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18:03   |   today at 09:58


  • creating citations you duplicated here
  • how's everyone doing today hope you guys
  • are all doing fantastic welcome to
  • another edition of Good Will Hunting
  • we're go to various good wells and see
  • what treasures we can find if you guys
  • are interested in drifting and going to
  • the goodwill and finding a good deal a
  • good bargain awesome surf hauls and
  • vlogs and handbag rehabs don't forget to
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  • little Bell buttons that you'll be
  • notified every time I post new video and
  • I do post videos every single day at 8
  • a.m. Pacific Standard Time and here we
  • are ready to go inside don't forget to
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  • adventures and go follow me on Instagram
  • and Facebook if you have and would like
  • to its Hadrian just like it's built here
  • what would that further adieu let's go
  • inside the store and see what we could
  • find
  • there's the goodwill let's go inside so
  • nice I'm shiny Southern California dates
  • a bit too which is nice because tomorrow
  • it's supposed to start raining for the
  • next few days Valley's right now you can
  • enjoy the sunshine
  • look at that whirlpool 2500 wine cooler
  • I think it's $40 taking a look through
  • the hand bare hands
  • looks like a halogen that's like a
  • Nordstrom brand Baga these are usually
  • all leather so pretty nice but not my
  • favorite and it's kind of beat-up see
  • what else we can find here
  • Aldo yeah
  • Aldo part yet
  • this is pleather
  • see what's here in life a little
  • backpack section cool McDonald's Massimo
  • back
  • don't follow your dreams chase them
  • that's kind of cute
  • see what kind of backpack this is
  • might be a target backpack actually it's
  • cute it's like in good condition to my
  • little cousin till here I'd probably get
  • that I can give to her but I feel like
  • it's not really worth holding on to or
  • shipping out right now
  • what's this LP blue it just occurred to
  • me that I left my phone in the car
  • I feel negative about it but like all
  • these little pretty women things but I'm
  • just gonna be strong and stick it out
  • and then just to wait till I go back to
  • the car to get my phone but trying to
  • check out this like dinnerware section
  • seeing if anything pops out at me or
  • falls on me thank you
  • oh wait what is this pottery pond at my
  • place
  • yes it is I know it is oh no I'm wrong I
  • feel like they look exactly like the
  • Pottery Barn Emma plates but I'm wrong
  • home made in China
  • almost but no cigar
  • Homer Laughlin China
  • check this out you guys I think I found
  • a set of these
  • Pottery Barn dessert plates oh yeah
  • these are Pottery Barn for sure wine bar
  • cocktail plates and I want to see if
  • they're all the same they're not all the
  • same they're actually really cute and a
  • lot of people actually do collect these
  • and this is still in the box $7.99 is
  • not a bad price for them do these are
  • usually pretty pricey there's a set of
  • four I'm just gonna hold on to this for
  • now and see if I'm willing to end up
  • taking it but these are always fun
  • it would make like a good like little
  • gift it's true this is far as its from
  • trying to see if I can see on the
  • sticker where it's from but just as made
  • in society right now so I'm just
  • checking the cookware because this in
  • this particular store I have found I
  • think this in this store I found like
  • the most pieces of Lake we stayed at one
  • time that I've ever found
  • oh I spot something down here do you
  • guys think it might be like to say I
  • feel like I'm gonna drop whatever this
  • thing is I don't want that to happen
  • oh my gosh
  • it is like we say for $6.99 yes another
  • Blue Lake recipients super exciting
  • oh my gosh I'm like cracking up because
  • I just had a conversation with someone
  • about how excited I was over the lake we
  • say yeah this is such a cool find this
  • is actually the second piece I found
  • this week so I'm very excited and the
  • other piece I found was also blue and it
  • was like the grill kind of pan and I
  • don't know what kind of pan this is
  • called but I mean amazing still excited
  • now I'm over here checking out the knick
  • knacks oil pecan butene kit hmm I'll
  • look at this little like a raccoon
  • planter type deal
  • checking out the glassware and faces
  • $9.99 more raccoons
  • there's a definite theme happening this
