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Video 10 Strangest Things To Wash Up On Shore
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  • some time at the beach can be a great
  • way to spend an afternoon but you have
  • to take the bad with the good and if
  • you're a beach goer you know that plenty
  • of junk can wash up on the shores
  • sometimes though they're among the usual
  • cloths of seaweed in trash the gentle
  • tides will deposit something truly weird
  • if you've ever wondered what it would be
  • like to wander into a surreal comedy try
  • putting yourself in the flip-flops of
  • the people that have stumbled upon these
  • finds the strangest things to ever wash
  • ashore Myrtle Beach South Carolina is a
  • favorite tourist destination and it's
  • miles of beaches accommodate nearly a
  • hundred thousand visitors a year but
  • seven-year-old foster Fraser wasn't
  • interested in lounging around the beach
  • during his stay being an enormous fan of
  • anything having to do with sharks he was
  • digging along a stream bed looking for
  • teeth when he made the kind of find that
  • would make a marine archeologist green
  • with envy young Foster dug up a five
  • inch tooth bigger than his fist which
  • once belonged to a 50-foot terror of the
  • Seas the Megalodon shark which has been
  • extinct for two and a half million years
  • Foster's parents at first took the tooth
  • to be a sand covered Rock but further
  • inspection left them speechless as
  • Foster had stumbled across a specimen
  • that often eludes even professional
  • deep-sea fossil hunters even more
  • strangely the boy had previously told
  • his parents that he would one day find
  • such a tooth and that God would tell him
  • where to find it so either Foster made a
  • really lucky guess or he has a direct
  • line to the Almighty
  • the coast of the Pacific Northwest are
  • no strangers to large driftwood often
  • called drift logs and powerful winds
  • combined with high tides to relocate
  • them from hilltops to beaches on a
  • regular basis but in 2010 a specimen
  • washed ashore that was just a little bit
  • bigger than your average drift log an
  • absolute monster of a tree of the type
  • regularly found deep in the forest the
  • driftwood wasn't measured but it Dwarfs
  • this 6-foot tall woman and would have
  • towered perhaps 200 feet in the air went
  • upright the type of perfect storm
  • required to rip this beast from the
  • ground floated down a swollen river and
  • wash it up on the shore is tough to
  • imagine but you may have heard that the
  • Northwest has some wacky weather
  • patterns well here's the ridiculously
  • huge proof for centuries the giant squid
  • was nothing but a myth they were first
  • described over 2,000 years ago and they
  • probably contributed to the ancient
  • legend of the Kraken which was common
  • among Mariners specimens began to be
  • recovered in the 1800s but the first
  • modern living specimen was captured in
  • 2004 and strandings on beaches are very
  • uncommon so residents of the Spanish
  • village of Cantabria were understandably
  • shocked to find one of the 30-foot
  • monsters washed up on their local beach
  • one day in the fall of 2013
  • strangely underwater photographer
  • enrique te doe happened to be nearby and
  • managed to get some pictures of the type
  • that he probably never thought he'd take
  • on dry land the 400-pound blob was moved
  • to the town's Maritime Museum where it
  • can fascinate and freak out the locals
  • for years to come
  • a British couple having a stroll along
  • Middleton Sands beach made a very
  • unusual smelly and profitable discovery
  • one day in April 2016 at first glance it
  • could be mistaken for a strange whitish
  • rock but Gary and Angela Williams
  • recognized it at once for what it was a
  • huge lump of ambergris which is
  • essentially whale vomit gary described
  • the smell as a cross between squid and
  • farmyard manure but oddly enough the
  • substance is coveted in the perfume
  • industry and it's very expensive it
  • originates in the digestive tracts of
  • sperm whales who ejected into the sea
  • when they're sick once allowed to dry in
  • age its distinctive foul odor changes to
  • more of an earthy scent lending to its
  • use and perfumes and colognes the lump
  • found by the Williams was estimated to
  • be worth up to fifty thousand pounds for
  • about seventy thousand American dollars
  • a pretty stinky way to come up on a huge
  • payday but we doubt they're complaining
  • Kelley gravel of Wales says her family
  • was fascinated by the object that washed
  • up during their visit to the beach in
  • 2015 the large round metal ball was
  • covered top to bottom in barnacles and
  • they took it to be a buoy of the kind
  • that washes up in the area with some
  • frequency they took pictures of their
  • kids playing around with the thing
  • posted a few shots to social media and
  • forgot about it until a friend alerted
  • them to a Facebook post explaining what
  • it really was
  • Pembry County Park had posted to its
  • official account that the buoy was
  • actually a United States military mine a
  • world war two ERA explosive which could
  • very well still be active the news came
  • as a complete shock to the gravel family
  • whose children had literally been
  • playing with a bomb and they went to
  • watch when the mine was detonated in a
  • controlled explosion by the local bomb
  • squad
  • it certainly could have turned out a lot
  • worse especially considering the fact
  • that the authorities didn't discover and
  • identify the object until five days
  • after the gravels discovery giant squids
  • are one thing but an Aberdeen couple
  • think that they found a sea monster
  • carcass of a non invertebrate variety
  • during a walk along the beach in 2011
  • the 30 foot animal had an intact tail
  • skull and teeth and while it certainly
  • had a prehistoric look to it nobody is
  • sure exactly what it was to this day
  • some have suggested that it was the
  • partially decayed carcass of a pilot
  • whale while others have gone the
  • complete opposite route and declared
  • that it must have been a pleasure saw a
  • long extinct prehistoric flippered sea
  • reptile which had long been suspected of
  • having an active colony in Scotland's
  • Loch Ness the truth may be somewhere in
  • between
  • after all it's perfectly plausible that
  • there are a number of large sea animals
  • that
  • it simply hasn't discovered yet but it
  • definitely looks like the type of animal
