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Video Rex Tillerson Out, Mike Pompeo In As Secretary Of State | Morning Joe | MSNBC
17:46   |   today at 00:10


  • The Washington Post just at 8:40 a.m.
  • two minutes ago with this breaking news
  • Trump else Secretary of State Rex
  • Tillerson will replace him with CIA
  • director Mike Pompeo president Trump has
  • out stood Secretary of State Rex
  • Tillerson and replaced him with CIA
  • director Mike Pompeo orchestrating a
  • major change to his national security
  • team amid delicate negotiations with
  • North Korea White House officials said
  • Tuesday the Washington Post goes on and
  • says Tillerson has made public remarks
  • last year insisting he was not planning
  • to quit despite persistent reports of
  • disagreements between him and the White
  • House over staffing issues at the State
  • Department and a disconnect over what
  • President Trump saw as Tillerson 'he's
  • conventional approach to policy matters
  • so so we we will get back to
  • Pennsylvania in one moment but KDK
  • obviously a lot of disruption this
  • Secretary of State has never been in the
  • the inner circle of Donald Trump even
  • during the transition Jared Kushner was
  • running around making all of the
  • contacts or most of the contacts with
  • foreign leaders and and ambassadors and
  • shuffling those calls and Tillerson
  • never really connected with the State
  • Department community either a lot of
  • criticism that this Exxon CEO as
  • Secretary of State
  • acted like an Exxon CEO had never really
  • figured out how to fit into his job and
  • certainly never figured out how to get
  • along with the commander-in-chief right
  • and he was distancing himself from the
  • president even yesterday on a trip to
  • Africa where he came out talking about
  • that potential North Korea meeting kind
  • of throwing cold water on the idea
  • saying look there's an awful lot to be
  • sorted out still we don't have a time we
  • don't have a place and time and again he
  • didn't seem to be on the same page as
  • the president you know this Joe it's
  • extremely important for a president to
  • have somebody in the position of
  • Secretary of State who foreign allies
  • and adversaries know that when they are
  • talking to that person he or she
  • absolutely represents the Oval Office
  • and the President and Donald Trump
  • didn't have that relationship with Rex
  • Tillerson it's part of the reason that
  • foreign allies have found it extremely
  • difficult to deal with this
  • administration by the way during his
  • flight from Chad the Secretary of State
  • Rex Tillerson also told reporters on
  • that plane about relations with Russia
  • he said quote I've become extremely
  • concerned about Russia we spent most of
  • last year investing a lot into attempts
  • to work together to solve problems to
  • address differences and quite frankly
  • after a year we didn't get very far
  • instead what we've seen is a pivot on
  • their part to be more aggressive and
  • this is very very concerning to me and
  • others that there seems to be a certain
  • unleashing of activity that we don't
  • fully understand what the objective
  • behind that is this is critical Joe this
  • came in response to the spy poisoning in
  • the UK where the White House yesterday
  • said we stand by our allies but
  • pointedly didn't mention Russia in the
  • context of that investigation Rex
  • Tillerson add odds again with the White
  • House yesterday on the issue of Russia
  • saying that he was very concerned about
  • Russia and about Russia in the context
  • of that particular incident I don't know
  • if that's what tipped the president over
  • the edge but it's very interesting if
  • it's Russia that did this and the
  • president's continuing inability to
  • criticize President Putin Moscow even in
  • the face of what is happening right now
  • in the United Kingdom with the
  • possibility that Moscow is behind that
  • attack on the former spy then that would
  • make a very big difference between
  • Tillison and the president you have to
  • ask wise president Trump again finding
  • it so difficult to criticize Moscow to
  • the extent that the Secretary of State
  • and him were on such different pages
  • that now we have Rex Tillerson out of
  • office peggy noonan as was said just a
  • couple of minutes ago it is so critical
  • that you have a Secretary of State that
  • is walking lockstep with the president
  • the United States yeah George
  • and here's Donald Trump confirming it
  • now Mike Pompeo director of the CIA will
  • become our new Secretary of State he
  • will do a fantastic job thank you to Rex
  • Tillerson for his service
  • Jeana Haspel will now become the new
  • director of the CIA and the first woman
  • so chosen congratulations to also Gina
  • Haskell Donald Trump says will become
  • the next director of the CIA so Peggy as
  • we talked about secretaries of state you
  • look back Ronald Reagan's second term
  • and certainly during George HW Bush's
  • presidency and when foreign leaders saw
  • James Baker the third walk into their
  • offices they knew that Baker was
  • speaking for Ronald Reagan and George HW
  • Bush I don't think anybody's ever been
  • able to draw that conclusion when Rex
  • Tillerson walked into their offices know
  • it all looked so much more tentative and
  • provisional than that I just think this
  • is quite obviously a huge story it's
  • more shock to the system more disruption
  • within the administration on the Russia
  • angle it's so interesting I had just
  • read this morning tiller 'sons comments
  • on Russia is he found newly aggressive
  • in some way that that he suggested
  • needed some pushback but Tillerson
  • himself has never been a hardliner about
  • Russia I mean he goes back with Putin a