  • is kind of like a cool $10 looking for
  • some thank-you card
  • well I think they happen here right now
  • cake stand
  • Oh left Emory don't look back and not
  • going that way
  • don't quit your day dream home one night
  • line I'm looking at the metal and wood
  • top ski kind of like section I always
  • liked the little few things oh this is
  • cute 9.99 this is from Target
  • especially adorable there's a knocking
  • don't know if I should get
  • it but it's pretty cute $10 suet awesome
  • Edoras the reindeer candleholders
  • [Music]
  • these are cool I didn't get that one
  • watering can
  • $10 same price it is following me around
  • I feel like I might get it but I don't
  • know I feel like I like my smaller
  • watering cans more and I already have
  • two of those so unless like I feel like
  • I just really want our copper one we're
  • trying to copper one this one's
  • originally $20 down to $4.99 this is
  • actually kinda guys that's - that's
  • actually pretty cheap to think about
  • that one - looking at the furniture
  • section this is kind of cool for pillow
  • for $17.99 it's like a little house
  • saying we can hang it on the wall and
  • put stuff on it this is kind of
  • interesting
  • they have a bunch of microwaves quizzing
  • our bread maker
  • pretty fancy 14.99 huh it's not like new
  • though from Target so you know if it's
  • actually gonna work this is actually a
  • really cool thing too
  • this would be really cool live on your
  • world but it's not like things just made
  • a plaster pillows this kind of cool is
  • this a carpet I kind of like this card
  • $10 I like the colors and it's in white
  • it's not dirty that's draped it's like
  • two for one
  • all those skateboards fossil bad super
  • have like this stuff is coming off on it
  • I like this porcupine pretty but this is
  • very well worn this is a cool little
  • boat saying $7.99 these are one of those
  • cars that they were all about don't see
  • anything to saving on it a little bird
  • kind of called up checking to see what
  • they have back here I see they have one
  • of these bugs
  • this one's $14.99 kind of cool
  • though this table is expensive $75 it's
  • the target table too and it's pretty
  • damaged booth John a little of this
  • shirt
  • - but it's not it's immediate it's a
  • little small
  • [Music]
  • California you guys' happen is a really
  • cute it's $70 but it's like a really
  • nice good condition is a brand-new this
  • is like a target piece check out the
  • drawer ah why do I like this
  • why would I put it though like take a
  • look at that you know I feel like M
  • Henderson has this in her house let me
  • know if you guys know M Henderson is she
  • is doing HGTV she's on Instagram now and
  • she's like so fabulous I feel like this
  • is in her house like in our kitchen or
  • something super excited to share with
  • you guys what I got at the store today I
  • got just a couple things but I think the
  • things that I got are really really
  • great if you remember in the very
  • beginning of the video I found that a
  • really amazing lake whose a piece and
  • you know I had to get it so there it is
  • it's a beautiful Lake who say my mom
  • definitely does not have this piece in
  • her collection so I'm very excited to
  • add it in there earlier this week last
  • week I also found another blue Lea say
  • it's a grill thing also but it's
  • actually sitting right over here let me
  • grab it for you
  • and here it is so here's the other one
  • that I found so that's how that looks
  • it's really really cool so I found to
  • Blue Lake Lake crew say pieces and one
  • week both kind of like grilling type
  • deals so I'm very excited this guy it
  • was $6.99 and this guy was $4.99 so
  • amazing amazing amazing deals and people
  • ask me all the time like what's the big
  • deal with Lake we see clay guste is like
  • a French company that makes bakeware
  • cookware and like all that kind of stuff
  • and their stuff is amazing almost
  • everything is usually cast-iron and then
  • it has an enamel finish and let me tell
  • you these things are amazing yeah I know
  • you can buy like imitation pieces and
  • I've even have a couple I remember we
  • actually have a few of like the pots
  • from I believe they are from Costco and
  • they look almost exactly identical to
  • the ones from Lake who say but they do
  • not last as long we bought one and we
  • were using it for like maybe a year or
  • two and it's already kind of not that
  • great of shape and if you like my mom