  • you'd rather encounter dead on the beach
  • than alive in the ocean you probably
  • don't associate the frozen Russian
  • province of Siberia with beaches but
  • there are plenty only not the kind you'd
  • want a visit to go sunbathing it's
  • strange to see sandy beaches covered
  • with ice and snow but an occurrence that
  • took place near a village by the Gulf of
  • odd ratcheted this strange meter up to
  • an 11 these are snowballs thousands and
  • thousands of them all packed in neatly
  • along an 11 mile stretch of beach and
  • they weren't made by the villagers for
  • the annual all village snowball fight
  • according to the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Research Institute they were formed
  • naturally out of slush which formed into
  • frozen chunks which were then blown
  • along the coastline by strong winds the
  • result perfectly rolled snowballs
  • ranging in diameter from about the size
  • of a tennis ball to whoppers three feet
  • across nobody is sure how often the
  • perfect conditions for this phenomenon
  • to occur come about but it can't be very
  • often one village resident said that
  • even the old-timers who had lived there
  • all of their lives had never seen it
  • before storm Angus wreaked havoc on the
  • UK in late 2016 blowing through with 80
  • mile-per-hour gusts and causing
  • devastating flooding of course the UK is
  • accustomed to such rough wintertime
  • weather but nobody can remember ever
  • before having seen an entire local
  • starfish population suddenly relocated
  • to the beach
  • apparently Angus caused waves strong
  • enough that the creatures were dislodged
  • from the seabed in vast numbers then
  • left stranded on South Sea beach when
  • the tide went out some local residents
  • spent an afternoon trying to save as
  • many as they could
  • carrying them in buckets back to the sea
  • but became discouraged when more just
  • kept washing up thousands upon thousands
  • of the critters died where they lay and
  • while Angus was responsible for only
  • minimal human casualties users on
  • Twitter were referring to the situation
  • on South Sea Beach as the starfish
  • Massacre
  • in the English town of Norfolk in early
  • 2017 officials made an equally alarming
  • and slightly more illegal discovery on
  • two separate beaches within a short
  • distance of each other an absolutely
  • absurd amount of pure uncut cocaine
  • washed ashore in several unassuming
  • lookin duffel bags the first stash was
  • discovered by an anonymous member of the
  • public who notified authorities and the
  • cops recovered the second shortly
  • thereafter all in all the haul amounted
  • to a staggering 360 kilos with an
  • estimated street value of 50 million
  • pounds or roughly 70 million American
  • dollars it's likely to have been ditched
  • by air or seafaring smugglers and while
  • officials have been unable to determine
  • where it came from or who it was
  • intended for one helpfully remarked that
  • the public beach was probably not its
  • intended destination it's safe to say
  • that if you came across a brightly
  • colored eight-foot lego man during your
  • morning stroll on the beach
  • you'd probably first check to make sure
  • that nobody had slipped anything into
  • your coffee but that's exactly what
  • happened to Jeff Hyneman a Sarasota
  • Florida resident in 2011 its front bore
  • the printed message no real than you are
  • which seems to be missing a word or two
  • and on the back where the words ego
  • Leonard in the number 8 baffled
  • residents crowded around to take
  • pictures with a hundred-pound fiberglass
  • sculpture but they weren't baffled for
  • long
  • Eagle Leonard is a Dutch artist who is
  • known for pulling stunts just like this
  • in the past in his native Holland and it
  • didn't take authorities long to crack
  • the extremely silly case they briefly
  • detained the lego man until mr. Leonard
  • came forward to claim him and it took
  • him all of about 8 months to make
  • another public appearance washed up on
  • the shore of La County's Topanga Beach
  • apparently he just can't resist catching
  • away
  • although video games have had a
  • prominent rise since the mid 20th
  • century games in some form or another
  • have been around for thousands and
  • thousands of years with the earliest
  • known game of Senet depicted through
  • hieroglyphs and paintings back to the
  • year 3000 BC and the oldest boards
  • themselves discovered going back over
  • three and a half thousand years games
  • are at their very core designed to give
  • fun and enjoyment to all players
  • involved however in many games there can
  • only be one winner and the game is of
  • course more fun for the winner than the
  • loser by default that's why today we're
  • here to talk to you about 10 secrets you
  • should know to win at common games also
  • known as knots and crosses tic-tac-toe
  • has been around for thousands of years
  • in one form or another it has been
  • traced back to as early as the Year 1300
  • BCE where a variant of a simple
  • three-in-a-row game was discovered to
  • have been played on ancient Egyptian
  • roofing tiles the game in its modern
  • form boils down to a turn-taking game
  • that is often used to introduce young
  • children to board games and pencil and
  • paper games if you're interested in
  • playing in on a more competitive level
  • the first thing you should know is that
  • you have less than a one in three chance
  • of winning the game if you go second
  • given that the X is usually start when
  • possible you should choose X there are
  • 138 possible ways the game can end three
  • of which are draws 91 or X wins and 44
  • are o wins when you begin as X you
  • should start by placing your piece in
  • the corner
  • if the opponent places their o in a
  • corner adjacent to you horizontally or
  • vertically place your X on the opposite
  • side of the board to your first X the
  • opponent is now forced to block you by
  • placing their o in the middle Square
  • from here place your third X in the last
  • unoccupied Square then on your next turn
  • in the edge square that guarantees your
  • win if your opponent places their o in
  • the opposite corner of your X on their
  • first move place your second X in one of
  • the other corners the opponent will
  • block you on the edge then you will
  • place your X in the remaining corner
  • when your opponent blocks you on that
  • edge you will win by placing your final
  • X in the center

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