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  • [Music]
  • yeah where'd you go I'm right here chill
  • out stop asking questions
  • hey guys what up its your girl Liza
  • coming in and welcome back to my youtube
  • channel so guys I am driving today which
  • means someone is going to die today
  • today I'm in the mood to go to China but
  • I don't have enough gas for that so
  • instead we're gonna go to my favorite
  • Chinese store that's right let's get
  • $1.00 batboat
  • [Music]
  • guys everything in the store is cheap
  • especially me I'm so cheap I come to the
  • dollar store to look for broken things
  • so I can get them at a discount so you
  • know one of my parents is foreign dollar
  • store there's no brands there just knock
  • up like it's not extra man it's just man
  • it's not Windex it's just windown not
  • Star Wars start what yo there are a lot
  • of cheap hose at the double stud oh man
  • I'm so cheap that spilled probably
  • unsanitary items it's just a free sample
  • to me you don't know they got mirrors
  • here for how much I don't know job and
  • they're just as good-looking as they are
  • in regular stores so that makes me
  • wonder how much would this be if I got
  • it at Target
  • [Music]
  • no so fast I don't think I've even used
  • s oh I'm a rapper okay we're looking for
  • mirrors mirrors mirrors mirror for 4.99
  • miracle for dollar what kind of awesome
  • know what this one's actually a little
  • bit uglier than the ones at the dollar
  • store I'm good imma gonna look hot up
  • for a talent the right decision right
  • let me pause reflect yeah I'm a genius
  • I'm gonna get this one guys the picture
  • frames come with us up in your house and
  • convince people that these are your
  • friends but just I'm gonna go ahead and
  • buy all of these and have thirteen
  • different white families hanging up on
  • my house let me think of something honey
  • this is the best soap in the land these
  • clouds are super absorbent and
  • comfortable July have a clean joke okay
  • Barbie get you a better evoke more like
  • bog face yeah hey girls what's another
  • name for your ex-boyfriend disposable
  • tej yo this is the dollar because you
  • gotta make it yourself that's your own
  • it's not even yours don't want it so bad
  • but it's not for people I can't tell if
  • I'm tripping or is like crackerjack a
  • super racist name-brand baby clothes $1
  • for my non-existent Donna that I don't
  • have but I are new but wait how much
  • would this be a baby I almost threw up I
  • got here so fast baby baby baby clothes
  • Oh
  • for how much my kid's gonna be naked
  • until he turns 18 baby no I don't think
  • so hasta LaVista baby was that try to be
  • this baby on a budget daddy likes a
  • discount I've got a friend like you
  • this is a degree what do I look smart
  • validation I've ever wanted is reheater
  • wait how much would
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • y'all played housing board tuition I'm
  • gonna play it done I don't even know how
  • to use a calculator I didn't go to
  • school but I did to get a degree but
  • asked I thought into my family I bring
  • dishonor oh I've been at the dollar
  • store for like eight hours you sure do
  • spend a lot of time here but you don't
  • spend a lot of money they could see but
  • that is all I have for Dallas no fine
  • thank you guys so much for watching me
  • thank you guys so much for watching and
  • I'll see you guys make some wind David
  • that little brown girl is ye
  • [Music]
  • you're good now kids here at the dance
  • actually I hooked up here with the
  • manager mostly because he's my uncle
  • we're not actually related any older
  • brown man I have to call uncle it's just
  • like an Indian thing hello uncle but
  • I've never met before and have no blood
  • relation to you how much would this be
  • if I bought it at Target I'll be right
  • back
  • well I feel extremely confident and
  • terrified right now it did like three
  • squats yesterday this is 13 years of bad
  • luck and one strong boot I am in no way
  • tried to discourage you from not going
  • to school children anything my stupidity
  • should encourage you to stay in school
  • graduations saw my coups and all the
  • other people my age that are actually
  • okay but why do they have my clothing
  • line here you guys check out my link
  • description below or go to the Dallas
  • [Music]

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Dropped out and spending my college fund! Dolla' BILL WHO? DOLLA LIZA. Get ready for cheap jokes. Thanks for watching babes! Check out to spend more than a dolla lol. Stalk my other social medias down below!
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
MUSICAL.LY: @lizakoshy
Music Creds:
•Jou Beats - Brasil
•Fireman Instrumental
TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: /watch?v=weGc3...
MEET JET!!: /watch?v=6-u9o...
Thank you, dolla daughtas! (and suns)



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