  • long time they've had a very good
  • relationship when Tillison first came in
  • and met with Putin he said you know I
  • used to wear my other hat for Exxon now
  • I'm wearing this hat but he's not a hard
  • bargain
  • in Russia and yet he's sounding very
  • hard line now and he's out of a job I
  • think the big story over the next few
  • days will how did this go down at what
  • point did this start happening how
  • connected to it is is North Korea and
  • the meeting with Kim
  • everybody likes Mike Pompeo that part of
  • the story will go well but even though
  • it's a funny thing even though everybody
  • is thought for a long time Rex Tillerson
  • specimens not secure there was no sense
  • that boy this is going to happen right
  • now this is coming this is happening
  • well it has happened and let's go to
  • David Ignatius on the phone right now
  • David there have been reports over the
  • past week or so starting with hope Hicks
  • announcing that she was going to be
  • leaving that Donald Trump was going to
  • be untethered and that we would be
  • seeing actually a more erratic Trump in
  • the future and just since those reports
  • started breaking we've seen steel
  • tariffs aluminum tariffs we've and and
  • we've obviously seen the president
  • pushing for a meeting with kim
  • jeong-hoon with no preconditions and now
  • Rex Tillerson leaving the State
  • Department what are your initial
  • thoughts so this one of those events
  • that's a shock but at the same time
  • isn't surprising at all as last fall we
  • know that President Trump just didn't
  • feel comfortable with Rex Tillerson is
  • the Secretary of State there was just a
  • basic personality disconnect we know
  • that last fall Mike Pompeo was asked if
  • he was ready to step in as Secretary of
  • State and said yes he was so the idea
  • that they'd make this change that goes
  • back that far
  • I asked what prompted the final coup de
  • Grasse the final moment it's going to
  • take some reporting over the next couple
  • of days to be to be clear on that things
  • that I would just know one is that
  • President as with secretary Attorney
  • General Sessions it just has repeatedly
  • isolated and humiliated his Secretary of
  • State the most recent example obviously
  • is the decision to go forward on North
  • Korean negotiations
  • Torsten looked really caught out on that
  • an impossible situation for a second
  • secretary of state to be in
  • and I think a trompe heads towards this
  • crucial foreign policy moment of his
  • presidency he must want to have his own
  • team I've heard that Pompeyo in the
  • situation rooms is the person really now
  • speaks with the most confidence as the
  • president's advisor the center weighed
  • in the administration increasingly I
  • think has shifted from Tillerson allied
  • with maddis to trump allied with Pompeo
  • so in that sense Trump will have
  • somebody Secretary of State who really
  • speaks for them and the whole world will
  • know that but the other detail that's
  • why now what specifically what
  • connection to Russia we need to do the
  • reporting we need to do the reporting
  • and Andrea Mitchell is with us let me
  • let's bring in Andrea and Andrea David
  • Ignatius was talking about a disconnect
  • between the president and the Secretary
  • of State Rex Tillerson also obviously a
  • a massive disconnect between the
  • Secretary of State and the professionals
  • at this today at the State Department I
  • suspect there will be few tears shed
  • over the State Department today on the
  • sacking of Rex Tillerson it's been a
  • rocky ride for the Secretary of State
  • and the State Department officials
  • hasn't it the professionals well you
  • know the irony is it has been a very
  • rocky ride but there is another element
  • here and I think there will be a lot of
  • concern there'll be a lot of concern
  • because in many ways Rex Tillerson was
  • at least on policy issues more in line
  • with the traditional diplomacy than
  • anyone else in the administration and
  • most recently and this is what's so
  • remarkable he landed at 4:00 a.m. this
  • morning at Andrews Air Force Base
  • cutting short his trip to Africa by one
  • day I was checking last night and we
  • were all told it was to come back and he
  • in fact sit on the plane it was to
  • return early because of all of the Korea
  • everything else that was going on he had
  • to get back to work he had his father
  • had died the week before so he has not
  • been in the State Department for two
  • full weeks but the real policy
  • disagreement that happened
  • yesterday and this is something that I
  • think David Ignatius and all of you
  • should jump on it's not just the way the
  • Korea issue was rolled out but yesterday
  • Sara Sanders came out to the briefing
  • room and refused to sign on to what
  • Theresa May had said about Russia's
  • involvement in the poisoning of the
  • Russian spies and Rex Tillerson not only
  • put out a statement last night but he
  • went on the record with the traveling
  • press corps and we were posting when
  • they refueled in Cape Verde last night
  • at about 7 o'clock we were posting a
  • series of very strong statements saying
  • that it would appear that it was Russia
  • that did it and he said it's not clear
  • yet whether it was the Russian
  • government but that this had to be
  • investigated he was aligning with the
  • very strong statement that Theresa may
  • had made which is arguably under some
  • interpretations an act of war under the
  • NATO treaty if it is the Russian
  • government yeah completely in contact
  • with what was said at the White House
  • briefing so a lot of us thought well
  • Tillerson is now describing the policy
  • as if it was intelligence that others
  • have confirmed and it is our closest