  • has like we say pieces from when we were
  • like a little kid still and they
  • literally are still amazing and
  • functioning and still in great condition
  • and she uses those things to death so
  • whenever I see a lake with a piece I
  • always have to get it added to the
  • collection and these things will
  • literally last forever you can pass them
  • from generation to generation I believe
  • they have a lifetime warranty but
  • they're so easy to take care of and like
  • they're literally like almost
  • indestructible so they are awesome and
  • plus resale for them is really great as
  • well so whenever you see Lakers day or
  • if you see like pampered chef those like
  • kinds of bakeware things are amazing or
  • bigger cookware so I always pick them up
  • so the other items I have left are all
  • just hand eggs so let me start off with
  • this coach bag now this coach tote is
  • really really cute it's like off-white
  • but it's kind of like pearl s
  • since like the leather and then it has
  • gold hardware has a pocket right here
  • opens right here and it's just like has
  • a zippered pocket on the inside is nice
  • and like a light blue color that's
  • really pretty and I love this bag so
  • much it's so cute I also love like the
  • oversized coach little dongle peeler
  • right there yeah such a great bag again
  • I'm going to have all these bags on sale
  • in my shop too it's hadrian calm if you
  • guys are interested and this one is
  • definitely gonna be up there it's so
  • nice and it's a great like Coach tote
  • then up next I have another tote bag
  • this one is really great because it's
  • such a nice size and it's like oversized
  • this is a B makowsky in black with gold
  • hardware there's the pocket in the back
  • which is really nice and on the inside I
  • love like that there's a middle
  • compartment that's a zipper and then
  • that the two flanking pocket
  • compartments are just magnetic snaps but
  • it's really really nice the bag opens
  • beautifully in this bag is also in
  • really great condition in this leather
  • is so soft and amazing which it was what
  • B mikowski is known for is their amazing
  • soft leathers so so so so nice and then
  • last but not least this is um
  • one of my favorite styles of bags and I
  • always picked them up when I see them
  • especially if they're like all leather
  • just cuz they're awesome and it is this
  • silver motorcycle bag with it's not
  • Apple in C Yaga it's not like labeled or
  • anything but it's in great shape it is
  • definitely like been pre loved it's been
  • pre used but there's just like a slight
  • darkening on the handles and a little
  • couple little marks like on the back
  • right there and like along the sides but
  • this bag is so beautiful you wouldn't
  • even like it you wouldn't even really
  • notice any other marks you see it like
  • someone points it out I love the way it
  • looks on camera too it's so shiny and
  • this is leather it comes with the little
  • card case with a mirror and it has the
  • longer shoulder strap as well which is
  • really nice because usually when I find
  • these they don't have the straps
  • included
  • and the interior is just nice black
  • fabric has a back pocket and then two
  • front pockets so yeah that this bag is
  • gonna round up today's hole and video
  • thank you guys so much for hanging out
  • with me if you guys enjoyed the video
  • please give it a big thumbs up it helps
  • immensely and don't forget to subscribe
  • so be updated when I do post new 30
  • videos Hobbit haul videos have bagged
  • rehabs vlogs and all that I definitely
  • have some handbag rehab is coming up to
  • kinda know a lot of you guys have been
  • asking and requesting them and they are
  • definitely coming especially now that I
  • have this cool new life this is my first
  • time filming with it so I'm really
  • really really really really excited and
  • hope you guys enjoy the video so don't
  • forget to tune in tomorrow and I'll see
  • you guys all then alright bye
  • okay guys so I just found these with
  • Valentino Guerra vani shoes in red where
  • like Joe Rock stood there slice 37 and a
  • half I don't know if these are real I
  • mean they have like those protector
  • things on the bottom so like that just
  • like something that might make them real
  • because I got like the protector things
  • and I'm not they look pretty good just a
  • little worn but I mean they're 10 bucks
  • so I think I'm like just

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