  • top of each other that do a dark purple
  • blast and people just couldn't see it so
  • it was like well this is just annoying
  • cuz I can't I can avoid it I'm not
  • stupid yeah I can't see the goddamn
  • thing in this case it's slightly worse
  • because the bosses aren't very big I
  • have nothing against small bosses either
  • I really don't care
  • mmm now everything needs to be a large
  • lumbering Beast we can have small bosses
  • but small boss is slightly bigger than a
  • voidwalker which are also purple firing
  • off three different types of purple
  • abilities that needs to be avoided in
  • some way is just a little bit irritating
  • because you get caught in him
  • particularly the mental assault that's
  • fired off by one of the bosses which is
  • Zach Zach the speaker now fun facts Zach
  • sash the speaker is tanked by a ranged
  • DPS some of you might be getting excited
  • some of you old school warlocks in
  • particular yes we are going back to
  • range tanking which is cool this time
  • any ranged can do this there are
  • obviously gonna be some classes better
  • than others in terms of defensive sport
  • you don't need to worry about threat
  • because whoever it takes aggro first as
  • this boss just constantly fires this
  • bolt at you this a photic blast also
  • gains the ability to do massive amounts
  • of threats so it wasn't really a
  • pulling aggro as long as you gave the
  • range DPS a couple of you know a few
  • seconds to build some aggro and then
  • even the other tanks could cleave onto
  • this enemy without pulling aggro so not
  • too bad at all
  • this blast if you don't have it
  • refreshed on you so basically if it goes
  • on anyone else if someone should
  • accidentally taunt it and the actual
  • assigned tank doesn't keep getting
  • blasted they will become mind control so
  • it's very important that you keep that
  • guy alive because the aphotic blast does
  • a splash and if you get the debuff from
  • it and it doesn't refresh which means
  • you're constantly being hit by it then
  • you will get mind-controlled for the
  • remainder of the fight and you have to
  • be killed so you the idea is you have
  • this ranged dps tanking it and kind of
  • maneuvering it the ranged dps can move
  • it so make good use of cleave and
  • whatnot but has to keep out of the way
  • of everybody else because if the attack
  • that hits that range tank splashes on to
  • anyone else then they'll become mind
  • control or they have to stand in it and
  • constantly be blasted which is not ideal
  • in any way so there are a great deal of
  • mechanics here and actually surprising
  • amount so I've already talked about
  • mental assault this is where the smaller
  • speaker enemy will randomly target
  • someone in the raid and will fire a
  • blast out which will disorient take you
  • for a few seconds it looks like a mind
  • control but you break out of it after a
  • few seconds it's not a big deal but the
  • main mechanic here is the rooms in the
  • room you can see these three pillars on
  • the floor which are the three runes now
  • at certain health percentages these
  • runes will activate and the which one
  • activates depends on which one is
  • closest to the boss so you do get to
  • pick which ones you want to activate and
  • they all do different things so there's
  • a lightning one which instantly kills
  • you should anybody go below 25% health
  • there's another one that puts up a giant
  • shield and so on and so forth so the
  • idea is you pick and choose which rooms
  • you want to deal with throughout the
  • fight in orders because he's going to
  • activate something regardless so you
  • need to choose which is most ideal order
  • of dealing with these runes they have
  • separate health pools but they need to
  • die together okay so a little bit of
  • planning there on the DPS and we also
  • have adds spawning which are casting a
  • spell which kills them instantly so you
  • don't DPS these these large faceless
  • ones they will just start casting
  • something and then if they finish their
  • cast they will
  • but they're also going to blow up the
  • raid so the idea is that you stagger
  • interrupts on them so they explode at
  • different times so you can't keep these
  • things alive forever
  • you just have to choose when since when
  • you want to let them explode make sure
  • that the healing is not overpowered on
  • top of that we do have the same buff
  • that you get your shrine of the storms
  • now I assume some of you don't really
  • know it exists because it's instantly