  • ally it would strike me that sareth
  • Anders didn't agree with what to Rita
  • Mae had says this is the most recent
  • disagreement and this was at seven
  • o'clock last night as he was flying back
  • right and Thank You Andrea so much and
  • you know what's interesting Sam Stein is
  • that Mike Pompeo though did testify
  • before Congress not so long ago that
  • Russia was trying to interfere with the
  • election for the benefit of Donald Trump
  • and really quickly let's just talk a
  • little bit about Mike Pompeo who's the
  • the president's putting forward as
  • Secretary of State
  • Pompeyo from the very beginning
  • had Donald Trump's respect Trump the
  • president throughout the transition
  • we're talking glowing terms of Mike
  • Pompeo because of his education because
  • of his background he he did graduate
  • from ret West Point he excelled at
  • Harvard Law School he was editor the
  • Harvard Law Review and was an attorney
  • at Williams and Connolly this former
  • congressman from Kansas and current
  • director of the CIA has all of those
  • East Coast credentials that not only
  • this president but most presidents would
  • want in their cabinet members he is he
  • is not a wild man from out west he has
  • gone to one east coast he's been in one
  • East Coast establishment institution
  • after another and is excelled has been
  • at the top of his class wherever he went
  • I mean the other the resume what he
  • doesn't have is the traditional
  • experience you know six term congressman
  • I believe maybe I'm getting that wrong
  • obviously army grad Harvard Law and he's
  • run the CIA which is not the same as
  • running the State Department obviously
  • very little diplomatic experience but to
  • be honest Rex Tolson had known himself
  • so this is the second semi
  • unconventional choice that Trump's made
  • to run foggy bottom and it will be a
  • open question as whether Mike Pompeo
  • will have a less rocky tenure than Rex
  • Tolson and you can see that he will at
  • least have a smoother relationship with
  • Trump because he knows how to relate to
  • the president I think he's more savvy
  • when it comes to working for instance
  • Cable News which is a huge thing for
  • anyone in this administration I would
  • add one clarification point to what
  • Andrew was talking the Washington Post
  • report on till ursins firing or
  • dismissal whatever you want to call it
  • it says specifically that it happened on
  • Friday which means that when he made his
  • comments about Russia on Monday and
  • about Putin's involvement in potentially
  • poisoning this spy he was not he was
  • being liberated he said them as a freer
  • man
  • not that those comments were facilitated
  • is firing which leads the suggestion or
  • the implication that somewhere down line
  • we don't know when we will hear again
  • from Rex Tillerson a Rex Tosun has seen
  • a lot in his experience lot including a
  • lot of humiliations at the hand of this
  • president and perhaps we haven't heard
  • the last of Rex Tosun yeah caddy K a
  • White House official has said the
  • following about the dismissal of Rex
  • Tillerson the president wanted to make
  • sure to have his new team in place in
  • advance of the upcoming talks with North
  • Korea and various ongoing trade
  • negotiations there is no doubt caddy
  • that that when you look across the globe
  • North Korea is the most pressing problem
  • for this American president during the
  • transition when Barack Obama met with
  • Donald Trump he said you can worry about
  • Obamacare all you want to but what's
  • going to be keeping you up at night is
  • going to be our crisis that we the
  • ongoing crisis in North Korea it does
  • make sense as you move towards a meeting
  • with kim jeong-hoon
  • you want the people that you trust in
  • place to prepare for that meeting yeah
  • this is an incredibly high-stakes gamble
  • that the president is taking he is
  • giving Kim jong-un the possibility of a
  • photo opportunity that confers some kind
  • of legitimacy on North Korea and if
  • these talks don't work they've sort of
  • boxed themselves into a corner of having
  • to take some kind of military action
  • afterwards because there'll be no more
  • room for diplomacy consistently Rex
  • Tillerson has been the one who has been
  • skeptical in public about the prospect
  • of talks with the North Koreans he is
  • consistently rode back on that idea he
  • did it when he was out in Asia he did it
  • again
  • just last week that puts him at odds
  • with the president on this critical
  • meeting and I suspect that may be behind
  • it it's interesting that two listens
  • Russia comments come after he was fired
  • as Sam suggests maybe he was liberated
  • it seems like it's North Korea not
  • Russia that was the breaking point for
  • president Trump well and perhaps a White
  • House official statement that the
  • president wanted his team in place
  • before he met with North Korean leader
  • actually could also be something that
  • that makes an awful lot of sense
  • there's been no doubt that the president
  • has not had faith and Rex Tillerson as
  • the Secretary of State for some time and
  • it has had faith in Mike Pompeo and has
  • wanted to move Mike Pompeo from the CIA
  • over to the State Department
  • well now that's exactly what the
  • president tells us he is going to do
  • after the Washington Post broke this
  • story at 8:40 a.m. this morning that
  • does it for us

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The Washington Post reports on Tuesday, March 13 that President Trump has ousted Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, moves to be the new secretary. President Trump also confirmed the news on his Twitter account.
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