  • dispelled or something but you know of
  • the power buff that usually goes on the
  • helo if you're doing the mythic plus
  • instance here what this does is it
  • stacks up on you and gives you a mass
  • damageable for it's also really makes
  • you susceptible to death now our good
  • players utilize this in a great way and
  • get all the advantages and then dispel
  • it off themselves cuz it can be removed
  • and then survive whatever might have
  • killed them should they still have the
  • debuff in this case it goes on a player
  • and they get a circle around them which
  • means you can spread this buff to lots
  • of people so you can empower the whole
  • raid with this makes it very difficult
  • though for the healers to get rid of it
  • before a OE splash comes in as I said
  • there are ads that are exploding and all
  • those kinds of things so having this
  • debuff on when things are going to
  • detonate is a bad idea in fact in our
  • testing we just wanted to see what the
  • boss did and all the different runes so
  • he just fucked it off and didn't utilize
  • it but it will be something you want to
  • make use of certainly a mythic level and
  • heroic level for DPS logs DPS horse will
  • be hunting this down because you can run
  • to the people who have the buff and get
  • the buff yourself you're just hoping
  • that the healers do dispel you before
  • something explodes and wipes you off the
  • planet that would be a really bad
  • situation it's obvious we have more ad
  • spawning luckily for us there dark
  • purple fantastic and they don't appear
  • in the boss frame this really triggers
  • me we have boss frames in wow for a
  • reason so if you're gonna have a lot of
  • small enemies that are all bumping up on
  • top of each other it's not that bad with
  • name plates but name plates have a range
  • and that range is shorter than what the
  • players is certainly as a moon kid so
  • what I mean by that is I can be within
  • range of an ad but I can't physically
  • see it and the name plate doesn't appear
  • above it either I don't understand why
  • during a boss if there's an extra enemy
  • in the fight they should have a boss
  • frame so you can target them using a
  • different method because the in-game
  • method doesn't allow you without having
  • to run in it's a little bit of a tedious
  • annoyance and
  • hopefully they will fix that I'll do
  • something along those lines but they
  • just need to be killed off and you're
  • constantly kind of just going to be
  • working through this by which means it's
  • a little bit on exciting so not only is
  • everything dark purple upon dark purple
  • and a little bit irritating like getting
  • disoriented it's just irritating it's
  • not like a skill thing it's not like I
  • can't move left alright the difficulty
  • isn't even be able to see it's coming
  • your way which is not clever that's not
  • fun and then just working through these
  • ads and dealing with the neverending
  • amount of healing you'll need to do from
  • constantly exploring guards moving from
  • runes our rune so I'm sure you can tell
  • with my tongue not too impressed by this
  • a little bit sad I'm a little bit sad it
  • feels like a lot of reuse stuff that was
  • not nothing here is particularly a
  • creative that's what bothers me like the
  • runes feel like a little bit like what
  • we saw at the end in Argus with the
  • lightning and stuff like that I was like
  • okay a little disorientated just tedious
  • looking at the boss is annoying to say
  • the least so all around wasn't too
  • impressed with this one I didn't see I
  • didn't see anything here that made me go
  • this is gonna be so cool and I can't
  • wait to come and to kill the live
  • version of this which is what I did feel
  • with lots of the bustle of adults does
  • our law bosses I'm very excited for that
  • in two weeks but this is not a
  • particularly great star it feels a
  • little lackluster let's put it that way
  • so maybe you guys think differently
  • maybe you guys think this looks really
  • cool I don't know but for me it's a
  • thumbs-down bliss I'm really sorry
  • alright guys thank you so much for
  • listening I will let you know when we
  • get to test the final boss in here which
  • is not harbinger of the void I can't
  • help it all the gold god stuff seems so
  • cheesy to me
  • I'll see ya boys bye bye

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Our first look into the short 2 boss raid coming after Battle for Dazaralor. Not that impressed.

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